How do I separate my daughters devices from my icloud but use the same apple itunes account?

How can I separate my daughters icloud account but keep the same apple itunes account?

To migrate her device to a new account, start by saving any photo stream photos she keep to keep to your camera roll (unless already there) by opening your my photo stream album, tapping Select, tapping the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward facing arrow), then tapping Save to Camera Roll.  If she is syncing any notes with iCloud that she wants to keep on her device, you'll need to open each of them and email them to her so she can later copy and paste the text into new notes created in her new account.  Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from this device, not from iCloud; your devices won't be effected by this), choose Keep on My iDevice and provide the password when prompted.  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create her new account and choose Merge to upload her data.  (If she has multiple devices, she can go through this same process on the others, but choose Delete from My iDevice when prompted as the data has now already been migrated to the new account.)
Once you are both on separate accounts you can each go to and delete the other person's data from your account if you need to.
You can continue to share the same iTunes ID.  The ID used for iCloud does not need to be the same as the ID used for iTunes.

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  • HT5538 How do you separate multiple iOS devices using the same apple id account for Face Time calls and iMessaging?

    How do you separate multiiple ios devices using the same apple id account for Face Time calls and iMessaging?

    The only way I have seen is to have each device use a if fervent email account, if they all are on the same email the FaceTime connection is either to a phone number or to an email address.  If they ar all on the same email, it is up to the user to decide which to use.

  • I have 2 iPhones (1 personal, 1 business) but use the same Apple ID. I have replaced my personal iPhone but it has restored to my work iPhone. How do I restore it to my personal iPhone settings?

    I have 2 iPhones (1 personal, 1 business) but use the same Apple ID. I have replaced my personal iPhone but it has restored to my work iPhone settings (photos/contacts/messages etc.) How do I restore it to my personal iPhone settings?

    You're welcome.
    First check to be sure the new phone is running the same or higher version of iOS as the one you backed up (Settings>General>About>Version).  If it isn't, you'll need to update the iOS first.  Then go to Settings>General>Reset, tap Erase All Content and Settings, go through the setup screens on the phone and when given the options, choose Restore from iCloud backup and follow the prompts, choosing the backup of your personal phone to restore to.
    Be sure the phone is connected to wifi and your charger while it is restoring the backup.

  • Hi, I have an old iphone 3 and for Xmas received an iphone 5. I have 2 apple ID accounts, one on each phone, for me to be able to transfer messages, fotos, contacts etc from the iphone 3 to 5 do I have to be using the same Apple ID account?  Many thanks.

    hi everyone, first time using this forum!
    I have an old iphone 3 and for Xmas received an iphone 5. I have 2 apple ID accounts, one on each phone. For me to be able to transfer messages, fotos, contacts etc from the iphone 3 to 5 do I have to be using the same Apple ID account?  Many thanks.

    You should only use one Apple ID for both phones.  All apps that you bought for your 3 are linked forever to the Apple ID used to buy them.  If you set up your iPhone 5 as a new phone, rather than restoring from a backup of the 3, you will lose the messages, but you can sync to get the pix, contacts and music.  It is safer to do it as a new phone, because sometimes restoring a backup from an earlier version of the phone can cause problems in the new phone (as told to me by an Apple store "genius" two days ago.)

  • How can I use the same Apple ID account in two different App Stores?

    I am from Greece and I use my Apple-ID account to download iPhone Apps from the Greek App Store. However I live in Germany and some iPhone applications I want are available only through the German App Store. When I try to download one of them I got the message that my acount cannot be used with the German App Store. Is there any way to be able to have on my phone applications form both the German and the Greek App store at the same time using or not the same Apple ID account? I have got both Greek and German credit cards if this is an issue. Thanks.

    If I create a new iTunes account for the German itunes store, what happened with my previous purchases? Do they remain on my iPhone and my Mac's iTunes?
    Nothing will happen to your existing purchases. Your computer will remain authorized - you can authorize a single computer to up to five iTunes Store accounts - and the apps and content will remain in place.
    Can I switch from one acount to the other every time I want to update an application or purchase a new one?
    As long as you're in the relevant country, yes. Again, the terms of use say that you agree not to even attempt to use an iTunes Store from outside of its country.

