How do I remove a folder icon from the display on the mac without deleting the folder?

If it's in the Dock, drag it out. It'll disappear.
If it's on the desktop or inside a folder, drag it to another location.

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  • How do i remove album art from a tune without deleting the song?

    i have songs with the wrong artwork. i cant seem to get rid of the wrong one. it just stays there after i drop in the right art.

    You need to delete the old artwork.
    Dropping new artwork will simply add more.
    Get info on a song and click the Artwork tab.

  • How do I remove an address from a group without deleting it from my address book?

    I'd like to send out a group email about the death of the mother of one of the group members. I need to temporarily remove him from the group. How do I do that? I cant display all of the group in my address line so I can cut his out, & can't figure out how to remove him from the group. (I'm afraid the delete button in his info will take his info out permanently, not just out of the group.

    Install the AddExpandedList add-on allow the removal of select contacts from a mailing list addressing:
    Press F9 in a Write window to show the Contacts sidebar, then right-click a mailing list.

  • Mail - Is it possible to remove an email from a discussion without deleting it?

    As the question says... is it possible within Mail to remove an email from a Conversation without deleting the email? I have an email that is incorrectly being allocated to a particular conversation and I want to remove the link to the conversation but wish for the email to remain in the inbox but without being linked to the conversation.
    Is this possible within Mail? If so how does one do it?

    Click on the arrow next to the number of emails in the conversation. That'll show you each separate email. You can create a new mailbox (call it what you want) and drag that email out of the conversation into that mailbox.

  • How do I remove an icon from the dock of an iMac 10.9.5.?  Dragging doesn't work although I have tried a number of different places.  I recall right clicking used to give me a remove option.

    How do I remove an icon from the dock of an iMac Maverick, 10.9.5?  I've tried dragging different places: desktop, finder list etc.  No luck.

    Drag up towards the centre of the screen & hold for a second or so. The icon will have the 'smoke cloud' appear, let go & it will be removed.
    There should also be a 'Remove from Dock' option in the popup menu. It is in the 'Options' section . ctrl+click will 'right click' if right clicking is disabled.
    If this is not possible the Dock is locked (this may happen on a 'Managed Mac' normally setup by a company or school etc). See your tech support in this case.

  • How do I remove padlock icon from all my files?

    On one of my drives, every single file has a little padlock icon superimposed over the file icon. I recall when I did a clean install of windows 7 RC over my Vista install, I wasn't getting write access to the drive so I had to take ownership of the drive and mess with the security settings before it started working normally.
    I have to admit, I find the security settings in all versions of NT mystifying... For instance, although my account is in the administrators group, having full access to administrators never seems to work. I always have to add my individual user account and explicitly give it full access.
    In any case, I can't remember exactly what it took, but after messing around with the security settings for a while, I eventually was able to have full access to the drive and have no problems reading/writing/deleting files and folders, but there's the padlock icon still on everything.
    Can anyone explain how to get rid of it, and/or maybe point me to a good, clear, understandable guide on how to properly set NTFS permissions.

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    <textarea cols="100" rows="20" name="body"><blockquote> <p>Hi,</p> <p>This is a new feature of Windows 7 RC. If a folder's ownership is SYSTEM, the icon would be appears.</p> <p>To
    remove the icon, please change the ownership of the folders. You may refer the following website.</p> <p><a href="">Change the permissions and take ownership of your
    files and folders&nbsp; Windows Vista for Beginners</a>&nbsp;</p> <p>Important Note: Microsoft provides third-party contact information to help you find technical support. This contact information may change without notice. Microsoft
    does not guarantee the accuracy of this third-party contact information.</p> <hr> Arthur Xie - MSFT</blockquote> <p>You may call this a feature but I call it rediculous. The security and ownership system deployed in win 7 is beyond
    belief and horribly BAD!</p> <p>I have files which have disappeared from view under start / all programs which are clearly on my system. They can be seen by an administrator only account but not by a users acccount which has administrator privs.
    That really makes great since!</p> &nbsp;Returning to Win XP looks like a good option to me. Anyone who changes the ownership of an entire drive is asking for latent problems when various areas within windows needs ownership of SYSTEM or Trustedinstaller
    and others which were overwritten with the change.</textarea>
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    This forum even has bugs! look at this mess.

  • How do you remove buttons icons from a large pdf all at once?

    How do you remove buttons icons from a large pdf all at once? I have a 1400 + pg doc that I am updating. It has icon buttons to return to the home page on each page but they were not duplicated properly and when you scroll through the doc, the buttons dance around. Now I want to redo these buttons but hate the idea of having to go to each page to delete the icon button so I can start new. Can it be done all at once?

    It's probably worth adding to try67's suggestion above that, if you're using the first option, you need to make sure the page display is continuous. (If you've got it set to view a single page only, Command+A will only select the fields on the active page.)

