How did he do it ?

I've previously - with no success so far - asked THE BIG FORUM for routines on compression schemes maintaining good quality _and_ reasonable filesize.
Please have a look at this videosnippet wich is my goal (2000x800)
The person behind this outstanding demo is able to achieve videos of 1-2 hours duration with the same high quality and make them fit onto one DVD!.
Could anyone give any opinion on what technology makes this possible? Codecs? Editing software? Professional_converting_hardware involved? - if such exist?. Cropping ?

Well, most of my experience with NR is in AviSynth. Since you've already downloaded my hd2sd() functions, you should have the FFT3DFilter plugin installed.
If you are outputting DVD, take a look at my documentation (hd2sd.txt) for usage of the NR, GrapeSmootherAmount, and FFT3DAmount parameters.
Otherwise (for 1600x600, for instance) you'll need to try something else. You can, of course, use this same type of filtering for any output size: just that I don't have any "pre-fab" methods for you.

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  • How did my desktop appear on another computer after Leopard install?

    I have a Mac G5 connected by ethernet to a cable company. I bought a MacBook for Chicago which is 2,000 miles away. After upgrading my G5 with Leopard I physically took the Leopard CD to Chicago and installed it on my MacBook in Chicago where I have wireless (router) After the install, my desktop was duplicated on this MacBook from the G5 in California. I never had these two computers connected, nor have I ever done a file sharing manipulation between these two computers.
    One of the files on the desk top on my MacBook, when opened reveals all my files just like the one in CA except I can't open any of them because the program cannot be found. That is not suprising at all because I never installed any of these programs.
    One program did open and can be used however and that is PhotoShop which I use lot on my G5. I never installed that program on my MacBook.
    How did this stuff get on my MacBook? I believe there is a bug in the Leopard CD that performs all the functions I could do manually to get this desk top to duplicate.
    What do you say?

    Lizard33, Welcome to the discussion area!
    Do you have a .Mac account? If so you are probably seeing the new Leopard "Back to My Mac" feature in operation.

  • I lost my status from Administrator to standard. Now I have no way of accessing anything into my mac. How did this happen? And how can I go back to being a admin? I'm the only account on my mac and now I cant access anything. Help Help!!1

    I lost my status from administrator to standard and now I have no access to anything on my mac. I'm the only account on my mac. How did this happen? and what can I do to fix this? Help Help!!!

    which model Mac do you have, and which version of OS X is installed on it?

  • I have a long list of gibberish files, in Preferences, in my Library. What are they? How did they get there? Can I delete them?

    I have a long list of gibberish files, in Preferences, in my Library. What are they? How did they get there? Can I delete them without causing a problem?

    Here is one thing I found googling for WebEx:
    (The x64 would most likely mean 64 bit). It may be a Windows based application/plugin, but since I had never heard of either, I'm only guessing there. If you do a search systemwide for it and don't find it plus don't know why it's there, I'd say throw it in the trash (don't empty it yet - make a note of the file path just in case you do have something installed that needs it so you can move it back).
    Glad to hear it's not a torrent; some people use those not realizing that quite often there is a price to pay for downloading stuff for free that costs money elsewhere - the software packages quite often include little "add-ons" = malware which you really don't want.

  • Safari 5.1 now is garbled with many of the sites having lines on top of each other. Is any one else having that issue? If so, how did you resolve it? Thanks in advance for any help.

    Safari 5.1 now is garbled with many of the sites having lines on top of each other. Is any one else having that issue? If so, how did you resolve it? Thanks in advance for any help.

    "Did you make the .psd file with a transparent background (checkerboard) in Photoshop? And when you placed it in AI did you choose the top option Convert Photoshop Layers to Objects?"
    Yep, and it still didn't work.
    But I figured what I did wrong: I was selecting both the text and the heart, and then I was doing the whole Object>Wrap Text>Make thing, as opposed to just selecting the heart and doing it. Once I did it, I moved the heart around on top of the text, and it "made room" for the pic, wrapping itself around the heart.
    Thanks so much, and thanks A MILLION for being so patient.
    Jeez, when can I get some textbook to learn all the intricacies of Illustrator?

  • How DID I get this much data on my iPod Touch 1st gen?

