How can i split a library into two.. i no longer want to sync all of my wifes songs and apps.. i have a separate account, but want to take my music and apps from hers so i now have my own and she has her own.. so that syncing is easier

how can i split a library.. my wife and i used to share it, but now we have our own id's.. i want my music and apps off of hers so that i can sync my phone and only my music and apps will "come over"

how do i share then? can she upload music if we share it somehow?
If so how??
i am also having the same problems now with IPhoto, she has all of her/our pics in my IPhoto library.
I have told her that now i have bought her the Ipad she would have to log into her user, the only thing is there is no music in her itunes account nor photos in her I Photo library, i have spent all day trying to find a way to "share" but no luck,
Please help i`m going mad!
Surely we could just share these...?
I need step by step instructions please someone send me a link on "how to share pics and music!"

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  • How can i split my catalog into two

    I am using PSE 11 would like to take 31,000 files from the main catalog and put them in a separate catalog.  The files are all in a directory tree called Digital Scrapbooking which has 1,728 folders and 31,000 files. Is there a simple way of doing this?  Alternatively would putting these files into an album achieve a similar effect?
    Another problem I have is I would prefer the organiser to open with the directory tree showing as the default rather than the list of folders it shows at the moment.  Is that possible?
    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

    Thanks for the input folks.  I do a lot (and I mean A LOT) of digital scrapbooking.  The files I want to put into another catalogue are all related to this.  They are digital papers, elements, backgrounds, textures, masks etc saved as layered .psd, .png, .jpg formats.  They are not photographs per se.  I did have them in a separate catalogue at one stage but combined them when PSE11 catalog would do it's own thing but now with >30K scrapbooking files and >25K of photographs the catalogue is just too cumbersome and time consuming to 1. load and then 2. change to the directory tree I prefer to work with.
    In case you haven't guessed I really dislike this version of the catalogue I much preferred version 9 and I don't want to go to version 12 and find I have similar or more problems.  If I could use PSE without involving the catalogue at all  I would but some things just have to be done through it which is a real pain in the butte.

  • Hello I put my password in and get to go around my account but when I try to get an app for my iPad it won't let me?

    Hello I put my password in and get to go around my account but when I try to get an app for my iPad it won't let me?

    Tap the screen outside the app. Still there, double click the home button and swipe the app store preview up to close it. If it's still there, reset time.

  • Split iPhoto Library into two?

    If one has an iPhoto Library that is too large to burn to a CD (or DVD), is it possible to split the iPhoto Library into two libraries?
    PowerBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4)  

    I used this method of duplicating the library, renaming, and then deleting appropriate rolls from the two resulting libraries. After doing so, however, my iPhoto applicaton developed some nasty quirks. First, it would not let me rename my rolls. Secondly, it would on occasion unespectedly quit. I do not know if this was a result of my duplicating/splitting libraries, or just bad karma. I tried correcting it by copying back my original iPhoto library from a backup volume, with no results. I repaired permissions, repaired disk, and ran DiskWarrior with no results. Finally, I booted from a cloned drive, checked that iPhoto worked properly on my clone, and then copied the iPhoto library from the clone to my main hard drive, and all was well. So, now I have a working iPhoto, but am stuck with my original large library. As I said, this may have just been an unpleasant coincidence, but I am afraid to attempt to split the library again.
    G5 Dual 2.0, 2GB RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   also running IMac Intel 20/2

  • How can I split a header in two columns?

    Hello, for the past hour I've been trying to figure out how can I split/divide a header or footer in to two columns and then align text in the left collumn to left and the text in the right column to right.
    For example:
    | Header length                                                                                                   |
    | Left Align                                           |                                           Right Align |
    The only solution I have found was adding a table to the header, but it has some weird padding underneath it, which completely screws up its position in the footer.
    Anyway, I hope this makes sense and someone here knows how to do this.
    I really appriciate you reading this and am looking forward to your replies,

    You don't need a table.
    Menu > View > Show Ruler
    Leave the header left aligned and click on the ruler to create a Centred tab (if required) in the middle and a right hand tab to the right. You change the tabs by right clicking on them and choosing the orientation.
    Then enter your text:
    Left Text [tab] Centre Text (optional) [tab] Right Text
    With Facing pages you can set the Left and Right pages to be different to allow the Page numbers to the outside or inside of the spread.

