How do I port a number from a different service provider to Verizon?

I have a work cell phone and a personal phone. I want to port my work number to my personal Verizon iphone.  What do i need to do to do this?  And what information will I need to provide?

    Knowing your options is important SR84. Is your work number a current Verizon Wireless mobile number? If not, the process you would take is called an LNP Port in Telephone Number Change. For additonal information click,
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  • How do I port a number from Sprint?

    I just signed up for Verizon yesterday with an individual line, and need to port my number from Sprint (also an individual line). What number do I need to call?

    Good morning tommaxwell,
         Welcome to our happy wireless family! We LOVE welcoming new members to Verizon! Since a cell phone is one of few things that we keep within reach at all times, I can certainly understand the benefits of keeping your current number! Some of these benefits are:
    • No new number to remember
    • No need to contacts friends, family member, and associates for a contact update.
    • No unnecessary expense of printing new business cards and other stationeries.
         May I ask have you started the port process yet? If not then it will be my pleasure to assist! First, I would like to provide a link to some frequently asked questions, Once you are ready to start the process then you can send me a direct message with your full name, contact number, and a brief summary of the task at hand. I took the liberty of following you and it is pending your approval. I look forward to hearing from you my friend!
    Thank you…
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  • How to get Account Identification Number  from a different component

    My requirement is
    I have created a  zview in component  ICCMP_BT_IRHIST.
    I am navigating from one view in ICCMP_BT_IRHIST to this zview.
    I want to get the account identification number in this zview.
    The account identification (attribute is present in this component CRMCMP_BPIDENT.
    For getting the account identfication number
    i m writing this code in the layout of the zview
    TRY .
            lr_cuco  ?= controller->get_custom_controller( 'CRMCMP_BPIDENT/CuCoBuPa' ).
        CATCH cx_sy_move_cast_error.
      check lr_cuco is bound.
      lr_entity ?= lr_cuco->typed_context->SEARCHCUSTOMER->collection_wrapper->get_current( ).
      check lr_entity is bound.
      lv_account_name = lr_entity->get_property_as_string( iv_attr_name = 'BP_NUMBER' ).
    But im not able to get the account identification number  the problems are
    lr_entity is initial ...where as   lr_cuco is bound this view....
    waiting for suggestions....

    Hi ,
    In the IC Agent Role there is predefined Global Context Node, You can use the Following
      DATA: lr_gdc       TYPE REF TO if_crm_ui_data_context.
      lr_gdc     = cl_crm_ui_data_context_srv=>get_instance( me ).
      lr_entity = lr_gdc->get_entity( name = if_iccmp_global_data_cont_con=>gdc_currentcustomer ).
    Based upon ur Rrequirement you can use
    Parameters in the  if_iccmp_global_data_cont_con

  • How do I Port a Number over?

    I haven't gotten my iphone yet, it's still in the mail, but I want to have everything ready so that I can get it workign ASAP. How do I port a number over from a verizon phone to the iphone and what can I do to make the process easier? Thanks in advance.

    I Just got an iPhone yesterday and finished the activation around 3:30 P.M. and got this email:
    *Congratulations, AT&T is now transferring your existing mobile number to this iPhone.*
    *Your iPhone mobile number will be:*
    *Your iPhone may now make outgoing calls but will be unable to receive calls on your existing mobile number until the transfer is complete.*
    *You will receive an email confirmation once your mobile number transfer is complete. If you have not done so already, please connect your iPhone to your computer now to complete this activation.*
    Its been about 19 hours and the number still hasnt been ported over. Who should I call to see what the problem is?

  • How do I change my number from my sprint iphone to my new verizon

    I want to close my sprint account, but I want to keep my I phone number. HOW?

    Stop by a Verizon store, call or go online and request to port your number from Sprint to Verizon.

  • How do I block a number from calling my iPhone

    How do I block a number from phoning or texting me on my iPhone. My Provider (Optus) say they cannot block a number. Has anyone been able to do this?

    the only other option if your carrier cant block the number is to pay to change your phone number.

  • HT5538 i activated my brothers iphone under my apple id now all his imessages come to my phone aswell how do i remove his number from my apple id

    i activated my brothers iphone under my apple id now all his imessages come to my phone aswell how do i remove his number from my apple id

    Ummm...Read the article you linked here from that's listed above.
    Search before posting. Your question has been asked and answered dozens of times

  • HT201269 How do I transfer mobile number from iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 5?

