How can I get rid of multiple pictures at the same time?

how can I get rid of multiple pictures at the same time?

Adobe Bridge, lightroom and your file browser (windows explorer or Mac Finder) can select multiple pictures at once and then delete. If you are looking for more than that for information, you will need to be more specific at what your doing, what OS you have, and version of software your using. If necessary post screen shots so we can see what your doing. The more information we have the more detailed of an explaination can can give back to you.

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  • How can I get two cameras to aquire at the same time rather than one after the other

    I've got (2) PCI-1428 cards, Two Uniq Vision cameras with power supplies, cameralink cables, and IMAQ-D6804 cables. Both cameras are being triggered by the same switch, but they are not grabbing images at the same time. Right now it is triggering one camera as desired, but the other doesn't aquire until after the time-sensitive event. On the next test, the two camera will trade these roles. I am using 2 cards, so they should acquire at the same time. How do I change it so that they grab images at the same time? Thank you for your help.
                                                      ​            Deater

    Hi Deater,
    Thank  you for your post.  Triggering from two cameras at the same time may be a little trickey, but it can be done.  There are multiple ways to tackle this problem.  If you have a RTSI cable, you can RTSI the two PCI boards together internally to lock them in HW.  You should also be able to use the triggering line on each board.
    One of the best methods for triggering multiple boards is called GenLocking.  The following Developer Zone page describes GenLocking more fully and has several examples to help you out:​87b5c0ac6f6f4e86256c87005fcddf.
    The "HL Grab with two" shipping example is also a good example of the code needed to trigger two individual boards in LV.  I found a similar post that may be of some help as well:​&
    Hope this helps!
    Scott Savage
    National Instruments
    Applications Engineering

  • How can I get rid of multiple versions of the iTunes Folder

    I am using Windows 7 and iTunes  Multiple iTunes folders have been created on my computer (on both my C: drive and my D: drive under Users and My Documents) and they all have different content.  Some albums show up in one instance of the iTunes\iTunes media\music folder and some show up in another.  How do I get all the content synched up?  Can I simply drag and drop all these iTunes folders into D:\My Documents\My music\iTunes (the D: drive being where I store all my documents and photos) and then delete the rest of the iTunes instances?

    Several remedies may apply:
    For media files that are correctly linked from your iTunes Library, i.e., they will play without reporting something like this:
    you can make sure that everything is contained within your main iTunes folders by selecting File > Library > Organize Library... and when you get this prompt:
    check the Consolidate files box and, if not greyed out, the Reorganize files ... box and then click OK.  This will move any media files that are in other locations to the folders under the setting in Edit > Preferences > Advanced:
    This is the location of your media folder.  By default, this will be C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media, where your iTunes database (the iTunes Library.itl file) is stored in C:\Users\username\Music\iTunes.  In general that relationship between the database and the media folders should be preserved - in the example above the complete library is stored on a external drive, with the database in K:\iTunes and the media folder location being K:\iTunes\iTunes Media.  Note that this setting doesn't tell iTunes where to find media files (that info is embedded in the database); rather, this setting determines where new media is placed within the media folders.
    Checking this causes iTunes to automatically place media in folders, and (re)name media files, based on the metadata associated with the files.  For music this means that everything will be in folders following the pattern iTunes Media\Music\artist_name\album_title and files to be named using the disc number (if present), track number and song name.
    Checking this makes iTunes copy all new media into the media folders, independent of the method of adding it.
    Second case ...
    For songs that are listed in your library but you do get the "missing file" error, right-click on one of these songs - there will be a "(!)" symbol next to its name, right-click > Get Info.  When you get this prompt:
    click No (there's a bug in iTunes 12 such that you actually have to click No twice).  Then go to the File tab and look for the Location information - sometimes you have to scroll down or expand the editor window to see it.  You'll see something like this:
    The "file://localhost/" prefix indicates that iTunes can't locate the file.  The rest of the entry is the path to the file that iTunes holds in its database, i.e., where iTunes "thinks" the file is.  This may be enough of a clue to determine where it actually is - close the editor, right-click > Get Info again, but when you the "... cannot be located ..." prompt click Yes then navigate to and select the correct media file.  In many cases iTunes will then be able to adjust its location info for other songs.  Otherwise there are a number of techniques that you can use to track down and repair these broken links - often using scripts running against the iTunes database.
    ... and the third case:
    If you have folders that are labeled as "iTunes" but their content doesn't appear in your library within iTunes itself, add these to the library by any of these methods:
    select File > Add Folder to Library... then navigate to and select the folder(s) containing the "missing" albums/songs
    drag and drop these folders from Windows Explorer into iTunes
    copy these folders into iTunes' Automatically Add to iTunes folder
    Once you've been through these steps its probably worth running the Consolidate Library process again to make sure everything's in the right place.  Once you've checked that to be the case, you can delete any stray "iTunes" folders that are outside the hierarchy rooted in the folder where your database and your standard iTunes Media files are located.
    Two final points:
    Moving files and folders around yourself never fixes anything in iTunes - in most cases it'll only make things worse by creating (more) broken links
    A couple of turingtest2's valuable user tips also apply here:
    Make a split library portable describes the optimal layout for an iTunes library, easing the processes of moving it between computers and maintaining a backup of it, as well as the steps needed to bring a library into that shape
    Backup your iTunes for Windows library with SyncToy describes a suitable/recommended method to create and maintain a backup ... when you've gone through the effort to make your library just exactly perfect you don't want to lose it all as the result of a virus, hard disc crash, or other fatal failure!

