How do we transfer payment terms discount to cost based COPA

Hi All
If customer pays in 30 days we will offer 2 % discount. This will be captured in SKTO condition type. How do we transfer this discount to cost based COPA?

You can assign the Discount GL Account in OKB9 for the company code and tick PrfSeg.
Then create a PA Transfer Structure with Cost Element Discount as Source and suitable Value field.
At the time of your Finance Entry where discount is calculated, based on your FI Settings, relevant COPA characteristics would be captured and transferred to COPA.

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  • How to pass item payment term through Idoc segment E1EDP18

    We use ORDERS idoc to create sales orders and our customers want to replace the default payment term at item level. I found segment E1EDP18 for this purpose but I don't exactly know how to use it, like where to put the payment term key. Can any one expain with the help of a clear  example how to indicate the payment term there ?
    Below is a exerpt of the incoming idoc file I used for testing. In this test I put the paymentt term 0010 in but the information sent in idoc segment is just ignored.
    E1EDP01                     10         625.00
        E1EDP05                        ZD64
        E1EDP05                        ZD66
        E1EDP19                     00269020000
        E1EDP18                     0020010
    Many thanks

             SAP program IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS is not using the item level payment terms sent in IDOC segment P18 to fill the sales order so you need user exit to do this. The program is moving the item level information to an internal table xe1edp18 when the data is parsed from IDOC so you can use this to populate the screen information in the user exit 'CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '002' (IDOC_INPUT_ORDERS).
    Let me explain the process from EDI to SAP.
    1) EDI 850 will have ITD segment at item level (Example ITD013  *2     *        *10 *        *30 *          *        *) you can ask your EDI team to map them to P18 segment as it has the number of days and also the percentage for cash discount. P18 has 3 qualifiers so you can map 3 different temrs (For example the above sample is 1 Term is 2% in 10 days and Term 2 is net 30 days)
    2) During IDOC parsing the program is already filling internal table xe1edp18.
    3) In the user exit CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '002' you need to search for the SAP payment terms with the number of days and percentage (This is available in the table T052). Once you find the SAP terms key, you need to populate it for each item. You need to do this after the program filled the item billing data.
    Dynpro item business data billin details -
    *-Zusätzliche Daten für Dynpros vorsehen (Kundenerweiterungen)----
    *-additional data's for new dynpro fields (customer exit)----
        SY-SUBRC = 0.
        PERFORM CUSTOMER_FUNCTION_DYNPRO.  -- THis is the user exit call
    Hope this is useful.

  • How to set-up Payment terms greater than 10 years

    We have payment terms that go beyond 10 years.  In the configuration of the payment terms, the "Additional months" field (V_T052-ZMONA) only contains 2 characters.  10 years * 12 months = 120 months which is already 3 characters long.
    Anybody know a way of how to set-up payment terms which is greater than 10 years?  Any user exits?
    Appreciate any help!
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    Hi Amlan Sarkar,
    I went through IMG: Financial Accounting (New)> Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable> Business Transactions> Outgoing Invoices/Credit Memos> Maintain Terms of Payment.
    Now for me to configure Payment terms up to year 2018 (for example); i need to enter in field "Additional months" value = 120.  120 is 10 years * 12 months, since receivables for the year 2018 is 120 months from the current date.
    How the "Additional months" field is only 2 characters long.  Therefore I am unable to enter the value 120 which is 3 characters long.
    Any ideas on how I can configure this?
    Thank you.

  • How to ue the PAYMENT TERMS

    Hi Experts,
    I am developing one reports, which should give the same output like FBL5N, but my report should calculate the payment terms logic, could any one suggest how i can use payment terms login in my report.
    Any function module would give no,of days for payment terms logic.

