How do I pass a value from a selected datagrid row to a popup

I am working on a project tracking application in flex and need to pass the value of one of the rows from the datagrid to a popup. We have a screen with 2 data grids. The first datagrid lists the projects, their start, and end date and the project owner. The datagrid below the first datagrid lists the tasks for that specific project listed in the datagrid above. When you click on the project name above, the datagrid below is populated with the tasks. Within the tasks datagrid are start and end date boxes.
What I need to do is be able to pass the project ID from the original datagrid into a popup that is called when a user changes the date of a project task. The popup is designed to submit a reason for why the user is changing the date on the task. In short, when they submit a reason, I need the project id passed from the datagrid into the popup so when submit is clicked, the proper row in the DB table is update via a CFC. Thank you.

I tried that, but when I try to build the project, I get the error that there is a call to an undefined value. Here is code:
Project Component:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:VBox xmlns:mx=""
    width="100%" height="100%" creationComplete="init();" xmlns:mxml="components.mxml.*">
            import mx.controls.dataGridClasses.DataGridColumn;
            import mx.managers.PopUpManager;
            import mx.core.IFlexDisplayObject;
            import components.mxml.NewProject;
            import components.mxml.NewTask;
            import components.mxml.dateChangeNotice;
            import mx.controls.Alert;
            private function init():void{
            private function projectClick(event:ListEvent):void{
            private function refreshProjects(event:MouseEvent):void{
            private function ResultEvent_Projects(event:ResultEvent):void{
                dgProjects.dataProvider = event.result;
            private function ResultEvent_Tasks(event:ResultEvent):void{
                adgTasks.dataProvider = event.result;
            private function ResultEvent_UpdateTasks(event:ResultEvent):void{
      'Your task was updated');
            private function showNewProject():void{
                var newProjectWindow:IFlexDisplayObject =
                    PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, NewProject, true);
                newProjectWindow.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, refreshProjects);
            private function showNewTask():void{
                var newTaskWindow:IFlexDisplayObject =
                    PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, NewTask, true);
            private function dateFormat(item:Object, column:DataGridColumn):String{
                return dateFormatter.format(item[column.dataField]);
                //Function calls the Reason popup window
            //private function changeReason():void{
                //Create Popup Window
                //var resultWindow:IFlexDisplayObject =
                //PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, dateChangeNotice, false);
    <mx:RemoteObject id="roGetData" destination="ColdFusion" source="projectTracker.components.cfc.controllers.getController">
        <mx:method name="getProjects" result="ResultEvent_Projects(event);" fault=";" />
        <mx:method name="getTasks" result="ResultEvent_Tasks(event);" fault=";" />
    <!--<mx:RemoteObject id="roUpdateData" destination="ColdFusion" source="projectTracker.components.cfc.controllers.updateController">
        <mx:method name="updateTasks" result="ResultEvent_UpdateTasks(event);" fault=";" />
    <mx:DateFormatter id="dateFormatter" />
    <mx:HBox width="100%">
        <mx:Label text="Projects:" />
        <mx:Button label="Insert New Project" click="showNewProject();"/>
    <mx:Panel width="100%" height="45%" title="Projects">
        <mx:DataGrid id="dgProjects" width="100%" height="100%" itemClick="projectClick(event);" dataProvider="">
               <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="projectID" headerText="ProjectID" visible="false" />- I Need to pass this value
                <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="name" headerText="Project" />
                <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="startDate" headerText="Date Started" labelFunction="dateFormat" />
                <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="endDate" headerText="Completion Date" labelFunction="dateFormat" />
                <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="description" headerText="Description" />
                <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="statusName" headerText="Status" />
                <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="ownerName" headerText="Owner" />
    <mx:Panel width="100%" height="45%" title="Project Tasks">
        <mx:AdvancedDataGrid id="adgTasks" width="95%" height="100%" variableRowHeight="true">
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="taskID" visible="false" width="50" />
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="name" width="25" />
                <!--<mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="startDate" headerText="Date Started" />
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="endDate" headerText="Completion Date" />-->
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn id="descript" dataField="description" headerText="Description" width="50"/>
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="ownerID" headerText="Owner" width="25"  />
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="notes" headerText="Project Notes" width="50"/>
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridColumn dataField="Dates" headerText="Dates" width="50"/>
                <mx:AdvancedDataGridRendererProvider dataField="taskID" columnIndex="5">
                            <mxml:dgDateHSlider startDate="{data.startDate}" endDate="{data.endDate}"/>   
    <mx:HBox width="100%">
        <mx:Label text="Tasks:" />
        <mx:Button label="Insert New Task" click="showNewTask();"/>
        <mx:Spacer width="200"/>
Popup Components
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<mx:TitleWindow xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" width="400" height="400" title="Reason for Date Change" backgroundColor="#E5E4E4">
            import mx.managers.PopUpManager;
            import mx.core.IFlexDisplayObject;
            import components.mxml.NewUser;
            import mx.controls.Alert;
            import components.mxml.Projects;
            import components.mxml.NewTask;
        //Clear Text Area Function
       public function Clear():void{
            reasonText.text = "";
        //function to send notes to db via RO
        public function writeNotes():void{
  into here-->    updateReason.reasonUpdate(taskID.selectedItem,reasonText.text);  taskID.selectedItem is not recognized. It errors on compile
        //remote object Results Event
        public function reasonResult(event:ResultEvent):void{
  "Label update successful, thank you!");
<!--Update Remote Object-->
<mx:RemoteObject id="updateReason" destination="ColdFusion" source="projectTracker.components.cfc.controllers.createController">
    <mx:method name="reasonUpdate" result="reasonResult(event);" fault=";"/>
<!--Reason Text Area-->
    <mx:TextArea x="19" y="60" width="90%" height="246" maxChars="1000" wordWrap="true" enabled="true" id="reasonText"/>
    <mx:Button label="Update" click="writeNotes()" right="65" bottom="0"/>
    <mx:Button label="Exit" click="PopUpManager.removePopUp(this);" right="10" bottom="0"/>
    <mx:Text text="Please Specify your reason for changing the dates of this task." width="90%" fontWeight="bold" top="10" horizontalCenter="0"/>

