How do I delete itunes library and move library from old windows machine to

My daughter bought a new macbook and would like to move her itunes library from the windows machine to the mac. I copied it to the mac and moved the existing itunes folder to the trash. By the way, she got 3 free downloads from Apple and they were in the library I moved to the trash bin. I then moved the backup folder to the location of the itunes folder I had deleted. When I open itunes, it sees the 3 songs in the deleted folder. How do I get itunes to recognoze the new itunes folder?

Thank you. As I understand it, if the original iTunes folder had never been populated, we would have been able to move the library exported from Windows into iTunes and preserve the playlists. Because my daughter downloaded 3 songs she does not even like, we have no way of preserving playlists? There must be some way to remove all connections to the first library. Is it possible remove the iTunes application and then either re-install it from the original disks or else download it. I know you can download iTunes for Windows, not sure if it is there for Macs. My guess is that if she starts itunes from scratch, there would be no references to the intial DB and we could then move in the folder from Windows without a problem.

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    Each song on my iTunes has a duplicate. How do I delete all duplicates and prevent this from happening again in the future?

    After I had updated to Itunes 11 (also on Windows 7), I had the same experience, but I suspect that it was because I accepted a proposal to set up an external media library in order to simplify security backups. An associated result was that I had lost all of my playlists!
    What I did was to restore the entire library off my Ipod, using a very good program called PodToPC (a free download is available) selecting an option to replace all of the stuff in the Itunes library. I use the Ipod Classic simply because it has a large capacity to hold my collection of CD and Vinyls. No way was I going to modify duplicates of 10000 tracks in 750 playslists by hand!  I did have a few residual problems with some of the playlist specs but, after a few hours of work all was restored.
    I hope this is useful.

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    How do you transfer iTunes music and movies from an old PC to a new PC.  I have all data svaed on an external hard drive.

    This article should outline the options

  • How do i view itunes store and my library at the same time?

    how do i view itunes store and my library at the same time?

    apple killed this feature (and i'm really unhappy about this!!). please send a request to apple directly. they obviously don't read this forum. the more people complain about this, the better!

  • HT3406 If I choose "restore from iTunes backup" to move everything from old phone.  Will I still be able to use the old phone for music and apps?  Can the old phone be docked up to the computer?  Or will the new and old phone overwrite each other in some

    If I choose "restore from iTunes backup" to move everything from old iphone to a new one, will I still be able to use the old phone for music and apps?  Can the old phone be docked up to that same computer every now and then?  Or will the new and old phone overwrite each other in some way?  In other words, are the two phones treated as different devices when the "restore" option is used to set up the new phone?   Thanks in advance.

    Yes, you can use the old iPhone as an iPod touch.
    Read this:

  • How do I delete iTunes 12 and reinstall 11? 12 installed itself and updated a Library.

    How do I delete iTunes 12?
    I want to use iTunes 11 to access an older Library on its own Hard Disk Drive.
    iTunes 12 installed itself, and the moment I opened it with one of my music Libraries, it updated the Library on that disks (and took forever—I have 27,000 tracks). (I thought I had automatic updates turned off. They are now! It has been listed at the App Store before this, but for some reason, this time it just installed at a Restart though I believe I never clicked on its Update button.)
    I tried deleting 12, but it complains it is part of Mac OS! (I didn't really know this.)
    I tried changing 12's permissions via Get Info, so I could Read & Write to the application. Nada. I also tried adding myself, and doing the same. Nothing.
    And I tried to install  iTunes 11.4 for OS X 10.6 after downloading it, but the install complained I had a newer version, and then quit.
    It seems I am stuck with iTunes 12, and have no other options.
    Sometimes Apple software *****. Whatever happened to Easy?

    If you have a Time Machine backup or a clone from before the time you updated, you may be able to restore from there. The iTunes 11.4 download works only for Snow Leopard.
    ---| I want to use iTunes 11 to access an older Library on its own Hard Disk Drive.
    If that library is an .xml file you can move it to your desktop and in iTunes you can choose Import Playlist and select the Library.xml file. That will give you all the playlists on the old library.

  • I brought my itunes library onto a mac from a windows machine and now i have two separate libraries.  How can I merge them?

    I moved to Mac from a Windows machine where I had downloaded all of my CDs into iTunes.  When I got my Mac it only put my purchased items into my library.  So I merged my windows library and it created a whole new user account with that on it.  I now have two libraries and can only sync music with one account or I lose all of my imported CDs.  Help!  How do I merge them. 

