How can I have two devices with separate iTunes accounts on the same computer without sharing libraries?

I have an iPhone 3s and my sister has an iPhone 3.  We use them only as iPods.  We each have our own iTunes account, but we have to share a computer.  How can we both syn our devices without sharing our music and app libraries?

The most reliable way would be to set up individual user accounts in WIndows. Then each of your iTunes libraries will be completely separate.

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  • Can I have two separate iTunes accounts on the same computer?

    Can I have two separate iTunes accounts on the same computer?  My wife's music is much different than mine.  Can we have different iTunes libraries to work with on the same computer?

    Yes. Launch iTunes with the Shift key held down as needed, or use separate Windows user accounts on the computer.

  • Can you have two copies of Encore CS6 running on the same computer?

    I'd love to be able to have two copies of Encore on the same computer. While one copy is encoding and burning, I'd love to get another project started and encoding on the same computer and maybe, if possible, even start burning to a separate external burner. But first, I'd love to just be able to have two copies of Encore open on the same computer. I tried copying the Encore CS6 folder to a different drive and then running it but it says there's another Encore in session and this may cause issues with the hardware.
    Windows 8.1 Pro
    X99 5930k 6-core
    32 GB Ram
    GTX 970 4GB GPU

    I can't imagine Encore being able to run 2 instances.
    Build from Encore to an image (iso), and get ImgBurn. You can run multiple instances of ImgBurn and burn as many DVD/BDs as you have burners (including externals via USB or whatever). Send him a donation; his product is fantastic.
    John Smith re avoiding unwanted addons in the download/install:

  • Two separate itunes accounts on the same computer

    Ok I need help before I throw my computer and iphones.
    I have two separate itunes accounts, and two separate iphones. I'm using the same computer.
    I'm trying to sync my wife's iphone to her itunes account on my laptop, but it keeps wanting to load my apps to her phone.
    Now I signed out of my itunes, and signed into her's.
    How come itunes is pulling my apps up and wanting to sync them to her phone? 
    I authorized her phone to my laptop as well.
    This doesn't make sense at all.
    How can I just start from scratch and just have itunes backup what's on her phone, and thats it?

    The issue is this is referring to music, I'm asking about applications.
    If I setup a new user on my laptop, when I open itunes, isn't it going to just pull the same data in itunes already?
    And if this is the way to fix it, I would need to have a separate user on my laptop for every device that isn't linked to my itunes account? (seems extreme)

  • HT2731 How do I apply for a separate iTunes account on the same computer?

    I have an iPhone and my brother has an iPod touch.  We only have one computer at our house ao we have been sharing my account.  I get all of his music he purchases whether I want it or not.  Is there some way we can both have our own personal separate accounts?

    Create a new user account on your computer.
    That way you can login to your account and he can login to his.

  • HT3819 Will home sharing work with 2 itunes accounts on the same computer?

    My husband and I share a laptop.  Can we use Home Sharing to share music with each other? I have an account for each of us on iCloud and the computer has us each set up as users. 

    No, home sharing will not work for two different users on the same computer on a Windows based system as it requires iTunes running.  It is not possible in Windows for both users to be running iTunes at the same time.
    Instead, simply use the File > Add Files/Folder option in iTunes to add the content you want to your iTunesLibrary.  Do the same for your husbands iTunesLibrary under his user.

  • Can i use two devices with one itunes account?

    I share a laptop with my husband.  We have had "sync" issues in the past with his contacts and my contacts intermingling on our separate iPhones.  Can I create two different iTunes accounts for us to sync independently?  What should I do about this?  With the advent of iCloud, we're both going to be autosyncing...right???

    This won't be a problem, iTunes will see the new device as a separate device, it will have its own settings under iTunes, you can set it up to sync the same content or different content to the first device, it will have no effect on how the first device syncs with iTunes.

  • HT1386 How do I merge two separate itunes accounts on the same computer?

    I set up a new account on my Mac computer. The original account (that still exists) has all of my itunes music in it (it is a shared computer, but I decided to set up my own account), but the new one doesn't. How do I transfer the music from my phone to the new itunes account or merge the two?
    Basically the itunes library on the new account is empty, so I can't sync it with my phone or else it will delete all of the music on my phone.

