How can I sync my Outlook notes with my iphone

Can someone tell me how to sync my Outlook 2010 notes to my Iphone 5?  I have version 6.1.4.
I was able to use notes on both my PC and phone prior to upgrading to Iphone 5.  Since the upgrade I haven't been able to get it to work.  I have lots of notes in Outlook that I don't want to manually reenter in my phone.

I think I solved my problem. Contacts in Outlook have Notes section. I just created another set of contacts and rename that contact group "NOTES". I copied all my notes from notes folder in outlook to this new contact group and now my notes are syncing using exchange active sync just like my regular contacts. Problem solved without any third party application.

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  • How can I sync my Outlook Notes with my iPad

    Does any one can help me with How can I sync my Outlook Notes with my iPad

    Here are some docs from MS: one-or-ipod-touch-calendars-HA010266829.aspx one-or-ipod-touch-contacts-HA010266802.aspx

  • How can i sync my outlook calendar with my Iphone

    I was trying to import my contact list from my iphone to outlook 2003. There were no entries on  outlook and over 800 on my iphone and it erase them all.  How do I set up my itunes to sync and merge records in both directions without creating duplicates.

    Before syncing contacts with an empty address book app, enter one contact in the address book app on your computer. This will provide a merge prompt with the first sync for this data, which you want to select.
    The same applies with calendar events before syncing calendar events with the Outlook calendar.

  • How can I sync my phone notes with my iPad

    how can I sync my phone notes with my iPad

    Notes in your iPhone "Notes" app? Do you have the same iCloud account signed onto both devices? If so, go to Settings>iCloud and turn on the "Notes" option.

  • HT4623 how do I sync my outlook calendar with my iPhone?

    how do I sync my outlook calendar with my iPhone?

    Did you ever solve the problem?  I have an iPhone 4 and don't use the Cloud.  I sync the iPhone with my Windows 7 Outlook using iTunes.  It worked perfectly until I upgraded the iPhone to iOS 7.0.2 and now the calendar entries from the iPhone are updated in Outlook but the calendar entries in Outlook are not synced to the iPhone.  I get this message.  Any help would be appreciate.  I went to the "Genius Bar" at my local Apple Store, they were clueless and no help at all.

  • HT4993 how can I sync my itunes account with my iphone?

    how can I sync my itunes account with my iphone?

    What do you mean by sync your iTunes account?

  • How can I sync my new iPad with my iPhone and Gmail?

    I just purchased an iPad air.  I want to sync the iPad with my iPhone 5c and my Gmail account.  Everytime I go to add go to add an email account it tells me my gmail password is wrong.  How can I sync these devices?  Thanks Jenni

    When you add the account to the pad it should work just fine.  You are doing somethjing subtly wrong with the password as you are setting the account up.
    Try again, and pay real close attention to not only the password, but the other entries as you set up the account.
    If you get frustrated, simply go to google, and reset your passwoird to something new that you will easily remember, then use that password.  You will need to change the pword in your other devices as well to match the new one.

  • How can I sync my outlook calendar with iPhone or calendar on Maverick?

    I have just updated to Mavericks on my iMac. I use Microsoft Outlook for email, contacts and calendars. How do I now sync these on my iPhone ?
    The only sync seems to be via iCloud, this is sharing calendar and contacts on the iMac but if I make any calendar additions to the outlook calendar it doesn't copy to the phone or the iMac calendar and similarly if I add an item to the phone calendar it syncs to the iMac calendar but doesn't copy to outlook.

    1. Apple has removed sync services in OS X Mavericks. Therefore, you cannot sync Outlook 2011 with Contacts or Calendar.
    2. Apple has removed the ability to sync through iTunes in OS X Mavericks, so that, even if you use Contacts and Calendar on the Mac, you can only sync them with your iPhone through iCloud, thus exposing all your contacts and calendar information to the mercies of the Web.
    3. Microsoft does not not support CalDAV and CardDAV in Outlook, so there is no way to sync directly through iCloud, except perhaps by setting up a Microsoft Exchange account.
    4. Apple makes it extremely difficult (virtually impossible) to revert to a version of OSX that is earlier than OS X Mavericks once Mavericks is installed.
    In short, we are screwed and neither company seems to care.

