How do I get Elements 13 64 bit to play .mts video files with sound as they do in Elements 11 32 bit?

I have upgraded to Elements 13 64 bit from Elements 11 32 bit and .mts video files now play without sound - they still play perfectly with sound on Elements 11 32 bit.
Is there something that needs to be changed to get Elements 13 to play them with sound or have Adope simply hooped .mts playback in Elements 13 64 bit?
I am running on Windows 8.1 Professional with Media Centre on a Dell XPS15 and have Elements 13 64 bit and Elements 11 32 bit installed.
Adobe, how do I get the support that is supposed to be available for 90 days after activation?

Hello jl666,
I have noticed the same issue having upgraded to PSE13 64bit from PSE9 on Windows 7.  This has been reported to Adobe in several forum threads and I have myself tried on three occasions to get Adobe Technical Support to acknowledge or respond to this issue, so far without any success. 
Despite the fact that Adobe publically claims to support this format, I was told in my last chat with their technical support that I should buy Premiere Pro and that Elements has never and does not support any video data...
Unterstützte Dateiformate | Premiere Elements, Photoshop Elements
Here is my chat transcript which I attach in the hope that someone from Adobe will take this issue seriously and work towards providing a fix.
Sanyogita: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.
Jon Barber: .MTS files no longer play with sound. .DV files no longer play at all.
Jon Barber: Hello
Sanyogita: One moment while I look up your customer record.
Sanyogita: Please allow me a moment to search for the information.
Jon Barber: ok
Sanyogita: I can see you have PSE 13
Jon Barber: Correct and previously PSE 9 where everything worked fine...
Sanyogita: MAy I know which application are you using for >MTS files
Sanyogita: .MTS files
Jon Barber: This issue is mentioned in various threads in your forums as well, but no response or solution from adobe yet
Jon Barber: Organiser just double clicking on the file to play it. They play, but with no sound. When I play them in Windows the sound is correctly played
Sanyogita: In PSE 13 there is no provision of playing videos with sound
Sanyogita: You need premiere pro to play videos with sound
Jon Barber: Other formats are correctly played with sound. 
Jon Barber: Please tell me why I have paid €80 to upgrade from PSE9 to get worse functionality then!
Jon Barber: This is nonsense!
Sanyogita: You should purchase Premiere pro for videos
Sanyogita: PSE 13 is only for photos
Jon Barber: Complete nonsense and not advertised in your documentation. Are you trying to tell me that no video files play with sound, because that is simply not true!
Sanyogita: Please purchase Premiere elements for videos
Jon Barber: Adobe sucks - I will pass your comments onto the appropriate forum threads and hope that other customers also let you know how they feel about this reduction in functionality from previous versions.
Sanyogita: previous versions of PSE never supported video application
Jon Barber: You are misinformed. These videos work fine on PSE 9 and most files still work on PSE13, just .MTS files have no sound
Sanyogita: I am sorry ,I am not an expertise in this product
Sanyogita: Let me connect you to that team
Jon Barber: Yes,I can tell that - perhaps you could pass this open bug onto someone who does
Jon Barber: Please do not close this bug - I am getting annoyed at having to reopen it
Sanyogita: Please stay online I will transfer your chat now
Jon Barber: ok thank you
info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to the appropriate group.
info: You are now chatting with Jayita Sen.
Jayita Sen: Hello. Welcome to Adobe Technical Support.
Jayita Sen: Please allow me a moment while I look into your account & verify the details.
Jon Barber: Hello
Jayita Sen: John we only support download &  first installation of PSE 13
Jayita Sen: please contact the forums for further support
Jon Barber: This issue is mentioned in several forums and no solution has so far been forthcoming from Adobe.
Jon Barber: I paid €80 to upgrade from PSE9 and now have worse functionality than before and now you are telling me you cannot help. Is that what Adobe considers customer support?!
Jon Barber: By the way I did recently download and initally install PSE13 so according to your rules you should provide support.
Jayita Sen: Jon we don't support "Unexpected behaviours or how to issues"
Jayita Sen: only forums support it
Jon Barber: This is not a 'how to issue', it is a bug!
Jon Barber: It is functionality that previously worked and no longer does. I am not requiring lessons in how to use the system, just trying to do something that already worked in previous versions.
Jon Barber: Frankly I find these support responses from Adobe shocking. What I expect to hear from you is 'thank you for highlighting this issue, we will work on finding a solution and get back to you and others with the same problem in the customer forums" Not an extraordinary set of excuses for poor software.
Jayita Sen: I am sorry Jon...but forums is where you can only get the support
Jon Barber: Customers having to help customers since clearly no-one at Adobe has a clue about their own product. How many customers do you expect to have in 12 months with this service?
Jon Barber: Goodbye - please contact me if you are geniunely interested in helping your customers rather than fobbing them off with excuses.

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    Whenever I try to play an *.MTS video file in Elements 11 organizer I get a codec not installed error.  I am using a Windows 7 PC running Windows 7 Home Premium.  The same files played fine in the Elements 10 organizer.  Also have no Thumbnails after import of the video.  I can edit the videos in Premier Elements 11.

    What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on? And, does your computer use a NVIDIA GeForce video card/graphics card?
    IMPORTANT. Please read the Announcement at the top of this forum regarding the Premiere Elements 10 NVIDIA GeForce issue. That Announcement describes the problem and gives detailed information on how to deal with the situation.
    Do you have problems getting a video display in the Edit area monitor for still and videos from other sources?
    Also of importance in directing the troubleshooting are the properties of the Panasonic Lumix FZ150 video file that you are importing and the project preset that you are selecting to match the properties of that video. From what I have read of your camera, you could have MPEG-4, AVCHD, or MotionJPEG video compression. But, with that .mts file extension, that would suggest that your camera is set to record AVCHD. Is that correct?  Are you sure of the file extension and video compression for the file?
    The answers to all of the above will point us to the solution to your issue.
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