How do I transfer iTunes playlists from external HD to PC?

I have have a referbished Dell computer with Windows 7 that I have downloaded iTunes 10 64 bit to. I have a library and playlists from a previous computer stored on an external drive configered to my previous PC. Seeing as my library is too extensive to hold on the computer, I have made a link in the iTunes-Edit- Peferences-Advanced to the external drive and dragged the library to the iTunes window. Now I am wanting to transfer my extensive playlists to iTunes. How do I that?

Hi flyview,
If you are looking to transfer your playlists in iTunes, you may find the following article helpful, in particular this portion:
Transferring playlists
If you want not only your content but also your playlists to exist on your new computer, you will want to transfer a copy of all your playlists from your old computer. To do this, choose File > Library > Export Library on your old computer. Save the XML file that is created to your desktop.
Send the playlists file to yourself as an e-mail attachment, use an external drive, or use file sharing to move the playlists file to your new computer. Once the file is on your new computer, open iTunes and choose File > Library> Import Playlist.
iTunes: How to move your music to a new computer
- Brenden

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    My old PC with Windows XP and iTunes died for good. Luckily library and playlists were save on and external hard drive shortly before. My newer Dell vostro 1520 laptop has Windows 7 and wish to instal my playlists from my external hard drive into a new iTunes The library is too large to hold on the computer so must remain on my external drive and I've made the link in preferences. The iTunes I was using when I saved it was an older version (if there is a way to find out from the files I haven't found it). I wish to know how to transfer my extensive number of playlists, folders, and track allotment and order from my external drive to my Dell. I could experiment with moving the playlist folder but I have the knack for screwing up my system and that I would like to avoid.

    Here are typical layouts for the iTunes folders:
    Since things are already broken it might be best to create this layout first then use FindTracks to repair things. Ideally you would have a complete clone of the library on a second drive as a backup. You would have the library folder at the root of the drive and the media folder inside it. Connect to the library by shift-starting iTunes. If everything is in the normal layout iTunes may be able to heal itself if you attempt to get info and locate a missing file when prompted. Otherwise you would direct the script to start its search from ..\iTunes\iTunes Media.

  • How do you Transfer Itunes Playlists from Mac to Mac?

    I know this question has been asked on here before, but it doesn't seem as though it has been answered. I recently bought a new MacBook and am trying to transfer my playlists in Itunes from my Imac to the new laptop. I have no problem transferring the library of songs, but I cannot seem to figure out how to transfer the playlists. Anyone know how?

    Thank you for your response. Now do the computers have to be hooked up via a firewire cable to do this? and does one have to be in Target mode? Sorry for what are probably simple and stupid questions.

  • How do you transfer iTunes/playlists from PC to Mac?

    I have a PC and my iTunes library has 15,000ish MP3's and over 100 playlists.  Even though my iTunes is located on my PC, the music is stored on an external hard drive.  Im thinking of buying a Macbook.  Ive spent hours upon hours preparing playlists over the years and need to know if you can transfer iTunes and the playlists?  I wont make them all over and it will be a deal breaker for buying a Mac if I have to make these playlists all over.  Last year someone at Apple store said they could do it for like $70. Really?  Im gonna pay $2500 for a Mac and you waanna charge me $70 more?  No Way!  Please help.

    You can transfer by copying the entire iTunes folder and all the files and folders it contains to the other computer.  If you have an empty library on the new computer you can just copy the moved folder over the empty one and start iTunes.  Alternatively, put it in another location and start iTunes with the option key held down and point it to the new library location.
    A problem you may incur is your external drive.  If it is formatted NTFS for use with PC you may find your Mac can read files on it but not write files to it.  THe best solutiuon will be to reformat it for use with a Mac but this will entail erasing all files in the process so you will need to store them elsewhere when reformatting.  You will need to name the newly formatted drive with the exact same name as the old drive.  If you didn't format it to NTFS but used FAT32 formatting, that will work with a Mac too, but most PCs will format to NTFS.

  • How do I transfer iTunes Library from external hard drive to another drive?

    I have filled by 160GB drive with my iTunes music library so I am purchasing a 400GB external drive. I want to transfer the entire library to the bigger drive. Can I simply drag via fire wire then entire libarary to the new drive and then "tell" by iTunes Mac where it is? Any step by step would be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    I just posted this to another topic, but it applies here as well. Hopefully there's no prohibition on cross-posting on this board, my apologies to all if there is:
    "I haven't read the whole thread, so someone could have already mentioned this, but I did the same thing, move my music library to an external drive. The Help articles are helpful, but only up to a point. When that didn't work, I called up AppleCare support up, and they took me through all the standard steps, and got stumped at the same point I did. Finally she suggested trying something, and that ended up doing the trick. So here in brief is what you do:
    1) Copy over your "iTunes Music" folder to the external hard drive
    2) Go into Advanced preferences to have iTunes look for the "iTunes Music" folder in the new location. If you're like me, your music won't appear in the Library.
    3) In iTunes, go to the Library window (which is probably blank), then in a Finder window, find the icon for the "iTunes Music" folder in the new location. Drag that icon onto the Library window.
    You should now see a progress window pop up showing all the songs that it's populating the Library window with."
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  • How do I transfer one playlist from my itunes library to my ipod?

