How do I edit more than 1 photo at a time?

How do I edit more than 1 photo at a time using the same editing actions.  For example: selecting 50 photos and pushing the fix red-eye button to fix all 50. Specifically I usually enhance, fix red eye and then vinette my pictures then create a slideshow.  With thousands of pictures this is becoming impossible to do 1 at a time....
-  though I don't know that you can fix redeye like that...

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  • How do you delete more than one photo at a time on Iphone 3gs camera roll?

    How do you delete more than one photo at a time on the Iphone 3gs camera roll?

    You can't.

  • HI, could anyone please tell me how you can delete more than 1 photo at a time or ipad or ipod touch?

    HI there, could anyone please tell me how you can delete more than 1 photo at a time on ipad and ipod touch??

    Delete multiple pictures at 1 go.
    1. Click the box with arrow on top right of Album.
    2. Select pictures to delete
    3. Tap Delete 934.jpg

  • How to e-mail more than one photo at a time?

    i am wondering how to e-mail more than one photo at a time from the photo's saved

    With the last iOS update you can add photos while you're typing you email. You just need to touch (as you have to copy/paste something) and the tap add photo. All the time you need.

  • I want to order photos on iPhoto. I have logged in one photo, and then my choices are cancel and buy now. How do I order more than one photo at a time?

    I would like to order more than one photo on iPhoto. I have downloaded one picture, and then my choices are cancel and buy now. I would like to download other photos to have them printed, too. How do I do that?

    Wich version of iPhoto do you have? You need iPhoto '09 or '11 to order prints.
    Make an album of all photos you want to order in the same order.
    Then select all photos at once, when you use Share > order prints.
    You should see a panel like this, where you can mark the quantities. The screenshot is from iPhoto 9.6:

  • How can I scan more than one photo at a time on my 8610

    The previous HP Scanner we had (8500) would allow you to add scan windows to the scan preview so that you could scan more than one photo or image at a time from the glass.  This allowed me to scan physical photos in several at a time rather than having to load one at a time.  Is there a way to do this in this newer 8610 software?  

    Thanks!  That did work, sort of.   At 600 dpi, If I put 5 photos on the scanner bed, it sometimes senses 3 correctly and senses 2 as one photo.  Sometimes the other way around, it gets 2 right and senses 3 togehter.  I can then change the scanning area to just have one of those photos, but then I have to rescan the one(s) that are/were left out. 
    So the first problem with this solution is, to use it I'm stuck at 300 dpi resolution  or less which isn't great for my situation.  I want to be able to enlarge some of these images up for printing.
    Also, When I click on the + sign it scans the same photos again and I can then crop the ones that it continually senses as 1 photo (even when they are spread apart, but it scans all the others again to, so if it senses three photos together that shouldn't be, I have to add 2 extra pages, crop them appropriately and the delete the extra 4 scans of the photos it got right the first time.  
    VERY CUMBERSOME.  The previous program for the 8500 let you just add a scan area window so that you could scan the bits out you wanted.  Much better.   Why do they mess with what works?   Bummer.

  • How can I rotate more than one photo at a time?

    In iphoto you used to be able to rotate several photos at a time, now that function seems to be gone. Am I mising something?

    I believe this thread answers your question:

  • How do I attach more than one photo to an email?

    How can I attach more than one photo to an email?

    Yes. With the mail you want to attch the photos to open, tap and hold in the body of the email. One of the Menu ittems will be Insert Photo or Video. Tap that, Select the photo, Tap Use. Repeat for each photo.

  • How do i put more than 1 photo on an 8x10 sheet of photo paper so i can print 3 or 4 at a time?

    how do i put more than 1 photo on an 8x10 sheet so i dont waste photo paper???

    select the photos and go to file ==> print (iPhoto '11) - select the printer, paper size and photo print size (be sure they will physically fit) and click customize - under seettings seect multiple photo pre page (preview will show the results) and click print - select any printer specific options and click print to print

  • How to delete more than one photo at a time

    Apparently there is no longer an iPhoto trash. So you don't drag photos to the trash. Instead you hit the delete key and then a second click on delete when you get the message "Are you sure you want to delete this photo." Has anyone found a way to delete more than one photo at a time, though? This is really a hassle if you have just imported 500 photos and are going to end up deleting 450 of them.