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  • How can I pass a value from the datagrid to my textinput

    Hi i am new in adobe flex!
    I have only one row in my datagrid and it has 5 dataField. Those dataFields are id, ln, fn, kurs, yr. I want to pass those value into a textinput respectively.
    Heres my code:
    <mx:DataGrid x="396" y="10" width="110" height="124" id="dginfo" enabled="true" dataProvider="{}" creationComplete="studinfo.send()" editable="false" visible="true">
                                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="C0" dataField="username" visible="false"/>
                                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="C1" dataField="id"/>
                                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="C2" dataField="ln"/>
                                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="C3" dataField="fn"/>
                                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="C4" dataField="kurs"/>
                                <mx:DataGridColumn headerText="C5" dataField="yr"/>
    I want to pass it here (code)
    <mx:TextInput backgroundColor="#ABA5A5" editable="false" enabled="true" color="#000000" horizontalCenter="-50" verticalCenter="-71" id="idview" text="{}"/>
                        <mx:TextInput  id = "idview" editable="false" enabled="true" text="{data.ln}"/>
                        <mx:TextInput  id="lnview"editable="false" enabled="true"text="{data.fn}"/>
                        <mx:TextInput id="fnview" editable="false" enabled="true" text="{data.kurs}"/>
                        <mx:TextInput backgroundColor="#ABA5A5" editable="false" enabled="true"  id="yrview" text="{data.yr}"/>
    My problem is that this code won't work, it won't diplay anything...:D

