How can I make MUSE upload one png that it overlooks? Cache cleared & shows in Preview

MUSE uploads  everything to BC except an inport png. I cleared the cache, it shows inPreview, no conflicts noted in Assets and the Browser reflects any other changes I make to the page.  The space for the image is missing online and the entire page moves up to fill the space

Thanks for getting back. I had a deadline so I gave-up trying to make that (great) extracted image work and deleted it from my system -frustration. For what its worth, MUSE displayed the png in Design/ Preview/ Plan &  provided an empty space for it when published.  Besides this quirk, MUSE has been a great.
Date: Mon, 27 Aug 2012 10:49:07 -0600
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Subject: How can I make MUSE upload one png that it overlooks? Cache cleared & shows in Preview
    Re: How can I make MUSE upload one png that it overlooks? Cache cleared & shows in Preview
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Could you share your URL so we can take a look at your site?
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    When I make a single change on one page, just a text change (the last time I deleted a freakin' period) and tell Muse to Upload it to FTP host, it uploads every single page in the site. Every one. And since there are 55 pages, that means it takes about 20 minutes with a darned fast upload speed (20MBPS upload). It isn't the uploading that kills me, it's the Exporting of pages. All of them. All 55. Why is it doing this?
    And while we are talking about speed, most of the time in working with these files I see what I call the beach ball of death on a constant basis. Just opening a page from Plan Mode or going back to Plan Mode from a page can take 20 seconds. I know, I've counted. Copy and paste between pages can take longer. I am running a 3 year old Mac Pro with 12 gigs of RAM and tons of disk space. How can I make Muse work better. More RAM? To speed it up I find that I have to quit about every 30 minutes and restart Muse to get it back to any semblance of speed. Smaller sites obviously don't do this but big ones (I have a lot of those) do.
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    There's a bug we've become aware of and fixed for the next major release where use of one or more objects on a master page that have different states that require output as separate background images can result in that master page and all pages where that master page is used always being considered out-of-date and in need of re-export and upload.
    Unfortunately, there's no workaround short of removing such items from your master page(s).
    If you're not already part of the Private Beta Program and are interested in working with the next version of Muse prior to its official release, the Private Beta Program is open to all subscribers who can accept the terms of the Non-disclosure Agreement. You can join via the Help menu within Muse. The Beta Program for the next major release will be started soon.

  • How can I make the background one solid color?  It is too difficult and noticeable when I use the retouch button and try to erase all the creases in my backdrop.  So, how can I have just a solid white background?

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    When talking about a specific image posting the image may be useful.
    One can use a Layer Mask and add a white Layer underneath.

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    From Here
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    Apple IDs cannot be merged. You should use your preferred Apple ID from now on, but you can still access your purchased items such as music, movies, or software using your other Apple IDs.

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    Open another iCloud account for the other user.

  • How can I make an app with xcode that works like a news app? So that I can post articles on the app. Do I have to use a database or can I connect the app directly with my mac?

    How can I make an iphone app with xcode that worrks like a newspaper? So that I can post articles on the app while it is on appstore. Can I directly connect the app with my mac or do I have to connect it to a database?  Thanks

    Funny, I was thinking you'd want to use the prescribed deployment that Apple went to all the trouble to provide so you wouldn't trot down the garden path with some other implementation, only to find your app rejected with the admonition to use Newsstand after all...
    If you're all hot to ignore all that & DIY, why are you even asking...why not just go for it...

  • How can I make a custom one-line-per-test rpt using TestStand?

    I have written a 1-line-per-test report in another LabView application.  How can I do the same within TestStand 4.0?  I would like to display the usual information:  Description, Measurement Reading & Units, Pass/Fail, Lower Limit, and Upper Limit all in a concise, one line rpt.  Isn't most of this data available within TestStand?

