How do I permanently delete music from iTunes library and iPhone?

I had some old music I didn't like anymore so I went to delete it but it still shows up in my iTunes library and my phone. I plug in my phone to my laptop and in iTunes, all of the apparently deleted songs are gray text instead of black and they all have a gray, dotted circle next to it and this is really bothering me because all I see is clutter. Same goes for my phone. When "Show All Music" is turned off, I don't see any of the deleted songs which is what I want but when it's turned on, they come back with the iCloud symbol next to it and I don't like that at all. I want ALL of my songs to be PERMANENTLY DELETED meaning that if "Show All Music" is turned on or off, I don't want to see the music in my phone or in my iTunes library.

Hi Jessica,
I found an article how you could do that on iTunes: iTunes Store: How to delete songs from iCloud - Apple Support and another blog post on this issue: 5/
Give it a try.
With kind regards,

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    I figured it out. The music files must be in the correct iTunes Media folder (shown in Preferences/Advanced). If they aren't, you can play the tunes, but not move them to the trash.

  • How do you sync your music from iTunes to your iPhone without easing the songs already on your phone

    how do you sync your music from iTunes to your iPhone without easing the songs already on your phone

    go to your iphone un itunes > music and put all the music or select the song and itunes will put the songs that are not on the iphone, if it's an iphone which has been synchornized with another itunes it will ask you to erase all the songs and sync the songs you have

  • How can i put my music from itunes on my iphone ?

    How can i put my music that i allready bought from itunes onto my iphone?

    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 4.2 and 4.3 Software)

  • Delete file from iTunes Library and Computer

    I convert a lot of my own TV shows for playback on iPad/iPod touch. Once I have watched the show I delete it from my library.
    It used to be that when I deleted from my library, I would get a message asking if I wanted to delete from library only or from library AND computer. It does not ask me this anymore.
    I went into preferences and clicked on "reset all warnings" but that didn't fix the problem. Any tips on how to restore this functionality?

    What I mean is I don't want an extra copy of the file made when I add something to my library. I already have the file where I want it.
    I did try your suggestion, and just as I suspected, it made an extra copy in a different location on my computer, then when I deleted it, yes, it asked me if I wanted to move it to the recycle bin, but it only deleted the copy, not the original.
    I'm marking your response as helpful, as I can use it as a workaround if I can't find a better solution, but I have never done it this way before. I've always had full control over which folders my shows were in, and only one copy. And when I've deleted, it has deleted the original file, not just a copy of it.

  • Deleting apps from iTunes Library and IOS Devices at once.

    Hi there,
    I tend to delete all unneeded apps from iTunes library on my Mac, because when I delete them from there, it just take one syncing session to deleted them from all my other devices. But recently I noticed that this way is no longer helpful, now I have to delete each app on my iPhone, iPad and Mac manually. So if anyone can help me to make iTunes recur to the previous pehevior, please replay ASAP.

    I have the same problem! I recently decided to clean up my devices. The first thing that came to my mind was to delete an App from iTunes, sync and get rid of it on all other devices. I was surprised that it stays on iDevices evem after you delete it from iTunes. I don't want it this way. DOes anyone know of a trick that can allow me delete an app just once?
    Before if you delete an App from iTunes and try to Sync an iPhone or an iPad with it, you would see a window telling you that there are items on your iphone that are not present in iTunes - do you want to copy them? Now it just "syncs" and leaves the Apps untouched. What kind of synchronization is this?

  • HT3281 Podcasts disappeared from iTunes library and iPhone podcast app.

    All of my Podcast subscriptions and content suddenly disappeared from my iTunes library and from the Podcast app on my iPhone.  Checked iTunes to make sure it's running the latest version of software, and it is.  Music library appears to be OK.  How do I fix this and get my podcasts back?

    This just happened to me this morning. I sat down to update my podcasts, and discovered that every podcast I was subscribed to that had any recent episodes (I'm thinking since the first of this year, but no way to tell a definite date for sure) had disappeared. When my iPhone synced, they disappeared from it, as well. I looked them up in the iTunes Store podcast directory, and had to resubscribe to every one of them. And some of them only make a limited number of old episodes available in iTunes, so I've lost some without ever getting to listen to them.
    *** Apple? This is nonsense!

  • How do you permanently delete apps from iTunes 11.0.1?

    I've seen a few community discussions about this however it seems to be discussing the former version of iTunes.  I have version 11.0.1 and when I right click to delete as has been instructed previously I don't get a delete option.  In fact, I don't get any sort of option. 
    So, I'm hoping to get some sort of insight to delete some of these apps from iTunes that were trials... or silly games I downloaded when I was bored and never plan to play again.  It just gets old sorting through them all.

    Hi HarmWong,
    See if this helps. It is from the iTunes 11 for Windows Apple Support site:
    Delete an item from your library
                            Click the item to select it, and press the Delete key.                    
                            Click Delete Item.                                            
                            Do one of the following:                       
       Remove the item only from your iTunes library: Click Keep File.                                                        
       Delete the item from your computer: Click Move to Recycle Bin. The item is removed the next time you empty the Recycle Bin.                                                        
    Removing an item from a playlist doesn’t remove it from your iTunes library or your computer. Deleting a playlist or folder doesn’t remove the songs from your library or hard disk.                 
    When you delete a folder, all the playlists and folders inside that folder are also deleted.
    If you can’t remove a song, make sure you didn’t select a song in a Smart Playlist with “Live updating” turned on.
    Hope this helps!

