How can I set a default view option for all finder windows in Lion?

I am talking about the icon size and grid spacing.

Open up a Finder window, CMD+J, set it up as desired, and click on Use as Defaults. Do note that will only apply to windows that you've not opened before. If you want to apply that to all previously opened windows, you need to remove all the .DS_Store files which store that data for each previously opened folder. To do that, launch the Terminal app (in /Applications/Utilities/), copy & paste this command into the window that pops up, and hit the return key:
sudo find / -name ".DS_Store"  -exec rm {} \;
At the Password: prompt, carefully enter your admin password, since nothing shows up on the screen, and hit the return key. When the default prompt, usually the $ sign, pops up, quit the Terminal app, restart, and open a Finder window, set it up the way you want, and click on Use as Defaults. All subsequently opened or created folders should retain that view.

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    Best regards

    In Firefox 4 the template folder for new profiles (C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\defaults\profile\
    ) doesn't exist. You can create that \defaults\profile\ folder and place a file user.js in it with the prefs that you want to initialize.
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    Best answer I could find: []
    If you can figure out how to add the printer name, this can be used to lock the margins.

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    If u have a common Error JSP named as ErrorPage.jsp
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    Thanks and regards,
    Pazhanikanthan. P

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    You can also just use the same restore backup for all your  devices you will get the same notifications BUT you have to click on Sync over wifi so it can work if not they will only work when you sync them when you sync on computer

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    Sounds like you want the New Tab Homage extension.
    For more info about extensions, see [[Using extensions with Firefox]]

  • How can I set a default save file for scans using the Solution Center?

    Using Windows 7 - 64 bit.   HP Photosmart Premuim C-309a All-In-One Printer.
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    This question was solved.
    View Solution.

    Here is a document on how to scan through Windows 7.
    Click either solution center or the icon of the printer on your desktop. Here select "Scanner Actions" (or the analogous selection). When the window pops up from the HP software it should provide you with options for file type (.tiff, .pdf, .jpg) as well as resolution and media size. Here on this page there is also an option for you to go to the advanced options. Using this you can alter the default safe folder. 
    Let me know if that helps you out! 

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    Sounds funny but first tell us what version of PS you have, what version of Lr and which OS. Thanks.

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    Go to Solution.

    Go into OPTIONS -ADVANCED OPTIONS - DEFAULT SERVICES then make sure you select you change it to you primary email address and calendar.
    Please let me know if you need further assistance, if not please resolve the post
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

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    Here's the story. I have a Mac Pro in a classroom that is connected to the audio system via the digital (Toslink) output. The systems are bound to AD and OD with some minor management being performed via MCX (printers, login, etc...)
    When a new user authenticates to the system the output defaults to the internal speakers not the Digital Out.
    My assumption was that I could configure default 0 key in the to AppleHDAEngineOutput:1B,0,1,4:2, which is the digital output.
    However it seems that new users are still generated with the Internal Speakers which is AppleHDAEngineOutput:1B,0,1,2:0.
    Is there somewhere else that I can configure that default such that all users will default to the Digital Out, AppleHDAEngineOutput:1B,0,1,4:2? Or am I perhaps not configuring the SystemSettings plist correctly?
    Most of these tasks were previously taken care of by another technician but he has left and I'm quickly trying to pickup the slack for configuration of our Macintosh environment.

    Best answer I could find: []
    If you can figure out how to add the printer name, this can be used to lock the margins.

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    Open General preferences and uncheck these boxes:

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    I want to able to set the view options for all my playlists at once (to include BPM, category etc). Currently you can only do this individually for each playlist.
    Surely there is an easier way?

    Moka.s-Onkel wrote:
    Now I have some questions:
    1. Is there a way of selecting multiple playlist in iTunes? And if yes, can I then change the view options for all selected playlists? How does this work?
    2. Is there any other way to apply view option settings to multiple playlist?
    1 - No
    2 - Using iTunes, no.
    However this script will do what you want .

