How can I successfully download Photoshop Elements 7.0?

Sorry if there is a question like this already.
I got a new laptop today. I downloaded all my software and transferred my files. However I have been unsuccessful to download Photoshop Elements 7. I have the disk and I have it installed in my old laptop. I have not had a problem with installing it before aside from it taking too long now and then.It always stops downloading when it is installing the background pictures. It specifically stops when it is installing the Grass Mat. jpeg or the Hand Made Paper01.jpeg.
I get the error message "error 1305. Error reading from file C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Photoshop Elements\7.0\Photo Creations\backgrounds\ (Grass Mat.jpeg/Hand Made Paper01.jpeg). Verify if the file exists and that you can access it."
I followed the troubleshoot Adobe offers for this error without success. When I tried to install it from my desktop,but the file Data1 or something couldn't be copied because my laptop could not read it. I tried taking out the disk and putting it in again, I tried manually downloading from 'Computer', and I have also temporarily turned off my anti-virus protection.
I have only fixed the error once the first time when I clicked on the jpeg file it requested (though no photo could be shown so I guess no access?) , but then it got stuck on another jpeg. I need help! I really would love to have this installed.

Elements 7 is an ancient version but there is a download link available here tml/comment-page-1#comment-2174
You must follow the Very Important Instructions on that site first before you click the download links.
Alternatively you can upgrade to the current version Elements 12 for US$79.99.

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    One way could be to reinstall it on the third computer and then deactivate it and uninstall it.
    If that doesn't work out or if you'd rather try this route it should work... contact Adobe Support either by chat or via phone and they should be able to help.  Chat is usually 24/7
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    Thanks for response.  I purchase Photoshop Elements 10 from App store, the first install is ok-in English, but my computer reset for some problem, so I installed it again. But this time, it's not English version but the other that I cannot recognize. How can I do? I forgot to save the serial number, where can I check it?
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    Jeff A Wright 於 2012/1/8 上午5:40 寫道:
    Re: How can I change Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 into English version?
    created by Jeff A Wright in Downloading, Installing, Setting Up - View the full discussion 
    The language is tied to the serial number.  Did you purchase the software directly from Adobe?
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  • How can I upgrade my Photoshop Element to the most recent changes. Thank you!

    How can I upgrade my Photoshop Element to the most recent changes. Thank you!

    If you mean "How do you upgrade to Photoshop Elements 13 from an earlier version" then you need to buy the new version. There is an upgrade option but if you shop around then you can sometimes buy the full product cheaper. They are both the same product once you have installed them.
    If you install Photoshop Elements 13 on the same system as your old version the you can convert your existing catalog to the new format.
    Note that Photoshop Elements 13 will not work on older operating systems. The 30 day trial version can be downloaded from here
    Download Photoshop Elements products | 13, 12, 11, 10
    If you are asking about updating the camera raw in your current version then we need to know which version you want to update. Normally, you can go to the Help menu and select Updates.
    Note that each version has a limit on the version of camera raw that it can use - again we need to know which version you currently have.

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    Sorry, not possible in PSE itself. You'd need to put your photo into the web creation software you use. If you are using an older version of PSE some versions created web albums/galleries which included an index.html page, but that's as much as PSE does. There's nothing like that in PSE 12 since Adobe wants you to use Revel for photo sharing now.

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    Hi Raymond,
    I would advise you to buy the bundle package of Premiere and Photoshop Elements 13 which cost 149 $ but due to online promotions the price right now is 119 $.
    Thank you for posting on Adobe Forums.

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    I have my serial number. I don't want to buy another version. I don't want CC. I want my PS Elements 6, that I BOUGHT. Where I can I download it to reinstall?
    And why is Adobe forcing me to post this on a public forum instead of allowing me to ask them directly??

    You can't, sorry. If you bought PSE 6 on disc as the overwhelming majority of people did, you can't use a download version because back then discs and downloads had mutually incompatible serial numbers. The downloads that are available are essentially the trials and you couldn't enter a serial number into the trial back then, either.
    If you really bought a download and didn't save the installation files, I'm afraid you're stuck, because those just aren't available anywhere now, to the best of my knowledge. At one point there was an Australian site that had them, but AFAIK those are gone there, too.

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    All versions of PSE except versions 1, 3, 5 & 6 will work with Windows 8.
    Microsoft Windows 8 compatibility.

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    Well, you could buy the upgrade to PSE 13 from adobe, but most times it's much cheaper to buy the full version from a big box store or online retailer.

  • I have successfully downloaded Photoshop Elements but did not get an e-mail and do not have a registration # and need help getting one/

    I have successfully downloaded Photoshop Elements 13.  I did not receive an e-mail with the registration number but did get verification of email address.  I have been through all the help sights and only reach dead ends.  Help!

    Photoshop Elements is not part of the Cloud, I will move this to that forum
    Photoshop Elements Forum
    Select a topic, then click I STILL NEED HELP to activate Photoshop Elements Online chat
    - or premiere.html

  • New computer, how can I get my photoshop elements onto it?

    New computer, how can I get my photoshop elements onto it?

    I have no idea where the original installation media is, cloning the entire system right now is very unwise as there were many problems which I do not want to affect my new system.  Is there any other way to do it.  I see that the key is registered in my stuff box.

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    Try downloading and installing the 9.0.3 updater from here:
    Adobe - Photoshop Elements : For Macintosh
    Adobe - Photoshop Elements : For Windows

  • How do I re-download Photoshop Elements 6 for Macintosh?

    I have been using Photoshop Elements 6 on my Mac for years and I'm used to how it works. I have a new computer and I need to download it. I have my SN # and all and it is registered on my Adobe account. The question is where do I get the download for version 6 of Photoshop Elements for Macintosh?

    pse 7 is the oldest available installation files available from adobe.  you'll need to find a third party or upgrade,

  • How can I access a Photoshop Elements catalog on an external hard disc from both: Mac and Windows PC

    How can the directories and path be named, that catalog can access the same picture files.

    TZachmann wrote:
    How can the directories and path be named, that catalog can access the same picture files.
    That means you should have both your files and your catalog on the external drive, and you plug in your external drive alternatively to one or the other computer.
    Are your picture files already on the external drive ? If they are, you only need to copy the catalog folder to the external drive, as explained later,
    otherwise, simply do a backup/restore to the external drive, with the choice to restore on custom location.
    (moving to the external drive is similar to moving to another computer)
    Moving the catalog :
    First locate where your catalog folder is situated : menu help / system info.
    Copy the whole folder to the external drive.
    In the copied catalog, double click the catalog.pse12db file, that will open the organizer and the new catalog. It will appear in the 'custom location' section in the catalog manager.
    Backup and restore solution : restore on 'custom location', that is to a new master folder created on the external drive.
    The first time you are using the catalog on either computer, you'll have to use the catalog manager (file / catalog...) to browse to the external drive location of the catalog. After that, the location will be remembered in each computer.

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