    Even i got same requirement.
    SELECT belnr                       " Document number
               budat                       " Posting date
               bldat                       " Document date
               waers                       " Currency
               xblnr                       " Reference number
               blart                       " Document type
               shkzg                       " Debit/credit indicator
               wrbtr                       " Amount
               zfbdt                       " Baseline date
               zterm                       " Payment terms
          FROM bsak
          INTO TABLE t_bsik
           FOR ALL ENTRIES IN t_delivery
         WHERE bukrs IN s_bukrs
           AND lifnr IN s_lifnr
          AND belnr IN s_belnr
           AND xblnr EQ t_delivery-vbeln
           AND sgtxt IN s_sgtxt.
    we get payment term from the field zterm.
    and then to get the payment date.
    use the below logic.
    SELECT SINGLE ztagg                " Day Limit
               ztag1                       " Days from Baseline Date...
               ztag2                       " Days from Baseline Date...
               ztag3                       " Days from Baseline Date...
               zstg1                       " Due Date for Special Condition
               zstg2                       " Due Date for Special Condition
               zstg3                       " Due Date for Special Condition
          FROM t052
          INTO lfs_days
            WHERE zterm EQ fs_zterm-zterm.
    and select maximum days from lfs_days.
    and add it to your baseline date.
    that will become ur payment date.
    Hope it is useful to you.

  • How the Trading Goods mapped in to Product costing and COPA in Controlling

    Dear Experts,
    I have a trading goods scenario in my client. How the mapping into Product Costing and COPA.
    They just purchase FG products from Vendors and Sell to their Customers, they received FG Products to Main Plant from Vendors and then sends to Branches from Main Plant, In between some expenses accured like Transport, Fright etc. this is my scenario.
    How the settings to be made in Product costing and COPA.
    I am waiting for your favorable reply.

    Hi Bhaskar
    I believe branches are also created as Plants
    You have 2 choices....
    Choice 1: If the Freight amount is known @ the time of Transfer from Main plant to Branches, include the same in STO so that inventory value in Branch = Purchase Value + Freight amount
    CHoice 2: If thats not possible, then inventory value in Branch will be same as the Main plant... The expenses incurred on freight needs to be posted to a cost center... Then allocate them @ month end based on revenue / Quantity sold etc using KEU5
    Whichever choice you make, Product Costing is not relevant and required as well... You dont need to do any CK11N
    If you want to see in COPA Purchase value separate and the Freight, etc separate - Then choice 2 is the route for you
    br, Ajay M

  • How can I know the database is using Cost Based or Rule Based?

    Hi all expertise,
    How can I know the database is using Cost Based or Rule Based?
    If cost based it is using, what methods are need to use to minimize the cost when database is running? And which tables I can see the performance of the database?

    how to see database setting ?
    use this
    SQL> sho parameter optimizer
    optimizer_dynamic_sampling integer 1
    optimizer_features_enable string 9.2.0
    optimizer_index_caching integer 0
    optimizer_index_cost_adj integer 100
    optimizer_max_permutations integer 2000
    optimizer_mode string CHOOSE
    choose means if table statistics is available then it will use cost
    use rule based optimizer
    for seeing performnace of table use
    set autotrace on
    and run your query
    if it doen't show means it use rule based
    for using cost based
    u will calculate table statistics
    analyze table <table_name> compute statistics;
    hope it will help you
    kuljeet pal singh

  • AP Payment terms ( discount )  end on week end

    Hi Gurus
    I have a situation where payment terms for an invoice falls on Saturday.So when when we run it on following Monday it disallow the discount ( 2% ). We pay manually with 2% discount.How can we resolve this issue of discount date falling on week end ?
    Kindly give me some solutions please ?

    You do not need to create two payment terms. What you require here is proxima payment term.
    While defining the payment term in AP, enter "15" in the cut off day. In the "Due" Tab, enter "31" in Day of Month and "0" in months ahead. In the First Discount Tab, enter 3% discount and "31" in Day of Month and "0" in months ahead.
    Now, the system will automatically take due date for all the invoices received till 15th as 31st of the current months and for all the invoices received after 16th as 31st of the next month.
    Attach this Payment Term to the Supplier and use it for all the invoice. No need to manually change it while creating the invoice.
    I hope this functionality is available in the Application Version, you are working on.

  • How to get vendor payment terms

    Hi all,
    I am creating a report. I need to get vendor payment terms. There are invoices without PO, how can I retrieve the payment terms for those cases.

    Hi nene
               in case of invoice without PO, The payment term will be selected from the vendor master data (in View : payment terms transaction in XK03).
    Check payment term in  master data is exist or not.
    the data is in the table LFB1 : Field ZTERM

  • How to prevent change payment term in sales order?

