How desactivate the smooth for jpg,gif images¿?

I need view the images smoothing...
because in others computers with out Geforce card, show pixelate.
Driver 4403
Windows XP
How desactivate the smooth images¿?... english is terrible
i zoom in the image but the video card smooth the image...and i cant see the real state of the image...if stay pixelate or not...always desactivate this option in my video card

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    I need to see the original resolution of a jpg, but when I go to Image size it is in much higher resolution. the jpg is about 600K which makes me suspect it is in 72 dpi, but when I open it in Photoshop CC it is about 23 MB and in 300 dpi. I need to know what the original is, and Image size is where I used to go to find out before I switched to CC. Does anyone know how I can check the original size and resolution?

    I mean the size and resolution that the image was in when received it. I
    had it as a jpg from my client, and have made no adjustments myself so
    far. You are correct that I was just assuming that something must be
    wrong. What puzzled me is that when I looked at the info about the
    picture by right clicking on it, it was 600K, but when I opened it in
    Photoshop it was 23 MB. What is the explanation for that?
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    When following some links, the displayed page is blank and the header shows "clk (GIF Image, 1 x 1 pixels)". These are usually links from advertising sites or email promotions. I suspect that they are paid for links and somehow the logging info is causing this problem. It has only recently started to happen, so I suspect that a recent update has caused it.

    Some firewalls like Kaspersky can block content and send a 1x1 GIF image instead.
    Kaspersky: Protection > Firewall > Filtration system: disable the "Banner Ad Blocker"
    * [[Configuring Kaspersky Internet Security]]
    * [[Firewalls]]

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    Hi Gilberto,
    If you want to publish a custom application, you need to add it to an image and upload the template. The link below explains how to create the custom template:
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    It is Kaspersky that is doing that. It intercepts the content and passes that image to Firefox instead of the real content. You should complain on the Kaspersky forum about this if you disagree with the decision made by Kaspersky to send such an image in this case.
    You can look at Adblock Plus instead.
    * Adblock Plus:
    You need to subscribe to a Filter list (e.g. the EasyList).

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    I have recently purchased a MacBook Air and have moved my iPhoto library to an external harddrive. Recently, my all of my older photos and videos when clicked on come with the error "The volume for "*.jpg" cannot be found." However, my new imported photos do not have this problem. When I click "Find Photo" and select that photo on my harddrive, it still gives me the same error.
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    Are you running a Managed or a Referenced Library?
    A +Managed library+, is the default setting, and iPhoto copies files into the iPhoto Library when Importing
    A +Referenced Library+ is when iPhoto is NOT copying the files into the iPhoto Library when importing because you made a change at iPhoto -> Preferences -> Advanced. In this scenario you are responsible for the File Management.

  • How  do the dynamic state to record image in the cell-phone?

    Excuse me.How do the dynamic state to record image in the cell-phone?Or whether it has the feasibility or not?..Somebody can give me some opinions and data,please.

    I don't understand very well what you want, but to record and image (get and snapshot) you have to create an Player, realize the player, start it and then get the snapshot. ex:
                player = Manager.createPlayer("capture://video");
                VideoControl videoControl = (VideoControl) player.getControl("VideoControl");
                byte[] data = videoControl.getSnapshot(null);
                Image image = Image.createImage(data, 0, data.length);To find out if a device can record images you can use this:
                boolean mmapiAvailable = System.getProperty("") != null;
                boolean canGetSnapshots = System.getProperty("") != null;Hope that answer your question.

  • How to save and retrieve jpg/gif format image in db2

    Here am facing problem to insert jpg/gif format image in my database. And at the same time i would like to know how to retrieve that and how to display that image in my html page. So please help me in this matter.

    In future JDBC questions should be posted into the JDBC Forum

  • How to change the color of 1px_trans.gif image of interactive report

    Hi All,
    Iam using interactive report in apex3.2
    I need to change the color of 1px_trans.gif or remove the image in search tool bar
    where we can change.
    pls tell me .......
    Thanks & regards

    I need to change the color of 1px_trans.gif or remove the image in search tool bar 1px_trans.gif is transparent and doesn't have a colour. It is used as a shim image—an outdated way of controlling the dimension(s) of some element(s). It's intended to be invisible. Giving it colour will cause it to become visible, resulting in all sorts of unexpected and unwanted lines (or worse, solid areas of colour) appearing throughout applications.
    What do you think you want to do? (Whatever that is, it will almost certainly not be achieved by changing the colour of 1px_trans.gif...)

