How can I set a signature on my text messages?

How can I set a signature on my text messages?

I have iphone4, recently changed my phone number.  Prior to the change all of my outgoing sms showed my name and phone number.  Since I changed the number have not been able to show the new number on outgoing texts. So I don't understand why my number showed before but unable to add it now.....?
I lost a lot of data when I changed the number so I performed a back-up restore, which restored the data I lost.  But now my text messages are showing my old phone number.....!!
Any idea how I can change so the new number is displayed?
I use texting a lot more than I do email with my phone. 

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    That option is not available, only for emails.

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    Text message where?
    In response, I do not know of any setting that allows one to change the things you indicated.

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    I was thinking that if he wanted to create multiple keyframes he might be creating a repeated effect rather than manipulating values that are shot specific - like creating an oscillation or some repeated step effect.  If he was creating keyframes specific to his content he'd probably not look for a way to do it "quickly" since each keyframe would require manipulation of specific values. 
    So my thought was to generate the series of keyframes on a dummy clip created for this specific purpose, copy the clip, paste attributes (maybe turn off "Scale Attribute Times") and add bunches of keyframes at once. 
    Still, you're right, it's tough to divine the intent of someone very new to FCP.  His question could be based on a misunderstanding about the use of keyframes.

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    You can make the "Visit Date" column visible in the Bookmarks Manager (Library) via "Views > Show Columns"
    * Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks

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    You need to setup cross-references

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    Hello! I have created a custom button with this class:
    import javafx.scene.Node;
    import javafx.scene.CustomNode;
    import javafx.scene.Group;
    import javafx.scene.Cursor;
    import javafx.scene.shape.Rectangle;
    import javafx.scene.paint.Color;
    import javafx.scene.paint.LinearGradient;
    import javafx.scene.paint.Stop;
    import javafx.scene.effect.DropShadow;
    import javafx.scene.text.Text;
    import javafx.scene.input.MouseEvent;
    public class Button extends CustomNode {
        public var text: String;
        public var x: Integer = 0;
        public var y: Integer = 0;
        public var width: Integer = 90;
        var height: Integer = 25;
        override public function create(): Node {
            return Group {
                content: [
                    Rectangle {
                        cursor: Cursor.HAND;
                        x: this.x;
                        y: this.y
                        width: this.width;
                        height: this.height;
                        arcWidth: 15;
                        arcHeight: 15;
                        effect: DropShadow {radius: 6};
                        fill: LinearGradient {
                            startX: 0.0, startY: 0.0, endX: 0.0, endY: 1.0
                            stops: [
                                Stop {offset: 0.0, color: Color.WHITE}
                                Stop {offset: 1.0, color: Color.LIGHTGRAY}
                        onMouseEntered: function(e: MouseEvent): Void {
                            (e.node as Rectangle).fill = LinearGradient {
                                startX: 0.0, startY: 0.0, endX: 0.0, endY: 1.0
                                stops: [
                                    Stop {offset: 0.2, color: Color.WHITE}
                                    Stop {offset: 1.0, color: Color.LIGHTGRAY}
                        onMouseExited: function(e: MouseEvent): Void {
                            (e.node as Rectangle).fill = LinearGradient {
                                startX: 0.0, startY: 0.0, endX: 0.0, endY: 1.0
                                stops: [
                                    Stop {offset: 0.0, color: Color.WHITE}
                                    Stop {offset: 1.0, color: Color.LIGHTGRAY}
                        onMousePressed: function(e: MouseEvent): Void {
                            (e.node as Rectangle).fill = LinearGradient {
                                startX: 0.0, startY: 0.0, endX: 0.0, endY: 1.0
                                stops: [
                                    Stop {offset: 0.0, color: Color.LIGHTGRAY}
                                    Stop {offset: 1.0, color: Color.WHITE}
                        onMouseReleased: function(e: MouseEvent): Void {
                            (e.node as Rectangle).fill = LinearGradient {
                                startX: 0.0, startY: 0.0, endX: 0.0, endY: 1.0
                                stops: [
                                    Stop {offset: 0.0, color: Color.WHITE}
                                    Stop {offset: 1.0, color: Color.LIGHTGRAY}
                    Text {
                        x: this.x + 5, y: this.y + 16
                        content: this.text
    }But, how can I set the Text element centered into the button?

    Stack {
                        layoutInfo: LayoutInfo {
                            width: bind width;
                            height: bind height;
                        content: [Rectangle {
                                width: bind width, height: bind height
                                //fill: bind color;
                                fill: Color.GREEN
                                arcHeight: 20; arcWidth: 20;
                            Text {
                                font: Font {
                                    size: 24
                                textAlignment: TextAlignment.CENTER;
                                wrappingWidth: width;
                                boundsType: TextBoundsType.VISUAL;
                                fill: Color.WHITE;
                                content: bind text;
                    }wrappingWidth: Sets the maximun width of the text
    boundsType: If you put the wrappingWidth var and you want to center a text you MUST set this var to VISUAL

  • I just purchased a soundboard, how do I set the sounds as a text message notification?