    The easiest way is to get both computers on your home network and copy the files over the network. It's easier than you think
    Check this earlier thread:
    [How do I move my itunes library to new computer|]
    That thread mentions Target Disk Mode, which won't help moving from a PC to a Mac. But you can use file sharing to copy the files.
    As the articles all say: don't forget to de-authorize your PC before you get rid of it.

  • I need to create a new iPhoto library and import 'ORIGINALS' from a time machine backup on an external hard drive.

    I made the mistake of installing OS 10.9 on my older MacBook Air and the machine has become horribly slow and unpredictable. I visited the Apple store and questioned a 'Genius' about getting rid of 10.9 and reinstalling the previous OS 10.6 for which I have the disks. He advised that I should reformat the Air, reinstall 10.6 and then restore from the Time Machine backup that I have.
    He explained that of course, after I reinsatll 10.6,  I couldn't import the iPhoto Library from the backup drive complete because it had been recreated using the OS 10.9 and wouldn't work with 10.6.  I would have to create a new 10.6 iPhoto Library and move the actual ORIGINALS, from the backup into it.   He actually had the path to the iPhoto library shown on my Air to the point of >Pictures >iPhoto Library > ORIGINALS.
    I didn't question how he got the path to the point of > ORIGINALS and figured that it wouldn't take too much to do what he suggested. Now I can't find how to get to point of seeing the ORIGINALS in the path. When I go through the path >Pictures >iPhoto Library, the next column shows me the iPhoto Library icon and the info re size, creation date etc.
    Can anyone advise how to get to the 'ORIGINALS' in order to import them and does anyone have any further suggestions that might help in completing this procedure ?
    Thanks, in advance, for any assistance available.
    p.s. is there any way of looking at a Time Machine backup and finding what O.S. was present when the backup was produced ?

    Rather than do that, which means starting over from scratch, losing all your edits, organisation and so on, why not simply use iPhoto Library Manager to revert the Library to the older version? Easier, less destructive.
    The instructions on that are here
    If you really want to start over: you can access the Originals folder simply by going to your Pictures Folder and finding the iPhoto Library there. Right (or Control-) Click on the icon and select 'Show Package Contents'. A finder window will open with the Library exposed.

  • How do i combine iTunes libraries ? from old Windows machine to my Mac?

    Hi there...I have an expiring Windows machine where my kids first sync'd their iPods....That machine is dying and i want to bring those songs (hundreds!) to my Mac computer....But I already have lots of music on my Mac....every time my kids have tried connecting their iPods to the Mac it tells them that it will erase their music and install the music I have on the there a way for me to add the music from the Windows machine to my Mac library? Or...since they each have an account on the Mac...can each account have its own iTunes where they could bring in their music? that way they could at least save the songs they have in their iPods. i know the music will not be transferred from the iPod to the Mac but I have backup diskettes I made on the windows machine. Can i use those? I am hoping I do not lose all that music ($$$)

    Click here and follow the instructions.

  • How do i delete iTunes Match and revert to iTunes without it?

    My library, multiple devices and the music on my iPhone have all become corrupted since paying the money, subscribing to iTunes Match and turning it on.  It has caused sync problems, hanging problems with iTunes that is constantly needing to be reset and now I have had to restore my iPhone four times!
    I give up.  I'd now like to delete it all and get a refund.

    There's nothing to delete. Just pull down the Store menu > Turn Off iTunes Match. You'll need to contact iTunes Store support for a refund.
    Also turn it off on the iOS devices.

  • How do I delete some podcast and TV shows from my ipod?

    Im having trouble freeing up some space on my ipod so that I can download more TV shows on it. How do I delete the old stuff?

    I use automatic sync, but only checked songs/podcasts. When I had a Classic 160, I synced everything, because I had the space. Either way, my podcasts would be removed from the iPod after I had listened to them, but I don't know if TV shows do that too. If not, you can always uncheck them in iTunes after you are done, and they will be off the iPod, but still in iTunes. You can also manually sync. Instructions for both are in the manual, which you can download here.
    By the way, I haven't used my Nano 6th gen for TV, but I've heard it doesn't support video. I know that my video podcasts don't work. Are you using an older Nano?