  • Links in JPG & GIF images.

    Hello board,
    I'm making some JPGs & animated GIFs for my website, and my CMS allows images to link to only a single link; e.g. it
    links the whole image.  Is it possible to embed multiple links in a single image THEN upload to one's CMS?  If so, how?

    Marian Driscoll wrote:
    JPG and GIF image files cannot contain even a single link. Links are only made through HTML.
    You can slice the image (see Photoshop help on 'slicing') and then apply unique links to each slice in the CMS' WYSIWYG editor.
    You can also manually enter a HTML image map for a single image file if your CMS allows raw HTML and does not filter that type of input.
    Or you can use Dreamweaver.

  • (Urgent)help: how to use sdk add a gif image into a pdf document

    I had use sdk plus-in add a new button of mine,if I click the button,a gif image will be inserted into the current page of pdf document
    My questions:
    one : When I clicked the button,there was a warnning box said:the image has not enough data.I don't known why?
    two : How can I be sure the position of the image which I inserted? and how to change it's position?
    three:  how to use sdk get the content of the document?

    hi Leonard:
    I do it like you said, but
    Why my image can not display in the pdf.
    code is:
    const ASInt32 theImageByteSize = IMG_WIDTH * IMG_HEIGHT;
    char* buff = new char[theImageByteSize];
    PDEImage volatile pdeImage = NULL;
    PDEImageAttrs pdeImageAttrs;
    PDEColorSpace pdeColorSpace;
    ASFixedMatrix imageMatrix;
    memset(&pdeImageAttrs, 0, sizeof(PDEImageAttrs));
    int hdl = _open(ImagePath, _O_RDONLY | _O_BINARY, _S_IWRITE | _S_IREAD);
    if (hdl == -1)
         AVAlertNote("[%s] create fail !!!!") ;
    if (_read(hdl, buff, theImageByteSize) == -1)
         AVAlertNote("read image fail!") ;
    pdeImageAttrs.width = IMG_WIDTH;
    pdeImageAttrs.height = IMG_HEIGHT;
    pdeImageAttrs.intent = ASAtomNull;
    pdeImageAttrs.bitsPerComponent = 8;
    pdeImageAttrs.flags = kPDEImageExternal | kPDEImageIsIndexed;
    pdeImageAttrs.decode[0] = fixedZero;
    pdeImageAttrs.decode[1] = fixedOne;
    pdeImageAttrs.decode[2] = fixedZero;
    pdeImageAttrs.decode[3] = fixedOne;
    pdeImageAttrs.decode[4] = fixedZero;
    pdeImageAttrs.decode[5] = fixedOne;
    ASFixedRect theMediaBox;
    PDPageGetMediaBox( AVPageViewGetPage(pageView), &theMediaBox );
    ASFixed theFixedWidth = (theMediaBox.right - theMediaBox.left);
    ASFixed theFixedHeight = ( - theMediaBox.bottom);
    imageMatrix.a = ASInt16ToFixed(theFixedWidth);
    imageMatrix.d = ASInt16ToFixed(theFixedHeight);
    imageMatrix.b = imageMatrix.c = fixedZero;
    imageMatrix.h = 0;
    imageMatrix.v = 0;
    const Int32 cPaletteColors = 256;
    PDEIndexedColorData theIndexedData;
    theIndexedData.size = sizeof(theIndexedData);
    theIndexedData.baseCs = PDEColorSpaceCreateFromName(ASAtomFromString( "DeviceRGB"));
    theIndexedData.hival = cPaletteColors - 1;
    unsigned char data[3] = {255, 0, 0};
    theIndexedData.lookup = (char *)data;
    theIndexedData.lookupLen = cPaletteColors * 3;
    PDEColorSpaceStruct theColorData;
    theColorData.indexed = &theIndexedData;
    pdeColorSpace = PDEColorSpaceCreate(ASAtomFromString( "Indexed" ), &theColorData );
    pdeImage = PDEImageCreate(&pdeImageAttrs, sizeof(pdeImageAttrs), &imageMatrix,
                                                0, pdeColorSpace, NULL, NULL, NULL, (unsigned char*)buff, theImageByteSize);
    I want die, I had done this for so many days, My GIF doesn't insert into pdf,
    unsigned char data[3] = {255, 0, 0};
    theIndexedData.lookup = (char *)data;  "
    whether the data set wrong?
    I confused what I do next   