    ITunes on my brand new MacBook Pro shows 3762 songs at 62.84 GB with 99.9999% of them being AAC encoded.
    My 1st gen 32GB iPod Touch holds ALL of that data, plus 210 apps -- and everything works/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png Select any song at random and it will play. Select any app and it will run/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png/___sbsstatic__ _/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png 62.84GB of songs on a 32GB Touch?? How did I do that? Plus, it STILL has 6.7GB available/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png/___sbsst atic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png It's running iOS 3.1.3. I've added songs and apps over the years without any problems whatsoever.
    My wife has a 30GB iPod Video White (5th gen) -- it has 4342 songs, with 9.4GB still available/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png I loaded everything I had in my iTunes, and she's been adding songs on her own. So hers ALSO has more GBs of songs on it than it was made to hold. And hers works fine as well.
    Now we get a brand new up-to-date 32GB iPod Touch 4th gen (Retina Display, FaceTime, etc). It's the latest and greatest (she got it through an employee incentive point plan at Boeing). I wasn't even thinking about how much data was in the 1st gen Touch -- my brain was just saying I've got all my songs and apps in my 1st gen, so I should be able to get all of it in the new 4th gen model. They're both 32GB, and the overhead (system, etc), is almost identical (okay, the 1st gen had 29+GB free and the 4th gen has 28+GB free). Still, pretty comparable.
    I tried to sync iTunes with the new 4th gen iPod Touch and it says only about 1500 songs (of the 3762 total) can be loaded. That's it. No more/___sbsstatic___/migration-images/migration-img-not-avail.png That would also mean NO apps at all.
    We tried to get this explained at a One-to-One meeting AND the Genius Bar at our local Apple Store, but NOBODY had an answer.
    How is it that my old 1st gen 32GB Touch can hold more than twice the GB of songs AND 210 apps at the same time, and work, while the new 4th gen Touch is doing "sorta" what's expected of it -- that is, running out of space with only 1500 songs
    One possibility is that both old iPod's began their lives under iTunes 9.x. But I've updated iTunes consistently as it has moved into v10 and both older models have had apps and music added using whatever the latest version of iTunes has been released.
    Could that be the reason? Has anybody heard of this before? Can anybody explain it? The guys at the store were stumped. So am I. They "apologized" and said they understood how we felt, but there wasn't any resolution to the question. Other than -- DON'T mess with the old models as long as they are working Yeah, but I'd like to see the NEW model behave the same Wouldn't we all?

    No, the option you mention is/was NOT checked. When I talked to two people at the Apple store (One-to-One) and the Genius Bar, they said that it was correctly set (that is, NOT checked), considering the files were ALREADY AAC encoded.
    As I posted, pretty much all of the songs are already encoded as AAC files. They have all been captured off CD's in that format, or purchased from iTunes in that format. They were transferred to the 1st gen Touch in that format, and the attempt was made to make the exact same transfer to the new 4th gen Touch in the exact same format -- with the result that barely half would transfer over to the new Touch.
    One would think that it might be set one way for the older model and one way for the newer, but that's not the case. As an FYI, I DID try checking that option after the first failure of getting everything to load, but it didn't make any difference.

  • I installed the new version of iTunes today. It's 12.1.1. After completing the installation, including restarting my computer, I was no longer able to use Windows Internet Explorer. Has anybody else experienced this? If so, how did you fix Explorer?

    I installed the new version of iTunes today. It's 12.1.1. After completing the installation, including restarting my computer, I was no longer able to use Windows Internet Explorer. Has anybody else experienced this? If so, how did you fix Explorer? I was using Explorer 11 and Windows 7, installed on an HP Pavilion g series

    Never heard of that being caused by installing iTunes. Try asking on a Windows forum. This isn't a problem with iTunes or any other Apple product. If you believe it is, uninstall iTunes. If the problem persists, you'll have to seek advice on a Windows forum or contact Microsoft for support.

  • In iOS 7 how did I search songs in my music library?

    In iOS 7 how did I search songs in my music library?

    How stupid is this design?!  Unless you happen to be positioned the top of the displayed list (song, artist, album, etc.) there's no way you'd find the search (aka, spotlight) option.
    Why not put the option in a non-scrollable area of the screen, so it's always visible?
    As iOS 'evolves', it's interface seems to be becoming less intuitive. Sad.

  • How did you feel about your first mac?

    As an early christmas present I received a 13 inch macbook air, 2GB RAM and 1.86GHz dual core cpu.
    I am mostly used to PC laptops running linux or often I put solaris on them. I study Computer Science and have Asperger's Syndrome.
    I got my mac as windows had too much bloatware and Linux was too unstable on my 64-bit hardware (needed 6 GiB RAM for large compilations). I was going to use the macbook air to take notes and some minor work between classes such as writing assembly subroutines, C and java. The primary use of this system was going to be as a personal assistant to have my calendar and files etc.
    The system is so powerful with a full 12 hours battery life when working on the localhost that it can out-do a 2.4GHz dual core with 6 GiB RAM PC running any OS. This system is now used for all my work due to it's capabilities and portability. After only one week with a mac I dont know how I lived without one, and my carer says it has made me show immense improvements day-to-day. I am now tempted to learn Objective-C as well as how to use Cocoa from Python to be more efficient, especially after seeing the perfection in this system.
    How did you feel when you got your first mac?