  • How to remove a photo from a LRPublishedCollection without affecting the Publish Service?

    Hello guys!
    I would like to know if there is a way to remove a photo from a LRPublishedCollection without affecting the Publish Service. Basically I would like it to be removed from the collection but I don't want to be added to "Deleted Photos to Remove".
    Thanks a lot!

    I don't know how to keep it from being put on the "Deleted Photos to Remove" list at least briefly, but if you do this, it'll amount to the same thing:
    * save status for all photos in collection
    * set status of all photos to "do not publish"
    * remove photo from collection.
    * publish the collection, and make sure you call the deleted callback, but don't do anything else.
    * restore previous photo statuses.
    Only works in Lr4+.

  • How do I remove station icons from "My Stations" in 12.0

    How do I remove station icons from "My Stations" in 12.0

    Finally, a useful reply from Eric Ross. Thanks.

  • I stupidly have one iCloud account but with two iphones using it. How can I delete iCloud from my phone without deleting the iCloud account from my husbands phone ? He needs the account on his but I don't want it on mine!!

    I Stupidly have one iCloud account but with two phones using it. How can I delete iCloud from my phone without deleting the account from my husbands phone. He needs the account on his but I dont want it on mine!

    But does this delete the whole account from the cloud, or just from my device. I must make sure my husband doesn't loose all his business contacts which are in the iCloud device. Thanks.

  • How can I sync my iPod with my computer without deleting the songs that are on my ipod

    how can I sync my iPod with my computer without deleting the songs that are on my ipod

    See this post by forum regular Zevoneer on transferring files from the iPod to your computer.

  • Hi. How can I delete the table without deleting the content? My pages is 5.2.2.

    Hi. How can I delete the table without deleting the content? My pages version is 5.2.2. Thank you for your help.

    There is no convert Table to text capability in Pages v5.2.2, as there was in Pages ’09 v4.3.
    You can keep the table while making the table grid vanish, leaving the existing tabular text structure. Select the table, and under the Format panel > Table tab, the following settings will produce this output. If selected, you can refine its document placement in the Arrange tab.

  • How do I remove a song from an album without removing it from my computer library or another album?

    How do I remove a song from an itunes album on my MacBook without removing it from my library or from another album. It ended up in the wrong album

    When you delete the song, a menu will come up and ask you if you want to trash or keep the file. Select "keep file."   It will no longer be in your song list but it will remain on your harddrive. To add it back in use the --"add to library"--  command in the  drop down "File" Menu (you have to navigagte to where the song is stored on your hard drive and select it-- to add it back in.
    Re: it ended up in the wrong album
    If your songs are going in the wrong place go to the "Get Info" command and check the information under all the tabs (look at a song that's in the right album to see how it's listed) -- one or more of the boxes is incorrect or empty.  Just put  in the right information and close the info window. That should put it back in the right spot for you.

  • How do I locally delete a song that was uploaded to the cloud, without deleting the song from the cloud?

    I have synced all my itunes libraries with iTunes_Match. Now, I have songs on my MacBook Air, that I would like to delete locally, but NOT delete from iTunes Match (that is, leave them in the Cloud),
    How do I do this? Whenver I try to delete a tune, it asks me if I want to delete the selected song from my iTunes Library, If that means my local macBook Air library,then the answer is "Yes." It goes on to say that the song will also be deleted for any ipod, iPhone or iPad that synchronizes with my iTunes Library. That seems to change the definition of "iTunes Library," since, as I understand it, all of the devices, (IOS and OSX 10.7+) sync with the "iCloud library," not my local library.
    Basically how do I delete locally, but not globally?

    To delete a song locally is just how have already discovered you do it. Just be sure the option to delete the song from iCloud is not checked in the delete dialog. However, if you want that same music to be available to all your mobile devices you will have to enable iTunes Match on your devices. If you are still directly syncing your iDevices, and you delete songs from the library, those songs will no longer be available to directly sync. Make sense?

  • How to activate a new release Strategy Of PR without deleting the previous one?

    Dear  All,
    1=I have a release strategy in purchase requisition which is without classification and active in system.
    2= Now i configured a New Release Strategy for Purchase requisition   which is with classification
    My question is i want to activate the New one with classification  in System without deleting the previous one.
    Should it possible? and How?

    Dear  Dev,
    My old release strategy at item level.
    But  the New one  is at header Level.
    But the previous  one  showing  the release Indicator.
    But  when i delete  the old configuration the old release indicator vanishes.
    But the thing is  in Pr with out classification we have same Pr doc.Type
    But in New Configuration We want to at header level  and with same doc   type.
    so without  deleting  the old one if i activate the New Strategy whether the system allow me
    to see the New Release Indicator?
    As  My testing when i deleted the old one the Old indicator in Line item Level vanishes.

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