How do I show an image in a DataGrid column?

I'm not sure that this is possible. I would like to show an
image in a datagrid column based on the data that the grid is bound
to. Is there any way to do this? I'm using Beta 3.

Yes, you need a custom itemRenderer. This can be inline or a
custom class.

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    In another thread I posted a suggestion to try when the iPhoto app in the Application folder will not work:
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         I have datagrid in that i have a itemRenderer in which i am loading images. What i need to do is i have to hide one or two images in tha datagrid.
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    Message was edited by: Jayagopal Flex

    Try adding visible='{data.participant_count>0}' to your HBox or Component

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    for The layout field we select the option as Image.
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  • How do I show multiple images when I hover over different areas with the MouseOver function?

    I’ve been working on a flash simulator to show what our Expert Range Finder binocular product would look like. The idea is to hover over an area, or image and it show the range or how far the object is from you.
    I have been successful in making it work with the following code below.  Yet I cannot add several "range" images (or symbols) when I hover over a certain area.  Can someone help me with the code?  I looked for hours on the internet and I cannot get it to work.  I am new to Flash but am starting to learn as much as I can.  Any help is appreciated!  Thanks!
    Actionscript 3 Code:
    img_nv.mask = mask2_mc;
    mask2_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, onDown);
    mask2_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, onUp);
    function onDown(e:MouseEvent):void{
    function onUp(e:MouseEvent):void{

    I can't thank you enough for your help!  I just have a few questions left if you don't mind.
    If you look at the picture, the text shows up in the "tfield" yet there is a weird symbol after "37Y" that I cannot get rid of.  In the code I erased in line 29 " + " zone" " Is that the reason why it is showing a weid symbol?
    One more question. I tried placing multiple ranges and text fields and they are not working.  All I did was duplicate the code for the first range and text like below but I am missing something.  Will you kindly help me?
    Actionscript Code:
    range2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, manageMouseOver, false, 0, true);
    range2.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, manageMouseOut, false, 0, true);
    function manageMouseOver(event:MouseEvent):void{
      tfield2.text = "over "+ + " zone";
    function manageMouseOut(event:MouseEvent):void{
    tfield2.text = "";
    range3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OVER, manageMouseOver, false, 0, true);
    range3.addEventListener(MouseEvent.ROLL_OUT, manageMouseOut, false, 0, true);
    function manageMouseOver(event:MouseEvent):void{
      tfield3.text = "over "+ + " zone";
    function manageMouseOut(event:MouseEvent):void{
      tfield3.text = "";
    . . . .and so on for two more ranges and text fields.

  • How can I show an image before my animation starts playing

    Hey there!
    First of all, great work on making Adobe Edge...! I can see real potential in the use of this program!
    I have started to work on an animation which will work as a splash-screen before the users see the actual site. (Yes I know... but the client wants it like this...)
    The problem I have now is that the animation plays after a few seconds and that during these seconds it shows the content of the website. Besides that I still find it pretty difficult to actually position the animation the way I want.
    I am using a plug-in for wordpress so I might not be in the right place to find help.
    I tried fixing this with a pre-loader but this is also too slow. Is there any way I can force the animation to play sooner or to make sure they can't see the content before the animation has played?
    You can find the concept of the website on:
    Any help is appreciated.

    For sure,
    It's also in my reply above. What I did is add an other div to my website which overlaying the complete content.
    Then you add in the animation a line to hide this div before the animation starts playing like so:
    So add this to the stage in "CompositionReady" --> jQuery("#div").hide();
    This will make sure that the animations hides the div before playing so you will see first only the overlaying div and once the animation is ready to play, this div will hide and the animation will start.
    Hope this helps.

  • How can I insert a image into a BLOB column in a table?

    I am using forms6i against a 10gR2 database and I have one table with a BLOB column and I try to insert a image into this column. I get ORA-01461 error.
    The curious case is that in another table with a BLOB column it works very fine.
    What happens with the first table? How can I avoid the error?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi hyue,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    If you would like to add an image to a project in iMovie for iOS, see this article for helpful steps:
    iMovie for iOS (iPad): Add photos to a project
    All the best,

  • How to show an image in JSP given the bytes[] of the photo?

    Hi all,
    I stored a user's picture in the db as text. For this I simply converted the JPG to bytes[] and from bytes to string: Base64.encode(bytes)
    Now I wish to do the reverse - to 'output' the image on the screen. So given the bytes[] of the image with
              byte[] bytesDB = Base64.decode(userPhotoStr); //userPhotoStr is something like this: /9j/4AAQSkZJRgA...Question: How can I show the image in the JSP page embedded in the page not as download?
    I'm using struts with JSP pages.
    Thank you!!!!

    Images in HTML are to be displayed using <img> element. All what an <img> element can take as image is an URL pointing to the image in question.
    If the image is dynamic, then you can just let that URL point to some Servlet which takes some request parameter or reads the path info, reads/gets the image as byte array or (much more efficient) as inputstream and writes it to the outputstream of the response.
    You may get some ideas out of this: [].
    By the way, massaging the byte array from/to a String is a terribly bad idea. Just store bytes as computer readable bytes, not as human readable characters, this makes completely no sense. Characters on its turn have to be converted to bytes again after all, but now you've let the DB do the work. All with all a performance pain. Bytes > Chars > Bytes > Chars > Bytes instead of just Byes > Bytes. In database you normally use BLOB, BINARY or equivalent for this in combination with JDBC's PreparedStatement#setBinaryStream() and ResultSet#getBinaryStream().