    A related question might be, what did you think about the introduction of the IBM PC?
    I had been designing digital systems and working with computers for a few years before the PC's introduction in 1981. The mainstay systems were 8 bit Z80 or 8085 machines running at 4 or 6 MHz. They ran CP/M with its command line interface. Although the maximum memory these systems could use was 64 MB, being a single user, single-task operating sytem, even the most resource-hungry programs (word processors for instance) ran very fast. CP/M itself needed only a few K.
    Dual floppy disk systems were common, 180 KB per disk unless you had double sided floppies - 360 K. The A drive booted the operating system, after which you could insert a program disk. The B drive held your data. I had one machine with a whopping 5 MB hard disk - the C drive. I treated it with special reverence.
    When rumors began about IBM producing its version of a desktop PC, many people including myself had grand expectations. Clearly Big Blue would emerge as the leader in desktop computers, since they had the resources to dictate what the standard would be. Everyone knew the others would be left in the dust. What kind of processor would it use? How much memory? Would it have a slimmed down version of the multiuser, multitasking operating system used in its System/34 minicomputer? Or would it resemble something that DEC used in its PDP-11?
    Well, when the IBM PC came out in 1981, needless to say it was an enormous disappointment. It wasn't much better than anything else I had already been using for three or four years already, except the PC was much, much more expensive. No hard disk unless you wanted to buy an upgraded power supply (more $$$) and then all they offered was 10 MB. Forget about multiple users or multitasking. It didn't even have the equivalent of CP/M's PIP. The whole thing seemed... intentionally crippled. This was supposed to be the future of computing? In my opinion it was a major step backward. The XT that followed it offered only minimal improvements. I rejected the IBM PC as not cost effective and kept using my CP/M dinosaurs.
    So, when Apple introduced the Macintosh a couple years later I finally saw, in the flesh, what I thought a computer ought to be. A totally bit mapped display, a robust 16/32 bit processor, real sound capability (everything before it could only "beep") and a true graphical UI. You could name a file anything you want, no 8x3 idiocy. +To this day+ Windows carries remnants of 8x3 filenames!
    The Macintosh blew away the PC, if not in performance, in its potential. Unlike the "crippled" PC the Mac seemed limitless. This was cool. The Mac wasn't without limitations though - there was no good way to install a hard disk for instance - but for some reason I considered those limitations trivial and believed they would be overcome in the near future. I waited for the first "upgrade" - the "Fat Mac" with a whopping 512K memory. Half a megabyte!
    I used that computer for several years, until the SE/30 came out, which I kept in service for about ten years. I ultimately expanded its memory to 32 MB while PC users were struggling with extended memory or expanded memory - you had to know which was which - to get beyond the PC's stupid 640K barrier. My 30 MB HD eventually grew small, but that was easily remedied with an external SCSI drive. Although the computer did everything I ever expected it to do, the Internet eventually made it functionally obsolete. It could run a browser (forget which one) but the black and white limitation made it marginally useful.
    I eventually replaced it with an iMac, which echoed the original Mac's introduction with its forward-thinking design. The iMac opened up a new world in much the same way the original Macintosh did in 1984.
    All my Macs still work.
    yoshitaka wrote:
    ... After only one week with a mac I dont know how I lived without one, and my carer says it has made me show immense improvements day-to-day.
    That pretty much sums it up.
    In retrospect, I believe that IBM and its marriage of convenience with Microsoft delayed the evolution of desktop computing a decade or more. I cringe whenever I think of the aggregate productivity loss and utter frustration shared by millions of PC / Windows devotees all these years.

  • HT4623 im trying to update my phone and have goggled how to but my phone does not have the option to click on software update has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you go about it. thanks in advance.

    Im trying to update my iphone 4s as i can't dowload alot of thing as it says i need to update to IOS 5 i have googgled how to do it but my phone does not have software update option on it. does anyonw know how to fix this problem or had this problem? if so how did you go around fixing it and updating the phone. thanks in advance.

    gemsmobiletans wrote:
    my phone does not have software update option on it.
    If you have iOS 4... See Here...
    Connect to iTunes on the computer you usually Sync with and “ Check for Updates “...
    If an Update Appears Install it... if not... you are up to date for your particular Device...
    See the Using iTunes Section Here...
    How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
    Make sure you have the Latest Version of iTunes Installed
    iTunes free download from
    The Current iOS for the iPhone 4s is iOS 7.

  • How did you know your idevice will be activation lock ?

    I bought used iPad mini (only the body) at present it's work well I could use my Apple ID, buy some apps and update the FW via OTA. I heard from amny person If I restore and maybe it could not work unless I do not know the username and password of the previous owener (Activation Locked). My iPad mini will be a piece of junk only.
    My question is how did I know my current iPad mini will be Activation Locked if I do the restore ? Do we have the method to check ?