    it must not display anything as data.ln doesnot have any value. in your code, in the text property of textfield, data is considered as a property of your application, a dynamic object; so even it doesnot have ln property, it is not showing error, neither displaying anything.
    do you mean to populate your textfields if the datagrid row is selected? if so:
    <mx:TextInput  id = "idview" editable="false" enabled="true" text="{dginfo.selectedItem.ln}"/>
    if you want to populate the same data without caring if it is selected in datagrid, you should not think like you are getting data from datagrid, instead, you are getting your values directly from the studinfo.lastResult
    in such:
    <mx:TextInput  id = "idview" editable="false" enabled="true" text="{}"/>
    note: if your result contains more than one data, you should treat it as array:[0].ln

  • How can I pass a value from Client to EntityImpl class?

    Hi everyone,
    I am using ADF BC to develop my Application.
    I want to do something in the EntityImpl class.
    My job needs a value from Client.
    I can't find any way to slove the problem.
    Is there anyone have an ideal, please tell me.
    Tuan Vu Minh
    FPT Software Solution Company (Oracle partner)
    FPT Coporation
    Add: 3th Fl., 51 Le Dai Hanh Builiding,
    Hai Ba Trung Dist,
    The Socialist Republic of VietNam
    Tel: (84,4) 9745476
    Fax: (84,4) 9754475
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: ,

    Firstly, let me state that I'm not a Swing programmer, so your mileage may vary. However I don't think a Swing solution is what you need. ADF BC will do this for you.
    Assumptions on my answer:
    1) You're generating the log_id from a database sequence and it is automatically populated in the UserLog table.
    2) You have 2 VOs, namely UserLogView and ActionLogView based on the EOs.
    Create a View Link between each VO making UserLogView the master.
    In your UI, once the user has inserted into UserLogView, include a bound create button for the ActionLogView such that it creates an associated ActionLogView record for the user when they wish to enter the log details. ADF BC will populate the ActionLogView Log_id with the parent's UserLogView log_id automatically. You'll then need to navigate to the ActionLogView screen to allow the user to enter the rest of the details.
    As such, you don't need to expose the log_id to the client, ADF BC will take care of the population of the log_id correctly for you when creating the detail record.
    Another approach may be to define one VO encompassing both EOs, where the ActionLog is a reference. Look at the JDevelope help page "View Object Wizard - Entity Objects Page", specifically at the "Reference" section for more info. You'll need to test out the updateable flag for both EOs defined within the VO to ensure you can update the values of both.
    Test this out in the Business Components Browser before writing the UI to see if the ADF BC solution works, and saving you time in writing the UI.
    Hope this helps.

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    I am using JDeveloper 9.0.5. On my page, I have placed a button within a table. The button has been assigned an event. The event is within my Action class. This class implements DataAction and has overriden the
    processComponentEvents(DataActionContext actionContext);
    Question: While I am within the processComponentEvents method, is it possible to obtain the values of selected row?

    Good Morning Jeffery,
    First off thanks for your clear explanation. I have a few related questions as noted from your response:
    There are two ways to communicate the desired model row between the UIX view and the struts controller. One way is to use the singleSelection component in your table and put your buttons in the singleSelection's contents.
    When the user selects the radio button for a particular row and then clicks on one the buttons, a built in event handler in UIX will set the current row in the model to be the user selected row. Therefore, your Struts action can operate on the currently selected model row.
    When you drop a UIX table from the data control palette it is automatically set up in this way (with a single selection).
    Ok, Lets say that i've set everything up as you described. Not lets say that the button was pressed and I hit the overriddenprotected void processComponentEvents(DataActionContext actionContext) throws IOException, ServletException ;
    When I look at the request object, I do not see the values. How do I get access to the rowkey at this point?
    Some people, however, want to actually render buttons in their table rows, and have those buttons initiate an action on their row. If you are doing this, then you need to pass the row id to your struts action as a parameter, which means that you need to know the row id when you are rendering a button for a given row. There is an EL expression that will return the row-id for the current row, it is:
    which is not so obvious or well documented in the preview release (sorry) but should be for the production release.
    A generic code snippet would go a long way to shedding some light on that. I guess I am use to using JDeveloper 9.0.3. It seems,"to me", that JDev 9.0.5 has put a completely new twist on things. I find myself wondering when I can use the 9.0.3 syntax and when
    should not. If your team has any short source toys around which demonstrated using rowkeys, or accessing the internal parts of the
    struts controller, I would find that invaluable. It dose not matter if this information is documented.
    Thank you

  • How to store the return value from a select list in page item ?

