How can I sync my Google calendar (on my PC) with my iCloud calendar

How can I sync my Google calendar on my PC to iCloud so that it is the calendar on my iPhone 5 and iPad Air?

iCloud won't sync your Google calendar but you can add it to your devices as explained here:

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  • How can I sync my contact on the macbook pro with icloud?

    How can I sync my contact on the macbook pro with icloud? iPhone & iPad sync with no problems, but not with the MacBook Pro.

    Go to iCloud in System Preferences and make sure the appropriate box is checked. You also need to be signed in.

  • How do i sync my apple id on my iphone with updated icloud id

    How do i sync my apple id on my iphone with updated icloud id?

    Settings > iCloud.
    Delete the account the re-add with new AppleID.

  • How can i sync my iTunes library from my iPhone with my new mac mini

    Recently my hard drive failed on my mac mini.  I had burned a bunch of CDs on the old mac mini and then sync'd it with my iphone.  Now the CDs are on my iphone but not on the new mac mini.  How can I sync my itunes library from my iphone to my new mac mini?

    The iphone is not a backup device.
    You need to copy everything from the backup copy of your computer computer to your new one.

  • How can I sync my Contcts list from my iPhone with my iPad?  My contacts are my life, and I usually keep my phone the most up-to-date. I need both to be the same.

    How can I sync the Contacts list on my iPhone 5 to my iPad? 
    As a businessman, my Contacts are my life, as well as containing a lot of personal information. I usually keep my phone
    up-to-date, only taking my pad on trips, but it's essential that I have both the same.
    Thanks for any suggestions.

    Sync your iPad with computer iTunes.
    Note: your contacts should be in computer Outlook (Windows) or Contacts (Mac) application.
    If you have iCloud configured in iPhone, do the same for iPad.
    Setttings > iCloud >
         Account: your Apple ID
         Contacts: ON
         Documents & Data: ON

  • How can i sync my iPhone to a new computer with out loosing my music

    how can i sync my iphone 4 to my new computer with out loosing my music & photos

    Launch iTunes on your computer.
    From the menu bar (top of your screen) click Store / Authorize This Computer
    Sync your iPhone.
    iOS: Syncing with iTunes

  • How can i sync my iphones music to my new macbook using icloud

    I have all of my music on my old pc's itunes and on my iPhone 4 (but most of my music was purchased from my iphone), how can I sync the music from my iPhone to my new Macbook pro using the new iCloud? Is it going to be a long process?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • How can I sync my library in my mackbookpro itunes with my imac itunes?

    How can I sync my Itunes in my MackBookPro with My Itunes in my IMac?

    Understanding Home Sharing -
    iTunes: Setting up Home Sharing on your computer -

  • How can I sync my google calendar to my ical?

    My boos has an ical and he wants to sync google calendar in it, how can we do that?

    To set up Google Calendar in iCal on Lion: Open iCal > Preferences > Accounts, and click the plus button to set up a new account. The pop-up dialog has a drop-down, choose Google. Type in your Google username and password and click Create.
    Best wishes
    John M

  • How can I sync both Outlook (through Exchange) and iCal with my iPhone???

    I recently added my Outlook account via MS Exchange to my iPhone to access my email and outlook calendar. At this time I could still sync iCal as well, and I could chose to view either one, or both calendars at the same time, on my iphone. Then for some reason, about a week later I could only see my outlook calendar on my iPhone.
    Now when I try and sync my iCal again, it doesn't even come up as an option in iTunes. I can turn stop pushing the data for Outlook on my phone and sync with iCal again, but then I loose all of my Outlook appointments. It seems now that I can only have one or the other!

    If you are accessing an Exchange account via ActiveSync or a MobileMe account with over the air syncing enabled for contact info and calendar events, you can't sync contact info and calendar events direct with a supported application on a computer via the iTunes sync process. You can do one or the other, not both at the same time.
    You can sync your business Exchange contact info and calendar events over the air and personal contact info and calendar events over the air with a MobileMe account at the same time. You can view contact info and calendar events combined with both, or view contact info and calendar events with each separately.

  • How can I sync multiple google calendars (one 1 account)?

    I am wondering if it is possible to sync multiple calendars from my google account to my iCal account. I had one calendar that I sync to iCal and today I added another calendar for my work schedule to google and iCal hasn't pulled it up. Please advise.
    Thanks in advanced!

    Anyone? This is extremely important.
    Thanks again.

  • How can I sync my google/gmail contacts with my iphone 4s?

    Just got an iphone today. Never used one before. Always only had droids. Looked online for how to sync google contacts with iphone, but the instructions I found didn't work for me. They said to go to itunes and select my phone from 'the list.' I see no list. I clicked on everything I saw but couldn't find any way to sync with google contacts. Any suggestions is appreciated.
    P.S. All I need to do is bring my google contacts to the iphone. I don't have any iphone contacts yet so I don't need to combine them.

    I think they were repyling to Ducman's suggestion, not the Google article suggestion (BTW, that article from Google is no longer needed under iOS 7, just using the standard GMail account setup in iOS now syncs your contacts).
    Also, syncing contacts through iTunes is no longer possible if you're using Mavericks, in case the OP has a Mac.

  • How can I sync to Google with iSync?

    I am trying to sync my contacts on iPad, iPhone and Mac through Google. On my Mac, the help section in Address Book leads me to a point where I am supposed to open iSync to synchronise with Google. but iSync will only open MobileMe (which is defunct now anyway) and I can't get my address books to sync. Please help

    iSync does not sync with Google and does not sync iOS devices anyway.
    To setup Google Sync on your Mac and iOS devices, follow these instructions from Google:

  • How can I sync Bridge between multiple computers at work with keywords/collections/search?

    We've been trying to find a digital asset management platform at work for a while now and I recently came across Bridge (we have the Creative Cloud). It's perfect! Except we're all on a bunch of different computers and would need to be able to search the same keywords/collections all from the same server (the photos are in many different folders though). Is there a way to be able to sync all keywords etc on multiple computers? Or if someone opens Bridge and can search right away without having to make all the keywords persistent by finding each photo and clicking on it? We're all on the same Creative Cloud team.

    I actually did already create a book with all the files in it, but I couldn't figure out how that was helpful. The hyperlink panel doesn't seem to have any "book" options (unless I'm looking in the wrong place?) and just linking to the different files (after creating the book) didn't have any different results than linking to the files before I created the book.
    I thought maybe linking to the different files in the book would work if I could export the whole book to pdf at once (which would be super-helpful in and of itself), but that doesn't seem to be an option either.
    I guess what I'm asking is for you to elaborate on what to do after creating the book.

  • HT5661 how can i sync my pitures  from my phone on too my icloud account if my digitizer is ruined, it needs to be done before i get my new phone

    How do i turn the back up on for my photos on my icloud and computure is i can't see the screen but, it still works. the digitizer is damaged.

    If your phone is still working you import pictures to computer. If you previously connected to computer, you should have no problem not only import pictures, but also backup your phone completely.

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