How can I save an e-mail to documents on our macbook Air?

How can I save an e-mail to documents on our macbook Air?

It's pretty impossible to figure out what you're really trying to do ...
If you're literally trying to save an e-mail to your documents folder (which I doubt), then you can open the e-mail, do a File > Save As ... from Mail's menu and do it from there.
Good luck.

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  • Hi, Dear. I purcahse my iphone 4S on of the guy, my problem is when i update any app from App store and i click update there is an e-mail address is coming which i doesnt know about the password, how can i revome the e-mail address for update our apps.

    Hi, Dear. I purcahse my iphone 4S on of the guy, my problem is when i update any app from App store and i click update there is an e-mail address is coming which i doesnt know about the password, how can i revome the e-mail address for update our apps.

    Yes. Delete the Apps that were not Purchased using Your Apple ID.
    But a Restore as New is the way to go.

  • How can i change the apple ID in my 2nd hand macbook air, i have no more contact with the first owner. thanks

    how can i change the apple ID in my 2nd hand macbook air, i have no more contact with the first owner. thanks
    i already have an apple ID, but it seems that the original ID is locked to the first owner.

    Perform the steps the first owner should have done for you as listed here:

  • How can I print stuff from the 'Help' file using my MacBook Air?

    How can I print stuff from the 'Help' file using my MacBook Air?

    Open the Help viewer, select a category then from the menu bar top of your screen, click File > Print

  • How can I transfer a registration to another person of a Macbook Air mid 2010?

    How can I transfer a registration to another person of a Macbook Air mid 2010?

    You can also go on Apple's website to edit your Support Profile to delete ownership registration of your product(s).
    The new user then simply registers his "new" device, also online. Once you have deleted ownership, the serial number is freed for a user (new owner) to add it. The new owner should obtain an Apple ID first.

  • How can I save songs from mail to iPad?, How can I save songs from mail to iPad?

    How can I save songs from my mails to iPad?

    Sync with iTunes:

  • How can I save zoom setting for a DOCUMENT so it opens at that setting?

    I find an optimal zoom setting for a document I'd like to use (say 42%) and want the document to open at that setting.  I save the document with File>Save Copy.  However when I open the document, it opens at the DEFAULT zoom setting set in the Preferences for program.  If I change the zoom level here to what I desire for that document, obviously all documents will open at that default setting.
    How can I save my desired zoom level for a document, which will most likely be different for EACH document, and have the saved document open at that setting?
    This seems like a trivial exercise / feature that should be easy to implement BOTH by the programmers of the software and the user setting the zoom level.
    Also, I want to suppress the bookmarks sidebar.  I save without the bookmarks but the documents opens with the side bar.  Can't THIS be set for each document?
    Why is it so difficult to tailor the viewing of a document to exactly what the viewer wants?

    OK.  Sorry for the mistake in posting the question here.
    Again it seems like it should be trivial to save a document in the Reader with a viewer's desired zoom setting.  I find this very helpful as I like to use a zoom setting that when scrolling down the document only one full page of the document is viewed (like turning the pages of a book).  Without this feature, partial pages are displayed when scrolling unless one experiments to find the correct zoom setting (often it is 60%).  One must do this every time one opens the same document, unless one remembers the zoom setting.
    Oh well ....

  • How can we save smartform output as word document

    Hi Friends,
    Can anybody help me, how to save Smartform output as Word document instead of PDF file.

    Hi Venkat,
    I think you can do it manually.
    After the print preview, Select the menu <b>Goto->List Display</b>.
    Now select the menu <b>System->List->Save->Local File</b>.
    Now you can select the radio buttion <b>Rich Text Format</b>.
    Now you save the document as a .doc file (say test.doc)
    That is it!!!!!
    <b>Award points if found useful.</b>

  • How can i Save my Changes in a Document Location = SD-CARD ?

    i use kingsoft Office and i have a xls document, After update to 14.3.A.0.681 i can't save my changes.
    i can't add a new document on the SDCARD.   smileyangry:
    Why ???????  smileyangry:
    how i became the function back before 14.3.A.0.681 ???????????   

    This sounds like an issue with the app and compatibility so this would need to be directed to the developer
    For a successful technology, reality must take precedence over public relations, for Nature cannot be fooled.   Richard P. Feynman

  • HT2729 How can I download an HD movie from iTunes to a MacBook Air as it has less than 2GHz Processor.

    Apple won't let me download an HD movie from the iTunes store to my Macbook Air 13 inch as it has a 1.8 Ghz processor and not the 2.0 Ghz processor it says HD movies need to play. Yet this computer has enough power to play them. How do I fix this?