  • How is the design for this complex requirement ?

    Hi All,
    I have Customer hierarchy as follow :
    Discount can be given to a CustomerCategory, or CustomerType, or a CustomerGroup, or a Customer , or to ALL Customer. Discount is defined in a Promotion Table
    Customer Table :
    Order Table :
    Promotion Table :
    PromoType (ALL / CustomerCategory / CustomerGroup / CustomerType / Customer)
    PCode (ALL / 'xxxx' )
    ** note :
    if PromoType = PCode = 'ALL', means the Discount is given to all customer.
    If PromoType = 'CustomerCategory' then PCode = Customer Category Code
    If PromoType = 'Customer' then PCode = Customer Code
    and so on...
    ** by doing this I avoid to define discount in four table.
    The question is :
    1) Is there any better way to define the promotion table
    2) If I do design the Promotion table like above, how is the efficient query to find the discount for an Order ??
    Thank you for your help,

    How was your wife using the Find My iPhone app from a Samsung phone? But, that question aside, your wife should educate herself on how GPS works, especially on a cell phone. GPS signals can be interfered with by trees, buildings, clouds. Off by several miles would be unusual, though.
    If your wife is tracking your cell phone and not believing what you tell her, you may want to consider counseling as there are some very serious issues that go way beyond the technology.
    Best of luck.

  • How dicrease the time for a bult insert.

    Hi, we have a the following process..
    1) create a cursor
    2) insert in a table t1 acording the rows
    selected in the cursor
    3) a before insert on t1 create others rows on t2, t3...
    This proccess cteate about 300,000 rows a take near 3 hours... my question is how dismiss this time???

    Lets imagine I want to INSERT 10 rows into the following table, set a sequential product i.d. for each record and a quantity of zero:
    CREATE TABLE sales (product_id NUMBER(10),
    quantity NUMBER(5)) ;
    Traditionally, I might write something like this (O.K., I know I could use a single INSERT statement for this, but let's assume you want to do some additional calculation inside the loop) :
    FOR i IN 1..10 LOOP
    INSERT INTO sales (product_id,quantity)
    VALUES(i,0) ;
    END LOOP ;
    COMMIT ;
    END ;
    All well and good - except each INSERT causes the PL/SQL engine to request that the SQL engine should insert 1 row. This is an overhead that can be reduced by using BULK BIND coding (I mixed my terms previously - a BULK COLLECT allows multiple rows to be retrieved into a PL/SQL collections - it uses the same performance-enhancing technique, but in reverse) :
    TYPE t_sales IS TABLE OF sales.product_id%TYPE INDEX BY BINARY_INTEGER ;
    a_sales t_sales ;
    FOR i IN 1..10 LOOP
    a_sales(i) := i ;
    END LOOP ;
    FORALL j IN a_sales.FIRST..a_sales.LAST
    INSERT INTO sales (product_id,quantity)
    VALUES (a_sales(j),0) ;
    COMMIT ;
    END ;
    The INSERT above is now passed to the SQL engine as a single request, which gives a significant performance improvement for large numbers of rows. Just remember that all those rows need to go somewhere in memory prior to the INSERT - namely the PGA for your session.
    There are a few limitations to this method, the most significant being that fact that the PL/SQL table must be "simple" - i.e. no tables or records.
    (Oracle Moderators: Please don't ask "Why is Andy writing such an pointless piece of code?" - it's just to demonstrate the technique!)

  • How does the value for "Escalated incidents" in the KPI report work?

