How do i upgrade to a new hd

I just got a new mac mini and want to put my own SSD, but it came with no cd's.  How do i upgrade to my new HD>?

First off, doing so will void your warranty.
If you decide to move ahead, have a look at > Mac Mini Late 2012 Repair - iFixit
and > OWC Video Installation Guides for memory, hard drives, SSDs

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  • I changed my email address and now i can no longer download apps.  Also, how do you upgrade to a new version?

    I changed my email address and updated it to my married name. As a result, when I try to download an app, it keeps telling me that I have the wrong password, despite resetting my password.
    I have not "upgraded" to the new OS for quite a while... When I try to download an app, it states that I need "OS 3.2".. or some later version...
    How do you update to a new version.  It keeps telling me to go to and click on update.  I'm not seeing this at all.

    Did you just change your address, or create a new iTunes account? If it is not a new account you will first have to fix the password problem. Email iTunes Store support if you cannot figure out how to resolve the problem. Have you updated your login on the phone, in addition to iTunes on your computer?
    To update your iPhone you need to install the latest version of iTunes (10.5). You also need an iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4. The 3G cannot be upgraded beyond 4.2.1.

  • Hello.  I have Adobe Captivate 6 and wanting to upgrade.  How can I upgrade to the new Captivate 8 since I do not have 7 or access to 7?  Doesn't make since I'd have to buy another full version opposed to simply upgrading what I have.  Please help.

    How can I upgrade Adobe Captivate 6 without purchasing the full version of the new Captivate 8?
    I'm told that the window of opportunity to upgrade to 7 was short and now that 8 is out i cannot leap from 6 to 8.  Doesn't make since that I'd have to buy a full version of a program I already own.
    Can anyone help me with a simple upgrade possibility?

    It stinks that there isn't an upgrade option from 6, but it's due to the new subscription option for Captivate which actually ends up being far cheaper for you in the long run. Captivate 7 came out a little over a year ago the upgrade for that was the same as the 7 to 8 upgrade. As the upgrade is $400 and a subscription is only $20 per month, or $240 for a year, you'll end up saving money should the next upgrade come out in another year.

  • How do I upgrade to the new operating system from OSX 10.5.8

    I have an older laptop and cannot upgrade to the new version of itunes unless I upgrade my operating system.  Can someone please tell me the steps I need to take to upgrade?

    Choose About this Mac from the Apple menu and check the processor.
    If it's a PowerPC Mac, it's already running the newest OS it can.
    If it's an Intel Mac, click here, install the DVD, and run Software Update twice.
    It isn't necessary to upgrade past 10.6.8 to use the current version of iTunes. If you upgrade the OS, back up the computer first.

  • How to install upgrades on a new computer

    Hello. I just purchased the upgrade to CS5.5 yesterday, but I'm on a new computer. I tried to install my previous version (CS4) first on the new computer first, but my original full license is CS, so it's asking for THAT serial number. Which I don't have. I didn't purchase it from Adobe, but one of those companies like MacMall. The serial numbers in the "About" panels for the individual programs don't work. I don't have the box anymore, and I don't think I have the disks, althought they may be at my office somewhere. Copying CS programs onto the new machine isn't working either (I didn't think it would). I'm stuck. And need to work...I know I can do a trial version for now, but what is the process for this situation if I can't locate the serial numbers?
    I may have a receipt somewhere, but it's unlikely since it was so long ago.

    CS5.5 would only ask for the serial of the previous product which is CS4. No need to install anything.

  • How do I upgrade to a new OS and which ones are available to me?

    I have a MacBook Model: A1181 Identifier 4,1. OS Version: 10.5.8
    My iTunes wont update anymore and I have an iPhone 5 that needs the newest, or at least newer version than I have, to sync music.
    Is my only option buying a new OS? If so what OS can i upgrade to that will work with this machine?

    Click here, buy a Mac OS X 10.6 DVD, install it, and then run the 10.6.8 combo updater. It isn't necessary to go further than that.

  • How does FCE upgrade work for new machines

    I currently have a iMac G4 that I use FCE 2 on. I want to upgrade to FCE 3.5 HD which I see no problem with doing. I am also thinking about upgrading my hardware to a new Intel based iMac someday. Will I be able to use the upgrade FCE 3.5 software and the serial numbers from my FCE 2 to install on the newer hardware?
    I guess I don't see why not but thought I whould ask before making the purchase.
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Yes to all of that.

  • How do I upgrade to the new lightroom

    I want to upgrade to the latest version of Lightroom. How do I do this with creative cloud?

    Hi Diana,
    Please refer the steps from given article and then try.
    Sign in, Sign out | Creative Cloud desktop app
    Hope this helps.
    Sumit Singh

  • I have bought Photo Shop Elements some time back . How can I upgrade it with new photo editing software of Adobe ?