    And how should I know my device was enabled the Find my Phone already ?
    The way to know would be to look in the iCloud settings to see if Find My iPhone is set. If you can't set into those settings, then it's highly probable that it's set and hence Activation Lock will be in effect.
    Because If the previous was never enable it, it should be ok from Activation lock right ?
    If you are certain that the previous owner never set up Find My iPad, then Activation Lock would not be a concern.
    P.S. The forum in which you originally posted (this thread may have been moved by the Hosts by the time you read this), the Using Apple Support Communities forum, is for questions about the forums themselves. You will usually get the quickest and most helpful responses if you ask in the forum for the product or service about which you need help.

  • My daughter has downloaded free games from the App Store and I have been charged in excess of £200 and I don't know why has anyone had the same issue and if so how did you get your money back

    My daughter has downloaded free games from the App Store and I have been charged in excess of £200 and I don't know why has anyone had the same issue and if so how did you get your money back

    Contact iTunes Customer Service and request assistance
    Use this Link  >  Apple  Support  iTunes Store  Contact
    To help avoid future transgressions set the Restrictions for In-App Purchases...
    Settings > General > Restrictions
    Understanding Restrictions  >

  • How did my pdf files get converted from 'open with Adobe Reader' to open with Adobe Acobat'?  And if I have a ''free'' Acrobat account why does it not open?  When I do click on the account it ask me to pay $89.99.  I never wanted Acrobat.  How can I get -

    How did my stored files get converted from 'open with Adobe READER' to 'open with Adobe ACROBAT'? How can I get them re-set to open with 'Adobe Reader'?
    Please reply to my e-mail:   [email protected]

    It sounds as if you downloaded Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you did, uninstall it. Then repair Adobe Reader.
    The free Acrobat account has no connection to any of this.

  • I have created a table on pages.  Somehow I have set something so a blue dot appears every time I press he space bar.  How did I do it? and how do I get rid of it?

    two questions-- I have created a table on pages.  Somehow every time I press the space bar, I get a blue dot between words--How did I do it? and How do I get rid of it.  Also, I created a template on pages--How do I "save as" for a new file using that template?

    All you are seeing is the word space (from the spacebar).
    Menu > View > Hide Invisibles you had Show Invisibles on.
    When you are using a template it should be named "Untitled" and it will ask you to save when you go to close or you simply go to Save under the File menu.

  • HT201210 When trying to update iOS 7.0.4 I get a message saying that the update has failed. Has anyody else had this problem and if so, how did you get round it?

    When trying to update to iOS 7.0.4 I get a message saying that the update has failed. I've followed the instructions on Apple Support. Has anybody else had this problem and if so, how did you get over it?

    Check For Updates. d1fc55eed7fce_zps9330117d.jpg

  • How do I remove email address not in contact list.they drop down when in the "to"field trying to either fwd ,send or reply. How did they get there in the first place. And the edit key does not show in my contacts

    When sending email wether reply or fwd or new addresses drop down that not show in my contacts. How do,I remove them and how did they get there?  And the edit key notmshowing in my contacts.
    Someone else's reply  nothing that could be done short of clearing out all contacts and starting over. But these are not in my contacts!!!!!!!!!! So,that is not an answer

    So are you telling me that anyone I ever send n email to will appear in the drop down list but not in contacts? I don't have that many contacts on list so are younsayingmi would have to remove them all to remove the unwanted address in the drop down to go away? If that is not  please explain

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  • Format of birthday calendar

    I was wondering if there is a way to reformat the style in which birthdays are shown in the weekly and monthly view of iCal. Right now the entry looks something like "xx. Geburtstag von Person X" (xx-th birthday of Person X) and due to the width of t

  • UM150 hooked up via 2 USB ports on iMac12,1 can't get A1409 to work

    Pantech UM150 works perfect.  Tried a hotspot, after getting five bad ones, in 14 months from Verizon.  I went back to my UM150, which is flawless.  It is hooked up to my iMac, via a wye utilizing two USB ports.  Great speeds and signal.  So it is wi

  • I am running Firefox 6. I need a plugin that can read PDFs

    I used to have Adobe PDF Plugin for Firefox. I used to be able to open and read pdf files that I found on the web. I can still do so sometimes. The pdf files that I can not open are labeled "(in PDF * format)" from the Wells Fargo online site. The on

  • Hide the booger - not a joke!

    Ok, I am a recent convert form Vegas and the thougt of dynamic linking and editing blows me away... so very cool. I have a clip of me at arm's distance... to my credit... it was five in the morning... my daughter was being born. In any case, yeah...

  • Period 000 failing data load when using formula FISCPER_CALMONTH

    Hello all, I am having issue with my data loads from yesterday, I am using this formula to get calendar month FISCPER_CALMONTH( FISCPER, FISCVAR, FISCYEAR, 0 ). But my data loads fail when the FISCPER is 2008000 at this formula with error message "An