    I've been running the standard KPI report in SCSM for our support groups and noticed that the value of "Number of incidents" in some cases are lower than the value for "Escalated incidents". How could this happen? Isn't "Number of
    incidents" the total and "Escalated incidents" just an indication of how many of the total that have been escalated? Do I need to add them together to get the total?
    It could be noted that we tick the check-box in the incident form manually without any connection to SLO.
    Am I missing something? Any suggestions would be appreciated. :)
    Best regards,

    >If you can't deactivate ahead of time, you can contact Adobe Customer Care to help you.  But like I said, you can install on up to 2 devices.  I think if you try to install on a 3rd device, your other 2 get deactivated automatically.  So even if you have to format C, you'll still be able to get up and running pretty quickly.
    Great, thank you.
    >Perpetual License means "yours to use for as long as your operating system can run it."   CS6 is almost 3 years old and no longer being updated.  It is what it is.  Presently, 4 versions back from the currently available Creative Cloud version.
    Too bad they went to a dumb subscription based model that doesn't allow you to purchase a full license outright.  I don't want to pay $30 a month,  I'd rather pay a lump sum and be done with it.

  • How is the design for this complex requirement ? pls help..

    Hi All,
    We have a Discount scheme that can be given for all possible
    combination of all customer, area and product hierarchy (attached below).
    for example :
    Promotion No.001 =>for sales on : CustomerGroup 'A', Area 'B', and
    ProductBrand 'C' will get discount 2 %
    Promotion No.002 =>for sales on : AllCustomer, District 'D', and
    Product 'E' will get discount 2.5 %
    Promotion No.003 =>for sales on : CustomerType 'F', AllArea, and
    ProductGroup 'G' will get discount 3 %
    ... and any possible combination.
    And it is possible for an Order / Invoice to get discount from two or
    more different promotion.
    e.g: Order 001, get 2 % from Promotion No.001 and 3 % from Promotion
    No.003, so totally it gets 5% discount.
    (1) Customer Hierarchy
    (2) Area Hierarchy
    (3) Product Hierarchy
    Our Orders Data has following attributes :
    Additional info :
    - Oracle version : 10g
    - If multiple discounts are applied, e.g: two discount, 10% each, then
    the total discount is 20%, if gross = 100, then netto is 100 * 80% =
    The design that comes to my mind is like below, please give me
    correcttion and recommendation :
    The Promotions is defined in master-detail :
    - one master table
    - three detail tables (one for each possible hierarchy)
    - one additional Tabel to store detail of discount an Order get,
    because it can get 2 or more discount.
    PromoHeader :
    - PromoNumber
    - Description
    - StartDate
    PromoDetail1 :
    - PromoNumber
    - PType (ALL / CustomerGroup / CustomerType / Customer)
    - PCode (ALL / 'xxxx' )
    ( note : 'xxxx' can be Customer Group Code, Customer Type Code or
    Customer Code )
    PromoDetail2 :
    - PromoNumber
    - PType (ALL / Region / District / Area)
    - PCode (ALL / 'xxxx' )
    ( note : 'xxxx' can be Region Code, District Code or Area Code )
    PromoDetail3 :
    - PromoNumber
    - PType (ALL / ProductGroup / ProductBrand / Product)
    - PCode (ALL / 'xxxx' )
    ( note : 'xxxx' can be ProductGroup Code, ProductBrand Code, Product
    Code )
    - OrderNumber
    - PromoNumber
    - PType
    - PCode
    - Discount (%)
    (if an Order get two discount, there will be two records on this table
    for thet order)
    The question is :
    1) is this a 'good enough' design ?
    2) if I do go with this design, how is the efficient query / plsql to
    calculate the discounts for an Order.
    Pls help..
    Thank you very much,

    How was your wife using the Find My iPhone app from a Samsung phone? But, that question aside, your wife should educate herself on how GPS works, especially on a cell phone. GPS signals can be interfered with by trees, buildings, clouds. Off by several miles would be unusual, though.
    If your wife is tracking your cell phone and not believing what you tell her, you may want to consider counseling as there are some very serious issues that go way beyond the technology.
    Best of luck.

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