How can I use airplay in the classroom?

I want to use my iPhone in the classroom via airplay.  How do I do this without having to pay for an airport express?  Can I not just mirror the images wirelessly?

To use airplay you need an airplay capable device such as Apple TV and an iPhone that is 4s or higher, mine is only 4 so I can't access airplay. Once both the Apple TV and phone or iPad are connected to the same wireless notwork you will be able to mirror your screens.
I hope this helps.

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  • I want to hook up a mac mini and us my tv as a monitor. how can I use airplay from my phone on the mac mini like i can with an apple tv (without having to buy an apple tv!). the airplay capabilities i want to use are mirroring and streaming from my iphone

    i want to hook up a mac mini and us my tv as a monitor. how can I use airplay from my phone on the mac mini like i can with an apple tv (without having to buy an apple tv!). the airplay capabilities i want to use are mirroring and streaming from my iphone!

    Download AirPlayer for Mac - Transforms your Mac into an AirPlay-compatible display.

  • How could I use airplay in the old Apple TV

    Please Someone knowk how can I use Airplay with my Iphone with an old Apple TV? Just the new ones appears on the Iphone.

    Welcome to the Apple community.
    The first-generation Apple TV does not support airplay, so you can not use it. It will support AirTunes, which is for audio only.

  • I have an itunes account in Euro. I received iTunes and AppStore Gift Cards in $US. How can I use these on the same iWhatever?

    I have an itunes account in Euro. I received iTunes and AppStore Gift Cards in $US. How can I use these on the same iWhatever and keep together music/apps bought in the 2 currencies?

    Barbara Hunt wrote:
    Would it be possible for me to download iTunes in Parallels and get the files into that and then onto my iPod?
    Yes, you can download iTunes for Windows using Parallels. If planning on making purchases here and/or authorizing already purchased tracks (from your Mac iTunes library), you are permitted to authorize five (5) computers as per iTunes Store terms of use, regardless of computing platform. No need to create a separate new iTunes Store account.
    However, judging from what you would like to do, your best bet would be to convert the WMAs to AAC/MP3 in iTunes-Windows (iTunes-Mac cannot import WMA files), and drag the files from the Parallels window to your desktop to add to the iTunes-Mac library. (as the iPod itself is currently linked to your iTunes-Mac library)
    Hope this helps,

  • How can i use AME for the new OAF page.

    Dear all,
    I have developed a new OAF page and registered under Employee Self Service.
    How can i use AME for the approval process.
    Appreciate your ideas?

    I will try to answer based on my experience of working with iProcurement and AME. It depends on how you want to make a call to AME , directly from OAF Page or from Workflow and your requirement. You didn't specify what you want to show the users on OAF Page and your business requirement.
    Before calling AME Engine from the OAF page or workflow, I guess you did already setup AME Transaction Type and it's Approval Groups, Conditions, Action Types and Rules. Do some testing from AME Business Analyst Test Workbench. Please note that, AME provides lot of PL/SQL API's that you have to call from your programs (java or workflow pl/sql)
    Let's look at the workflow and putting an OAF Page as notification.
    As Sameer said, you have kick-off workflow process from PR of CO and with in the workflow function, you make a call to AME Engine API's with the AME Transaction ID. This transactionId belongs to the AME Transsaction Type that you setup. Based on the rules setup, AME Engine generates list of approvers/approver and stores them AME Tables for that transactionId. Then, it sends a notification to the approver.
    In the workflow, where that notification is defined, in the message body you have to put an attribute(&XX_WF_FWK_RN) of type document/send. And this attribute will have the constant JSP:/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=XX_FUNC&paramId=-&DOCUMENT_ID-. This function is SSWA Jsp function that makes a web html call to your OAF Region.
    If your requirement is to just show the list of approvers on the OAF Page, you may have to call AME API diectly passing your AME TrasnactionId with other parameters. Then AME generates list of approvers and stores them in AME tables with each approver status. You can pickup those approvers using VO and show them on OAF Page.
    Hope this gives some idea.

  • How can I use some of the image i am working on to paint with? like if I wanted to give someone an extra eye in the forehead, ow could i then paint their own i in the forehead? I know there is a paint tool for that, i just can't find it ... :/

    How can I use some of the image i am working on to paint with? like if I wanted to give someone an extra eye in the forehead, ow could i then paint their own i in the forehead? I know there is a paint tool for that, i just can't find it ... :/

    It sounds like you are talking about the cloning tool?
    Tool looks like this:
    Then when selected you can change the size of the brush and using Alt (windows) and Command (Mac) to select your region you want to copy then start to create you cloned image.
    Hope this helps?