    Creating a new user on your computer is the easiest way to keep the media separated.
    iTunes: How to share music between different accounts on a single computer
    Remember that you can only use media and apps with the account they were bought with.
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  • Is it possible to sync two separate iPhones, using two separate itunes accounts on the same computer. Have not been successful so far.

    We have two iPhones and two itunes accounts but one computer. The phones are 3GS but are new. I have had no luck in getting syncing the phones individually. I have called Tech Support. They sent me a link that I had already been to. This is more than frustrating.

  • How do you do home share with in different accounts on the same computer?

    How do you homeshare within different log in accounts (and itunes accounts) within one computer?

    Simply connect them.  One computer with one iTunes can manage multiple devices.  They're tracked by S/N but you might wish to assign them unique names so that you can track them yourself.
    The only minor issue is app updating and purchases while on the computer.  It's necessary to log out and back in to the "correct" ID.  Much easier to do these things from the iPods.

  • Its says my phone has synced with another iTunes account on the same computer? I Want my garage band songs to go from my phone back to my laptop but they won't

    So my Mac got wiped, obviously all my iTunes bought songs and stuff are rested but in lost most of my Garage band Productions, now the ones that had luckily gone to my phone won't transfer to ituens?

    No, it is just saying it is a different iTunes library. If your computer was wiped then the original one is gone and the phone does not recognize the library there.
    Your i-device was not designed for unique storage of your media. It is not a backup device and media transfer was planned with you maintaining a master copy of your media on a computer which is itself independently backed up against loss.  To use a device with a wiped or new computer you transfer the content from the old computer (or its backup) directly to the new computer, not the device to the new computer. Media syncing is one way, computer to device, updating the device content to the content on the computer, not updating or restoring content on a computer. The exception is iTunes Store purchases which can be transferred to a computer.  Your Garageband creations are obviously not iTunes Store purchases and should be restored from the backup you make for just this kind of situation.
    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer - - only purchases from iTunes Store
    For transferring other items from an i-device to a computer you will have to use third party commercial software.  See this document by turingtest2: Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device -

  • Problems with multiple itunes accounts on the same computer

    Does anyone have issues with this? My husband and I have seperate iTunes accounts, and eventhough I am logged in under my username, his music is loading and mine is gone...
    Also, his iPad apps are syncing to my iTunes account - this happened just last night when I plugged my iPod in and was rearranging my playlists and his apps were syncing at the same time.

    Well, I usually think of an 'iTunes account' as being an account at the iTunes Store...  I take it you have different iTunes collections with separate library files for each of you.
    It sounds like you have different user accounts on the computer.  Figuring out what is going on will require us knowing a lot more about how you have your iTunes libraries set up.  Do you also have a shared area or do you keep totally separate accounts?  Are you positive you were't really in his account when this was happening?

  • How can you use music from a different itunes account on the same iphone

    i bought my iphone 4s and had an apple id.  then changed my apple id, but lost my music on my phone. can i keep music on my phone from another apple id, itunes?

    Paid content purchased from the itunes store is always assigned to a single apple id. You will be unable to use the purchased content on another apple id.
    Next time you change your apple id instead of creating an entire new apple id just change the primary email address to the email you would like to use.
    e.g. current apple id is [email protected] but you want to change it. what you do is:
    - go to
    - select manage apple id
    - sign in
    From here what you want to do is change/edit your current primary email which in this case is [email protected] Simply select edit and enter the new email you would like as your apple id. Lastly you will be sent a verification email to verify the email addres and TADA your done.

  • Making separate iTunes accounts on the same computer

    My brother just got an iPod, and he keeps using my downloads so I can't put them on a second device. Is there a way to make it so you have to log in to start doing anything with iTunes?

    I'd suggest you give your brother his own Windows user account, then password-protect your user account. Then your brother won't be able to access your iTunes library, assuming you remember to log out of your Windows account and don't let your brother know your password.
    But just FYI, you can put a purchase from the iTunes Store on up to five iPods (with the exception of a movie rental which can only be on one device at a time), so there should from a technical standpoint be no problem just because your brother is loading your tracks on his iPod.

  • Can you have two different users with itune accounts on the same computer?

    Can you have two different users with separate itune accounts on the same Ipad?

    Yes, create another user profile on the computer and each user can log into their own profile that way.

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