How can i use my apple ID with the itune store over my windows laptop

how can i use my apple ID with the itune store over my windows laptop

If you don't have iTunes installed on your laptop then you can download and install it from here :
You can then log into your account on it via the Store > Sign In menu option (on iTunes 11 on a PC you can get the menus to show via control-B) :
And you can then select the Store on the left-hand sidebar (you can enable the sidebar via control-S), and then browse items in the store and buy them by clickin on their price.

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  • How can I activate my Apple ID in the itunes store?

    I am trying to download some apps on my new iphone 5s.  I have made an Apple ID.  When I try to download an app, I get this message. "This Apple ID has not been used in the itunes store.  Tap Review to sign in, then review your account info".  When I tap Review, nothing happens.  Please help.  I am getting really frustrated!

    Do this on your computer:
    You need either a credit card, or an iTunes gift card. If no credit card, get an iTunes gift card, then redeem that first.

  • How can I use my Apple ID with 2 Apple devices?

    I just got an ipad mini and I registered it with the same Apple ID I use for my iphone 4s. Everything was fine until I downloaded apps to the ipad and noticed that the ones I had on both devices  no longer opened on my iphone. Why is this? How can I use my Apple ID with 2 Apple devices and how can I recover my apps on my iphone?

    I've had an iPad for almost two years. When I purchased an iPhone last fall I set it up to use the same Apple ID as my iPhone. I've had no problems doing this. Try resetting each device and see what happens.
    First thing to try is to reset your device. Press and hold the Home and Sleep buttons simultaneously ignoring the red slider should one appear until the Apple logo appears. Let go of the buttons and let the device restart. See if that fixes your problem.

  • Can I use 30 APPLE TV with one Itunes in my computer?

    Can I use 30 APPLE TV with one Itunes in my computer?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    That depends on how you intend to use them.

  • Can i use two apple tvs with one itunes account?

    can i use two apple tvs with one itunes account?

    yes and you can use more then 2
    just don't give them the same name

  • How can I edit my apple ID in the app store the enable update some applications because it not my own that is showing

    How can I edit my apple ID in the app store the enable update some applications because it not my own that is showing

    It sounds like some apps were purchased using another Apple ID.
    ALL purchases are permanently associated with whatever Apple ID was used to originally obtain them.  Apps can not be updated without knowledge of that ID and, more importantly, its password.  Apple IDs can not be merged and purchases can not be transferred from one ID to another.

  • Can i use my apple ID on the US Store?

    I have an Apple ID and I download apps from the Lebanese store. Can I use this Apple ID and download apps from the US or France Store?

    Sorry, no.  iTunes has about 120 country-specific stores.  To use one of them, you need to have billing credentials in that country, and be physically in that country at the time of purchase.

  • How can i request movies be placed on the itunes store?

    i wanna request the first transformers movie

    Content is only listed on the iTunes Store with the permission of the copyright holder. Click here and fill out the form to submit requests.

  • How can I change my apple ID from the APP store so I can update my  app? my computer is stuck with an old email and won't let me change it..

            Hello, Im trying to upgrade Imovie and whatever app are about to update in the future, the problem is the my Imac is stuck with an old email on the APP store. I try to change it and nothing happen, when I put my apple ID it send me to change the password and what Im trying to do is to put my new email in the system so would be able to update my computer. You know when you press the update button a little box drop with your email and all you have to put is your password thats where my old email is stuck pls someone help me with that little problem i'll appreciate it... thanks

    An Apple ID isn't necessarily "linked" with your email other than for recovery reasons. So, as long as you know the Apple ID password, an old email isn't catastrophic. Apple ID != e-mail.
    Now, if it's really bugging you and you really want to change it, if you log in to and change your primary email address, this should update your Apple ID. There will be a couple hoops involved with this (i.e. verification of email change by sending email to rescue/alternate email. Alternate email can't be the same as the new primary. The new primary can't have ever been used as/with an Apple ID. etc...).

  • HT204053 Can I use two apple ids with 1 iTunes library ??

    Both myself and my partner have apple products phones iPads Apple TV ... Can we both have separate apple ids and still share the same library and photo stream??

    Yes, you can mingle content from multiple IDs in the same iTunes content library. You just need to authorize the computer to use content from each ID.

  • HT204053 Can I use one Apple ID for different itune stores in different regions?

    I have itune store account in the UK. I can I  use the same account to download an app. from a different store in a different region?

    You cannot use other countries itunes stores.

  • Can I use an apple remote with the ipad mini?

    I would really like to use a remote. Is it possible?

    Although I know it's not possible, there is a situation in which a remote for the iPad would be useful: when connecting an iPad to a projector to show Keynote presenations--which I do regularly.  It would be great if I could connect the iPad to the projector and then move to a podium or wander about the room and be able to advance slides remotely. 

  • Why with so many How can I fix what is broken with the itunes software, does apple not "fix" the software?

    For Sale iPad 2,,, If I cant get ituens to work. There is no way that after a fresh install, the help tool bar should not work REALLY.

    You'd get more knowledgeable answers if you posted in the appropriate forum - that would be iPad. This forum is to discuss the forums themselves.
    When you re-post, please be specific on what you did and what happened.

  • HT5622 I cannot use my apple ID in the iTunes store

    Can someone help with this?

    It's been reported that Apple's servers are having problems tonight. Just try again later.

  • HT2731 how can i sync my Apple ID to my iTunes sign-in?  I have an old ID showing up in my iTunes sign-in window and cannot get rid of it to show my current Apple ID.  I don't have the old password to the old ID in order to "manage" my account.

    how can I sync my Apple ID to my iTunes store sign-in window?  An old ID keeps showing in the iTunes sign-in window and I cannot get rid of it to show my current Apple ID. I don't have the password for the old ID in order to "manage" my account and make changes. Help.  Thanks.

    Did you create a new account or did you update your existing account with a new email address ? You can tap on the id in Settings > iTunes & App Stpre and sign out of it and you can then sign with the new/updated account.
    If you did create a new account then your existing content will remain tied to your old account, so only that old account will be able to redownload that content and/or download updates to its apps. If you can't remember the password for it then you can try getting it reset via this page :

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