How do I set the environment to change outputs when I press a button?

Hi guys!
This is a question for the Logic pros:
How do I set up my environment so that when I press a Button on my Midi Controller the Outputs from the Master Channel switch from 1-2 to 3-4 (to hear my music through different loudspeakers)???
Does somebody know how to do that?
Thank you in advance!
Greetings from Germany

The easiest way is to route your mix to all the outputs you're using. Then set up fader objects in the env that transform toggled cc's from your keyboard switches. Cable those fader objects to the output channel objects. To toggle the Mute on an output channel you'll need to send it a fader message #9, value 0 or 1, on channel 1.
That would work, as long as you have switches on your keyboard that can transmit toggled cc's.

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    unset USERNAME.bash_logout
    clearNow log out and then log in again - a nicer prompt, and all environment variables are set, ready to run sqlplus, imp, etc.
    This should help make your overall XE experience on Linux easier. Regards,

    Nice. I checked the .bash_profile of my oracle installation and this is what I can contribute (I got the additional stuff from some tests with other Oracle Versions):
    # /etc/skel/.bash_profile
    # This file is sourced by bash for login shells.  The following line
    # runs your .bashrc and is recommended by the bash info pages.
    [[ -f ~/.bashrc ]] && . ~/.bashrc
    # Oracle Profile Settings
    if [ $USER = "oracle" ]; then
       source /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/bin/
       if [ $SHELL = "/bin/ksh" ]; then
          ulimit -p 16384
          ulimit -n 65536
          ulimit -u 16384 -n 65536

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    Contrary to the rest of the nice folk here, I say do NOT turn off automatic error handling!
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    If you truly want to ignore the error in this mode, you can wire the error out terminal into anything (even a wall). Once an error out terminal is wired, the error will not pop up automatically. This does not mean you should use this as a standard course of action. You should normally handle your errors properly.
    Try to take over the world!

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    just go through the Code below:
    this helps you but this works in IE only.
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    I don't know which O/S you are using and how your .dbenv-files looks.
    However, as quick work around you could just add the following lines to the end of .dbenv_<hostname>.csh:
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    You need to set a couple of environment variables in your "profile" script. Which one, exactly, depends on the shell you use. It's probably .profile on your home directory.
    JAVA_HOME=/usr/java1.4 (or wherever it really is)
    export JAVA_HOME,PATH

  • How to set the environment for Oracle XE-database.

    I have a:- lsnrctl command not found,
    And when I echo oracle host & path I got:-
    [[email protected] etc]$ echo $ORACLE_HOST
    [[email protected] etc]$ echo $PATH
    Now I know that my environment is not set, but could anyone please assist me how I can set the environmernt ??? I mean commands or detailed instruction step as to what needs to be set where & how, I mean the SID, port, Path ???, I am new to Linux as well as database .
    When I see the listener process using this:- ps -ef | grep tnslsnr, this is the output:-
    [[email protected] ~]$ ps -ef | grep tnslsnr
    oracle 14727 1 0 14:25 ? 00:00:00 /usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/bin/tnslsnr LISTENER -inherit
    oracle 22618 21569 0 15:59 pts/2 00:00:00 grep tnslsnr
    So does this mean that my Oracle home is "/usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/" ???
    Also In the host file under /etc/ directory I have these settings localhost.localdomain localhost ddcdevws02
    I don't know if this is correct or not ? But I doubt I could make any change in the host file, please suggest me.

    user8692703 wrote:
    I am sorry Ed I reliazed that that was Phirir's suggestion to me, & Yes this is XE-Oracle database .... so the sid name would be "XE" ...?? I am sorry for my stupid questions as I am very new to ths .
    I've never worked with XE, but from everything I've seen, that would also be your SID. check the contents of /etc/oratab
    And then what other details required after I run this command ". oraenv", can I run this from any directory or some specific location ?
    Just like any command, you can run it from anywhere as long as the directory is in your PATH.
    But actually, you should be setting this in your profile, so that you just inherit it when you log on to the server. Depending on your OS, that would be either $HOME/.profile or $HOME/.bash_profile. Here are the commands you should have in that file:
    export ORACLE_HOME=pathtoyouroraclehomedirectory
    export ORACLE_SID=nameofyouroraclesid
    export PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH>
    well I have this infor. with me
    HTTP port ---> 8080
    Port fopr Database ----> 1521
    Anythin else required ?

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