How come I don't have the Blur Gallery or the Path Blur?

I have the "updated" version of Photoshop CC, but I don't have the Blur Gallery or Path Blur in my filters. Any ideas as to why they are missing?

What exact version of PS CC? The 2014 version? What system? What else?

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  • How come I don't have the music icon on my store, so that I can't syncronise music but only apps?

    How come I don't have the music icon in my store, so that I can't syncronise music but only apps & books with Icloud?

    Airtunes? I assume you mean iTunes match? The little cloud symbols?
    If so, you need to make sure it is turned on in your phone and in your computer.

  • How come I don't have the group message button?

    I have a iphone 4 and when I go into settings then messaging I dont have a group message button, How come?

    Are you trying to name a group of numbers you are texting?  If that is the case, after much trial an error, I figured it out.  The key is, it has to be the done after the first message.  Try these steps:
    Add all the contacts that you wish to group together
    create and send the message
    After you have sent your message immediately go to details in the right upper corner
    Tap and hold your finger and scroll your finger down
    above your first recipient, hopefully, you will see Group Name: enter a Group name
    These steps worked for the Iphone 5 and 6.
    Please let me know if this helped you.

  • How come I don't have a batterie percentage

    How come I don't have a batterie percentage

    Your device won't display it bt there is a way to get around this!
    Triple click home, toggle voice over
    Then when you want to know the percentage triple click and tap the battery icon. Simples! The man then reads the exact percentage!

  • I can't sync my iPod classic with iTunes 10 anymore. A notice comes "You don't have the adequate access rights to make modifications." What happend?

    I can't sync my iPod classic with iTunes 10 anymore. A notice comes "You don't have the adequate access rights to make modifications." What happend?


  • How come I don't have any plugins for Logic Pro X?

    Hi! So, I recently bought and installed Logic Pro X, and I was excited to use the different plugins it had to offer,. But to my surprise, it seems there arent any plugins besides the ones displayed. When I click in the "plugin area" to open it up, all I see is this. Ive been trying to figure out what I did wrong in the installation process. I'm pretty new to the Apple scene, so I'd really appreciate the help .. Thank you! Heres what comes up when I click in the "plugin area". For example, I don't have the EXS24 or any other plugins of that nature. I have no idea what to do.

    1) Make sure you have downloaded all the additional content.... via the menu option Logic Pro X/Download Additional Content
    2) Make sure you turn on all the advanced features of LPX by going to the Advanced tab of LPX's preferences.... so LPX isn't running in the "Garageband Pro" mode....

  • How come I don't have serial number button for FCP academic version?

    I just received the Academic Version FCP and on the installation disk, there is no button to install the serial number or user information.

    FCS comes with the serial numbers printed on the front of the getting started booklet. If you don't have that, you'll need to call Applecare. In the box you should find a card with Applecare phone support numbers.
    Give them a call. New purchases come with 90 days support for installation issues.

  • I've already redeemed my gift cards into iBooks but how come I don't have any option to buy a book other than credit.

    I've already redeemed my gift cards into iBooks but how come I only have credit as a option.

    You can remove the credit card from your account.   The gift card should show as a credit balance.

  • How come I don't have a trash folder? If I accidentally delete something it's GONE!!! Everyone deletes something they don't mean to but it's not recoverable

    I don't have a trash folder? If I delete a message it is GONE!!!!! I want a trash folder please!! Thank you

    See to locate your profile.
    Using your File Explorer, go to your profile and the look at the level below that for Mail, and below that for Local Folders. There should be a file named 'Trash' and another named 'Trash.msf'
    If either the 'Trash' file or the 'Trash.msf' file is there, delete them (!). Then restart TB. It should recreate the Trash.

  • How come I don't get the whoosh when I send an email?

    After I installed Mavericks I don't get the whoosh when I send an email.  If I restart I'll have it until the machine goes to sleep and then it'll disappear agian.

    Note:  None is not an option in all Countries and/or Regions.
    If necessary...
    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact

  • HT4539 How come i don't have any software update on the general tab

    I was trying to update and when i went to general tab software update is not on the drop down choices

    Because it's running an iOS version prior to 5.0 and needs to be updated from iTunes on a computer.

  • How come dashboard doesn't have the "water effect?"

    I was just wondering, and i know it's not important...but on iMacs when you drag & drop a widget it makes this water effect thing....and on my mac mini it doesn't...

    Hey, be happy! In the upcoming (possibly a 100 years or so) Vista, you have to have a super graphics card to get the windows transparent, or to make the buttons glow. Mac OS X is native to transparenty and look at the buttons now. They pulse blue, don't they?

  • How come i do not have the ability to delete books movies etc from iphone

    i was unable to install or reinstall itunes on home computer after crash so instead i am using laptop running win7 and the most current version of itunes but it wont give me to option to see whats on my phone or delete anything from my phone but i can add things to my phone witch is now full     please somebody help

    Hello dazgremlin69,
    It sounds like you are trying to delete music, movies, and books from your iPhone to free up some space.  You don't even need to use iTunes to do this.  I found some steps to help with deleting content directly from your iPhone in the iPhone User Guide.
    You can find steps to delete a song or album on page 62:
    Manually remove a song or album: Swipe sideways across the song or album, then tap Delete.
    The steps for deleting a video are on page 78:
    Delete a video: Swipe left or right over the video in the list. Deleting a video (other than a
    rented movie) from iPhone doesn’t delete it from your iTunes library.
    Steps on deleting a book is on page 111:
    Delete items from the bookshelf: Tap Edit, then tap each item that you want to delete, so that a
    checkmark appears. Tap Delete, then tap Done.
    Delete this copy: Removes the item from iPhone, but it still appears on the bookshelf and can be downloaded again.
    Delete from all devices: Removes the item from all of your iOS devices and from the bookshelf. You can download it again from Purchases in the iBookstore. See At a glance on page 109.
    You can find the iPhone User Guide here:
    iPhone User Guide
    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities. 
    Sheila M.

  • HT1368 How come I don't have 'Add to Wish list?'

    Mine doesn't have 'Add to Wish list' it only has 'Copy Link' and 'Gift.' Is it not available for the iPad Mini? Or that specific album?

    SAme problem for iPad, i see the Copy Link only

  • How come i do not have the option to use 3 finger swipe?

    i went to trackpad and there is no options to use 3 fingers. does anyone know why?

    Here is some specific information; please note: just because your machine may support it, others do not:
    Macbooks aren't supported until late 2009 models.

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