    I just purchased an iPhone 4 off of Ebay and I am having a difficult time trying to figure out how to set soundboard sounds to my text message notification.  It does not show under my sounds and when I hold down the specific sound it does not give me an option to set it as a notification.  Unfortunately, I just found out the tech support etc are expired so I cannot ask Apple for help without paying for it.  Does anyone know how to set a soundboard sound to a text message notification sound?

    Hi sk5414,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The article below should help you reset your Apple ID security questions:
    Rescue email address and how to reset Apple ID security questions
    The links below will provide additional information about your Apple ID and iTunes Store account:
    Frequently asked questions about Apple ID
    iTunes Store: Changing account information
    - Judy

  • How can i set the signature to not allow to delete?

    I tried to set the widget annot flag's 8th bit to 1.
    This bit is used to lock the annot,but it has no effect. I can delete the signature either.
    If i want to user can not delete my signature ,how can i accomplish this?

    Also the NoZoom does not work.
    If i set NoZoom flag,the signature appearance can be zoomed still,but the signature position and dimension is not change,so when the appearance is zoomed, may be only a part of appearance can be show.

  • How can I set up Unity mailbox to deliver messages to email mailbox?

    Unity Newbie!  Where do I configure a voice mailbox to deliver messages to user's email mailbox?

    The previous post simply alludes to the fact that Unity doesn't have a built-in mailstore - instead it relies on Exchange (or in some cases, Domino).  Unity can be set up in a Voicemail Only configuration or Unified Messaging configuration.  If you have Unity, AD, and Exchange installed all on one box then this is usually indicative of voicemail only.  In other words, your Unity server is also a domain controller and Exchange server in a standalone domain used just for itself.  When you create subscribers, an associated AD and Exchange account are created but within the domain associated with Unity (not the domain users log into so the users are only aware of the phone login credentials).  In Unified Messaging, your Unity would be a MEMBER of an existing AD domain and would integrate with a corporate Exchange server or cluster.  In this configuration, the account associated with a subscriber is the account they use everyday - in other words, their voicemail resides in their Exchange inbox that they connect to via Outlook.
    My guess is that you have voicemail only configuration today but are looking to do 1 of 3 things:
    1) Unified Messaging - voicemail is actually integrated with your corporate Exchange and all voicemails natively reside in the inbox
    2) Mail Relay - voicemail messages are relayed from the existing Unity to an email address configured for a user
    3) Integrated Messaging - user can configure an IMAP folder in their email client and have access to voicemail from within a separate mailbox in the client
    Which sounds like your requirement?  If you have more questions, just ask.
    Please rate helpful posts!

  • How do I set-up a group to text message?

    1st time user, still learning and getting used to this new iphone 4S.
    Am I able to set up and store groups to text message? I have @ 50 people to text message/email frequently and I used to do this with my old phone but I can't figure out how to do it with this one. Please help. Thank you :-)

    That's unfortunate. You think with all the technology something so simple would not be an issue. I hope they can resolve that with future versions. Had I had known I never would have purchased this phone. Thanks for the info.

  • How can I transfer or print out my text messages from iphone 4 to MacBook Pro

    How can I save or print my text messages from my iphone 4 to my computer - MacBook Pro?

    You need third-party software, like this:
    Or you can take screen shots, then email them to yourself or copy & paste into an email, again sending such to yourself. Me? I'd get Phoneview, very handy to keep around.

  • HT3529 how can you tell that someone read your text message?

    How can I tell if someone has read my text message?

    Text messages, i.e. SMS or MMS, do not have a "return receipt" feature. iMessages, however, do. If you're sending via the Messages app, your friends need to turn on the "Send Read Receipts" option in the Messages settings on their iOS devices.

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    I would like to send a text message to family members to remind them of appointments that I have marked in my calendar. Is there a way I can do this or would I have to do so using an app?

    You can also use the Apple Store feedback page: 
    Did you talk to the store manager about your issue, though? That's usually the best way to get any problems addressed.

  • How can I set time signature for my song?

    I wanted to compose a song in Garageband in a time signature 3/4. I couldn't see any setting which lets me set it. Also I wanted to know what all time signatures do Garage Band support ?E.g. 2/3/, 4/4, 6/8,7/8 ...Would really appriciate if someone can help.

    As far as I'm aware GarageBand for iPad only supports 4/4 time, at least in it's present form.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hi all, I have a doubt. With the user SYS I create a table test with two columns. Then I have dropped it to see in the recyclebin if it's there. I used the show recyclebin command and not show me any table. I ask you: The recyclebin feature is disabl

  • Go to url action not working, and no tech can fix the issue?  hard to believe nobody can help....

    i attempt to write "navto://article name" and it gives a error 101 when i pre-view it on my testing ipad.  because of this i cannot send my folio to apple.  i have been on the phone with just about every tech in the call center, and nobody has been a

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    I have a button with PPR attached to it that generates a BI Publisher report within an OAF page. The report is correctly generated upon clicking the button. I also have SPEL defined for the DISABLED property of the button such that it can only be cli

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