How do i set up my apple id with itunes and the appstore?

How do i set up my apple id with itunes and the appstore?

iTunes 10 for Mac: Set up an Apple ID account for use in the iTunes Store

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  • HT5622 If I change My Apple ID for iTunes and the AppStore, will every app and all my music be deleted?

    I keep downloading useless apps, so I made my own Apple ID.

    Nothing would be deleted, but if you have enabled Automatic Downloads in Settings>iTunes & App Store, or have downloaded any previous purchases with your existing ID, you will not be able to do this with a new ID for 90 days from the time you originally enabled Automatic Downloads or downloaded a previous purchase.  You can purchase new media, you just can't redownload it until this time has elapsed.  There's more details on this restriction here:
    Also, purchases are permanently tied to the ID used to purchase them.  Even if you stop using the ID for new purchasing, you will still be prompted for the password for this ID when updating apps purchased with this ID.

  • How do I set up a Apple TC with a Verizon FIOS wireless modem model  Actiontec 424wi F series.  Does the wifi in the modem have to be shut off and will it effect the FIOS tv?

    How do I set up an Apple TC with a Verizon FIOS wireless modem model MI424wr F.  Does the wifi have to be turned off in the modem and then bridge it to the TC?  Will FIOS tv be effected?

    Your first call should be to Verizon support to ask them if you turn off the wireless on the Actiontec router....will it affect any of the features/functions of the FIOS system?
    If yes, then it would be best to leave the Actiontec router "as is" and connect the Time Capsule using Ethernet in Bridge Mode as a back up device only (wireless is turned off on the Time Capsule).
    If you want to use the dual band (and likely much faster) wireless capability of the Time Capsule, then you should turn off the wireless on the Actiontec device to help prevent wireless interference effects that will likely occur when two wireless routers are in close proximity to each other.
    Again, the Time Capsule would be connected to the Actiontec router using an Ethernet connection from one of the LAN <-> ports on the Actiontec router to the WAN port (circle icon) on the Time Capsule. Configure the Time Capsule in Bridge Mode as well in this type of configuration.
    Bottom line....what Verizon says will pretty much dictate how you can set up the TIme Capsule.

  • How do i set up my apple tv with a older tv that has only 1 hdmi outlet? i have the DVR box, the modem, router...

    how do i set up my apple tv with a older panasonic tv that has only 1 hdmi outlet? i have the DVR box, the modem, router...

    you either need a get a new TV with more than 1 HDMI input or find an HDMI switch that is compatible with both the appletv an your DVR.

  • I have a new 160GB iPod Classic. I often listen to it for many hours at a time. Even with Itunes and the Classic set on shuffle it repeats songs often and only plays a small fraction of my songs. Help!            of my

    When listening for hours to my new Clasic 160 with several thousand songs and both itunes and the Classic set to shuffle all songs it only plays a small fraction of my library and plays many songs several times over that period. It also seems to pick a small different group of songs to repeat without touching many of most of my songs each time I start listening. Over 98% of the music is legally owned in my CD collection. A few are down loads which play! There should be no issues with ownership. Please help. As much as I like all my tunes I want to actually hear them all. There are many many albums that have never been played.

