How do I put an "arrow" in a movie?

Pretty simple question - I should know this. I just want to draw a simple arrow in over a clip to direct the viewers attention to an object. But I forget how! And can't seem to figure it out?
Just a simple arrow to point to something - using Comic Sans font - so maybe an arrow a tiny but cartoonish in shape. But really, anything should do . . .
Thanks - I should be able to do this, I think? I have the latest FCPro Studio.

Hi Larry,
surely using Motion as Patrick suggested would give you plenty of room (and tools of course) to create your very own arrow.
However, if you want a simple arrow generator to apply and use in seconds within FCP then there is Stib's Arrow Generator. Kindly offered for free by Stephen Dixon. You can customize it in several ways (change width, tail shape, head style, arrange start and end of the arrow etc) .
You may download it from [here|]
To install the plugin:
After downloading the plug-in drag it to Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support /Final Cut Pro System Support / Plugins folder.
Finally restart Final Cut Pro and the generator should show up in the Generator's menu (Stib's Generators).
Disclaimer: this plugin is being provided following the instructions given by its authour. The author of this plugin allows its free distribution as long as the message contained at the beginning of its script is left intact.

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    Download Stib's free FCP plugins ...... don't worry, they work perfectly with FCE.
    Amongst them is an Arrow Generator which you will naturally find installed with the generators at the bottom of the Viewer.

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    In iTunes, on the bottom left is a box with an arrow up (if it's an arrow down, don't click), click on that and the icon will change with a box and an arrow down.
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        ).setBackground(0x800080, -1, 1);
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    // Set the labels on the x axis. Rotate the font by 90 degrees.
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    double[] dataR = {2,3};
    double[] dataA = {77,30};
    // Add a vector layer to the chart using blue (0000CC) color, with vector arrow size
    // set to 11 pixels
    LineLayer layer1 = c.addLineLayer();
    //LineLayer layer1 = c.addLineLayer(dataY0, 0xff3333, "Compound AAA");
    layer1.addDataSet(dataY0, 0xff3333, "Close Loop Line");//.setDataSymbol( Chart.LeftTriangleSymbol, 10);
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    Just to add to Phil's suggestion, I'm pretty sure that Photoshop installs a nice set of arrow custom shapes. Open up the Preset Manager and go to the Custom Shapes window. Click and hold on the little round button with the triangle in it at the top right near the Done button. That will get you a dropdown menu with all the installed preset files currently recognized by PS. If Arrows is listed highlight that and append it to your current set.
    Now you have all sorts of arrows. They can be filled shapes and then add styles, free transform them including rotation and if you wish to go bonkers you can use the arrow tools (direct selection or path selection tools) to really customize the arrows.

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    Only items directly downloaded from iTunes Store or synced over from iTunes on a computer can be placed in the music or video app.

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    Re- sync the phone with the computer it was originally synced with.

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