    Hello maxr0,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities!
    I found this article that outlines where to go to download your purchases again in iTunes.
    The article named says it is for iTunes 10, but the steps will work for iTunes 11 as well.
    In iTunes, click iTunes Store (below Store).
    Click the Purchased link in the top-right of the Store home page (below Quick Links).
    In the page that appears, select a category.
    iTunes shows you which of your purchases are available for download. You can view all of your past purchases, or just the ones not currently in your iTunes library. Items already in your library aren’t available for download.
    If you select Music, you can view your purchases by song, artist, or album. If you’re using Album view, click an album to see which songs on it are available for downloading.
    To search for an item, type its name or a keyword in the search field, and then press the Return key to view your search results.
    To download an item, click the Download button to the right of the item.
    From: iTunes 10 for Mac: Download previous purchases from the iTunes Store
    Once you get to the page for your Movies or TV Shows, there should be a checkbox that says Download HD When Available. Uncheck that, and then download your purchase and that should get you the SD version of your video.
    Take care,

  • Since upgrading to Yosemite I can no longer receive e-mail on my Mac or Macbook air but can on my I-pad. Is there a fix in the works?

    My I-mac and Macbook air will not receive e-mail since installing Yosemite  but I can still get e-mail on my I-pad. I have verified with my ISP that everything is working correctly on their end. Message by Inbox says Mail cannot send password securely to the server. Any fixes?

    Hi olejim51,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    It sounds like you're not able to connect to your ISPs mail server on your iMac or MacBook Air.
    There could be several causes of the error message you're seeing. I would start with the steps in the "Mail Connection Doctor shows one or more red dots in the account Status column" section of this article to troubleshoot the message:
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages
    This article contains a variety of steps that can help resolve an issue like the one you're seeing.
    All the best,

  • How can I import to my iMac's Aperture from my MacBook Air?

         I started working with relativily small librarie in my MacBook air, it has a size of 12GB more or less.
         My question is: how can I import/merge this library to my iMac library.

    Whatever you can.  Dropbox.  Ethernet.  Firewire.  Thumb-drive.  I'm pretty sure you can set up an ad-hoc wireless network between the two machines.
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  • Newbie: How can I get the camera to work with skype on macbook air

    Sorry that I'm a beginner at this.  I just can't find the answer to it, but I'm sure it's common question.  Since the macbook air has a camera built in, how come it isn't showing up on my new skype account?

    Go into an Apple Store if under a year old from purchase. They can assist you
    Or check out the issue at the Apple Support Community
    Good Luck

  • How can i order a new software reinstall drive for my MacBook Air

    I just bought my MacBook Air. With having 3 young Children, things get lost relatively easy, especially when they are as small as the Software Reinstall Drive.
    How can i get a new one.
    Thank you all in advance,
    Evert Priester

    Retired Engineer wrote:
    If you have the mid 2011 MBA with Lion pre-installed you can create your own.
    Keep in mind this is not a full install mechanism and is not a substitute for the $70 item I mentioned previously.  The network must still be accessable to perform a full re-install. 
    This method is a good backup for the recovery partition, though.

  • How can i control my new mac mini using my new macbook air? Thanks

    Hi, I would like to control and even file share my macmini using my macbook air... the mac mini is plugged into the family 50inch plasma... so getting access to it is not always easy! I'd like to play itunes, films, file share, just about do everything from the macbook air as if I was on and in front of the macmini... i'm hoping to do this from any country using wifi!
    I've looked at screens - vnc client, but can;t find anywhere where it says I should download the app... is there a master to download to the mac mini, then waht do i download to the macbook air to enjoy control... also am i expected to download twice and pay twice?
    I'm very new to the mac world... loving it, but lots to learn! Appreciate your help, thank you
    PS... bonus if I can also control the mac mini using my iphone4 and ipad 2 (yup, my bank balance took a major hit.... apple certainly got me hooked!)

    Sceen sharing is built into the OS  go to your help in the finder and type in "screen sharing"
    To set up screen sharing: (on the mini)
    Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Sharing.
    Select the Screen Sharing checkbox.
    To specify who can share your screen, select one of the following:
    All users: Select this if you want to allow any user with a user account on your computer to share your screen.
    Only these users: Select this if you want to restrict screen sharing to specific users.Click Add at the bottom of the Users list and select a user from Users & Groups (accounts you have set up in Accounts preferences), Network Users (users on your network), or your Address Book. Or click New Person and enter a name and password to create a sharing account. Then select that user from the list and click Select.
    Click Computer Settings and set the following options:
    Anyone may request permission to control screen: Select this to allow anyone on your network to request to share your screen.
    VNC viewers may control screen with password: Select this and enter a password that VNC viewer applications can enter in order to control your screen.
    It’s recommended that you not set a password if you only share this computer’s screen using the built-in screen sharing viewer in Mac OS X.

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