    Okay, well we've eliminated a couple of things.
    One thing I have noticed about the iPod Classic: I suspect that "shuffle" is actually a Playlist, not a real shuffle. The Classic is not as powerful as iTunes or a desktop/computer, so it cannot truely "shuffle songs". I suspect what happens is that every Sync of the Classic with its iTunes Library causes a revised "shuffle playlist" to be put on the iPod and then, when you choose Shuffle play, it actually uses that special hidden "shuffle playlist".
    So one trick is to Sync your iPod with iTunes frequently. This would change the "shuffle playlist". Another trick would be to create your own Playlists, either by adding what you want to a Regular Playlist or by creating a Smart Playlist which adds and removes songs by itself.
    Smart Playlists: for example, you can create a Smart Playlist (in iTunes) which contains a random selection of all songs, or a random selection of a particular group of songs, provided the song has not been played for a period of time, say six months, or 300 days. Every Sync of the iPod with iTunes would remove any song from that Smart Playlist if it has been played. That same song cannot go back into the Playlist for a period of six months, or whatever you choose.
    This way, you can reduce the likelyhood of hearing the same songs too often. This brings me to another point. If you have the same song, on different albums, then it's possible that you are hearing that same song but from both albums.
    Try this: in your iTunes Library,
    look for and click on the big + button and choose New Smart Playlist..., if you do not have the Sidebar displayed, switch to the Playlists view where you will find it in the bottom left corner,
    Set it up to look like this:
    It creates a list of songs that have not been played for fifteen weeks. It excludes videos and in my iTunes Library, it has 527 songs in it. If you would like a smaller list than that, click on the Limit to and fill in the number of songs you want.
    Having set it up, play some songs from it (in shuffle mode if you wish) and watch how it changes . The song must play through to the end of the track before it is classed as "played". If you like it, let it go onto your iPod. You could set up a few Playlists, each with their own rules. Even if a song appears in two different Smart Playlists, if you have the "last played is not in the last" rule in both lists, then playing the song will eliminate it from both lists. None of this removes songs from the iPod (unless you use Sync selected Playlists...).

  • How do I set up used Apple TV with lost remote?

    I just moved and purchased the previous tenant's Apple TV. However, she had lost the remote so I do not have one. How can I set up the tv?

    You will be unable to setup the Apple TV without a remote. One can be purchased through Apple or any authorized reseller.

  • How do I set up my apple laptop to automatically show the active screen when attaching a HDMI cable to my TV

    When using HDMI cable to TV how do I set up to automatically display the active laptop screen so that I don't have to drag to TV

    You have the display set in Extended Desktop mode with the MacBook as the main screen. The Menu Bar and Dock will be on the MacBook display and your background screen on the TV but you can move the cursor onto the TV screen.
    In System Preferences>Display on the MacBook screen there should be an Arrangement tab when you have the MacBook hooked up to the TV and both screens working. When you click the Arrangement tab do you see two monitors side by side? One of them will have a Menu Bar at the top. Just click on the Menu Bar and drag it to the second monitor. That will make the second monitor your main screen.
    The TV will now have the Dock and Menu Bar and windows will open on it. But you can move the cursor to the MacBook screen and move windows from the TV over to the MacBook screen.
    You can now use your MacBook in Clamshell Mode with a wired or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. When you disconnect from the TV your Menu Bar will automatically change back to the MacBook.
    Or if you want to work on the MacBook screen while showing it on a TV you can check the Mirror Display box on the lower left hand side of the Arrangement tab under the two monitors box. That will give you the same screen at the same resolution on both the MacBook and the external monitor.

  • How do i set up an apple id with email registered to another id

    I have already deleted the email from the current Apple ID.  I want to set up an Apple ID for my daughter now that uses that email but is different from my Apple ID.  Even after deleting it from my account, I can't set up a new ID for her.  I keep getting a message about the email being linked to another Apple ID.

    OK, it seems like we are missing each other.  Here's the situation.  I have my Apple ID which is...[email protected](for example purposes).  I have 3 emails already attached to it...[email protected](The primary), [email protected](an alternate)  and [email protected](another alternate).  All 3 emails are currently attached and working with my Apple ID of [email protected]  Been like this for a year or 2 now, maybe even longer.  I do intend to continue using my own ID ([email protected]) as my own.
    I deleted the [email protected] because I am trying to set up an Apple ID for my daughter using [email protected] as her Apple ID.  It is her email and she's been using it for a couple years.  No reason to have her share my apple ID while using her email.
    The result is that every time I try and create a new ID using [email protected] as the Apple ID, I get the message that [email protected] is already associated with another Apple ID, even though I have deleted it from my ID of [email protected]

  • How do i set up a used iPad with iTunes account

    Hi, my friend has recently bought a second hand iPad and has been having problems using it with her iTunes account. She has the latest version installed on her laptop but when the iPad is connected, a window opens to say it cannot be used because it requires iTunes 10.1 or later.
    Is it possible to use a second hand device with an existing iTunes account and how do you get the latest version of iTunes on the iPad?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Sorry that I mentioned 'daughter' rather than 'friend'.
    Has she access to another computer with iTunes. If so, attach it to that briefly to see if she gets the same message. If she does not then the problem is iTunes on her own laptop. This can be resolved in two ways. If the iTunes update was recent then do a system restore on the laptop and then update iTunes again. (Be careful that such a restore has not ramifications as regards to new programmes installed in the interim.) Now try connecting again. The second option, as quoted earlier by Demo, is to forget about the system restore (on the laptop) and reinstall iTunes. The following should help -

  • How can I remove my old apple id from iTunes and put the new one in?