  • How can I use Method in the bean

    Hi every one
    please I made a method in for example employees entity "EmployeesImpl"
    the name of method getmax() it return number
    how can I use it at the bean
    for eaxmple when I want to press button give me the value from this method
    sorry Iam still beginner
    thanks in advance

    Thanks sir for your response
    my version
    oracle jdeveloper reales 1 (11,1,1,4,0)
    I use business component
    I make method
    this metod wrote at enitity "EmployeesImpl"
    public Number getMax() throws JboException
    PreparedStatement stat=null;
    ResultSet rs=null;
    try {
    String sql="select max(EMPLOYEE_ID)+1 from EMPLOYEES";
    stat=getDBTransaction().createPreparedStatement(sql, 1);
    if ( {
    return new Number (rs.getInt(1));
    } catch (Exception e) {
    // TODO: Add catch code
    throw new JboException("error");
    } finally {
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
    // TODO: Add catch code
    // oracle.jbo.domain.Number
    return new Number (1);
    I made a jsf page
    and I put button at the page
    I want when press the button give me message contain the number which come from previous metod
    thanks my dear

  • I got an iPhone 4 while I was living in Japan. How can I use it in the states now that I live here?

    I was using an iPhone 4 while I was living in Japan. How can I use it in the states now that I live here? It is a perfectly good phone and I don't want to use it only as an iPod and camera.

    That's one option. The other is to sell it (you can probably get close to what you paid for it) or trade it in and get a new unlocked phone directly from an Apple store. That way you can use it in the US, and also in Japan when you return there.

  • HT201343 how can i use airplay in my MacBook Pro late 2008?

    Somebody can tell me how can i use AirPlay on my MacBook Pro late 2008?

    On your MacBook: Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > place a checkmark in front of Contacts
    On your iPhone: Settings > iCloud > turn Contacts to on

  • HT3819 how can I use airplay to see a movie on my TV (using AppleTV) from my iPad?

    How do I use Airplay to watch a movie stored on my iPad on my TV using appleTV?  For example. I downloaded a rental from Amazon onto my iPad and I want to watch it on my TV that has appleTV hooked up to it...
    OR can I watch movies from my amazon library on the appleTV directly?

    Amazon has blocked the ability to airplay

  • How can I use comma in the return values of a static list of values

    Hi all,
    I want to create a select list (static LOV) like the following:
    Display Value / Return Value
    both are "Y" / 'YY'
    one is "Y" / 'YN','NY'
    I write the List of values definition is like this:
    STATIC:both are "Y"; 'YY',one is "Y";'YN', 'NY'
    However, it is explain by htmldb like this:
    Display Value / Return Value
    both are "Y" / 'YY'
    one is "Y" / 'YN'
    / 'NY'
    I tried using "\" before the ",", or using single or double quote, but all these do not work:(
    How can I use a comma in the return values?
    Thanks very much!

    "Better still, why not process the code of both Y with 2Y and one is Y with 1Y? "
    Could you please explain in detail? thanks! I am quite new to htmldb
    In fact I have a table which has too columns "a1" and "a2", both the values of these two columns are "Y" or "N". AndI want to choose the records that both a1 and a2 are "Y", or just one of a1, a2 is "Y".
    So I write the report sql like this:
    "select * from t1 where a1 || a2 in(:MYSELECTLIST) "
    Thus, I need to use "," in the LOV, since expression list in IN(,,,) using ",".
    Any other way to implement this?

  • How can i use or embed  the ' C'  language in java

    thanks a lot friends for your suggestion on using 'c' language to implement the control of the keyboard ie. to prevent a key stroke of : ctrl+alt+delete keys from closing a running java application. i was advised that it won't be possible to implement this with java language, the use of 'C' language was suggested. i then wish to ask the following:
    1. how can i use 'C'language in a java program and be able to compile to program so that the resultant program can help me prevent the closing of my java-application when the user of the application presses the following keys : ctrl+alt+delete. i don't even know the c language at all. how can i start and how can i combine the resultant code with java.
    2. i'm thinking of creating an application that retrieves information from a database, like microsoft sql or oracle, and displays the resultant data from a table, say STUDENT TABLE, in a java application using the JTable class. i don't even know how to use this JTable but i've seen it used and know it will suit what i have in mind.
    3. how can i make the table dynamic, ie. how can i make the table to immediately register / show the result of an update to the 'STUDENT' table in the database.
    4. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE. i will most appreciate it if you can give me a sample code or a site where i download one. once again thanks.

    Good luck disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del! I've read quite a bit about it, and at least on Windows 2000 (not sure about NT) or higher, disabling it is next to impossible. Problem is CAD is a system command, and the OS doesn't even send the keys to the active program. Ctrl+Alt+Del is handled by the GINA (Graphical Identification and Authentication) DLL installed on the system. You'll have to write and export the functions you need and change the GINA DLL used by the system to your own. Bear in mind that any small mistake in the dll can cause you to lose access to your computer if you haven't taken precautions!
    On Windows 95/98, disabling Ctrl+Alt+Del is fairly easy as you just have to write some simple native code to fool the system that a password protected screensaver is running.
    I've provided a link regarding winlogon and GINA here, but you've been forewarned!

  • How can I use AirPlay from a wireless device while in 'Join a network' mode with an Ethernet client?