  • ITunes 11.1.2 not registering new ID3 v2.4 tags (Deleting music from both library and HDD)

    I'm a DJ and therefore have ALOT of editing in my iTunes music library (adding and deleting tracks, commenting, adding tracks to new- and smart playlists etc.).
    Music management on the hdd -wise, I frequently use the ID3 tags for deleting tracks from both the music library and my hdd, but since updating iTunes to 11.1.2 i'm having difficulties.
    I have this routine for deleting tracks:
    Rating tracks due to delete with 0 stars
    Going to smart playlist called 'To trash' (filter = 0 stars), select all tracks
    Adding/changing genre to 'to trash'
    Searching for 'Move to trash' in my HDD music folder
    Move all mp3 files to trash, empty trash
    iTunes, run Doug Script 'Super Remove Dead Tracks'
    After the routine, all tracks I decided to delete, where deleted from both the library and hdd folder.
    BUT, now it seems that Finder doesn't find any mp3 files with the ID3 metatag of 'to trash' (Step 4), hence i cannot "smart find" the tracks i want to delete.
    Possible cause of the problem: i'm suspecting it to be iTunes not "tagging" properly;
    All of my "DJ-tags", such as 'MTV' and 'Mainstream' etc, in comments, tagged before updating to 11.1.2, can be found by these metatags, but it seems like new tags/comments are not "registered" in the ID3 metatags - at least not recognized by Finder.
    Note: I know that i can just downgrade to an earlier version of iTunes, but I'm very interested in having my equipment up to date, since I'm using it professionally, and want it to be as stable as possible with my hardware.
    Any suggestions?

    The next question it will ask is if you want to delete from your HD.
    Anyways, the topic is (mostly) about iTunes not tagging properly (apparently).
    Yes, there are two issues.
    ID3 tags.
    Your workflow, which is way too much. Use the computer to do the work, not you. No need to pull your engine just to change the oil.
    Just checked and the ID3 tags works fine here.
    Do this.
    System prefs > Spotlight.
    Select the Privacy tab and add the drive with your media.
    Then remove the drive with your media.
    This will force the OS to rebuild the Spotlight index files, which where the metadata for files is stored for searching.
    This app you can view the Spotlight metadata of files/folders.
    Note: I know that i can just downgrade to an earlier version of iTunes, but I'm very interested in having my equipment up to date,
    FYI: iTunes 11.1.3 was released Tuesday , 5 November.

  • How do I add music from iTunes library to iPhone 4S without syncing?

    I never use Sync on the iphone but since I got the new iPhone 4 I can't add music to my phone anymore from iTunes. Is there a way to do this without Syncing?

    If you check the manually manage music box, tehn you could drag and drop.
    iPhone User Guide (For iOS 5.1 Software)

  • Deleting podcasts from iTunes library AND iPod?!? HELP.

    I have 61 podcasts on my iPod and in my iTunes library.
    I didn't want them anymore, so I unsubscribed and deleted the podcasts from iTunes.
    I synced to my iPod, assuming that the files would be automatically removed.
    But they weren't.
    I've tried checking and unchecking "Sync only checked songs and videos" on the iPod device page.
    I've tried checking "Sync all episodes of:.." and then not checking any podcasts.
    It's not worked so far. My iTunes is up to date and iPod charged..
    Im wondering HOW do you delete podcasts - or any other music, videos...etc - from your iPod and iTunes?
    Please help! Reply soon, I'm in desperate need.

    You can redownload most iTunes purchases by:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store        
    It appears that the mess resulted in the iPod seeing the computer/iTunes library as a new computer/iTunes library. If you sync to a new computer your iPod gets erased and the media in the iTunes library ends up on the iPod.

  • Deleting songs from itunes Library and syncing

    I have loaded up my nano with most of my personal cd's and some purchased songs. I'd like to delete most of the songs off of the itunes library (sorta seems like double kill since they are on my nano and computer)...I really only need them in one spot and I could use the space on my computer. My question is when I do another CD or a purchased song and re-synch my ipod nano, will I lose everything that I have put on my nano and just get the new songs? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
      Windows XP  

    And I will second that. Storing music on your iPod and nowhere else is an extremely risky option because when (and not if) there comes a time to restore your iPod, which is a very common fix for iPod problems, then all the music would be erased. If you no longer have the music in iTunes (or any other back up), then all that music would be lost.
    At the very least back up your music to either cd or dvd before deleting it, particularly any purchased music/videos, as this would have to be bought again if it were lost. See this about backing up media.
    How to back up your media in iTunes.

  • Sync music from itune library to iphone

    when I tried to sync my music library from my computer (not a mac) to my iphone, I kept getting a message that my computer is not connected to the internet. Somehow, the itune cannot detect that my computer actually is connected to the internet.

    Yep, sync makes the content of the iPod/iPhone the same as the library or the selected playlists that you choose for it. New or updated files are copied from the library to the device. Stuff that hasn't changed is left alone. And if you delete any files from the library then the matching files are removed from device next time you sync.

  • How to delete audiobook from iPod after completely deleting it from iTunes library and synching it?

    I no longer have the CD from the book. It isn't on my PC, but it's still on my iPod Touch. Any suggestions??

    When you swipe the book left or right does a delete button then show?

  • I can't sync music from iTunes Library to iPhone

    I've just set up my iPhone and whilst the iPhone syncs all my email, calendars etc, it doesn't sync with the music already in my Library. I've tried manually syncing but a 'no entry' sign comes up. I've unchecked all the music, tried almost everything but my iPhone is still saying no content is downloaded.
    Can anyone offer some help or assistance please?
    Many thanks

    Do you have Sync Music selected under the Music tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes and if so, what else is selected under the Music tab?
    If you want to manually manage music and videos, this must be selected under the Summary tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes. You can transfer music via syncing or manually. You can do one or the other, not both at the same time.

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