    I would have figured this to be a pretty common use case, so I was wondering if anyone has made/edited a report sequence that does this?
    For example, the default report text looks something like:
    UUT Report
    Serial Number:                MACADDRGoesHere
    Date:                         Monday, September 22, 2008
    Time:                         9:48:05 PM
    Operator:                     administrator
    UUT Result:                   Passed
    Begin Sequence: MainSequence
    (C:\Projects\Corventis\1-08-01641-Corventis-Gen1 PCBA Test System\Engineering\3 - Develop\Sandbox\Report Generation Demo\Report Generation Demo_Main.seq)
    V_CPU_2V5 (Device Off):        Passed
         Measurement:              0.3000
         Units:                    V
            Low:                   0.1000
            High:                  0.5000
         Comparison Type:          GELE (>= <=)
         Module Time:              0.0014
    Memory DataBus Test POST:      Passed
         Module Time:              0.0012
    V_BATT:                        Passed
         Measurement:              3.1200
            Low:                   3.0000
            High:                  3.2000
         Comparison Type:          GELE (>= <=)
         Module Time:              0.0009
    End Sequence: MainSequence
    End UUT Report
    whereas I'd love something like:
    UUT Report
    Serial Number:                MACADDRGoesHere
    Date:                         Monday, September 22, 2008
    Time:                         9:48:05 PM
    Operator:                     administrator
    Execution Time:               0.2188 seconds
    Begin Sequence: MainSequence
    (C:\Projects\Corventis\1-08-01641-Corventis-Gen1 PCBA Test System\Engineering\3 - Develop\Sandbox\Report Generation Demo\Report Generation Demo_Main.seq)
    Test Name        Result        Measurement        Units        Limit Low        Limit High        Comparison Type        Module Time
    V_CPU_2V5 (Device Off)        Passed        0.3000        V        0.1000        GELE (>= <=)        0.0014
    Memory DataBus Test POST        Passed        N/A        N/A        N/A        N/A        N/A        0.0012
    V_BATT        Passed        3.1200        3.0000        3.2000        GELE (>= <=)        0.0009
    End Sequence: MainSequence
    End UUT Report 
    Message Edited by crelf on 09-22-2008 10:19 PM
    Message Edited by crelf on 09-22-2008 10:19 PM
    Copyright © 2004-2015 Christopher G. Relf. Some Rights Reserved. This posting is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License.

  • How can I make my photos on my icloud stream on my pc show up in my iphone ?

    I´m trying to start take advantage of the Icloud syncing. I activated Icloud on my pc, I choosed a map where I wanted the files to be stored. 3 folders was made "my photostream","uploads" and "shared". When I click on my start menu and click on "photostream" I click on "add pictures" pictures gets in there without a problem. Now the big problem, how do I make the pictures show on my Iphone ?!

    I managed to find the answer on my own. If anyone comes by that has the same question:
    You need to create a new stream in the "Photostream" folder by rightclicking. Add yourself as a recipient and add the pictures you want.

  • HT5097 How can I make more than one backup at the same time

    I use time machine to backup my mac. I want to also make an additional backup on a different hard drive in case the first drive fails. How do I do that?

    I suggest you do not use Time Machine for the second backup. Instead, I suggest cloning your drive to a different backup drive using different backup software.
    Your secon drive should be the same size as your computer's drive. Start by using Disk Utility's Restore option to clone your computer's drive to the new backup drive:
    Clone Lion/Mountain Lion using Restore Option of Disk Utility
    Boot to the Recovery HD:
    Restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the COMMAND and R keys until the menu screen appears. Alternatively, restart the computer and after the chime press and hold down the OPTION key until the boot manager screen appears. Select the Recovery HD and click on the downward pointing arrow button.
         1. Select Disk Utility from the main menu then press the Continue
         2. Select the destination volume from the left side list.
         3. Click on the Restore tab in the DU main window.
         4. Select the destination volume from the left side list and drag it
             to the Destination entry field.
         5. Select the source volume from the left side list and drag it to
             the Source entry field.
         6. Double-check you got it right, then click on the Restore button.
    Destination means the external backup drive. Source means the internal startup drive.
    After this initial clone you can use other backup software suggested below to make incremental updates to the backup. These incremental updates can be done on a regular schedule.
    Suggested Backup Software
      1. Carbon Copy Cloner
      2. Get Backup
      3. Deja Vu
      4. SuperDuper!
      5. Synk Pro
      6. Tri-Backup
    Others may be found at VersionTracker or MacUpdate.
    Visit The XLab FAQs and read the FAQ on backup and restore.  Also read How to Back Up and Restore Your Files.
    The two backups need not be done on the same schedule. Time Machine backsup hourly. The other backup could be done on a daily or even weekly schedule.