    I just got the brand new Airport Express (simultaneous dual-band 802.11n) and I'm trying to set it up to join an existing working wireless network that I have in my house, and to drive my home stereo amplifier and have my desktop hooked up via the wired Ethernet port on the Airport Express.  Here's how I set it up:
    -Wireless mode is 'Join a wireless network'
    -Wireless Network Name: <my home network>
    --Allow Ethernet clients is checked
    -Internet is configured via DHCP (it gets a valid DHCP lease and IP address on my subnet)
    -AirPlay is enabled
    -The audio out from the Airport Express is connected to my amplifier via an optical digital cable.
    If I leave it set up just as described above, I can select the Airport device from iTunes on my MacBook Pro and play music directly to the speakers.  Perfect.
    The problem comes when I go to plug in my desktop to the wired Ethernet port on the Airport Express.  As soon as I plug in the Ethernet, AirPlay stops working on the laptop.  Even if iTunes is in the middle of playing a track, the track will stop when the Ethernet cable is plugged in (with a device on the other end).  Doesn't matter which of the two Ethernet ports I use.  My desktop is able to use the internet while plugged in to the Airport Express, but iTunes on the laptop is no longer able to connect to the Airport Express to use AirPlay.
    I've found that if instead of plugging my desktop into the Airport Express's wired ethernet, I plug in the laptop, then iTunes on the laptop is able to use AirPlay -- but then no other devices on the network are able to use AirPlay.
    It appears that as soon as I plug in a wired Ethernet device to the Airport Express it only "listens" to AirPlay connections from devices connected to that wired interface.  But this is the opposite of what I want.  I want it to listen to AirPlay connections from wireless devices connected to the same network as the Airport Express.  Is this possible?  Is there some hidden setting I have to enable?

    Hi Hreb,
    I can find nothing wrong with your configuration, but I was curious if there were something illegal about having an Express "join" a wireless network, and still have AirPlay enabled for wireless clients while simultaneously serving as a bridge to a wired one.
    To address that uncertainty I implemented your proposed application with the preceding model AirPort Express, and determined it works as you would expect it to: I connected a wired-only PC to the Express, verified that it can connect to the Internet, and streamed Airtunes from a Mac to speakers connected to the Express. I think this is what you want, and it works with no surprises. I was also able to stream Airtunes from the PC connected to the Express as you did, but as you know only one device can stream to the Express at any one time.
    I do not have a new simultaneous dual band Express to test though, so all I can conclude is that there may be a bug with the new one that is preventing you from accomplishing this.
    Since it is new, I recommend you call Applecare on Monday and explain what you are trying to do. Explain it works with the older Express and you think this ability should remain unchanged with the new dual band model. It is likely they won't be able to help, and at best will offer to exchange it for another one, but if it is a bug as I suspect any replacement dual-band Express will behave the same way.
    The important thing is to inform Apple and obtain a case number so that this problem will eventually get the attention of Engineering who might be able to address this with a future update.
    Let me know what you find out. Thanks.

  • How can I use airplay on my 2008mac pro to stream to my TV via Apple tv

    I Want to stream images from my Mac Pro using airplay and Apple TV but I do not have airport loaded, how can it do this

    You don't say which OS version you are running (it's not iOS 8.1). Without necessary information, here are the requirements for Airplay:
    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X - Apple Support
    OS X Mavericks: Wirelessly mirror your Mac screen to your HDTV

  • How can I use airplay with Macbook Pro 9,2 Mid 2012/ Mac OSX Lion 10.7.5

    What do I need to do to play Airplay on Apple TV from my computer.  The option is not in my display setting, so, obviously, I do not have the capability.  Do i need to upgrade my software?

    You can't.
    About AirPlay and Airplay Mirroring
    AirPlay Mirroring requires a second-generation Apple TV or later, and is supported on the following Mac models: iMac (Mid 2011 or newer), Mac mini (Mid 2011 or newer), MacBook Air (Mid 2011 or newer), and MacBook Pro (Early 2011 or newer). For non-qualifying Macs you can try using Air Parrot.
    Several Apple Articles Regarding AirPlay
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd gen)- How to use AirPlay Mirroring
    How to set up and configure AirPort Express for AirPlay and iTunes
    iTunes- Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring
    iTunes- Using AirPlay
    Apple TV (2nd and 3rd gen)- Understanding AirPlay settings
    About AirPlay Mirroring in OS X Mountain Lion
    iTunes 10- About playing music with AirPlay
    Troubleshooting AirPlay and AirPlay Mirroring
    Using AirPlay
    Thanks to the $15 Beamer, AirPlay streaming is still possible on Macs  that do not support Airplay and mirroring.
    Other solutions are the Air Parrot, StreamToMe, and AirServer.

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  • Using DTW to Change BP Price List

    Hello All -- I have been trying to use DTW to create a new BP Price List.  I've done it before and should be straight forward but for some reason I am getting an error message.  The message says that this entry already exists in the following tables.