    How do I transfer mobile number from iPhone 3Gs to iPhone 5?

    and then you ask your carrier to transfer the number to the new sim which is different form factor

  • How to get payment document number from paid column in monthly invoice

    Dear experts
    I use SBO japan version and i need to know how to get payment document number from paid column in monthly invoice ?
    in table MIN1, only contain invoice and credit note document number, there is no payment document number
    thank you for your help
    Best Regards

    Dear Gordon
    Yeah, you are right, i can use field MIentry in RCT2
    thank you
    Best regards

  • HT5463 how i can block particular number from my contacts list

    how i can block particular number from my contacts list please guide me because even true caller software is also not supporting iphone

    As Ocean20 said, there is no official function that does this built in. What you could do however is to find an app that mute calls that come from "blocked" numbers.

  • Verizon system can't handle porting phone number from Straight Talk customers?

    According to this discussion: Verizon system can't handle porting phone number from Straight Talk customers?  If still true, then VW misses a huge business opportunity. Adjusting the sizing the account number to be wider is not a hard system adjustment task and have almost zero system ripple-effect impact (I am in IT works).
    "Straight Talk makes it impossible to port an existing cell phone number from their operation to a competitor such as Verizon. To port my cell phone number I was told by Verizon to provide my ST account number. It was not listed on any account documents. After 45 minutes on hold, ST customer service told me it was the cell phone serial number. But that number was too long to insert into Verizon's system. After another hour long wait, ST directly told a Verizon rep that was the only account number. As a result, I had to abandon the cell phone number that I have had for nearly 10 years and get a new one. I will not be doing any business with ST in the future."

    Ah ha!  Okay, so I just need to be more patient in other words.    I'm just glad nothing is wrong.
    I did use the "erase all data and settings" option on the iPhone 6 menu because I wanted to go through the setup myself.  I hope that didn't mess anything up.
    Thank you!!

  • My apple id has been associated with a number on one of my family members phone how do i forget this number from my mac

    my apple id has been associated with a number on one of my family members phone how do i forget this number from my mac
    so this basically means that my iMessage is  receiving texts form there friends because it is set up to get and send texts from this number

    Use a different Apple ID for iMessage on your Mac.  To do this, open the Messages app, go to Messages>Preferences, on the Accounts tab select your iMessage account on the left sidebar, click Sign Out to the right, then sign back in with a different Apple ID.

  • How do I port my number over to verizon

    how do I port my number over to Verizon

        Hello there missmysugarboobear28! We would love to have you join our Verizon Wireless family. Here is a link that tells you all you need to know to get your number ported over to us . Have a great day!
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  • My daughter now has a non iPhone but all messages to her are iMessages. How do I unregister her number from iMessage?

    My daughter now has a non iPhone but all messages from me to her are iMessages which she never receives. How do I unregister her number from iMessages?

    If you want to transfer your SIM card or phone number to a device that doesn't support iMessage
    Go to Settings > Messages and turn off iMessage if you plan to transfer your SIM card or phone number from an iPhone to a device that doesn't support iMessage. If you don't, other iOS devices might continue to try to send you messages using iMessage, instead of using SMS or MMS, for up to 45 days.
    Also read: Can’t receive text messages on a non-Apple phone

  • How to find Outbound Idoc number from inbound Idoc number.

    I have one inbound Idoc in my system, then
    How to find the  idoc number from the system which sends that idoc(Outbound Idoc number).

    You can use fm SREL_GET_NEXT_NEIGHBORS for this purpose.
    Scenario: An EDI purchase order is received by SAP-XI and forwarded as Inbound ORDERS IDoc to R/3. SAP-XI generates an (outbound) IDoc number which differs from the (inbound) ORDERS05 IDoc in the R/3 system.
    Calling fm SREL_GET_NEXT_NEIGHBORS with the following parameters:
    OBJECT-OBJKEY = <IDoc number, 16-digits>
    MAX_HOPS = '99'            " <<< get all links
    I get the following result:
    0000000000133906                                   IDOC       CUSTOMER   OUTIDOC
    0000000000407402                                   IDOC                  INIDOC
    000000370383                                       BUS2012    CUSTOMER   OUTBELEG
    0010057944                                         BUS2032               INBELEG
    Outbound IDoc number
    Inbound IDoc number (ORDERS05)
    PO number
    Sales order (created from inbound ORDERS IDoc)

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