  • Best and Worst Apple Keyboard or How can I make a white one better?

    I really love the black extended keyboard that came with my quick silver.
    I replaced my tiny (non extended) G4 keyboard with the black extended keyboard that originally shipped with the quick silvers. Still fine after 5 years of daily use.
    The new white keyboard's open design allows dust and foreign objects to get under the keys. After 2 years, It has a terrible key feel and I find myself making many more typing mistakes when using it.
    Is there a recommended method to REHAB the keys? I've taken to blowing the dust out every 4-5 months. Is there a silicone spray or something that will get the keys to push down smoothly?
    If I were to get another keyboard, what would you say is apples best?
    BTW, I typed this on a white KB so please excuse any errors

    I actually like the extra "unnecessary" plastic at the top as a convenient place to store pens/pencils. The USB ports on the side of the black are easier to access than the rear located ports on the white. I see only one advantage to the whites in that they squeezed in the F16 key. To use it in a production mode like I do, the touch and accuracy are poor.
    Any lube or cleaning tips? I'm not talking about the surface of the keys. I need to clean the inner surfaces where the plastic keys rub the plastic housing. For instance, right now, the pressure required to push the space key is ridiculous. Look thru the edge of your keyboard and see how much crud is built up under the springs of the space key, enter key and shift key. The unprotected openings between the keypad, arrows pad and number pad allow the dust to get in there. Very poor design coming from a company who used to pride themselves on design and ergonomics.

  • I have a new/old desktop mac. I do not know the keychain login password. How can I make a new one just using administrator password?

    I have this desktop that has many programs and I like it alot but I don't have the login keychain password as I bought it used. it has mac os x 10.5.8 software. It won't let me send mail or many things because of this. Is there a way to reset that password.  I have the administrator code. Thanks Sharon

    If all the above fails, then it appears to be time for a relatively painless Archive & Install, which gives you a new/old OS, but can preserve all your files, pics, music, settings, etc., as long as you have plenty of free disk space and no Disk corruption, and is relatively quick & painless...
    Just be sure to select Preserve Users & Settings.

  • How can I make the flash of fire that comes out of a gun when it's shot?

    Hello, everyone. I have Motion 2.1.2 and am a MAJOR neophyte at it. One can even say that for all practical purposes, I've never used it. Therefore, keep this in mind when helping me. I know nothing.
    Is there a way to use Motion to make the quick flash of fire that comes out of a gun when it's shot?
    Simple enough question, I guess, and I imagine it's not all too difficult to do . . . but, alas, I know not how to do it. Perhaps some helpful folks on here can let me know how.
    Thank you much in advance.
    Javier Calderon

    try here for filmed stuff you can layer on or google muzzle flash.
    o| TOnyTOny |o

  • HT1150 My question on printing is how do you make the print larger than it actually is on paper or is that possible?  I know you can enlarge print on the screen, that is easy, but once it prints it's always to small.  How can I make it bigger or is that p

    my question is on printing.  i know that you can make the print larger on the screen by adjusting it, but then when it comes out on paper it's just as small again.  how do I set my actual printer or my iMac to print the actual paper print larger? 

    Hello, it depends what App & Document type, some say PDFs have the font stuck at a certain sise, but say in Text Edit, open a document, Highlight some text the CMD+a to Select All, then type CMD+t to get the Font/Text size menu, select a bigger size.

  • How can I make appear the arrow-button that showed the recent history of a same tab (next to back and forward buttons)?

    for instance, if I searched a word on google, then clicked on a certain page of the results, then inside that page I entered a link, etc if I wanted to "go back" directly to the instance of google searching I could click on this arrow-button and I would be able to choose that exact moment instead of clicking several times on the "back" till I reached the desired past page

    The arrow to open the tab history of the Back and Forward buttons has been removed in Firefox 4 and later.
    Use one of these methods to open the tab history list:
    * Right click on the Back or Forward button
    * Hold down the left mouse button on the enabled Back or Forward button until the list opens
    You can look at this extension:
    * Backward Forward History Dropdown:

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