    I'm sorry, I'm sure you will all flame me for this (and its long too :-(. I'm still trying to pick this up and havn't had time to read manual and this forum and up against the clock (as usual), but this must be something thats simple to do, otherwise why have 2 cols on LOV (display text and return value.
    normal kind of thing - master /detail, a master table and a detail table, is PK in master, is the name of the master item. is pk in detail, detail.mid is foreign key to I have a tabular report that displays a join of cols from master and detail, with 2 cols being links, one is a link on, that passes to page P1 and it displays a row from master. The other col displays and passes to page P3, P3 displays a row of the detail table.
    I want to populate a LOV with possible values, but display the name of the current P3_MID value (from detail.mid). Then a user can pick a different master and it needs to update P3_MID so on submit it updates the row.
    I just can't seem to see in the manual how you can specify where the return value on a LOV goes?
    As I said, sorry for long post and not having had time to read docs correctly - someone just point me at the subject matter somewhere, please.

    Sorry, I was trying to be to complex and obviously APEX is just too damn cleaver - I figured out how this works - basically APEX pulls the LOV and then matchs the mid to it to display the correct name - simple and easy - just me making it difficult

  • Passing Multiple Values from Multi Select

    My requirement is simple. I have created a simple Multi Select Option in parameter form and i want to send multiple selected values from the multi select option (in parameter form) to reports.
    I want to send multiple countries code as input .........'US', 'CA', 'IND', 'UK'
    Can i do it in Oracle 6i reports, Thanks in Advance.

    Hi Thanks Again,
    For such a nice response. I got the Lexical Where condition properly running but still getting problems in catching the multiple values to be passed from form. just i will give u an insight of wat i have done:
    SELECT ALL FROM EMPLOYEES &cond_1* -- Working FIne
    in my Html Parameter Form i have an Multi Select component (the Problem is here) it is not passing more than i value from the form once i am accessing it from web or running it in paper report. In paper report layout it is not allowing me to select more than one value. but in HTML it is allowing to select multiple values but at the server end (After Parameter Form Trigger) it is giving a single value not multiple values.
    In PL/SQL when i checking the length of country_id i m getting it as one.
    Here is my SQL code
    srw.message(10, LENGTH(:country_id_1));
    :cond_1 := 'where country_id = '''|| :country_id_1 ||'''';
    This is passing the condition properly to SQL but only with single value but i want to pass multiple values
    I am struck in this+_
    WHERE CONTRY_COLUMN IN ('USA','UAE') -- This variable you have to pass from you form...
    Here as you said you gave multiple selection in your parameter form to generate report. So before generation report just prepare variable like this as it is bold above.
    and pass parameter through your runtime form to the report as you pass the normal parameter...liket this i gave you example...
    Sorry for troubling you for a small thing but please help me to solve this issue.
    Thanks Again............

  • How to capture a  charateristics value from a selected row in IP

    The requirements is to select a line in the summery layout and go to detail layout for further
    In BPS, it's very easy to achieve this, since we can use the variables in the WIB to capture the value of selected line, In IP's query, after click a row, the selected row is highlight, but I am not sure how can we  pass the characteristics value of the selected row into a variable.  I did the following test by defining a variable for a account number characteristics in the row of a query, and define a dropdown filter with that account variable, after the query is launched in IP, when I click a row in the query, the account number dropdown filter value did not display the corresponding account number I choose. Anybody know how to achieve this?
    Thanks in advance

    Say your analysis item has 0material as one of the characteristics and say you can bind the material value on the selected line item to variable 'ZMAT' when the user clicks on a button. In the data binding section of the comand you want to perform when button is clicked you will make the fillowing settings:
    Variable - ZMAT
    Variable Type - 'SELECTION_BINDING
    Please give this a try.

