How can I keep my text format after pasting a text with a different format?

No matter when and where I start to write some text (whether it is a SImpleText, E-Mails, or anyother application's doc), if I have to cut and paste a text from a different source that is formatted differently than my original text (ie. the one I am already using ), once I have pasted the differently formatted text in my doc, the typeset changes while it continues to type with the same formatt used in the text I just pasted.
How can I continue typing with the same text formatt used before pasting the new text, after pasting the new text, without having to change size, font style etc. Is there a short cut?
What I have been doing to avoid this problem is: I usually type my entire text content (whether it is an E-Mail, or other doc) then, once I am done typing, I paste the text that was cut from a differently formatted document, so that my text remains with the same formatt in its integrity, while the pasted text stands out differently, but it is a bit complex doing that , because I not only have to remember to paste the other text when I am done typing (I run the risk of forgetting to paste the text I need to insert--which has happened already) or I keep struggling with my formatt change after the pasting of the new text, so my document text starts looking like the same text as the one which was just pasted.
Thanks for your time reading this!

KerrBr wrote:
How can I continue typing with the same text formatt used before pasting the new text, after pasting the new text, without having to change size, font style etc. Is there a short cut?
(1) First, let's make sure we're talking about the same thing. By "SImpleText, E-Mails" you mean TextEdit and Mail, right?
(2) Some apps (TextEdit, Mail) use the text engine provided by Mac OS X. By and large, these apps will behave in a similar manner. Others (eg, MS Word) use their own text engine, and their behaviour can be quite different. For such an app you need to consult its manual.
(3) In TextEdit, if you want the pasted text to adopt the current style, then use kurt188's tip.
(4) However, if you may want the pasted text to retain its own attributes, while you continue to type in the previous style. I don't know of any shortcut or command that will achieve this. However, you can try to work around it.
(4.1) TextEdit has the Copy Style (⌘⌥C) and Paste Style (⌘⌥V) commands. If you haven't yet used it, ⌘⌥V will insert the default style. So type, paste, ⌘⌥V, then continue typing. If you have used, it will insert whatever style was copied. You can, type, ⌘V, click somewhere before the pasted text, ⌘⌥C, click after the pasted text, ⌘⌥V, and continue typing.
(4.2) Alternatively, type your text. Then type one more character, eg, "x". Then ←, ⌘V, ⇧→, and start typing. The new text should adopt "x"'s format. (This should work in Mail, too. I don't know, because IMHO e-mail should always be plain text.)

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    when I said to align the glass to center of stage, I mean the
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    double click on your glass symbol. Highlight the whole thing,
    Including the stroke. Then over to your right side, above the
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