    My client not allow sales admin. to change payment term in sales order. How to do this? (by standard SAP functions or authorization)
    Thanks & Regards,

    Either you can run T.Code shd0 or apply User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP to achieve this.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Posting Customer Payment Term Discount Separately

    Hello Gurus,
    I have configured the system for the Customer Payment Terms in SAP but I am having hard time showing that correctly in FBL5N.
    For Example:
    Invoice Value $100
    Payment Term 2% Discount
    Customer Pays on time $98
    In FBL5N main display screen, I see the customer account after clearing as follows:
    Invoice Value $100 (Clear)
    Incoming Payment $100- (Clear)
    To see the discount and actual cash posted to the right accounts, I need to drill down in the Incoming Payment Document Entry to see the following information:
    40 Payment Discount $2
    40 Actual Cash Received $98
    15 Customer Invoice $100
    Can I see the above posting on the main screen of FBL5N without using F-32 (Clear Customer) so that I could see the actual payment discount and actual cash paid by the customer?
    Thank You
    Salman Ahmed

    Hi salman
    With the help of ABAPER, Activate BTE 1650 and add a new column named discount in the FBL5N report.
    Give the logic for the same to fetch the amount of discount in the said added column. Also, if the amount of receipt is also required, Column for actual amount received can also be added.
    Through this you can get both the amount received and discount in the FBL5N report.

  • How to make a payment term as Default in Credit note in certain Sales Orgs.

    Hello experts,
    Kindly provide your valuable inputs as How can i make the payment terms( say AU00 =Due Immediately) default for  a few sales organizations.
    As checked, Depending on the type of Credit notes( i.e. WITH OR WITHOUT reference to an invoice), payment terms are used in credit notes processing. Also putting V in invoice reference field will make the payment terms calculation as similar to invoice.
    But I need, that everytime a credit note( any type with /without Ref.) is raised in a given sales org., IT HAS TO BE DUE IMMEDIATELY i.e. payment terms must be AU00( Pay immediately).
    Kindly suggest accordingly.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Hi Ram,
    Thanks for the reply.
    i.e. If Sales org X,raised a Credit memo( with or without reference to an invoice), THE CREDIT NOTE MUST BECOME DUE IMMEDIATELY.
    I would be greatful, if you can suugest the path/procedure to achieve that. I have received valable inputs about the variant but I am seeking some hint in a CUSTOM Z TABLE creation with any User exit,that can Default this payment terms to CREDIT NOTE.
    Many thanks in advance.

  • How can we change payment terms in existing billing documents

    Hi all,
    we created a billing document with reference to delivery ,before creating accounting document for that billing someone deleted payment terms which are existing in that billing , so i tried to delete billing document and recreate by changing payment terms in sales order ,but while creating billing system throwing error as "update was terminated'.
    what is the best way to process this.
    Edited by: suresh saketh on Aug 27, 2010 2:54 AM

    It has happened billing index is not properly updated-
    check this snote -12934 - how to correct billing index

  • How to create new Payment Terms ?

    Hi, I'm required to create a new payment terms in SAP-SD..would you please help me to do so.

    You can create the NEW PAYMENT TERMS in the transacion code OBB8
    Goto that transaction code OBB8 and click on new entries from where you will be driven to another screen in which you have to give the following details
    Payment terms Key
    Due date
    Account type
    Default dates

  • How to create AP payment terms and withholding tax from backend ?

    Hi All,
    I have a requirement to create the AP Payment terms and withholding tax from backend as the data is going to be uploaded into 15 different instances therefore for the convenience i am looking for any API or Interface to create these from backend.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Gurus,
    Please give me some information on this.

  • How to lock the payment terms to default terms in customer master

    Hi experts,
    Kindly share with me your knowledge in locking the payment terms to the default in the customer master ?  We want the payment terms not to be manually editable at the sales order level through va01 and va02.
    Appreciate any help.  Thanks a lot.

    Thanks for the suggestion but we can not find an authorization specific to the payment terms.  If I disable "change" then I would not be able to edit the other fields. 
    We only want the payment terms to be disabled not the others.  Thanks a lot.

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