  • I have a itunes account but i would like to transfer my app purchases onto my google play?

    I have a itunes account but i would like to transfer all my app purchases onto my google play or play store account how do i do that?..i already transfer my music too but i dont know how to transfer my app purchases at all please help!

    That's a question for Google. If Google wants to give you credit for purchases that you have made from Apple, then that is between you and Google. As far as Apple would be concerned, you don't have anything to transfer.

  • My wife and I have seperate itune accounts, but want to merge them into one account or at least merge our seperate purchases into one library.  Is this possible?

    Basic wife has her own iTunes account which she purchases music with, I have my own that i have been purchasing music with...however, married now as we have similar tastes in music and dont want to be duplicating albums etc.
    Was wondering is it possible to merge the two accounts into one account?  Or if not, that we carry on purchasing music but have one shared library.  Is this possible, any help appreciated.

    "Was wondering is it possible to merge the two accounts into one account? "
    Just put all of your music/apps/etc on one computer/library.  Authorize the computer for both ids. 

  • How can I split a class into 2 files?

    I converted a C++ program to Java recently and it works fine, but I ran into a problem.
    One file is very large and I need to add more functionality. Unlike with C++ where you can just put new functions in another file, I don't see a way to do it in Java.
    I made another file, and therefore another class, but the compiler complains that it can't call a static function from non-static context. (I did not declare it static so I guess it's assuming it) But I understand why. So I made the new class "extend" the old one so "this" would exist but that doesn't work -- Is it because the new class is a subclass of the original class?
    There must be a way to do this. But I don't see what is likely obvious. HELP! And thanks.

    JavaIsBetterThanCPP wrote:
    There must be a way to do this. But I don't see what is likely obvious. HELP! And thanks.Unfortunately Java has no concept of "partial classes" like C# has. Generally, however, a class that is large enough to split up into separate files is either one class that should be modularized further into separate classes, or it already is modularized and all that code is the result of many inner classes. What some people do is promote those inner classes to top-level members in their own file, and mark them as package-private. Using a package you can basically have two classes that know everything about each other and have full access to each other.
    But personally, and until I see justification otherwise, semantics in Java being unbreakingly tied to a certain file structure and naming is the most bonehead and, frankly, non-Java thing about Java.
    There's probably a pre-processor out there that will let you split a class into multiple files and will combine them into a single source file just-in-time to pass to the compiler.

  • How can I split a waveform into chunks at each sawtooth?

    I have spent a lot of time trying to tackle this problem and hope someone can offer a useful insight!  I have attached the VI described here.
    I am using Labview connected to a NI USB-6212 DAQ to create a voltage ramp, which drives a laser through its scan.  The laser is pointed at a detector, and I simultaneously read in a signal from that detector using the same DAQ. Because the detector is illuminated by the laser, it shows the scan ramp.  I would like to repeat this voltage scan and read-in indefinately.  Much of this system is working.  I have used the "" to create a sawtooth wave, which is output successfully to the DAQ.  As expected, the input from the detector shows the same sawtooth pattern.  However, I am having a lot of trouble managing and displaying the scanned sawtooth from the detector, which is currently read in as a waveform.
    The challenge I can't seem to get around is manipulating or collecting the sawtooth in such a way that I can do two things:
    1)  Display the incoming sawtooth a 'tooth' at a time.  Each sawtooth represents one laser scan, and I would like to see the incoming scan ramp as a single slope, not a series of sawtooths.  Ideally,as each scan came in, it would replace the prior scan (as in the Labview 'graph'), so that the plot would show a motionless scan that would flicker up the input of the last scan.
    2)  Split the incoming sawtooth at each ramp into an ever-updating array that could be acted upon with the math functions, saved to a file, etc.
    I have the feeling that this wouldn't even be a speedbump for an experienced user, but I have been hung up on it.  Could I collect the incoming analog signal from the detector in chunks that are the length of each ramp?  Could I trigger an event at each ramp that would split off the waveform into an array?
    I am open to any suggestions!  Thank you for the input and help,
    Go to Solution.
    Attachments: ‏129 KB