  • How can I get my clock to remain on the correct time when starting bootcamp and windows XP? wireless option is not available.

    How can I get my clock to remain on the correct time when starting bootcamp and windows XP? wireless option is not available.

    Have a look at solutions in here

  • How can I get "IMAQ Line Fit" stable (with the same points)

    How can I get "IMAQ Line Fit" stable (with the same points)
    I my vision applications I use a lot off times "IMAQ Line Fit"
    some times the results are not Stable.
    See vi and word document attached.
    When I take the same points but in a other order (sort)
    then suddenly all points are used.
    In this case I was looking for a edge in vertical direction (Y).
    I found the points but "IMAQ Line Fit" did not function well.
    I tried changing all settings like pixel radius and minimum score and
    also threshold and so on. But no result.
    Then I sorted the points reversed and that worked. See vi.
    I use labview Labview 8.6.0 and IMAQ machine vision.
    Maybe this problem is solved in a newer version.
    Please let me know.
    Attachments: ‏169 KB
    IMAQ-Fit-Line-Problem-86.doc ‏230 KB

    Thank You for your reaction Hossein,
    This "one application" uses "Line fit" about 20 000 000 times a day.
    about 200 will go wrong. With your setting the the "Line fit" for this occasion will work but others will go wrong.
    A algorithm should be:
    1e Stable, when using the same points and settings the result MUST be the same. How the points are sorted should not matter.
    2e Accuracy
    3e Speed
    4e Testing. Is very difficult but al least close points and the same points and sorting ... should be done
    NI now as made a " IMAQ Line Fit" Problem CAR (Corrective Action request) 298016.
    so in the future there will be a update.
    In the mean while a made a line fit which uses Bisquare option from Linear :
      from C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 8.6\vi.lib\analysis\6fits.llb
    This is a temporary fix because "IMAQ Fit Line VI" is not so stable.
    Because outliers should be rejected only Bisquare does this reasonable.
    This program does NOT USE "Minimum Score" and "Pixel Radius"
    Valid fit = When there are enough points within Outlier_Distance.
    Algorithm steps:
    - Determine if line is more horizontal then vertical, Compare DeltaX with DeltaY
    - If DeltaX <= DeltaY then SWAP X Y and later Swap back
    - Sort Points at on X value
    - First : Bisquare Linear Fit
    - Calculate distances to the found line for all points
    - Inliers: Points within Outlier_distance
    - Outliers: Points outside Outlier_Distance
    - Only use Inlier Points
    - Check again if DeltaX < DeltaY then SWAP X Y later SWAP back again
    - Second : Bisquare Linear Fit only with the Inlier Points
    - Results are from the second fit
    Warning : This Program is Not so accurate and Not so fast
    See attachments it is in labview 8.6
    If some has a improvement please let me know.
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  • Is there a way to delete multiple pictures at the same time from the iphone4s?