    I didn't say use the command key and delete. I use the command key for selecting random photos. Then I right click and choose delete from the contextual menu.
    I always use right click, but the command-delete does work also in that album.
    Depending on what album you are in, there are different menus. In a user created album, the right click would show "Remove from Album" & "Delete Photo". I noticed that was the same for Last Import Album. But at the same time, under image, you will only have Remove from Album. If it is a system album, you will only get the delete menu from either the right click or from the menu under Image.
    What you have to remember is if it days delete the photo, it will completely delete it from the library and all albums. If the menu says Remove From Album, then it will only be removed from the album you are in.
    In PhotoStream Album, you get only Delete Photo from the right click menu, but under image, you get only remove from album. So if you want to remove an image from PhotoStream, you have to use the top menu so it won't get deleted from the library. If you want to remove a photo completely, you would use delete and it will be removed from the library and photo stream.
    So, there are different processes for the different albums. I don't know if that is intentional or just oversight. That may change in the future.

  • How can i order prints of more than one photo at a time?

    Hi I am trying to order prints of more than one photo at a time but can only select one photo - if I press command it just jumps to the next photo, not allowing me to select multiple photos.

    Easiest way is to make an album of the photos you want to order, crop them to the print size, select all and order

  • Setting color codes for more than one photo at a time

    Is there any way to set color codes for more than one photo at a time?

    Hi John,
    I will look at keywords. My issue is speed. Right now I am culling and editing an event shoot that spanned a week with 35 separate events and more than 5000 images. So I use the fastest most convenient method I can and it still takes a long time to have a completed and final shoot. On this shoot I will end up with a final set of around 1500 images. Right now I am finishing processing a show that will hang in the Deutsches Amerikanish Zentrum in Stuttgart.
    As I am sure you are aware by now, having seen enough of my inane questions that over the last two years or since Lightroom version 1.xx if I could not figure out how to do something I skipped it. So many things in Lightroom are buried and unless you have a mind like a steel trap (and think that some of you guys in the forum do) locating how to do something is not obvious.
    For example, I only learned (in the last hour) that I could assign colors as a group of selections by using Shift + number. I found this in a side head in Martin Evenings Lightroom book. I still do not know how to find a way to display the color filter "selection" set in Library mode. Is there a way?
    To top it off, Stuttgart Media University asked me if I would add a Lightroom module to my schedule this year. Now I have a compelling reason to learn all those missing pieces that I have created workarounds for. Hence the number of posts you have been seeing from me over the past few of weeks.
    I tell my class that there are no such things as stupid questions, only questions. Now I am practicing what I have been preaching for the last gazillion years. Guys like you have been great.
    My workflow is
    1. I first separate all images by event. I do that at the time of import.
    2. I do a fast pass rejecting all the obviously bad images
    3. I do a second pass grouping the images by sub-group (speeches, people talking, performances, etc.) This is where I run out of selection methods and your key-wording could work but it would probably take too much time to establish a keyword set for a single event. Where I have more than five subgroups I set up different collection sets with one collection for each sub group. However I would like to keep a single event in one collection.
    4. I then select the images to be used by color code.
    5. Next I process the final images (crop develop etc) by collection.
    6. Last I output the set according to client requirement.
    If you have a better workflow, I am all ears.
    By the way, what is your photo specialty and where are you located?

  • Is there a way to delete more than one photo at a time in the Photo application?

    Is there a way to delete more than one photo at a time in the application Photos in the iPad? Thanks.

    The links below have instructions for deleting photos.
    iOS and iPod: Syncing photos using iTunes
    iPad Tip: How to Delete Photos from Your iPad in the Photos App he-photos-app
    Another Way to Quickly Delete Photos from Your iPad (Mac Only) ad-mac-only
    How to Delete Photos from iPad
    How to: Batch Delete Photos on the iPad
    (With iOS 5.1, use 2 fingers)
    How to Delete Photos from iCloud’s Photo Stream
     Cheers, Tom

  • HT5525 How can I order more than one picture at a time in iphoto?

    How can I order more than one picture at a time in iphoto?

    It's also wise to crop the photos to the print size you're ordering so you have control over what portion of the image gets printed.  Otherwise, the image will be scaled so the smaller dimension fills the paper cropping off some of the oither dimension.

  • TS3899 How do I delete more than one email at a time from my i phone 5C

    How do I delete more than one email at a time from my i phone 5C

    With your Mail app open and the listing of the messages, tap Edit at the top right.  Then check each circle on the left side of the messages to delete.  When you have checked those to delete, tap Trash at the lower right.
    Next tap Mailboxes upper left, under accounts select the account, then for the account tap Trash.  Select Edit upper right, and at the bottom, Delete All, and confirm Delete All and all will be removed at one time.

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    When trying to download the latest flash player this error is displayed ("Adobe Flash Player 10.1" servererror (16291.333.2485.403). I get the  same error on all our netowrk pc, we have Microsoft ISA Server 2004 firewall between us and the internet.