  • How can i pass parameter values from html to a shell script

    Hi Guys...
    I had a requirement where i need to execute a sql statement and print the output in HTML page. This report has parameters to enter. So i created a HTML form which accepts parameters. When the submit button is pressed, the action tag in the form invokes unix shell script file. It will open sqlplus and run the sql script file .sql and print the output in the HTML page.
    sql script contains the query and some set options which prints the output in HTML page. Like "SET MARKUP HTML ON"... The query has some parameters like "select * from emp where empno = &&empnumber. I will use the same name "empnumber" while created the HTML parameter form like " <input type = "text" name="empnumber" size="10" align="left">.
    user sees this parameter form and enters some value in to that empno text box.
    My question is how can i catch these parameter values in a shell script and pass it to the sql script to execute it.
    Help Appreciated

    This is a A Bad Idea (tm). This type of CGI processing is old and were (and still is) full of security holes. Very easy to inject stuff (Unix commands and SQL) into it.. To get those parameters into SQL*Plus requires using Unix shell commands to process it - and something like a backquote allows all kinds of nasty stuff to be injected. The Unix shell was never designed to be used as a secure CGI environment.
    There are far better and far superior alternatives. Perl (with Perl_DBI) and PHP (using Zend Core for Oracle) come to mind as web scripting languages.
    Even easier is using HTMLDB. Very few moving parts. Is free. Supports Oracle 9.2 and 10G.

  • How do I pass multiple values from a text box to an update statement

    I hope this does not sound to lame. I am trying to update multiple values Like this:
    Code|| Computer Desc || Computer Price || Computer Name
    SEL1 || Apple macbook || 1564 || Apple Macbook Basic
    SEL2 || Dell 630 || 1470 || Dell Latitude
    I want to change all six values at once in one update statement based on the Code, I can't find a good tutorial/example to help me.
    Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks so much,

    You can do conditional updates with decode or case statements e.g.
    SQL> create table t as
      2  select 'SEL1' as code, 'Apple macbook' as comp_desc, 1564 as comp_price, 'Apple Maxbook Basic' as comp_name from dual union
      3  select 'SEL2', 'Dell 630', 1470, 'Dell Latitude' from dual
      4  /
    Table created.
    SQL> update t
      2  set comp_desc = CASE code WHEN 'SEL1' THEN 'Test1' Else 'Test2' END,
      3      comp_price = CASE code WHEN 'SEL1' THEN 1234 Else 2345 END,
      4      comp_name = CASE code WHEN 'SEL1' THEN 'Test1 Name' Else 'Test2 Name' END
      5  /
    2 rows updated.
    SQL> select * from t
      2  /
    SEL1 Test1               1234 Test1 Name
    SEL2 Test2               2345 Test2 Name

  • Passing the values from one selection screen to another report

    Hi all,
    This is my requirement...
    I need to hav a selection screen with various input parameter along with 3 radio buttons...
    If i enter the values and select say first radiobutton the corresponding called program needs to be executed .
    NOTE :
    1)The called program selection screen needs to be skipped
    2) the values entered in the calling program needs to be passed to the called program and the output of the called program needs to be displayed.
    3)the selection screen is the same for both calling and called program
    Can anyone plz help in this regard?
    Gowri Shankar

    Use the statement
    <b>SUBMIT zps_called_report WITH SELECTION-TABLE seltab.</b>
    see the following link....
    Hope it helps you...
    Let me know if u have any more doubt...
    Reward points if useful......

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