    Is there a way to deleter multiple pictures at the same time, from my iphone4s? I know how to delete one at a time. Thanks

    Open your Photos App > Camera Roll > At the top right corner you will see a rectangle with a right arrow, select that. Now you can select as many photos as you want and you can hit the red Delete button on the bottom right.

  • I am doing two people's jobs and I need to use two separate log-ins on the same website. How can I keep both log-ins open at the same time. Everytime I switch tabs I have to log in again.

    I am doing two people's jobs and I need to use two separate log-ins on the same website. How can I keep both log-ins open at the same time. Everytime I switch tabs I have to log in again.

    Try one of these extensions for multiple cookie sessions.
    Multifox: <br /> <br />
    Cookie Swap extension: <br /> <br />
    Cookie Pie extension: <br />

  • If you buy a film from itunes, can you watch it on multiple iPads at the same time?

    if you buy a film from itunes, can you watch it on multiple iPads at the same time?

    SerZak is correct. There is a ten device limit. Yoy would still have to be signed into the correct ID in order to sync the Movie, even if you do not use Automatic Downloads, so the 10 device limit would still apply.
    Your Apple ID can have up to 10 devices and computers (combined) associated with it. Each computer must also beauthorized using the same Apple ID. Once a device or computer is associated with your Apple ID, you cannot associate that device or computer with another Apple ID for 90 days. You can view which devices or computers are currently associated, remove unused devices or computers, and see how long before they can be associated with a different Apple ID from the Account Information page in iTunes on your computer:

  • How do I get 2 layers to move at the same time?

    How do you get 2 layers to move at the same time?

    Thanks for the help folks, sorry I've been away.
    I'd love help with the problem of why I only one track seems to accept clips to play. When I drag them to other tracks or create a track by dragging the clips are grayed out and won't play, but if I drag them to the one track where they're blue they play.

  • How do I delete a bunch of pictures at the same time?

    How do I delete a bunch of pictures at the same time?

    Select the ones you want to delete, then go to Photos > Move to Trash.
    To permanently delete them, =you have to go to the iPhoto menu, then select Empty Photo Trash.

  • How can 2 user edit 1 word document at the same time

    in office 2013 professional plus, can 2 user edit 1 word document at the same time?

    As far as I know, multiple users can not edit Word file in the same time directly. Could you give me your demand?
    Please check the two follows workarounds if they are helpful:
    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support
    thank you; its worked.
    I'm so excited about this; thank you again.

  • Can you use sync on multiple computers at the same time? ie have someone else logged into your firefox account for you whilst you are also logged in

    I am trying to sign up to something but there is only a short window so was going to ask a friend to sign in at the same time using my account to try to sign up (with my password being saved into my firefox account)

    Hi. Yes, you can use Sync on multiple devices at the same time. I use it to keep my bookmarks in sync across my desktop and Android versions of Firefox.

  • How can you text more than one person at the same time?

    Is it possible to text multiple people at the same time?

    Nope - not at the present time anyway.

