How can I import a .AVI file into my project?

I want to import a .AVI file into my video project but Final Cut Pro will not import it. Final Cut says the file is not recognized but it plays with Quicktime.

Jamison S wrote:
Do you get the warning "Media files are not optimized for FCP. Either recapture the media or use Media Manager to crate new copies of the files to improve performance for multi-stream playback."?
What does this mean?
I can import and edit the files no problem either, except for that waring, which concerns me.
It means you will not be able to use the multiclip feature with these files because your Macintosh is working very hard to decode them on the fly. More than one stream will choke your machine.
Your AVIs are visible in FCP because you happen to have acquired an AVI file that uses a codec you have available on your machine.
AVI isn't even supported by Microsoft; it's been a totally concatenated delivery wrapper for more than a decade. It only survives because of entrenchment.
Use Get INfo on one of your AVI clips, figure out what codec was used, use Google to find out what you can about the codec, and decide how you want to proceed. You want to determine what your output is going to be and work backwards from that decision. For instance, if you're going to distribute a standard MPEG2 DVD, you want to edit using conventional DV. Transcode you AVI files to DV using Compressor.
Your easiest solution will be to edit on a PC that does handles the AVI natively or to contact whoever gae you the files and demand they provide you with clips you can edit on a Macintosh.
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    I also note that the hard drive icon for the camera does not appear on the desktop or the finder so I could not 'drag' them in either...
    Any ideas?

    I have a similar problem with importing large AVIs from my Canon A610. iPhoto would import everything else (usually) except the large AVIs, which it claims is unreadable. In this particular case (~470MB file), it plays in QuickTime, I've resaved it using QT (still won't import) and converted it from MJPEG to Cinepak (still won't import). I'm now considering cutting the AVI up into smaller chunks and importing those... but any other options before that?
    Misc computer details: Main HD is 120GB with 30 for Boot Camp, 80 remains for Mac OS X, but the iPhoto Library is on an external HD (also 120GB, same model as internal HD except not SATA) formatted to FAT32. Would 10.4.11 make a difference here?

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    2.Your MKV video should be upload to the internet to be converted. This means the risk of pravite information leak is possible.

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    Obviously there's a link between the required codecs and the itunes itself.
    You may want to try it and hope it works for you.
    Kindly inform us if it works.
    Thank you all.

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