  • Setting up Brand New iPad 2 - iTunes Sharing and Getting Files from old iTunes Account

    Greetings.  I recently purchased an iPad 2 (convert after 20 years of PC use) and have been waiting to set it up until I knew the proper way to proceed.  I have multiple questions and am hoping those of you with more Apple experience can help out a convert .
    I would like to set it up with a new iTunes account so when my wife gets her iPad 2 next year we can share apps and movies we buy on iTunes.  Do you always have to sync your iPad to your PC to get your latest purchases or can you do that via the wireless connection directly on the iPad after the initial set-up?
    That said, if one of us buys an app/movie, will we both have to carry it on our iPads or will they store remotely on iTunes or on our PCs?  I'm just concerned about maxing out the storage space on the iPad.  Do the purchases need to occur on your PC vs. the iPad itself for both to have the app/movie access?
    I've also read about iCloud issues and syncing all calendar/contact/etc. accounts if two iPads are set-up with the same Apple ID.  What's the best way to initially configure the iPads so that you avoid this headache in the future?
    Once I get all this settled and get a new iTunes shared account working, is there any way to get the movies I have in both of our old iTunes accounts into the new shared iTunes account?  Can I simply drop them on a jump drive from one PC and place them into an appropriate folder on the new PC that the iPad sync's to if it does in fact need to sync?
    Again, appreciate all the help and sorry for all of the confusion and multiple thoughts.  I would just like to set this thing up once and for all the right way.
    Thanks again

    1, you can (re-)download a lot of purchases directly on the iPad without having to connect to your computer - apps and ibooks can be re-downloaded (as long as they remain available), music can be re-downloaded in some countries; tv shows can currently only be re-downloaded in the US. Re-downloading
    2, films are a one-time only download, so you can either download it on your computer's iTunes and sync it to your device(s), or if you download it directly on the iPad you will need to then copy it to your computer's iTunes (connect the iPad and do File > Transfer Purchases) so that you can make a backup and copy it to your other iPods, iPads etc.
    3, I haven't had any problems with iCloud, but then I don't share my account so it's only my account and contacts on my iPad and iPhone.
    4, you can authorise your old accounts on your computer's iTunes (Store > Authorise This Computer) and copy the films onto it : File > Add File To Library - you can't copy or transfer content to a different account (nor can you combine accounts), they will remain tied to the original account
    The iPad's manual has some info about syncing and each of the built-in apps (the iBooks app is covered in the manual though it isn't pre-installed, but you can download it for free from the store) - the manual can be downloaded from here

  • How to best support CT2, CT3 and CT4 clients from the same machine?

    I have clients that are still insisting on CT2 and CT3 for
    editing. I am able to use CT3 with work arounds for my CT2
    but would like to get on with CT4.
    Can anyone point me to the Tips and Techniques that will
    point out the
    "gotcha's" when trying to support multiple versions of CT
    from the same

    To remove file from iPhoto and the HD simply put the files in the iPhoto trash and then go iPhoto Menu -> Empty trash.
    This works if you're using iPhoto in the default setting, where the files are copied to the Library on import. If, however, you have a referenced library, you'll need to trash the files in your own folder structure yourself.

  • How do I delete an album and the photos from iphoto on macbook pro

    I have set up several photo albums on my macbook pro while expereimenting with macro.  The experiments are completed and I want to delete several entire albuns, including the name and all the photos within the album.  How do I that?  Thanks in advance.

    Deleting Photos from an iPhoto Library
    1 - from an Event or the Photos mode: select the photo(s) and use the Delete key to move the photos to the trash bin. Then empty the iPhoto Trash bin as follows:
    2 - from an album, smart album, book, slideshow, card, etc.: select the photo(s) and use the key combination of Command+Option+Delete to move the photos to the trash bin.  Then empty the trash bin as above.
    NOTE: deleting a photo from an album, slideshow, book, etc., with only the Delete key only deletes that photo from that item. Deleting a photo from an Event deletes ALL occurences of that photo in the library.

  • How can I delete ALL music and SOME video from my iPad?

    I have a MB Pro running Yosemite (10.10.1), and and a 2nd Generation iPad Air (iOS4.3.3.)
    I'd like to keep some, but not all of my video library on my iPad, and delete all the music from it.  (I have my music on my iPhone 6+, and don't need it on the iPad, as I carry them both with me all the time.)
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Use the sync feature and settings in iTunes. you'll be able to do it from within iTunes.

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