How do I get routing data from the Map App (powered by TomTom) so I can display the point-to-point annotations (turn-by-turn navigation) without leaving my own application.

I have a tableView displaying a list of contacts from a Cloud Database.  After selecting a contact, I push to a programmatically created MKMapView.  Then I display the initial region (the view) that includes the users current location (starting point) and their selected destination (end point).
Now I want to display annotations (as described in the Location Awareness Programming Guide) that displays polylines which will represent the turn-by-turn navigation IN MY OWN APPLICATION, and not in the Map App currently used in IOS6. 
Due to licensing and its becoming depricated in IOS 6, I do not want to get routing data from the Google Maps API.  How do I get routing data from the IOS 6 Map App (powered by TomTom) so I can display the point-to-point annotations (turn-by-turn navigation) without leaving my own application?
I checked out Stack Overflow and other forums which basically left me with the impression that this is not possible. I also checked out the TomTom iPhone Mobile SDK User Guide from the TomTom Developer Portal and am still confused.  It must be possible to retrieve routes, since the Map App can display turn-by-turn directions.  How can I retrieve turn-by-turn data that I may display as a route within my own application?

Thanks Michael. Apologies for the slow reply I was away for a bit (holiday blitz at work and visiting family madness etc.etc.) back now, I set both options you requested to "never " and retried the CMS software with no change. 
I do have progress of a sort though, as a test I took a separate test PC and put a clean install of Win7 on and loaded up the CMS software (it worked perfectly) and then took the version of ole32.dll off that machine and put it onto the computer I had built
for her (using Linux) and...
got a new error code. Darn I was so sure I had found a clever solution this time lol.
Anyway now when the CMS fails it gives me a similar error but the offending module is "ntdll.dll" sooo... I tried taking the "working" version of ntdll.dll from the test box and moving it over (making sure to back up the existing ones
first so I could put them back if needed) to her new PC and the PC would not boot. 
It seems to want the original versions of a few Dynamic Link Libraries and if I could somehow give it those while not breaking Win7 it should theoretically work seeing as it no longer errors with ole32.dll. 
ntdll.dll however seems necessary for Win7 to boot.
So what I am wondering now is:
Is there some way to have both versions of the DLL file in the system32 folder (bypassing the "cannot have two files with the exact same name in the same folder" thing) or rename the original DLL's something else and somehow make the CMS look for
the new named versions so the system has the updated DLL's it needs to boot/run and the CMS has the old ones it wants to run or is there someway to have a self contained install of the CMS, say on a USB flash drive and give it it's own E:/windows/system32/needed
dll's  path to the files it needs? 
Willing to try any other options or settings you may have come up with as well.
Thanks again for your reply and my apologies for not answering sooner.

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    In your VI Prg_all_sub, you are actually only writing out the progress bar once to the contol reference.  Once the code to the top has executed, it will never execute again although you continue to write values to the local variable PP throughout the program.
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    Note also that in a lot of places you send in a wire to an indicator and branch it off to a local variable of the same indicator.  That is redundant.  Sending the wire to the local variable does the same thing as sending the wire to the indicator.  Try to use wires instead of local variables as much as possible.  For instance, near the top you send the output of the VISA resource name control back into a local variable of itself, (not necessary) then use a local variable numerous times in the case structure below.  Just wire the name into the case structure border, and maintain the value through all of the loops using a shift register.  This will eliminate dozens of copies of the VISA resource name variable.
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    Message Edited by Ravens Fan on 08-13-2007 09:34 AM

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    Hello and welcome to the support community
    As you know, your iPhone 5 is not compatible with our iBook G4. To get your music in iTunes from your iBook to your iPhone you would need to migrate the music files to a newer intel based Mac. A Mac which has Mac OS X 10.6 or higher installed. Then sync your iPhone 5.

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    Who can help me out here?  Has anyone purchased a 5, 5c, or 5s in China and gone elsewhere?  Did the maps app change?
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    I live in China as well and my iPhone5s is the model A1530 I bougth outside China. I have the same problem as Nikatnight with the iPhone while the iPad Air (wifi only) is working like a charm. It must be definitely something related to the carrier since I was abroad few days ago and everything worked well.
    If you pay attention at the source of your maps, you'll discover they are provided by AutoNavi instead of TomTom and make them appear in chinese with their own border interpretation. Queries are only acceppted in Chinese (p.e. if I type in english "Los Angeles International Airport"  it replies it cannot locate it)
    I suppose everything will be fine when you'll be out of censorship....
    Perhaps iOS  Apple Maps are absolutely useless for expatriate in China.
    Use Google Maps instead
    BTW, I'm surprised how much Apple might prostrate towards hard power Governments.... No matter what, money are always on top!

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    Google and Apple have apparently parted ways in the 'bundled apps' area.
    If you don't like the bundled map app, then your option is to look for a replacement in the app store.

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    Good morning Gandrin
    There is quite a difference between syncing and back-up and they are different features in iTunes, although some people combine them together.
    1.  The first thing that happens when you connect your device is that a photo manager asks if you want to offload your photos.  I always do this because it is the most valuable way to back-up your photos only.
    2.  Then Itunes will come up and if you have automatic sync turned on it will begin to sync FROM your computer to your device.  It's a one-way sync and is the primary way to keep photos, music and some apps managed on your device.   New apps are synced onto your Itunes app tab. If you add or delete items in your iTunes folders then those changes are synced to your device.  I always check to make sure my new apps are now in my iTunes library and specific device tab.
    4.  There is also a back-up step where you can back your device onto your computer.  I think this is the step that should have been done when you got your new PC.  It doesn't save the apps here but does save their setting and data. I prefer to set this up to be a manual back-up process.
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    Maybe there is something in my rambling that will help

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    You can recover yous Sync Key from your phone with this add-on:
    Install it in your phone so it can display your Sync Key (also know as recovery key).
    Once you do that, follow this steps: [ Set up Sync in your Computer with the Sync Key]

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    Open the following link, scroll down where it says "To restore your device using a previous backup", click on iCloud.

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    *If you have regenerated your Sync key or reset your Sync password, you can not recover your previous data
    *IMPORTANT - write down your Sync key as instructed in the original set up of Sync
    *if you have another device (computer or mobile) paired to the computer where you are having a problem, you can either:
    *#pair the problem computer to that other device
    *#get the Sync key from that other device
    '''<u>Remember</u>''', Sync was never intended for backup. The reason for its existence is to sync-up 2 devices. To back up your Firefox profile, which you should do frequently, to another drive or a pin/thumb drive or other backup media, see:

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    Something went wrong.
    I've done it twice now and followed the directions on
    Doesn't work.  I have no contacts indicated and no notes, etc... from my old iphone.
    I have an iphone 4 - so there is no SIM card.  Maybe I didn't back up the data properly from the old iphone.  I haven't deleted anything yet so I guess I could do the whole process over...
    No clue.

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    Start up using 10.4 on the external drive. Then open the Address Book and under File>Export select Address Book Archive. Then when you've restarted in 10.6 find the Address Book Archive on the external drive and move it to your new hard drive. Then open Address Book and under File>Import select the Address Book Archive.

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