How can I save PDF document after Digital signature ?

I am using adobe reader and after signing the document (Digital signature) I can not save the document.

What is your operating system?  What is your Reader version?
I probably won't have an answer for you, but the information may help somebody else who might.

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    Hi, After installing Adobe Reader 10.1.10 can't to do several actions. I saw that since version 9. I can't save PDF  documents provided by internet companies. The options that appears below, like  to save, print, + or -, are flashing all the time and can't do anything. If I click right button in the name of the document, the option save destiny deshabilited too. What can I do? pls urgent. My operative system is Windows 7.

    Best to keep the replies in the other post, but I wanted to comment on something you said "I was told that Adobe X is a 32 bit program and that could be why it's running slow." Yes, it's a 32 bit program. No, it's complete nonsense to say that 32 bit programs run slow. There seems to be a general belief that 64 bit is better because, well, because, um, because it's a bigger number so it must be, right? Sorry, I'm not mocking you, but there is such nonsense about this, that I think software makers are having to put a lot of effort into making 64 bit software for no good reason at all.

  • Can i put Microsoft word onto the ipad, if so how can you save the documents, can i put Microsoft word onto the ipad, if so how can you save the documents

    can i put Microsoft word onto the ipad, if so how can you save the documents, can i put Microsoft word onto the ipad, if so how can you save the documents

    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    If you have Office 365, you can install Office in your iPad >
    If you haven't got Office 365, there are other apps that work with Microsoft Word files, like Documents To Go >

  • How can I save my document from pages to a flash drive?

    How can I save my document from pages to a flash drive?

    Locate the file on your Mac, plug in the USB stick (the mac should prompt you to open it, or do this automatically), click and drag the file from the computer (wherever it's saved to) to the USB folder. That's just putting an already saved file there.
    To save it TO your USB stick, find it in the Save To diolog on the sidebar. Click it, then save it there.

  • How can I send PDF document from adobe

    How can I send PDF document from adobe

    If you mean, "How can I send a PDF document from Adobe Reader?" then answer is: Click on the Share button (arrow out of box icon), and choose E-mail document.

  • How can i save word documents to pages? I have an illegal copy of word but want to upgrade my software so I can utilize i cloud.  I'm a writer and need to preserve my word documents.

    I have an illegal copy of word and I want to upgrade my software so I can utilize i cloud.  How can I save my word documents to pages
    so that they are not lost in this upgrade?  I do not have the disk to reinstall word after the upgrade.

    You might want to post your question in the Pages forum.
    Also if it's the Office 2004 version of Word it won't work in Lion since it's a Power PC program. Office 2008 will work in Lion if it's already installed when you upgrade. But it won't install on Lion because the installer program uses Power PC code. Office 2011 is the only one that will install and work on Lion.

  • How can I share PDF documents in Ibooks

    How can I share PDF between my Apple devices with Ibooks? I have on my Ipad a lot of PDF manuals that I want to see on my other devices so I don´t need to download them to Ibooks on every device. Sync is on in the setup but it seems only to work with books and not PDF.

    No - it will not work with PDFs. You might consider another cloud service such as Box, DropBox, or Google Docs.

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    How can i save my resume to my ipad so that i can post it to sites as needed?

    My first few hours with iTunes Match and it seems like Apple are moving ever closer towards the Microsoft model. ran Match, worked fine; took a while but no worries so far. I then use my iPad to play some tracks on the Cloud via Airplay. The tracks download. They play. They show up on iTunes when I sync. They take up space. I can't get rid of them. I follow the above instructions and delete some playlists from my iPad. That works, but no wait - the playlists are also gone from iTunes.
    I will take a break now because this is the opposite of fun. Can anyone explain how to delete music downloaded onto my iPad without it affecting the content or playlists on my iTunes library please?

  • How can I unlock PDF document?

    How can I unlock PDF document

    The locked icon generally means that the PDF has some protection or signature applied by the author. Can you please share the PDF with us by emailing it to [email protected] with a link to this thread? We'll be able to tell you more about the restrictions applied.

  • Securing pdf document with digital signatures

    I have a pdf document that has digital signatures. We need to secure it so no one who has input their digital signature can go back in later, delete their signature and then 're-sign' it. But I get an error message telling me I can't secure the document because it has digital signatures.
    Is there any way to secure the document so only I can secure/unsecure it after digital signatures have been input?

    You don't need to use document encryption to lock the PDF file. You can set the signature field properties to mark all fields as read-only at signature creation. Try this:
    Select the Tools > Toolbars > Advanced Editing menu item
    Click the Select Object tool on the Advanced editing toolbar (it's the arrow icon)
    Right mouse click on the signature field and select Properties from the pop-up menu
    Select the Signed tab on the Digital Signature Properties dialog
    Select the Mark as read-only radio button and All fields from the corresponding drop-down list
    Click the Close button on the Digital Signature Properties dialog
    Select the File > Save As menu item and save a copy (in other words, leave the original copy as is in case you find you locked yourself out of the document, that way you'll have a fall-back recovery option)
    Good luck,

  • When I save a document with digital signature, it crashes.

    When I Try to save a PDF document that have a digital signature, the program don't respond and I must to close it. When I open the pdf, have a digital signature but is not valid.
    Before of adobe cloud it works perfect.

    Please, provide more specifics: which platform (Windows, Mac), which operating system, which program (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader), which version? What do you mean by "Before of adobe cloud it works perfect"? Which "cloud"? Creative Cloud? Are you using

  • How can I convert PDF document to Word ?

    How can I convert a PDF document to Word

    Hi gartroy1943,
    To Convert a PDF to Word, you will need Adobe Acrobat ...
    Please download 30 days Trial of adobe acrobat from below link :
    Steps to Convert :
    or You can also use Adobe Export PDF Service ... Please see the details on the below link :

  • How can I get pdf documents to automatically open in Adobe rather than Nitro Pro?

    When I bought my PC it had Nitro Pro installed (a paid for PDF programme, that you get for free for 3 months). The free trial has now ended. However, any pdf document I try to open will automatically try to open in Nitro Pro.
    To solve it, I save it to my PC, then ask it to open in Adobe reader. That works, but seems a lot of work. Surely it must be possible to somehow let the pdf doc know that it should open in Acrobat.
    Any suggestions?

    Highlight the PDF, right click and choose "Open with", click on "Choose default program", select Adobe REader then select "Always use the selected program to open this type of file".

  • How can I read pdf documents from SD card

    Is it (or will it be) possible to read pdf documents from SD card in Windows Phone 8?

    Yes, it is possible. You can create even a folder on SD card and put in it the pdf's. It is working on my lumia 620 with Adobe reader 10.3 version.. You insert the SD in the phone, connect the phone to the computer and you will see the phone and the SD under it.
    You drag your pdf's on the SD card. when you open the Adobe reader on the phone you go to the documents and here they are (with a small card icon near the document which shows you that the file is on the SD card.

  • Can't save Word documents after OS update

    I downloaded the most recent OS update today (2-2-12) and now I can't save any MS Word or Excel files. I also lose the ability to close these programs when I try to save, requiring a force quit of the program.

    Hi Wandering and Littleredgto,
    I am experiencing exactly the same problems, and I am also still on OS 10.6.8. In my case the problem occurred after the latest security update from 2/1/12.  I did not do a remote client update.

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