How do I disassociate my iPhone 3 from my Apple ID account

I have just purchased an iPhone 5 and gave my son my iPhone 3. I need to disconnect them as they are overruning each others contacts and other items.
Please advise :
How do I disassociate my iPhone 3 from my Apple ID accountand how do I update his new Apple ID.
If there is a way to have both devices under my account, but ensure they do not mix via iCloud.

I'm assuming each device uses its own icloud account and you want them both to use the same account, but not lose data from the device you will do the switch on.  If this is the case you need to copy the data from the "old" account to the other account ....
When connected to the account you want to GET data from, Go to Settings>iCloud and turn all data that is syncing with iCloud (contacts, calendars, etc.) to Off. 
When prompted choose to keep the data on the iPhone. 
After everything is turned off, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  Next, set up a new iCloud account using a different Apple ID and turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On.  When prompted, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to this new account.
Note that this only affects the "Apple data" like contacts, calendars, reminders, etc.  Many third party apps also use iCloud to store data files there.  These files may be lost in the process, unless the apps also keep the data locally on the device.
NOTE:  Photos in the photo stream (if you use it) will not transfer to the new account.  It is advised that you save the photos to a computer before performing the account switch. 

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    How can I remove an iPhone from my apple account

    Hello lindaharris
    If you want to not have an association with your Apple ID and your iPhone, check out the article below for the steps to do this.
    iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G.

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    Hello PJBurke65,
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    You can remove your iPhone from your Apple ID with this article:
    iCloud: Remove your device
    If you’re no longer using an iOS device or Mac, you can remove it from Find My iPhone when it’s offline. To remove a device that’s online, first turn off Find My iPhone on the device, or erase the device.
    If you want to give away or sell your device, be sure to erase your content and settings (in Settings > General > Reset). When you erase your content, Activation Lock is also turned off. For more information, see the Apple Support article: What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
    Remove your device from Find My iPhone
    Sign in to with your Apple ID (the one you use with iCloud).If you’re already using an iCloud web app, click the app’s name to switch apps.
    Click All Devices, select the offline device, then click Delete x.The Delete icon appears only after Find My iPhone has tried and failed to connect to your device (this may take a few minutes).
    Note:   You can also click “Remove from Find My iPhone” in the device’s Info window. 
    Click Remove.
    If your device goes online again later (and Find My iPhone is still turned on), it automatically reappears in Find My iPhone. If you still have access to the device, prevent it from reappearing by turning off Find My iPhone:
    On an iOS device, go to Settings > iCloud, then tap to turn off Find My iPhone.
    On a Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click iCloud, then deselect Find My Mac.
    All the best,

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    What ID is it asking you for? Did you purchase the device 2nd hand? If so, you may have encountered the Activation Lock, which means the phone is still locked to the Previous Owner's Find My iPhone. If that is the case, you will have to contact the previous owner to follow the instructions below. If you cannot contact the owner, and you purchased it through eBay see if you can get a refund.
    If you are locked out due to Activation Lock, there is nothing you can do to access the device:
    Find My iPhone Activation Lock: Removing a device from a previous owner’s account

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    Do you currently have a credit balance in your Store account, ayman? If so, you'll need to spend that in order to change your country.

  • I am trying to disassociate a number from my apple id account

    My sons phone is recieving my texts as well as my phone. I am trying to disassociate his number from my apple id account

    Welcome to the Apple Community Kiki.
    You could simply ensure that only the numbers and addresses you wish to use on each device are checked at Settings > Messages > Send & Receive. However this isn’t an ideal solution because the other person can always change these settings from their device and have some fun with you and your contacts.
    You’d be far better getting them to delete your account from their device and have them create one of their own. If you are sharing an ID for some other service such as iTunes, you can continue to do so, you only need change the ID for messages.

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    Thank you!

    This is actually very easy to do. Follow these steps:
    - Go to
    - Click Manage Account
    - Sign in
      - It should then lead your account page and that is where you can view/manage the email addresses associated to your account! A Delete option is there beside the email addresses!
    Hope this is easy enough to follow, enjoy!

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    There's nothing you can do.  Once your device is associated with an iTunes store ID and you change it, you cannot switch to another ID to download previous purchases for 90 days, as explained here: iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID - Apple Support.

  • How do I disconnect my iPhone from one Apple ID after reregistering it to a new ID?

    I had two iPhones registered to one Apple ID; when texting between the phones, the primary phone received both the sent and received from both - I've since deregistered one iPhone and created a separate ID for it. But the sent/received messages continue to appear on my primary phone. How do I disconnect the reregistered phone from my primary?