    How do I transfer one playlist from my itunes library to my ipod. I do not want to sync my whole library music. I tried to set to *manually managing music* and drag the playlist. Doesn't work. If I try to sync *selected playlists* it wants to delete all the other music that I have on my ipod.
    Any suggestions?

    Ha, it worked. Thank you anyways!

  • How do I transfer a playlist from my ipod nano to my itunes library

    how do I transfer a playlist from my ipod nano to my itunes library

    I would like to get same answer. I read other instruction with exporting importing playlist as xml.
    Think is when I export my playlist on Desktop from ipod -> when I try to import the msame file in itunes libary he shows "Some of the songs in the file "playlist.xml" were not imported because they could not be found.
    Commong Apple champions help us with this.....

  • HT1209 how do i transfer my playlist from my ipad to itunes?

    how do i transfer my playlist from my ipad to itunes on my windows 7 PC?

    Hey there,
    There are several ways to pull music off your iPod and onto iTunes. The only downfall is that some methods or third party applications will not transfer over playlists, playcounts, or ratings. There is a very direct method, which I personally prefer, but there are also previously mentioned third party applications, which will help you accomplish the task as well. The link below provides step-by-step instructions for the direct method as well as a few third party applications if you choose to go that route instead.
    [5 Ways to Copy Music OFF Your iPod and onto Itunes| d-windows-mac-os-x>

  • How do i transfer my playlists from my itunes on the computer to my itunes on my ipad?

    how do i transfer my playlists from my itunes on the computer to my itunes on my ipad?

    Start iTunes on your computer and connect your iPad to your computer.
    Select you iPad in iTunes on your computer.
    Select the Music tab in the row of tabs presented.
    Select the music you want on your iPad.
    Click on Sync or Apply.
    Note that on your iPads iTunes is for purchasing music. Use the Music app to listen to your synced music.

  • How can i transfer a playlist from iPad to windows 7

    how can i transfer a playlist from iPad to windows 7
    Thank you

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • My old computer has crashed and is beyond repair. How can i transfer my playlist from my ipod to my new computer?

    My old computer has crashed. My new computer has my iphone account. How can I transfer my playlist from my ipod to my new computer?

    Sync is only oneway, from PC to your device. Unless you have the music on your PC, iTunes is going to wipe out what you have on your device if you are syncing to a new library.
    You can only transfer Purchased music over to Itunes on your PC.
    iTunes Store: Transferring purchases from your iOS device or iPod to a computer
    As for you own music, you may have to use a third party software. A good Free one is called Sharepod which you can download from here:;2

  • How can I transfer my playlists from my ipod to my new computer?

    How can I transfer my playlists from my ipod to my new computer?

    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • How do I transfer ipod playlist from old ipad to new ipad?

    How do I transfer ipod playlist from old ipad to new ipad?

    Is this a playlist you created on your old iPad, or a playlist you created with iTunes on your computer?
    If the former, you should have been prompted to transfer the backup for your old iPad to your new iPad the first time you connected your new iPad to iTunes on the computer used for syncing your old iPad. If not or you declined, you need to restore your new iPad from the backup of your old iPad.
    If the playlist was created with iTunes on your computer, transfer the playlist from your iTunes library on your computer to your new iPad via the iTunes sync process.

  • How do i transfer iTunes money from one account to another

    how do i transfer iTunes money from one account to another? also forgot security question answers

    You can't, an account's balance cannot be transferred to another account, nor can it be used to gift content to another account - it can only be used to buy content for the account that it's on.
    For your security questions, if you have a rescue email address (which is not the same thing as an alternate email address) on your account then you can use that to reset them :
    If you don't have a rescue email address (you won't be able to add one until you can answer your questions) then you will have to contact Support in your country to get the questions reset.
    Contacting Apple about account security :
    If your country isn't on that page then try this form and explain and see what they reply with :
    When they've been reset, and if you don't already have a rescue email address, you can then add one for potential future use :
    Or, if it's available in your country, you could change to 2-step verification :

  • HT1727 how do i transfer itunes playlists on my mac to a thumb drive to use in my car       e in my car?

    How do i transfer itunes playlists and/or individual songs onto a thumb drive on my apple desktop computer -- I want to play the songs in my car which requires the thumb drive.  thanks

    Easily done.  Insert the flash drive into your computer, and open it so it looks like a folder.  In iTunes, highlight the tracks you want (or use CTRL+A to highlight an entire list at once) and drag them into that open folder.
    If you normally run iTunes in full-screen mode, make it smaller so that you can do the drag.
    The only complication may be the format.  Many iTunes users use AAC format, which is rejected by many car players.  If that is an issue, you can first use iTunes to convert the songs to the more convenient MP3 format, by this guide:

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