  • How can I set a default file for JFileChooser

    Hi. I am developing a p2p chat application and I have to unrelated questions.
    1. How can I set a default file name for JFileChooser, to save a completly new file?
    2. I have a JTextArea that I append recieved messages. But when a message is appended, the whole desktop screen refreshes. How can I prevent that?
    Hope I was clear. Thanks in advance.

    Thank you for the first answer, it solved my problem. Here is the code for 2nd question, I've trimmed it a lot, hope I didn't cut off any critical code
    public class ConversationWindow extends JFrame implements KeyListener,MessageArrivedListener,ActionListener,IOnlineUsrComp{
         private TextArea incomingArea;
         private Conversation conversation;
         private JTextField outgoingField;
         private JScrollPane incomingTextScroller;
         private String userName;
         private JButton inviteButton;
         private JButton sendFileButton;
         private JFileChooser fileChooser;
         private FontMetrics fontMetrics;
         private HashMap<String, String> onlineUserMap;
         public void MessageArrived(MessageArrivedEvent e) {
         public ConversationWindow(Conversation conversation)
              sendFileButton=new JButton("Dosya G�nder");
              inviteButton=new JButton("Davet et");
              incomingArea=new TextArea();
              incomingArea.setFont(new Font("Verdana",Font.PLAIN,12));
              fontMetrics =incomingArea.getFontMetrics(incomingArea.getFont());
              incomingArea.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(300,300));
              outgoingField=new JTextField();
              incomingTextScroller=new JScrollPane(incomingArea);          
              JPanel panel=new JPanel();
              panel.setLayout(new BoxLayout(panel,BoxLayout.PAGE_AXIS));
              addWindowListener(new CloseAdapter());
         //Sends the message to other end
         public void keyPressed(KeyEvent e) {
              if(e.getKeyCode()==KeyEvent.VK_ENTER && e.getSource()==outgoingField)
                   String message=outgoingField.getText();
                   if(message.equals("")) return;
                   showMessage(userName+": "+message);
                   conversation.sendMessages(userName+": "+message);
         //Displays the recieved message
         public void showMessage(String message)
                   int mid=message.length()/2;
                   StringBuilder sbld=new StringBuilder(message);
                        if(message.charAt(mid)==' ')
                             sbld.setCharAt(mid, '\n');

  • Finder View Options, For All Sub Folders

    If I understand how View Options work in Finder windows ...
    I can set View Options for a particular folder to always open up in a particular View Options setting.
    I can set that very same View Option as the Default View Option for all the rest of the folders I open up.
    But, what I would like to do is set the View Options for a folder and all it's sub folders to be the same. Without changing the default View Option for the rest of the folder I open up.
    For example.
    I like to have my Documents open up in List View.
    I like to have my Photos open up in Icon View. (along with certain Icon View Option settings)
    Is there a way to do this?
    Can I set the directory and all sub folders/directories for all my photos to open up the way I would like them? Without having to change the way all my Document folders/directories open up?
    Because the way it seems to work now, is that every time I create a new folder in my Photos directory/folder, I have to manually set the View Options, since the default is List View and not Icon view. If I change the default to Icon View, then any new folder/directory in my Documents will then open up in Icon View.

    If the folder is not set to open in a specific view, it should open in the same view as the containing folder. When using mixed views, you need to open the folder in another window to get the view it previously had.
    In your example, setting Documents to always open in list view and Photos to always open in Icon view should have any new sub folders open in the same view. If any existing sub folders have a different view, you will need to manually change the view, since the Finder will (usually) keep track of the view any particular folder has.

  • How can I set a DEFAULT zoom size at ctrl+++ that will hold while changing sites--even in private browsing?

    How can I set a DEFAULT zoom size at ctrl+++ that will hold while changing sites--even in Private Browsing?
    I'm just starting using Firefox but I won't be using it for long if I have to re-size the screen with every new location viewed.

    Try this add-on
    [ Default FullZoom Level ]

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