    Howto upgrade the photoshop Element photo editing software of Adobe

    I've never used the Elements side of Photoshop. I've always used Photoshop full version and Lightroom. But from what I read it has a cataloging/viewer and you can make different catalogs and or collections with it ( a catalog and or collection is a collection of images which can be all in one folder or many different folders at the same time or both combined) and that it has the basic to slightly advanced editing functions. Not sure about levels and curves but I would think so. Although it may not have the layers functions like in the full Photoshop.
    You can download a Demo of lightroom and use it for 30 days. you just have to deal with the startup screen thatasks Continue Demo or Buy Lighroom. Other then that it is funlly functional.
    Depending on whether you do mostly JPG or RAW images the one thing I like about Lightroom is it can edit either JPGs or many different RAW formats without really touching, editing, the original image file. So that is always your Negative, in old Film Speak.
    As VilleFromFinland says it really is about how you manage your images. But with iPhoto it wants to Manage them for you. Where they are stored and how you interact with them. Personally I rather put them where and how I want them then have a program that can view edit them.
    Good Luck & Best Wishes.

  • How do I upgrade to a newer version of Firefox from the original downloaded in 2008? I am using Windows XP.

    Not all sites show all details because I have an older version of Firefox.

    You can find the latest Firefox releases here:
    *Firefox 8.0.x:
    *Firefox 3.6.x:

  • How do I upgrade to the new iPhoto from iLife 11 from iPhoto 8.1.2?

    I have iPhoto 8.1.2 running on a MacBookPro using OS X 10.7.2.  When I went to the App Store to buy iPhoto from iLife 11, it pointed out I had 8.1.2 installed but not purchased from the App Store, and asked if I wanted to buy iPhoto 9.2.  Do I have to buy 9.2 first, then 11?

    Marketing names and version numbers are confusing.
    The marketing name iPhoto 6 corresponded to the version 6
    The marketing name iPhoto 08 corresponded to the version 7
    The marketing name iPhoto 09 corresponded to the version 8
    The marketing name iPhoto 11 corresponded to the version 9
    So, v9.2 is the current version of iPhoto 11.
    Not that this is confusing or anything.

  • I have an older version of iDVD that is not compatible, how do I upgrade?

    How do I upgrade to a newer version of iDVD? I'm running iMovie '11 and I have an older version of iDVD that does not seem compatable...

    Just add part 2 to Klaus1 say.
    Then install only iDVD from DVD disk
    But re-start Mac
    Go up to Apple Menu and down to Program up-date and let it up-date iDVD (from iLife 9 or higher) to Version 7.1.2 (latest and most probably the Last version ever)
    Now You can test it !
    Yours Bengt W

  • HT1386 I have an older iPhone (3gs) and need to upgrade to a newer phone (4S).  I need to get my NOTES, CALENDAR, CONTACTS, PICTURES, etc backed up on iTunes so I can get that data loaded onto the new phone.  But not sure how to do that.

    I have an older iPhone (3gs) and need to upgrade to a newer phone (4S).  I need to get my NOTES, CALENDAR, CONTACTS, PICTURES, etc backed up on iTunes so I can get that data loaded onto the new phone.  But not sure how to do that.  When I open iTunes it has a button that say "Back Up iPhone", but I'm not sure what that does.  When I go into the sync options it say I have another user account and asks me if I want to merge of replace. I'm assuming it's trying to tell me I have an older iTunes Library, but don't know that.  Geez, maybe people over 60 shouldn't have iPhones, iTunes just bafles me.

  • How do I upgrade from GB 5.1 to a newer version with 10.8.2 ?

    I am currently running Mac OS 10.8.2, yet only have Garageband 5.1 (aka Garageband '09).
    I cannot find anywhere how to upgrade to a newer version of Garageband.
    I see the newest (?) seems to be Garageband 6.0.5, but when I tried to download it, it tells me "GarageBand 6.0 or later is required to install this update." and will not allow the update to continue.
    I cannot find a download for version 6.0 on the apple support page.  And even then, I don't know if it will tell me that I need to install an earlier version, before I attempt to update to version 6.0..... etc.
    I hope my question makes sense?
    I appreciate any and all responses, and appreciate your time.  Thank you in advance.
    Ultimately, I am trying to use my Behringer Xenyx X1204USB mixer as an interface for Garageband.... if that's even possible?
    Again, thank you for any help with this.  I really appreciate it.
    You can reach me at:  [email protected]   mr.gixo at gmail dot com

    mr.gixo wrote:
    I  [...] have Garageband 5.1 (aka Garageband '09). [...] I cannot find anywhere how to upgrade to a newer version of Garageband.
    (Let the page FULLY load. The link to your answer is at the top of your screen)

  • I just upgraded to the new mobile me calendar and now all my calendar entries on iCal have been erased. As I type this the calendar entries are still on the mobile me and iphone calendars. How do I restore the calendar entries to iCal?

    I just upgraded to the new mobile me calendar and now all my calendar entries on iCal have been erased. As I type this the calendar entries are still on the mobile me and iphone calendars. How do I restore the calendar entries to iCal?

    Please always post your System details when you have a query. The upgrade to the new MobileMe calendar produces different results, and different problems, with different versions of OSX.
    Snow Leopard: during the upgrade process your iCal calendars should be moved to MobileMe (this can take some time and you have to wait for it to happen). Once done, your iCal reads the calendars from MobileMe so any changes made in either place will be visible immediately. If this has not happened then this Apple Tech Note provides instructions:
    Leopard: when the upgrade is completed iCal on Leopard will not be able to see the MobileMe calendars until an additional process is carried out, detailed in this Apple Tech Note:
    Tiger: iCal on Tiger cannot read the MobileMe calendars, period. The only workaround is to upgrade to Leopard, or Snow Leopard if possible (Intel Mac required).

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