  • Can't get 2 firewires to mount at the same time

    i just bought 2 500 gb externals to set up a raid, and i can get either one to show individually, but not at the same time- either by daisy chaining or using separate ports. the second will even show up if the first is off when they are daisied. i don't know for sure that i've ever used 2 at once, but am fairly certain i have. the ports all work individually- both 400's and the 800. i tried 1 800 and 1 400 at the same time, and daisied with 800 main + 400 daisy and 800 main + 800 daisy, all to no avail. nothing wrong with the cables- i cross checked. it's flakey mounting and dismounting, too (for instance, stuff disappears once dismounted and won't reappear til i reboot, even if i restart the device).
    i reformatted both drives to mac journalled. i searched and have followed the instructs to reset the firewire ports, repaired permissions (many times) zapped the pram, and shut down the comp for 15 mins, inc the power, without any other devices attached to troubleshoot each drive, all to no avail. one strange thing- even the 400 ports showed as 800's in the profiler. only one at a time will show there, as well- whatever is mounted (or the first i mount; the second doesn't show). i should note i had a drive go bad on the 800 port not once but twice in the past year, and assumed it was the drive (it was used), but now i'm wondering if the port's funky. do they go bad and how hard are they to replace?
    i don't really want to have to reload my system- i have an awful lot of software loaded and am in the middle of a busy time, plus i suck at that. i'm getting ready to add a couple gigs of ram to speed things up, too. it should be here tomorrow. i'm a retoucher and work on big files that need backed up regularly, which is why i'd like to do the raid and just work off it. i'm not on tiger- have been waiting for leopard, and was so mad when they pushed it back, since it means i have to wait on cs3, too, which really hurts my business. but i'll be darned if i upgrade now and then have to pay again in 3 months. i wish they'd offer the upgrades at half price this close (or do like other co's do and upgrade for free within a reasonable amount of time- not 7 days). any advice i haven't tried? please?
    G5   Mac OS X (10.3.9)   dual 1.7 mh; 1GB ram; 2, 250's hard drive

    ok- i will try to answer what i can, but bear with me- i'm really good at what i do, but this ain't it. some of what you asked i don't know where to find the answers to. to start, the drives are western digital my book pros, 500 gb each. they support firewire 400, 800 & usb. the old drive that failed twice was a lacie 500 gb, too (with the metal case- don't know the official name off the top). i have pro friends who have similar setups with no issues (and am seeking advice from them as well).
    i have a 1.8 mh dual, but i do have 8 ram slots, and i wouldn't want to deal with a mac book pro. retouching just doesn't work well with laptops, and i don't travel so i'd have no need. when i'm ready to get a new system, i want an intel quad. hoping i can push that off a year or 2, with the ram additions and raid.
    i'm not using pci fw800 card adapter. my friend says he thinks a hardware raid solution like the la cies that run off a SATA card would work better, but he was curious if i can do what i want with the PCI-X card and the drives i have (since i don't want to return them or spend huge amounts more of moolah). so, do you know if i did get one if it would make the raid work? or would a 400 card be better? i'm not a photog filling a tb with each job (which my other refs are) so i don't need the huge volume of space that they do. but i do work on some pretty big files at times, and it can add up quickly. i think a terabyte raid would hold me for quite a while- which is why i did the 2 500's.
    when i unplugged the machine and left it down for 15 mins, i unplugged everything, inc power cord, except the mouse and monitor cable, per instructions i found through the apple site.
    normally i don't care to be on the bleeding edge and wait a little while to get new software, but it seems like i've waited so long, and leopard has so many features i think would be great. my buds agrees with you that getting the stable os is the best bet, and that i'm being too cheap. i guess that's the next step then, huh?
    here's what the profiler says in general: Machine Model: Power Mac G5
    CPU Type: PowerPC 970 (2.2)
    Number Of CPUs: 2
    CPU Speed: 1.8 GHz
    L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
    Memory: 1 GB
    Bus Speed: 900 MHz
    Boot ROM Version: 5.1.4f0
    Serial Number: ********
    and specifically about the firewire:
    FireWire Bus:
    Speed: 800 Mb/sec Speed
    External HDD Device:
    Capacity: 465.76 GB
    Manufacturer: WD
    Model: External HDD Device
    Removable Media: No
    Detachable Drive: Yes
    BSD Name: disk2
    OS9 Drivers: No
    Speed: 800 Mb/sec Speed
    Unit Spec Id: 12512
    Firmware Revision: 107a
    Unit Software Version: 484944
    let me know if i answered what you wanted, and if there are more ?'s. i haven't had a chance to try both 400's at once yet since i'm mid-job that i can't close right now.
    thanks so much for your advice.

  • I have an Ipad mini and an iphone 4.  Can i get text messages on both at the same time?

    I have an Ipad mini and an iphone 4.  Can I get text messages to appear on both devices at the same time?

    Yes if the messages are sent to an ID which is in the receive section of Settings > Messages > Send and Receive on both devices.

Maybe you are looking for