  • How can i sync contacts outlook 2010 with iphone 4 data

    how can I get my data to update or swap on my phone and in outlook 2010. Contact data specifically.

    Syncing contacts with a supported address book app on your computer is selected under the Info tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes.
    If your Outlook address book includes contacts as well as your iPhone, you will be provided a merge prompt with the first sync for this data, which you want to select. The contacts between the two will be kept synchronized with following syncs of your iPhone with iTunes.

  • How can I sync my IMAC email with my Iphone

    I have two email accounts on my IMAC.  The one email account sync's with my phone but I don't remember how I did it so I can sync my second email account.

    You don't sync mail at all.
    The iphone retrieves it from the server just as you computer does.
    Just set the e-mail account up on the iphone:
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.0 Software)

  • How can i sync my outlook 2013 with icloud calander, how can i sync my outlook 2013 with icloud calander

    I am just trying to sync my icloud calandar and Outlook mail etc. All is good on my phone however when i install icloud on the PC all seems fine untill go to sync the contacts, calendars and tasks with Outlook says the icloud controll panel did not install properly. I have tried "repairing"it in the programmes and features, restarting computer etc, but just going in circles ...any advice here?? I read somewhere that icloud does not support Outlook 2013 ..if this is true then any ways around this??
    Thanks in advance for any guidance

    It does support Outlook 2013.  Go through the troubleshooting steps in this article under "Troubleshooting on Microsoft Windows (Microsoft Outlook)":, particularly the section on ensuring the the iCloud Outlook add-in is active within Outlook.

  • How can i Sync Windows my Note with my i phone5?

    Hy Cam i Sync One Note ( Windows) with my i phone5?

    I think you need this app:

  • HT1495 How can I sync my iPads notes with my wife's ipad


    You have to be using the same iCloud account if you expect your notes to sync to her iPad. Are you sharing an Apple ID and the same iCloud account? If not, your notes are not going to sync.

  • How can I sync my Verizon emails with my iPhone and iPad

    I am having a problem with emails, I  delete them on the iPhone and the iPad then a couple of hours later the deleted emails are back on both devices. What can I do to solve this issue. My gmail account works fine with no deleted emails showing back up again.

    You'd be better off looking in the email support section of the Verizon website. That's where you're likely to find the various settings required for configuring the account. Often email providers give both POP and IMAP settings.

  • TS3999 I am unable to sync my Outlook calendar with my Iphone. I have noted that the Icloud Outlook add in is not ticked When I attempt to load it from the designated file nothing happens Can anyone help with this? Robyn

    I am unable to sync my Outlook calendar with my Iphone. I have noted that the Icloud Outlook add in is not ticked When I attempt to load it from the designated file nothing happens Can anyone help with this? Robyn

    Re: check that the appointments in my phone are going into iCloud calendars....exactly how do I do this?  I fear this is a really stupid question!
    My iCloud account is set up with my Apple ID as one email account (for example [email protected]) which is the email account I use to sign up for internet sites like Amazon, Apple,etc, so that I can differentiate vendors/mass emails.  But my default calendar on my iPhone is in a different email name (ie [email protected]) which I use for most communications to friends, relatives, etc. and it is this account that holds most of my appointments.  To further complicate things I have other email accounts that I use for business/professional and community work.  If I want all my calendars to show on my iPhone AND sync to my iCloud, do I set this at the phone level or the iCloud level?  or both?   
    Let me clarify....It looks like if I go into appointments that I previously set up through my personal account (ie above [email protected]) and edit the entry on my iPhone, selecting the iCloud "home" calendar within the entry, it will then sync to my iCloud account, no I have to do this to EVERY entry I have? or is there  a way to name my personal account as one to sync to iCloud?

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