How CAN i see site using media flash player

some internet sites use flash media player how CAN i see those sites situ safari???

You can try one of the apps I listed in the first sentence.
This is Mr. Jobs statement of Flash:
Based upon this I would not expect to see Flash on iOS devices anytime soon.

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  • How can I see Web sites using Adobe Flash Player with my IPad?

    I've realised that it's not possible to visit web sites using Adobe Flash Player.
    Is There a program by which Apple allows you to solve this problem?

    Not from Apple, no, and probably never will be. You can try one of the third-party app/service combinations for playing Flash such as Skyfire , Puffin, or iSwifter. One of those might work for you, though they all have limitations and do not work with all Flash-based sites and services. You may find other suggestions for apps in the many other threads on Flash in this forum.

  • How can I get rid of malware flash player

    how can I get rid of malware flash player (May 18,'13)

    How do you know you have malware, and where did you get it?

  • How can I update the "basic" Adobe Flash Player that is in my Samsung Smart TV?

    How can I update the "basic" Adobe Flash Player that is in my Samsung Smart TV?

    Any update would come from Samsung, but in low-margin products like TVs, it's pretty uncommon for OEMs to provide ongoing maintenance over a large span of years.  You may find that you'll get a better experience from a dedicated streaming box like ChromeCast/Roku/etc.

  • How to successfully install and use Adobe Flash Player on an iMac?

    I have the latest OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.  It makes actually several years that I have not been able to view videos that use Adobe Flash Player.  This is true of several sports websites I like such as and  A few days ago I have upgraded my OS to the most current one.  And, I retried downloading Adobe Flash Player and it made no difference.  I tried to see the videos using numerous different browzers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) with no success. 
    I know Steve jobs hated Adobe Flash Player because it was so inefficient.  But, I thought one could still use it with Mac computers.  Are you guys having as much difficulty as I am?  If not what are the solutions to running Adobe Flash Player?  Thank you in advance for your information.  

  • How can small caps be used in Flash CS5?

    Garamond Premier Pro includes small caps. When I select that font in  Flash I can't see a way to select the small caps. An earlier discussion  says that they are not supported in CS4. Are they supported in Flash CS5? How do I select them in Flash  CS5? Thanks.

    Could you please let us know on which text component do you intend to use Squiggly?? Squiggly is a Action Script 3.0 Library which currently supports few UIComponents like:
    MX components: TextArea, TextInput and RichTextEditor
    Spark components: TextArea and TextInput
    In addition it supports TLF TextFlow.

  • How can I see who uses my iTunes shared library?

    Is there anyway I can see who uses my iTunes shared library?
    I'm just curious because I am in college living in the dorms and I just was bored and interested.

    Preferences - Sharing - Status: At least you can see how many users are connected

  • How can i run older versions of flash player on youtube etc without being prompted to update my flash player/not being able to use the old version?

    i want to run adobe flash player 10.3 on youtube etc because it has little to no fps lag on videos compared to the newer versions of adobe flash on my current laptop. is there any way to disable the checking of my flash player version in firefox so i wont be prompted to upgrade and i can use flash 10.3 to watch videos? plz help ty.

    the html5 player actually takes up system resources for me

  • How can I get my recently installed Flash Player to operate with sound?

    I tried accessing a UTube on a site and noticeed when I clicked on it, all I got was the video, no sound.
    I then installed the latest version of ShockWave Flash Player and still didn't get the sound.
    What more do I need to do?

    Is the YouTube Flash player used or an HTML5 media player?
    With a Flash player you should see the Flash player context menu if you right-click the player.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.
    *Switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance
    *Do NOT click the Reset button on the Safe Mode start window

  • E4200v2 cannot access IPv6 Internet or sites using adobe flash player

    I just upgraded my  old  WRT54G to a E4200v2 with firmware I installed it using the Cisco Connect CD. At first it seemed OK, but then I noted that I cannot open (or takes forever) many websites, in particular those requiring Adobe Flash Player to view. In addition, it appears that access IPv6 Internet or sites is impossible, even though IPv6 is enabled in the GUI.  Is there anything I am missing in the configuration/set up of the router?

    The connection to IPv6 is set to AUTOMATIC, but just now noticed address are just zeros...
    how does one correct this?
    Connection Type: 
    IPv6 - Automatic   
    Internet Address:
    Default Gateway: 
    DHCP Lease Time:

  • How can I update Downloding the adobe flash player last version in my ipad2 with IOS 5?

    I would like to download the last version of Adobe flash player in my IPad2. I just updated it with IOS5 but I cannot open many web from safari because the animations need flash player...

    Alimar89 wrote:
    Oh, and also I want to tell you that I reward and/or thanks people who deserve it.... people too embittered does not need to participate in this kind of event... :-)
    Reward or thank people (or don't), as you see fit. Roaminggnome, as you can tell by his level number has been "rewarded" by lots of people. His information is generally spot on. Whether it pleases you or not, you don't get to decide who participates here and who doesn't. As long as they obey the TOU, they can stay, even if you don't like them. Ingore people who annoy you. It's what I do with people who are unable to accept help freely offered them because they don't like the packaging.
    Best of luck.

  • How can I find and install adobe flash player for ipad2

    I was try find but can't find flash player,,,,

    You can't download it, flash is not supported on the iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch), and probably never will be :
    Depending on what sites you are trying to access, you might find that some of them (probably more so if they are news sites) have their own apps in the App Store which might let you get some of the content that you want (and there is the built-in YouTube app). Also there are browsers such as Skyfire which 'work' on some sites - but judging by the reviews not all sites. If you want to play flash games then you are out of luck if you want to play on-line, but again some of them have app versions in the store.

  • How can I download and install Adobe Flash Player?

    Actually, I think I have downloaded Flash Player 9 (Adobe confirms not only download but installation), but the player does not work. I receive a message "There is no default application specified to open the document "Flash" in both Safari and Firefox.

    I am experiencing the same problem. The message I get when I open up a page in Safari is that I need to have shockwave to view this MIME type file. When I choose to select the options given when this message appears, it takes me to the Adobe web site for downloading flash 9. I have tried opening Safari in Rosetta mode with no luck. THis is a recent phenomenon; prior to this I had no trouble viewing MIME files

  • How can I watch videos that require Flash Player?

    I would like to watch video content that asks for Flash Player which apparently isn't supported by Apple (or vice versa).

    Adobe has stopped development of flash for all mobile devices.
    If you want flash content you will have to download a third party browser.
    Photo, puffin, skyfire, iswifter are a few.

  • How can i see and use EPS files ?

    I have gotten an e-mail from a company that shold make a cd for my band. They attached a EPS file. But I can not view it. Hvat program for mac can do this? Were to get it ?

    I found a number of applications that should view eps files on a Mac.
    In the Mac app store, PS-to-PDF will convert the file to pdf, which you can then view with Preview or Adobe Acrobat.
    Also in the app store, File Viewer will let you view eps files directly, and it is free.
    A Google search will likely find many more.
    Best of luck.

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