  • How do I remove my daughters device from my iCloud account

    I got my daughter an iPhone 3GS for her Christmas and I set up her iTunes on her own laptop but it was unable to update to the ios5 so I connected it to my computer and iTunes to update it wich resulted in my I cloud account going onto her phone and her recieving all my contacts wich she later deleted resulting in me losing my contacts I want to remove her device from my iCloud account and set up her own so our contacts and stuff are separate can anyone help me with this as it won't let me change the email address on her device and I'm scared if I press delete Account on her iPhone it will delete my account from my phone also does anyone have any advice on what I could do please x

    <on your daughter's iPhone>
    If your daughters Contacts were on iphone or have been added to iphone and are now in your icloud account she can go to>>
    Settings >>iCloud >><>turn off iCloud sync Contacts>>keep on this iPhone when prompted.
    This should remove any contacts from iCloud that were synced to her phone but not the ones she put directly to the phone
    Now to remove your iCloud from her phone>>
    Settings >>iCloud >>>Storage and Back up>>Manage Storage<<She can delete the Back up assosciated with her phone>
    Settings >>iCloud >>>Delete account .. she should select Delete from this iPhone when prompted this will remove your iCloud data from her iPhone
    iCloud Support
    Apple IDs and iCloud
    see above links for further assistance

  • How can I see My Photo Stream from two Macs associated with the same Apple ID?

    I have a MacBook Pro (my personal machine) and an iMac (our family computer).
    The iPhoto library housing all of our family photos lives on the iMac.
    The iPhoto library on my MacBook Pro is currently empty.
    I have an account on both machines.  I have associated the same Apple ID with both machines.
    When I launch iPhoto on my MacBook Pro and attempt to turn on photo sharing (so that I can see My Photo Stream, as well as other shared streams), iPhoto informs me that "iCloud Photos for xxx@xxx is being used with another library named 'iPhoto Library'."
    My iPhone, which is also affiliated with the same Apple ID, shows the streams just fine.
    What can I do to remedy this situation?  I'd like to be able to view my shared streams on my MacBook Pro, while leaving the actual massive photo library on the iMac.

    I found out about this issue when I created a new library with some photo's I wanted to sync to my iCloud account.  I found the following on the Fat Cat Software page and thought it might be helpful to others:
    Using Photo Stream with multiple libraries
    Starting in iPhoto 9.2, Apple introduced a new feature called Photo Stream, which lets you automatically transfer photos via their iCloud service between your iPhoto library and your other devices such as an iPhone, iPad, or another Mac. This feature works when you have multiple iPhoto libraries set up, but there are a couple things to be aware of.
    First, iPhoto will only allow Photo Stream to be active in one iPhoto library at any given time. If you've already enabled Photo Stream in one library, but then open a second library and enable Photo Stream there, this will cause Photo Stream to be turned off in the first library.
    Any photos downloaded by Photo Stream are actually stored in an entirely separate location from any of your iPhoto libraries. This means that, even if you do switch Photo Stream from one library to another, you will not need to go through redownloading all the photos you already have in Photo Stream back from the iCloud servers. So, switching Photo Stream from one library to another is a relatively inexpensive operation, so you can do it as often as needed without it being much of a hassle.

  • How do i take photo stream off without other devices using the same apple id account get the picks??

    is there a setting for photo stream so other devices with the same apple id dont recieve the photos

    Go to Settings>iCloul and turn off PhotoStream

  • How can I enable Facetime for two different iTouch (4 gen) using the same Apple ID?

    I would like to have each of them have their own distinct email address so I can Facetime them seperately, is this possible? I have two new iTouches for each of my kids, and I want to use one Apple ID so we can all share the same music. they have their own email accounts, but I would like to know if I can assign each of the iTouch with a different email address so I can facetime my kids using their distinct email address. Right now, they are sharing the email address assigned to our Apple ID, so they are ringing at the same time. Thanks!! CL

    It is possible to use one Apple ID with Face Time and Messages by adding email addresses and setting the "you can be reached at" and "Start a new conversation from" in the settings for each device. This method does not work well though.
    Your best option is to set each kid up with there own iCloud/Apple iTunes Store account (Apple ID) using their own email address. Then on each device set the iCloud Settings on each device to their specific Apple ID. Set the iTunes & Apps Store settings to use the main Apple ID for store purchases. With this setup each user will have their own distinct iCloud account which will not interferer with the others yet still make purchases from the main one.

  • HT204053 how many devices can be authorized to use the same apple id for itunes purchasing

    I currently have 2 pc's, 1 macbook, and 3 iphones under same apple id.  We purchase songs from iturns and share them between us.  Is there a limit to how many can be authorized.  I have just purchased another macbook for my daughter and wish to add that to this account also.

    Hi Pammers711,
    Article: HT4627 iTunes Store: Associating a device or computer to your Apple ID
    Your Apple ID can have up to 10 devices and computers (combined) associated with it.
    Article: HT1420 iTunes Store: About authorization and deauthorization
    You can have five authorized computers
    Have a nice day,

  • How can I get iCloud to use the same Apple ID on my Mac and iOS devices

    I have an Apple ID that syncs between my iPhone and iPad. The Apple ID on my Mac is different and I cannot change it so it uses the same Apple ID and iCloud account.