  • How can i embed an image within a table

    how can i embed an image within a single column of a table

    noticed this question elsewhere and have seen that the trick is to copy and paste not drag & drop
    incase anybody else was wondering

  • Need help adding image to datagrid column

    Can anyone tell me how to add an image to a datagrid column?
    I have created a flex library project which contains a mxml component with a datagrid, an item renderer mxml component which rendered the image within the datagrid column depending on the value coming back from the database for that column and a folder 'assets' which hold all the images. When I add the library to my main project and call the mxml component with the datagrid an image place holder is visible in the datagrid column but not the image. However, if I take the image out of the library project and added to an 'assets' folder in the main project the image is displayed in the datagrid column.
    It looks like, even though the images are in the flex library project and only the flex library project is trying to display the images in the datagrid, the library project is looking in the main application project folder for the image.
    Does anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it?
    Thanks in advance for an help,

    I have tried embedding the images in my library but it still didn't work. Also I can't embed the image as I'm using the value of the column to complete the image name, for example in my mxml item renderer component I have the added the following code
    <mx:Image source="@Embed(source='assets/' + data.mycolumnvalue + '.png')" tooltip="{data.mycolumnvalue}"/>
    but nothing is displayed.

  • Download an Image from a blob column

    Jdeveloper 11g R2, ADFbc, JSF
    I have a Product table with a column image (blob data type)
    my app upload and show any image to/from this column
    I want to allow end user to be able to download the image after the image is showed , what should be a good approcuh to do this?
    thank you


  • Image in a DataGrid

    Hello, I want to introduce a image in one datagrid column but I don't know why. I'm trying doing that:
    private var columns:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
                                {headerText: 'Image', dataField: 'column1', itemRenderer:'xxxxx', width: '5' },
    private var date:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection([
    What I have to put in itemRenderer? Or I'm doing totaly wrong
    It's better if I do
    [Embed(source="img/clip.png")] public var buzonIcon:Class;
    and then use buzenIcon in column1:.....
    What is the solution?

    Hi, Pls find the solution of the your problem.
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:Application xmlns:mx=""
    import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
    private var dgArrayCollection:ArrayCollection=
    new ArrayCollection([
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'John'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Alex'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Peter'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'Sam'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Alis'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Robin'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'Mark'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Steave'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Fill'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'Abraham'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Hennery'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Luis'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'Herry'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Markus'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Flip'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'John_1'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Alex_1'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Peter_1'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img1.png', names:'Sam_1'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img2.png', names:'Alis_1'},
    {imgPath:'assets/img3.png', names:'Robin_1'},
    <mx:VBox width="300" height="100%"
    <mx:DataGrid id="dg" width="50%"
    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="color" itemRenderer="DatagridItemRenderer"/>
    <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="names" headerText="Names"/>
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:HBox xmlns:mx=""
    width="100" height="30" horizontalGap="5"
    horizontalScrollPolicy="off" verticalScrollPolicy="off"
    override public function set data(value:Object):void = value;
    <mx:Image width="75" height="30" source="{data.imgPath}"/>
    Let me know if you have any issue with this.
    With Regards,
    Shardul Singh Bartwal

  • How do I show multiple rollover images on a page inserted dynamically (pulled out of a sql database

    How do I show multiple rollover images on a page inserted dynamically (pulled out of a sql database table) using Dreamweaver’s Repeat Region. Example: I have different products each one associated (through their productID) with two images (one that’s showing in the page and one for the rollover effect) that are pulled from a database using Dreamweaver’s Recordset. So I want to end up with a page containing row after row of images(one for every product).When moused over each image will reveal the second (rollover) image for the same product which in turn can be a link(the image itself ) that when clicked leads to a detailed page with more information about the product the image is associated with. To show row after row with images for the different products in the database table I am using Dreamweaver’s Insert Rollover Image command and then the  Repeat Region – I have no problem to complete the steps, to insert the image and the rollover one at once and set the paths so they are pulled dynamically depending on the productID they are associated with .I have also no problem to apply the Repeat Region so not only the first image associated with the first product in the table is shown but all of them-a routine and standard procedure when using the Repeat Region to dynamically generate and display multiple rows of data. However, when I preview the page the rollover effect is lost –the images are shown but when moused over the second  image does not  show. The problem is caused when the Repeat Region is applied-once again I am allowed to apply it but the rollover stops working, a kind of interference. ANY SOLLUTION PLEASE, ANY WORK AROUND.

    I gotta tell you, using multiple images for rollover effects is going to be a big challenge in your dynamic scenario. 
    If this were my product page, I would use thumbnails with a bit of CSS opacity or filters to desaturate and make them full opacity/color on mouse over.  Nice effect with much less bandwidth. Easily done globally with CSS code.
    Two examples:
    Nancy O.

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