    Morning all, how can I remove my old apple Id from my I tunes account and replace it with the new apple ID, ?
    Many thanks
    Kimber. Lee

    Sign out of iTunes and sign in with the new ID. On your computer, under on of the iTunes menus, on your iPad Settings > iTunes and App Stores and tap on the Apple ID.
    Note that all apps downloaded under the previous ID are locked to that ID, and you will have to sign back onto it for any updates.

  • How do I set up my new 5S with itunes when I'm not on my home computer?

    How do I setup my new 5S with itunes when I'm not on my home computer?

    Update the iOS on your new iPhone first then restore the phone from your iCloud backup.

  • TS1363 How do i sync iPod Touch 4th Gen with iTunes and PC?

    Hi Recently my iPod Touch  (4th Gen) is not recognized by iTunes or ' My Computer' on my PC it was synced fine previously. I have tried to get an update via a Wi Fi network but this timed out... How can I get it recognized by cable?
    Many thanks in advance...

    - Transfer iTunes purchases to the now new computer by :
    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to a computer
    - Transfer other music by using a third-party program like those discussed here:
    Copy music from Ipod to new computer...: Apple Support Communities
    - Make a backup of th iPod by connecting the iPod to the computer. Right click on iPod under Devices in iTunes and select Back Up.
    - Restore the iPod from backup and sync as necessary.

  • How to disable a ipodtouch that says connect to itunes and the screen won't slide to let you type in the password?

    How can I disable my Ipod Touch that says connect to itunes and it won't let you slide to type in the password?

    Connect the device to your iTunes library in recovery mode using the instructions in this Apple support document and restore the iPod.
    iOS: Unable to update or restore

  • I just got an eMac G4-1Ghz/256/80/SuperDrive/56k/220v the problem is, it's stuck on theLoading Screen everytime i turn it on it wont go any further it's stuck on the Gray Apple logo with whiteBG and the loading icon that keeps circling any ideas?

    i got this emac from my uncles friend, and they said it's still working so i was likeok lemme see. and when i turned it on i was like "nice it really is working" but right after it went to the loading screen (Gray apple logo with a whiteBG and the loading icon that keeps circling) it wont go any further.. it just stays like that forever.. OMG any ideas???? thanks

    Hello, do you have the Install Discs for it?
    "Try Disk Utility
    1. Insert the Mac OS X Install disc, then restart the computer while holding the C key.
    2. When your computer finishes starting up from the disc, choose Disk Utility from the Installer menu at top of the screen. (In Mac OS X 10.4 or later, you must select your language first.)
    *Important: Do not click Continue in the first screen of the Installer. If you do, you must restart from the disc again to access Disk Utility.*
    3. Click the First Aid tab.
    4. Select your Mac OS X volume.
    5. Click Repair Disk, (not Repair Permissions). Disk Utility checks and repairs the disk."
    Then try a Safe Boot, (holding Shift key down at bootup), run Disk Utility in Applications>Utilities, then highlight your drive, click on Repair Permissions, reboot when it completes.
    (Safe boot may stay on the gray radian for a long time, let it go, it's trying to repair the Hard Drive.)
    If perchance you can't find your install Disc, at least try it from the Safe Boot part onward.

  • How do I set up another Apple ID with same email address so that my daughter can use game center with her own account?

    We have two Ipods and an Iphone.  We usually just use my Apple ID for everything on each device.  However, when downloading games to the game center, we have to use my Apple Id and then it automatically sets up my game center username on my daughter's Ipod.  But she wants to play some of the same games that I do but she can't because my username keeps coming up.
    How do I add another Apple ID to the same email address or create another user id for the game center?

    I don't believe you can do that; here is some info:
    (click on the more Apple ID support at the bottom)

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