    Sign out of the Apple ID on your Mac and sign in to the one you want to use. Go to System Preferences>iCloud>Sign Out
    Then sign in to the Apple ID you use with your iPhone and iPad.

  • Hello.  I am about to migrate over to iCloud.  I don't think I see my situation addressed. I have one mobile me account and a separate appleID for purchases.   I have 4 devices and my wife has two. Right now they are all using the same mobile me account t

    I don't think I see my situation addressed. I have one mobile me account and a separate appleID for purchases.   I have 4 devices and my wife has two. Right now they are all using the same mobile me account to sync just the calendar and address book.
    1.)  I want to add email syncing for my 4 devices and email syncing for my wife's two devices separately, but we want to sync and share the same calendar and address book.  Is this possible?
    2.)  I also have 5 different calendars, one for work, one for home, one for... etc.  Is there a way to have different devices only sync certain calendars and not others or is it an all or nothing deal?
    Thanks in advance for any tips!

    To begin with, I would like to try to explain Apple's confusing nomenclature in regard to iCloud.
    Apple have called the whole cloud thing iCloud, there are a number of features under the iCloud umbrella, some of which require their own login. iTunes is one of these, another is what Apple have unfortunately also called iCloud.
    You can use the same Apple ID (account) to login to both iCloud and iTunes, but you don't need to and often users will login to each service using a different ID.
    The part that you need to remember is that the services available when you log into iCloud are completely different and unrelated to those when you log in to iTunes. Your iCloud login enables mail, contacts, calendars, find my phone, Back to My Mac, Documents & Data sharing and photosstream, it does not affect any of your iTunes services.
    To avoid confusion when discussing your problem, when I mention iCloud, I am referring to the services under the iCloud login, Whereas I will refer to the whole cloud thing as The Cloud.
    Generally speaking it is not a good idea to share an iCloud account between different people, it often results in contracts, calendars et cetera being deleted by others. Saying that however you can add secondary iCloud accounts to your devices at settings> mail, contacts, calendars. Secondary accounts do not have all the features of a primary account, but are often very useful. Because you can enable or disable each individual feature of an iCloud account, you can cover almost any situation by using secondary accounts.

  • HT3529 can you send messages from an ipad to an iphone under the same apple id account

    Can you send and recieve messages from an ipad mini and an iphone using the same apple id account.

    kind of its like your talking to your self

  • How do I separate 3 different devices all using the same apple ID

    HELP PLEASE!! My wife has a macbook which is about 5 years old. We used our only email address at that time as our apple ID. Since then we have bought her an iphone 4 and registered it with the same apple ID. Then a few months later I made the jump from my blackberry to an iphone 4 and used the same apple id. All these devices are now tethered to the same apple id as well as our family itunes account. So, we have a family itunes account, an older macbook and 2 iphone 4's all with the same apple id. With me so far? Now, everything was cool until the iOS update came out for our 2 iphones and came with the new icloud app. When my wife and I set up our icloud accounts everything that was on her phone showed up on mine and everything that was on mine showed up on hers. How do I change the apple id's on her phone and computer, keep the apple id we already have on my phone and continue to share the itunes account? An important note here is that the apple id's are my email address. HELP!!!!

    OK this might help you
    you need both iphones and the mac next open itunes and click on itunes prefrences now you will need to go to devices and erase all iphone back ups
    next plug the phone with your info to the mac and rename that iphone with your name and back it up, After the back up safely remove it
    next plug the phone with your wifes info into the mac and follow the same steps.
    after the back up is done restore your wifes iphone and when ask to restore as a new iphone you need to scroll down to her name and click on it then do the same with your phone
    this will put all info into the corresponding phones

  • HT204053 Hi, my husband has downloaded ios7 and now he is receiving my iMessages/facetime calls.  Obviously we both use the same apple Id.  How do i keep using the same apple id on both devices, but disable my iMessages etc from his phone??

    My husband has upgraded ios7.  His iphone and mine have the same apple id.  he has activated "icloud" which i have never activated before.  He is receiving my imessages and facetime calls. How do i disable this yet still continue using our shared apple id on both devices????

    Short term solution, do this on both devices
    Settings > iCloud > Shut off anything you don't want shared
    Long term solution (actual solution)
    You need seperate Apple IDs for iCloud. iTunes and iCloud are not the same.
    Create a new Apple ID >
    On one of the devices go Settings > iCloud > Delete Account > Sign in with the new Apple ID
    This will seperate your Contacts, Calendars, Messages etc.
    You both can continue to use the same Apple ID for iTunes and share apps and music

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