How do you add multiple addresses from Mail to Address Book at once?

So let's say I receive an email to myself and 50 other recipients and I want to add those other recipients to my address book. Do I seriously have to go through and select "Add to Address Book" on each of the fifty contacts?! Tried doing a shift click which will highlight all contacts, but then when you right-click to get the "add to address book option" it only displays one single contact at the top of the menu. I know there is a way to add select and add multiple contacts to address book at once because I figured out how to do it once a long time ago and I still have the 67 card group to prove it. I just can't remember how I did it!!! Didn't think it'd be such a hard feature to re-discover. Would love some help on this! Thanks.

there is no built-in way to do this. the only way i know is by using Mail Scripts
it has a script "Add addresses" that does just what you want.

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    welcome to Apple Discussions.
    It depends where you want them in your presentation.
    Open the Media inspector and choose a playlist. In the list of entries, mark those you want to add to Keynote (use command-click to mark multiple titles not in one block).
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    PBN1 wrote:
    How can you add an image in Mail without being an attachment?
    You don't.
    It's not possible. The e-mail protocol is designed for text; anything else has to go as an attachment.
    Different mail clients (such as, the mail client bundled with Mac OS X) may have different ways of handling such attachments, but they are still attachments. Each mail client has its own rules and methods, so one may display a picture as if it were in the body of the message, but another client may do something completely different.
    A way of faking it is to format your message in HTML (which is a kind of text). The image is hosted on a remote server, not added to the message; instead, you include a link to it in the body of the message, as you would when building a web page. (This is also what the two tips helpfully provided by X423424X do, except that the link to the image is added in the signature, rather than the body of the message.) What exactly happens to it is, again, at the discretion of the mail client. In my case, for instance, displaying images in HTML messages is turned off, and will stay resolutely off.

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    Facebook integration isn't there yet! This integreation is coming during the fall as it's stated on the features page !

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    It's probably worth adding to try67's suggestion above that, if you're using the first option, you need to make sure the page display is continuous. (If you've got it set to view a single page only, Command+A will only select the fields on the active page.)

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    Hi everyone, I have these css rules in my css styles window they are all assigned to some text in a cell on my page.
    .Def14grey4 <body>
    .def14grey4 a:link <a>
    .def14grey4 a:visited <a>
    .def14grey4 a:hover <a>
    .def14grey4 a:active <a>
    .def14grey4 a:focus <a>
    How do you add (all of) these styles to the text in the first place, I know how to add the first one (.Def14grey4), you select the text in the cell and choose the rule from the drop-down menu in the css panel, but how do you add the other ones to some text as well, so that it can have the same link properties.
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    You would want to change your order as shown here -
    .Def14grey4 <body>
    .def14grey4 a:link <a>
    .def14grey4 a:visited <a>
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    That way, the hover and the focus states are equivalent.
    How do you add (all of) these styles to the text in the first place, I know how to add the first one
    You don't really.  The 4 bottom selectors say -
    "find an element with a class of 'def14grey4', and style any link inside that element this way"
    So, <span class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></span> would get the pseudo-class styles, as would any of the following -
    <span class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></span>
    <td class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></td>
    <p class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></p>
    <body class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></body>
    <div class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></div>
    <strong class="def14grey4"><a href="whatever.html">Whatever</a></strong>
    and so on.  These examples assume that there isn't some other more specific rule that would apply to the same links.  You need to study up on the CSS cascade and specificity....

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    Normally you can apply only one video effect at a time. But for Sepia, black and white, and others that can be done through the video Adjustments tab, you are in luck.
    Aged Movie should already have a bit of a sepia tone.
    If you want more of a sepia tone or you want to fine tune the sepia effect you can do it with the Clip Inspector/Video Adjustments tab.
    Note: Thanks to Jeff Carlson of MacWorld for this tip.
    If you're looking for a washed-out sepia appearance, first open iMovie's preferences and turn on the Show Advanced Tools option, which adds more controls to the Video Adjustments HUD and other areas of the program. Select the clip you want to alter and press the V key. Set Saturation to 0 percent, and then drag the Red Gain slider to 143 percent, the Green Gain slider to 90 percent, and the Blue Gain slider to 53 percent (feel free to tweak these settings to customize the results). Click on Done when you're finished. Note that the clip thumbnail still appears in color, as the video was shot, but the preview reflects your changes.--JC
    If you need to apply the same settings to all clips, first select the clip you have adjusted. Then Edit/Copy. Then Edit/Select All. Then Edit/Paste Adjustments.

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    how do i select multiple photos from photostream to move to a folder in iphoto

    Hello Tiggertiffany,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    If you need to select multiple items on then you can use the common procedure to select multiple items by either holding Command or Shift on your keyboard.
    To select multiple files or folders, hold down the Command (⌘) key, then click the items.
    To select multiple files or folders that are listed together, click the first item you want to select, hold down the Shift key, then click the last item.
    OS X Yosemite: select files or folders
    Have a great weekend,
    Alex H.

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    How do you delete multiple inbox emails to trash w/o clicking on each one individually?

    Highlight one. Click edit. Click "mark all" at the bottom. Click trash.

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    there is no built-in way to do this. the only way i know is by using Mail Scripts
    it has a script "Add addresses" that does just what you want.

  • How do you select multiple emails from the contacts book.

    Using 10.8.4. I would like to use mail and select multiple email address' from the contacts book to send the same message to multiple persons. I thought I used to be able to select more than one at a time from my contacts book. Am I crazy or did they change the way it works from the previous version of software.
    Or, could you go to the contacts book and email from there. Either way it seems like it was easy to do and now I have to select one at a time and keep going back to the contacts/address book for another name.

    Hi shelereric,
    Once you open a new message, you should be able to just start typing the first letters of the contact's name, and Mail should give you a dropdown to select from:
    So, you should not have to go back and forth between your contacts and mail....anyone in your address book should show up on the dropdown as well as anyone you have received emails from or sent emails to even if they are not in your contacts....
    Is that not what is happening for you? Are you using the Mail app on the Mac?

  • How do you add multiple birthdays to one contact

    I keep searching but it seems all the tips are old form previous versions or I am missing something.  I am currently using Mac OS X 10.7.3
    I am trying to add multiple birthdays in my Address Book under one person, thier family members and I want it to sync with iCal.  I also did not see the Anniversary option in Address Book
    Please help,
    Thank you,

    This has two parts. The second one, having the extra dates sync with iCal/Calendar, I don't (yet) know how.
    The first one, though, isn't so hard. Go to Addressbook/Contacts preferences. Under templates, click on "Add field" and select "dates."
    Now you can customize the template to default with "Anniversary" or whatever other nametag you'd like to give the date field or fields.
    I'd really like to hear how, if it's at all possible, even, to have those sync in iCal/Calendar.

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