    You need to completely sign out of the old id including to iCloud, iMessage, Facetime, AppStore, Game Center, Turn off Home Sharing or Photo Sharing. Everything you have been using with your old id and then completely sign in with the new apple id.
    iOS: Sign in with a different Apple ID in the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store

  • How do I transfer purchased apps from one Apple ID account to another?

    I noticed I was purchasing apps on my iphone using a different Apple ID.  Both use the same email address. 
    Here is what I want to do:
    1. Which account is older?  I don't remember which Apple ID I registered when I purchased my iPhone.  How can I find this out?
    2. I only want to keep one Apple ID.  How do I get rid of the other one?
    3. Before I "delete" the Apple ID, how do I transfer the contents (apps, songs)?  Do I transfer this to the other account?  Should I transfer this to a computer?  Do I download them to iTunes, and if so, under which account would be downloading them to?   I have heard you can burn songs onto a disc.  Can I also do this for apps? 
    Thanks again!

    1)  not sure.
    2 ) You don't.  you can stop using it, but everything purchased with it, will still be tied to it, and your computers will need to be authorized to that account.
    3)  "Before I "delete" the Apple ID, how do I transfer the contents (apps, songs)"  Transfer them from where to where?
    " Do I transfer this to the other account?"
    You cannot.
    " Do I download them to iTunes, and if so, under which account would be downloading them to?"
    Download them to itunes from where?  and you cannot download them to another account.  They will always be tied to the account from which they were purchased.
    "  I have heard you can burn songs onto a disc.  Can I also do this for apps? "
    You can back them up to a cd and transfer them between computers.
    What are you trying to accomplish?

  • How to auto-forward all mails from an apple mail account

    I believe the title says it all

    Turn that feature off in the account setup for the account in question.
    Settings > Mail, Contacts, and Calendars > Account > Turn off Contacts

  • TS3988 Help - How do I manage to remove an IOS device, in this case an IPhone 4S, from my Apple ID account? I want to use this account only for my IPAD

    I have managed to initially set up our two IOS devices - my wifes IPhone 4S and my IPAD 2 - in a not so smart way.
    I used the same Apple ID account for both devices.
    As such it worked, however after a few days we decided to have two different Apple ID accounts, one for each device.
    I made a new Apple ID account for my wifes Iphone, and kept the old account for my IPAD.
    This is as well working now with both these accounts, however I have found out that my wifes IPhone is still registered under my account.
    This I will like to have rectified and cleared, i.e. I want my wife's phone cleared from my Apple ID account, so that my Apple ID account only contain information related to my IPAD 2.
    My wife's Apple ID account for her IPhone 4S works fine and we do not need to change anything for this account.
    However, how can I clear/edit my own account, so that it only contain information about my IPAD?
    For example, when I use the Apps "Find My Iphone" I can see that the system is trying to locate both my IPAD and my wife's IPhone 4S, when I have logged on with my Apple ID account no. This show that one way or the other both devices are registered under my Apple ID account.
    I will appreciate some assistance to tell how to rectify this matter,

    iCloud: Remove your device from Find My iPhone:
    Delete your iCloud account in "Settings" > "iCloud" or "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
    Delete your Apple ID in "Settings" > "iTunes & App Stores"

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    Open the music app and tap the pause button (or swipe up from the bottom of the screen and stop it from there)

  • I have an iphone 4. I disconnected it from my iTunes account but I am still using the iphone and the Apple ID. If I make a purchase will it work? Also, how can I reconnect my iphone to my Apple ID?

    I have an iphone 4.
    I disconnected it from my iTunes account but I am still using the iphone and the Apple ID.
    If I make a purchase will it work?
    Also, how can I reconnect my iphone to my Apple ID?

    Do you mean that you removed the phone from the 'manage devices' section of your iTunes account ? If you do then that won't stop you being able to purchase items on your phone - you only need to be logged into an account to be able to purchase with it.
    If you do mean the 'manage devices' section then you can associate, or re-associate, a device (or computer) by using iTunes Match, or automatic downloads, or redownloading past purchases on it :

  • HT204053 how do i remove an iphone from icloud?

    I have macbook, iphones(2) and ipad.  My husband just got iphone5.  He's getting copies of my texts. and when I text him, i receive the text back on my iphone. how do i separate his iphone from my icloud?

    Settings>Messages>Send and Receive>remove the mail address. 

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