How could I get a lost serial number ?

I lost an original illustrator cs5 box and I need of the serial number to move a setup to e new pc

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    It's on the back of the installation booklet. If you've lost that, and have some proof of purchase, it can probably be sorted out by contacting Apple.

  • How do I get the activation serial number for

    I've downloaded Photoshop CS6 Extended trial version. How do I get the activation serial number for this software

    You will need to buy the software.

  • My iphone was stolen ,how can i get it back {serial number is available}

    dear custumer service,
    kindly note that my IPhone was stolen and the stoler is using my email as well as my personal data, however , im not sure if find my iphone software is activated or not .please asset me to find my iphone or at least format it
    note: serial number is available with me

    1.  this is not Apple customer service, this is just a forum for Apple product users
    2. Apple does not have anything to do with lost or stolen devices -
    3. You need to take this issue to your local police and ask them how to deal with it.

  • How do I find a lost serial number?

    I accidentally uninstalled After Effects CS6 from my computer, and I can't find my serial number anywhere! Could adobe get it for me?

    it was bought through administration because I work at a high school. So I was not the one that bought it.

  • How do i get my ipod serial number when my ipod is stolen

    while lost my ipod
    and I tried find my ipod but that didn't work I tried everything but it wont work plz help

    Does this help? How to find the serial number of your Apple hardware product

  • How can I get my photoshop serial number directly from Adobe ?

    I have been paying to use Photoshop CC for more than a year now but can't find the serial number... I have tried logging in to "my adobe" but can't find the serial number... is there another way of getting my serial number ?

    There are no serial numbers for CC products. Refer to this:
    Sign in, activation, or connection errors | CS5.5 and later, Acrobat DC

  • How do I get a Win serial number when I was sent a Mac code? I don't have a Mac...

    I had purchased Captivate 8 on June 21. However, I received a Mac serial number on June 21, which is not recognized by my Win trial version of Captivate 8. I had called about this on Monday June 23, was passed through several fellows, and was told I'd get another serial number within 48 hours. I still have not received the correct serial number. Despite the "chat" listing 24 hour, 7 day support, it's apparent that it's only M-F.

    that, i do not know.
    but the quickest way to contact live adobe support is via chat, Contact Customer Care
    you have to select a few options but when a chat button becomes available, click it.

  • How do I recover a lost serial number?

    I threw out my Adobe Elements 10 case, which had the original serial number on it, and I don't know how else to reinstall it to another computer without it. I did not register my product online before it was thrown out either. With that, does anyone have a solution to help me?

    If you have access to your computer with Elements currently installed, the Belarc Advisor can find things on your computer including some Adobe serial numbers:

  • How can I retrieve a lost serial number for Elements 11 which was not registered?

    I forgot to register my Elements 11 which I installed on Windows XP but now need to reinstal on Windows 7 but do not have the serial number. Is there a way to retrieve this number?

    If it was a download check your e-mail. If not you can try starting a Chat with Adobe at tivate-problem.
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  • How do l get my macbook serial number

    My macbook has just been stolen, but need the serial number to report it. **** l didn't write it down and am not any where near the original box. Any way l can get that information from my profile ?

    Did you register it with Apple after purchuse?  If so they will have it in their data base, but it will take a lot of effort to get them to release it...probably not to you but to the police.
    Start with Apple US and see where that leads:

  • How do I retrieve my lost serial number for my logic studio 8?

    I've lost the serial number to open logic pro 8 on my mac pro. I no longer have the packageging that it came in, (So..I'm stuck!) Is there someone in the logic community that can help me retrieve my serial number? Any help would be sufficient.
    Thank you

    It can't be retrieved from the computer, so you have to contact Apple:

  • I have the 60 day trial. I bought a licence. How do i get my previous serial number

    I have the coldfusion builder3 60 day trial. I bought a license. Now when I try to install i am asked for my previous serial number.

    Hi Marty,
    I have checked the serial number. This is for ColdFusion Builder 3 upgrade. I was unable to locate any previous serial number under your account.
    Do you have any proof of previous purchase(s)?
    Anit Kumar

  • How do I get a new serial number- the one I was sent does not work?

    Please help.
    I was sent my serial number but It says it is invalid all I need is a new one.
    Is there a contact number for Adobe?

    Details.  OS, Product?

  • How can i get the ipad serial number if it stolen

    My IPad was stolen in turkey and i cant locate it on iCloud.... I just need the serial number so I can report for the police
    thanks in advance

    Sign into your Support Profile. It should be there.

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