How can I: Search for files "not in catalog"

Is there a way to search for files/photos on my hard drive that are *NOT* already in my catalog?
(a) I can do a mass search to find all photos on my hard drive.
(b) And there is a reconnect feature - for all entries in catalog with a missing/invalid link, look for the file that matches best.
But I'd like to have Elements find photos that I have not added to the catalog.
That is, do (a), but check each one to see if it is already added.
Is there a way to do that?

What you want to achieve by finding those files?
In folder view you can see the folder which have no media files in Organizer.
If you import all the files form all the drives on your system, by deafult you will see files just imported into catalog. That means, just after import ou will have the files which were not in your catalog :-)
I know my  answer could be confusing for you, but it will make sense if you know what happens after import in Organizer...

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    So I open finder, go to "File > Find", and enter a search:
    Modified > In the last 2 weeks
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    Older versions of Finder in OS 9 had a feature where you could search for "files, whose type "IS NOT" folder", but OS X doesn't seem to have such a feature.
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    How much free space is on the HD, where has all the space gone?
    OmniDiskSweeper is likely the easiest/best, and is now free...

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    You can enable the Finder to include System files in its search
    In a Finder finder window select Kind then Other… locate System files in the list and click the checkbox.

  • How can I search for files on multiple servers at one time?

    When I hit command+F, and use spotlight to search for files, I'm only given the opportunity to search for those files in three places: "This Mac", "Shared", and then the server or external HD that is mounted. However, in the past I was able to check a box for all mounted/connected servers/HDs, and then do a search in all of them at the same time. I CAN'T FIND THIS OPTION IN LEOPARD AND IT IS ANNOYING ME BIG TIME.
    Hopefully there is a simple solution that I've overlooked.
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    Use the Find command (menu Edit) and in criteria at the right side is a plus sign to add another criteria and set it to your custom wishes.
    make a choice in results and you should be OK

  • How can I search for files on an external file server (using Linux)?

    The configuration is that the mac min is connected (with other Windows XP computers) in an ethernet network. The file server is the only one running Linux. The mini mac has no problems to connect to the server and read the files, write files and create folders etc. But, because the file server is quite big, there are a lot of files and folders (size estimate in total some 350 GB). In a finder window I tried to seach a file name, but the mac does not give any result. The mouse cursor does not visibly change into occupied or so. Searching for a file on the mac is no problem as we know.
    Any help or hint what kind of program / setting needs to be used to do this would be appreciated.

    Use the Find command (menu Edit) and in criteria at the right side is a plus sign to add another criteria and set it to your custom wishes.
    make a choice in results and you should be OK

  • How can I search for files in the "Save As" dialogue when saving attachment

    I receive a lot of graphics via email that are updates to existing graphics for a website. When I click on "Save Attachment As..." on the pop-up menu within Mail, a finder-like window appears that has a little search oval on it. I would like to be able to use this to find an existing file on my hard drive that I can select and replace with the file that I'm attempting to save. The only thing that I'm able to bring back is folders. Even when I click on "filename" and use the + sign and change to "name". No files appear in the search. When I get to the folder that I want, I still have to scroll forever to find the file name that I'm looking for. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong or possible offer a better solution to my problem? Thanks in advance for any advice.

    You can enable the Finder to include System files in its search
    In a Finder finder window select Kind then Other… locate System files in the list and click the checkbox.

  • How Can I Search for Media files by Length?

    I want know how can I search for media files (mov, mp4, flv and movie files in general) by their length?
    If this search function is confirmed as definitely not possible on the OS, I would appreciate someone recommending app that might be able to perform such a search?
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    No possible way. Because the files may be enoded with differing codecs, compression, etc., you can only sort by file size, not the 'length' of the movie files.

  • When importing files, my view window to search for files is really small, how do I make it bigger so I can actually search for files?

    When importing files, my view window to search for files is really small, how do I make it bigger so I can actually search for files?

    How big this is depends on the size of your screen. On a 13" it is really small. But you can improve things a bit. Click the green button to make the import window fill the screen.
    Drag the area between the file list and the preview area up or down to increase one or the other:

  • How can I search for duplicate photos in iPhoto libraries?

    How can I search for duplicate photos in iPhoto 9.5.1 library.  Installed on iMac 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5, Mavericks 10.9.5.

    These applications will identify and help remove duplicate photos from an iPhoto Library:
    iPhoto Library Manager - $29.95
    Duplicate Annihilator - $7.95 - only app able to detect duplicate thumbnail files or faces files when an iPhoto 8 or earlier library has been imported into another.
    PhotoSweeper - $9.95 - This app can search by comparing the image's bitmaps or histograms thus finding duplicates with different file names and dates.
    DeCloner - $19.95 - can find duplicates in iPhoto Libraries or in folders on the HD.
    DupliFinder - $7 - shows which events the photos are in.
    iPhoto AppleScript to Remove Duplicates - Free
    PhotoDedupo - $4.99 (App Store) -  this app has a "similar" search feature which is like PhotoSweeper's bitmap comparison.  It found all duplicates
    Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto - free - was able to recognize the duplicated HDR and normal files from an iPhone shooting in HDR
    Some users have reported that PhotoSweeper did the best in finding all of the dups in their library: iphoto has duplicated many photos, how...: Apple Support Communities.
    If you have an iPhone and have it set to keep the normal photo when shooting HDR photos the two image files that are created will be duplicates in a manner of speaking (same image) but there are only twp apps that detected the iPhone HDR and normal photos as being duplicates:  PhotoSweeper and Duplicate Cleaner for iPhoto.  None of the other apps detected those two files as being duplicates as they look for file name as well as other attributes and the two files from the iPhone have different file names.
    iPLM, however, is the best all around iPhoto utility as it can do so much more than just find duplicates.  IMO it's a must have tool if using iPhoto.