    Problem solved!
    The solution was to wire the "number of samples per channel" setting in the DAQMx Read VI.  I set the 'number of samples per channel' to the number of points in each sawtooth scan (that is the same value as 'number of samples in waveform' used to generate the sawtooth in
    The DAQMx Read Analog VI now reads one sawtooth at a time.  The Waveform Graph displays each sawtooth, one at a time, as captured.  The output waveform also has the proper dimensions (the length of the scan) and I can perform math operations on each single scan.
    Works great! I have posted the operational code.
    Attachments: ‏131 KB

  • How can one share iTunes Library across two machines at the same time?

    **I have setup 1 of 2 machines to host all the songs in my iTunes library. I then went to machine 2 of 2 and held down option key on start up of iTUnes, changed the location of the liobrary on machine 2 to a shared folder on machine 1.**
    **This works awesome and I can use itunes on each of the machines 1 and 2 with no duplicate library in my home.**
    **Problem: I can only run one machine at a time. I can not run itunes on both machines at the same time. The error message from machine 2 is ITUNES library is locked and cant write to the folder. iTunes works correct if I QUIT iTunes on machine 1.**
    **Can iTunes run at the same time on 2 machines and access the same library?**
    *Thank You Troy*

    Troy Yoho wrote:
    Can iTunes run at the same time on 2 machines and access the same library?
    in a way, yes.
    set up _*Home Sharing*_ on both machines.

  • How do you split a column into two

    I have a huge list of names that ended up in one column. For example it says "John Smith" in one column. How do I put John in one column and smith in another without having to do each one manually?
    Your help is much appreciated. Thank you.

    PeterBreis0807 wrote:
    Copy all the text into TextEdit , Pages or any other texteditor.
    Select all the text and set up tabs on the ruler where you want the 2 columns to appear.
    Search on the space between the "John" and "Smith" and replace it with a tab.
    You can now copy and paste this into a Numbers table and it will fill the appropriate columns.
    And if the entry is John Broadus WATSON you will get an odd result !
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE mercredi 15 juillet 2009 10:57:29)

  • How can I split a backup on two hard drives with Time Machine ?

    Back-up of my Imac with time machine is 1,3 TB. I have two 1 TB external hard drives but even if I had both as available in Time machine, it seems it doesn't allow to split the backup between the two hard drives. Any way to resolve this without buying another hard drive with more space?
    Thanks in advance

    You cannot directly split a backup. Your only option would be to open the TimeMachine preferences from System Prefs. and add things to the exclusion list for one of the backups. Then, when you go to do the other backup you would reverse the process and add everything else to the exclusion list and remove the things you had on there in the first place.
    Seems fairly intensive though when you could just go and buy a 2 or 3TB external drive and do it all in one...Black Friday is coming up

  • HT201209 have money in account but wants me to put in credit card info

    I have just redemmed $ 15.00 so my amount is now $16.61 in account and I try to purchase songs and it asks me to put in credit card information because I don't have enough money in account.

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Are you sure it intends taking the purchase from the credit card and doesn't just want payment information on record.

  • How can I split a signal coming in from an instrument​?

    I have a device (USB-TC made by Measurment Computing Corporation) that reads in 3 thermocouples in real-time and sends the information to my computer via USB. I am getting one signal from the instrument, how can i split it up into each thermocouple's information in LabVIEW 7.1?
    Cory K

    You are going to have to clarify what you mean by 'one signal'. If you can specify a multi-channel acquitisiton, then you should be getting back at least an array where each element in the array represents a channel. If you are specifying a single channel and getting back a scalar, you would need to call that three times with a different channel each time.

  • TS1424 i have money in account but seem unable to purchase albums

    I am unable to purchase anything i have money in account but when press buy nothing happens

    Settings > iTunes & App Stores > Apple ID: > View Apple ID > Country/Region...change here.

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