How do I install a 2nd but separate thunderbird on same computer

I have a very large and very old Thunderbird with a tremendous amount of emails. I would prefer to simply freeze this version (Auto update is turned off), use it as an archive email source and start anew using the latest version. I do NOT wish to copy any emails at all. Well... if I could copy over this years emails I would do it!! Otherwise I simply want to access these archive emails when necessary. So how do I freeze this version and install a new version on the same machine? Also, can I copy my address book, folder names/structure and email filters without copying emails?

Thank you for your answer. I think your answer may be a step in the right direction. However, when I download a new version of TB it will find what I have and attempt to upgrade TB. I do not want this to happen at all as the 100,000 plus emails I have seems to choke the process. Either that or Windows 8.1 gets in the way of a successful upgrade. Export of address book highly desirable and export of folder structure, email accounts and email filters would be great but no emails. Perhaps I should make a usable copy of what I have, isolate it by changing windows folder names and whatever else needs chaning, and then erase all the emails in the TB that is to be upgraded and THEN upgrade. That would perhaps be the best solution BUT I need to understand how to save the old version, make it usable for archive reading of emails but make it otherwise dormant and making no attempt to download emails.

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    No, creating a 2nd iTunes account is not necessary.
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    Deauthorizing won't delete anything, and all your purchased content is safe.  You will just have to reauthorize any of the other computers that get deauthorized along with your computers old machine id.
    To get your purchased content back on that computer, just use iTunes to redownload it (  Of course, music you ripped from CD or got from another source you'll need to copy those files back over.

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    create a playlist for each device and sync only that playlist.
    i'm syncing four mobile devices to iTunes and each has its own playlist. works like a charm.

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    Yes, you can. I have both Microsoft Office and Apple iWork on my computer, and everything works just fine.

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    i'm starting a live-broadcast, music radio show.  i manage my music library (master library) on a win8 computer with 9000+ mp3 files.  i use media player for that process. 
    at the radio station i will run the show on the air from an apple system using itunes.
    i have added itunes to my win8 system, but only want it to see a separate library (radioshow library) of edited music files arranged in playlist folders.  currently it shows my master music library.
    the question is as follows:  how can i set up a totally separate library and not show the master library, but not alter the master library in any way?

    don't really understand the library structure.  i tried this and set up a library.  i added a folder of mp3 files and shift-booted itunes but no files appeared.  when i went to the file in itunes no files showed.  when i looked in explorer they were there.  not sure where to go...
    thanks, niel

  • How do I install mountain lion but keep snow leopard as a bootable os

    I'm caught in a vicious circle.
    I need mountain Lion to be able to use iCloud and to be compatible with a couple of apps on my iPad. However some of my major apps on my mac Pro won't work under Lion or mountain lion.
    SO the answer is to have both Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion on my Mac Pro.
    Does anyone know of any instructions on installing Mountain Lion onto one SSD, whilst leaving Snow Leopard on another, allowing me to boot from either.
    Also - any advice on the cleanest way of installing my apps under Mountain Lion (those that are compatible). I'm confused to how I can install my apps twice, especially if I have all ready registered Unser Snow Leopard.

    I'm assuming that you currently have an SSD with Snow Leopard on it, and another SSD with no operating system. Is that correct?
    What I would do is use the Snow Leopard DVDs to install a fresh copy of Snow Leopard on the SSD that currently has no operating system, and "migrate" your data and applications from the other SSD. (alternatively, you could use something like Carbon Copy Cloner to duplicate one SSD onto the other - but that's probably only an option if one SSD is completely blank or you're willing to erase it).
    Then upgrade to Mountain Lion on the original SSD.
    When you're done, hold down the option key when you start up to select which OS to use.
    For many applications, it won't matter which SSD they're on - you'll be able to run them from either system without worrying about where the app is installed (each will have it's own preferences, stored on the current startup drive). But some applications are more complex, and rely on additional files that are scattered around the Library folders on the startup drive. Since you migrated your applications and data, you should have everything that's needed on both systems, including license keys, etc. I did this for a little while with Quicken, and I actually left the Quicken app on the Lion drive - it worked just fine even though I started up from an external Snow Leopard drive (I skipped the migration step entirely, and reentered my Quicken license code when starting up from Snow Leopard).
    How successful this will be depends on exactly which applications you're using. Most of them will be OK, but if you're using something that has some esoteric copy-protection mechanism, you might run into a little bit of trouble. Consider upgrading the "new" Snow Leopard install to Mountain Lion, if that's the case, so you're original system SSD will remain Snow Leopard, with no changes.

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    I have Pages 5.2.2 installed on one Mac. The license indicate that it is Family Shareable but how do I install it on the second computer without having to purchase it again?

    Sign into your account in the Mac App Store on the 2nd Mac and download it from your Purchases list.

  • How do I share itunes libraries that are on the same computer and associated with separate Apple IDs?

    My wife and I have our own Apple IDs, iphones, and separate itunes libraries. I'm trying to figure out whether we can share our libraries with each others iphones? Thanks in advance for any suggestions and insight.

    Hi there,
    First..I am new to this forum and find the information provided to be very helpful... I had followed the iTunes link above to enable sharing between users in the same computer but it appears to be working on partially. What setup am I looking for ?
    1. We have an iMac (Snow Leopard) with 1 Adult ID and 2 children IDs
    2. The iTunes music folder is stored in a Shared public folder where the Adult ID has read/write access and the 2 kids with read-only access (so that they don't accidently delete songs...:-)
    3. The iTunes on the Adult ID has the access to purchase songs. The kids have no acccess to buy songs
    4. All songs, podcasts to be visible to all users
    What has happened ?
    1. I am able to make the base of songs visible to all users
    2. However when a song is purchased by the adult account is not visible to the kids account ..:-{
    3. The same thing occurs when a song is imported from a CD
    4. When a new playlist is created by the Adult account it is not visible to the kids account ..:-(
    How can I make changes made by the Adult be made visible to the kids without having the need to constant add music files or libraries for each kid..?
    Thanks in advance..

  • How do i install the game impressive world on my apple computer

    How do I install the game Impressive World ?

    That appears to download an .exe file.
    .exe files are Windows executable. You would need to buy and Install Windows on your Mac.

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    I bought a hardcopy of Elements 13. I want to install it on a Windows 7-desktop pc.
    However, this pc does not contain a diskdrive, therefore I want to install it from the diskdrive on my laptop.
    Both computers are in my home-network. I do have administrator rights. @From the desktop I can see the contents on the disk. I can even start to run and it is possible in the startscreen to choose installing Elements 13.
    Then, the resulting message is: "the specified file cannot be found"......
    How do I install the software?

    Your best bet is to download it and install it that way.  You can download the trial and use your serial number to activate it to full use (there is no difference between the trial and the full version other than the missing activation).
    PSE 13 Trial -
    (Info for PC vs Mac:
    PE 13 Trial -
    An alternative would be to copy the installation to a USB stick and plug that into your desktop

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