  • How can one search for a filename anywhere on the Mac?

    How can one search for a filename anywhere or everywhere on the Mac?

    You can configure Spotlight so it will also search in system files or you can download and use EasyFind 4.9.3 that doesn't require special configuration.
    Get Spotlight to search system files (and more)
    Enter the search term in the Finder window's search field.
    Click the [+] button in the search bar to add a search option.
    In the first drop down menu choose Other.
    Choose “System Files” from the list that pops up (and check the box to place in drop down menu to avoid this step later,) click on the OK button.
    Now back in the Finder choose Include from the second drop down menu.

  • I downloaded some pictures my daughter sent in a file. I named the file ".zip" and now I can't locate it in "My Pictures" How can I search for it?

    How do I search for a file I can't locate?

    { Ctrl + J } to open the Downloads window, then right-click that zip file and use '''Open Containing Folder'''.

  • How can i search for a color that is not in the color palette? (CS 5.5)

    I have a client, that has used a certain color in a series of textfields throughout the document.
    The color consists of all 4 CMYK colors and needs to be just Keycolor. However the color is not in the swatches menu, so marking it there and changing it won't work. I have downloaded a script that might have worked, but it could only find colors that were in the swatches palette. (Find / Change by Color / Overprint" version 1.2).
    Ofcourse, creating a similar color and adding it to the swatches doesn't work.
    Is there anyway that i can search for the color or does it really have to be done manually.
    Best regards

    You can only search for real, actually existing swatches. No sweat: use "Add Unnamed Colors" in the Swatch panel dropdown menu to get a list of all of the manually applied colors.
    Since you want to change all of them to the same color, you don't even have to use Search/Replace. Simply delete the new colors and select the one you need in the "Replace With" dialog that appears.

  • How can I search for email senders and/or email subject(s)?

    I'm probably not savvy enough to figure this out. When I search, e.g. for "Katie" I get to look at several messages where she is cc'd. I also receive messages from "Katie." How do I search for them? I know they are there because I just sent one to trash the other day. I suspect there are a number of them in trash. The only way I seem to be able to access them is to scroll...and that's a bummer.

    *You can click in the search field in the ThunderBird toolbar.
    *Type the words you are looking for such as email the email address
    *Hit enter or select an auto completion choice
    To narrow search results:
    *Click any year, month or day to show only results from that time. Click the looking glass to zoom out.
    *If you cannot see the timeline, click the timeline icon in the top right corner.
    *Hover over any filter, person, folder, tag, account or mailing list in the left pane to see where in time and on the timeline the messages matching the filter are located.
    To exclude persons, folders or other criteria from search results:
    *Click the unwanted person, tag, etc..
    *Select can't be… from the menu that comes up.
    To reduce results to a particular contact, account or other criterion:
    *Click the desired person, folder, etc..
    *Select must be… from the menu that comes up.
    To filter your search results:
    *Check From Me to see only messages sent from one of your email addresses.
    *Check To Me that include you as a recipient.
    *Check Starred to see only starred messages.
    *Check Attachments to see only messages that include attached files.
    To open any message, click its subject line in search results. To act on multiple messages or see more details, click Open as list at the top of the results list.
    I got this from [ here]. Go ahead and click that link if you need anymore help! Cheers.

  • How do I search for sticky notes in a PDF doc?

    Several people (at work) have commented on a 440-page document that I created, using sticky notes to write their comments in. When I first open the document, the sticky notes are all closed. The icon for a closed sticky note is pretty small and not brightly colored, so they're easy to miss when scrolling through hundreds of image-heavy pages. I am hoping that it's possible to search for each occurrence of a sticky note.
    If there is no way to search for the notes, is there a command I can use to open all the notes in the file (in one action) so that they are larger and easier to spot?
    Platform: Windows 8 PC
    Version: Acrobat 8
    If this is not a feature available in Acrobat 8, is it possible to do this in later versions?
    Apologies if this is not the right community for this question, but none of the ones listed seemed like the obvious choice, and there is no "miscellaneous" or "general" category. If there is a better community for the question, please let me know.

    Out the gate you've a problem.
    The Acrobat 8 product family passed into "End of Support" many years ago (well before the release of Windows 8).
    "End of Support" means -- well, just that eh.
    The Acrobat 8 product family is not compatible with Windows 8.1, 8 or 7.
    The Acrobat XI product family is compatible with Windows 8 / 8.1.
    Regarding Comment and Mark Up Annotations:
    With Acrobat 8 Pro use the "Comments List".
    Same wit Acrobat 9 Pro, X Pro and XI Pro.
    May be available with the various versions' "Standard" release.
    The contents of a Comments List can be exported to a PDF report.
    The filter an be used to display specific characteristics / attributes which then become the reports content when you output a report.
    Having "8" the Help PDF file got loaded with the install of "8".
    Use it to review the information provided on the Comments List.
    Be well...

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