How do you preview the video effects?

I am just wondering how to preview the video effects in Premiere Pro without having to add them to the timeline to view them. Anyone have any idea?
Thanks in advance.

Much of where a Transition is positioned will depend on your Clips, themselves. Here's another topic for your "Autumn Reading List" - Handles.
The understanding of these will go a very long way to understanding the placement and operation of Transitions.
Here's a short bit on Handles, but the manual (if they still have those) and the Help files will give you a lot more info.
Initially, Handles are a bit of an abstract concept, but once you get it, you'll fully understand some of the behavior of Transitions. Well worth reading.
Good luck,

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  • I have downloaded video to iPhotos but how do you get the video to iMovies

    I have downloaded video to iPhotos but how do you get the video to iMovies

    In iMovie look in the Event Library. You should see an Event named "iPhoto Videos" (assuming the videos are compatible with iMovie).
    Each time you open iMovie it will look for any new videos in iPhoto and place thumbnails in the iPhoto Videos Event. You will be given a choice as to whether you want the thumbnails generated now or later. The thumbnails will appear in chronological (date) order in the Event window. Note that the clips themselves are not actually imported to iMovie - they are simply referenced by iMovie (that is, iMovie points to the clips in iPhoto).
    Drag clips (or parts of clips) to a project. To start a new project, select File > New Project from iMovie's menu.
    Please ask if you need more advice. Otherwise, click on Help > iMovie Help in the menu. There you will find plenty of good information about how to use iMovie, including short video tutorials.
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  • How do you label the videos as music videos

    hello fellow reader i am curious as to how i can label all or most of my videos in itunes as music videos
    you see the videos are labeled as movies and i want to change that to music videos
    PS these are not ITMS videos these are just some i had lying around

    Do a Get Info on the videos in question. Under "Options" is a drop-down for "Video Kind".

  • How Do You Preview Your Videos On THe 3G S?  do you have to go to camera?

    to get to the videos recorded via the phone's camera, do you need to go to camera then switch it to videos then click on the thumb nail??
    another way?

    Videos taken with the Camera app are stashed in the Camera Roll album in the Photos app. So you can also view them by going into Photos and looking in Camera Roll. The thumbnail for each video is marked on the bottom with a little movie camera icon and the length of the video -- both of which distinguish videos from photos that might also still be in your Camera Roll (i.e., not yet transferred to your computer and deleted).

  • How do you match the video duration of multiple clips to match the audio?

    If 'Windows Movie Maker' could do this..... come on! There's gotta be a way. I have multiple video clips that equal a duration of say 10 minutes. My audio file (that consists of 2 songs) equals say 7 minutes. HOW DO I SELECT ALL VIDEO CLIPS AND MATCH THEIR TOTAL DURATION TO EQUAL THAT OF THE AUDIO?

    It's called "editing".
    If you don't want to do it, hire someone or fire up Windows Movie Maker.
    On the other hand, Apple seems to be headed down the "design the software for the lowest common denominator" path lately. Perhaps Final Cut X can do this? You might ask over in that forum.

  • How can you reset the video adapter on a MacBook?

    My MacBook will only display in monochrome.  Went into Preferences and reset resolution and color profile. And no change.  Reset PRAM and still no change.  Can anyone recommend a solution for resetting the video?   This occurred after hooking up an external HD display and streaming video to an HDTV
    Thanks in advance and Happy New Year!

    The SMC reset does something different than
    a NVRAM-PRAM reset, have you tried it?
    •Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC)
    PS: was the Universal access system preference panel setting checked
    to see if it was the cause of Grey-scale contrast change in the display? mac-os-x/
    There may be something else going on.
    Good luck & happy computing!

  • How do you increase the video size with a button?

    I'm trying to set up a demo for a meeting. I want to show how
    you can increase the size of the video.
    There are two buttons in the bottom right corner of the
    player that will increase the video size.

    I havn't tried this but I would thinkg that this could work:
    If you have a video object on your stage (the object that the video
    actually plays in) you could probably make a button that simply
    changes the dimensions of it such as:
    setProperty("theVideoPlayer",_height, 240);
    setProperty("theVideoPlayer",_width, 320);
    The movie should adjust to fit the screen, however if you
    make the movie larger than or a different aspect ratio than the
    original, it will be blurred or distorted respectively. Make your
    original movie, therefore, at the largest size you want it to be
    seen. Keep the aspect ration the same always.

  • How do you enlarge the video player?

    man, these things are weird - had to look all over the page just to find out how to post something.  Can someone please tell me how to enlarget the video player?  Some that I've seen have a "full screen" button, I'm trying to watch one of the Elements tutorials and cant hardly see the thing.  Also, how do you get it to back up just little bit, without starting the whole thing over?  I'm using Windows IE 8, 32 bit, flash player is 10,1,53,64.  thanks for your help.

    I tried this on all my browsers... Even on yourse... IE8
    Press and hold Control + use mouse wheel (UP) to enlarge
    P&hold contr + mouse wheel (down) to decrease.
    Control + to increase
    Control - to decrease
    Alt + V then Z
    This brings you do View Context menu on action bar. Then Zoom sub menu.
    Select from there.
    Hope this helps. ~ sonis
    I joined just to answer your question... lol
    Edit: Gimme those 10pts and say my post was correct and acurate
    Oh, and side thought:
    You can press F-11 to go in and out of view full screen for broswer contents.
    Then right click the toolbar and click auto-hide / hide toolbars.
    This helps alot and emulates and almost full screen watching these videos...
    I don't use the full screen mode buttons anymore, sometimes i reply to messenger
    and I don't want to have to click all those buttons to get real full screen, so i got smart.
    Oh, and if the video player doesn't have a rewind button, then you can't get it to back up.
    Unless you download it, then play it in a different player.
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    My brother wants to get me something really good for Christmas and I was thinking about a new nano. Believe it or not I still have the original mini (the battery is long dead, but I use it in my car so it doesn't matter as it charges from the connection). I want it for the video capabilities but want to hear from folks first.

    If you are looking for a video camera that can shoot in low light, zoom, produce a quality image that looks great on your 120" Plasma TV, etc., this is the wrong choice.
    If you are looking for an MP3 player that you can take out in good light and shoot some quick videos for posting on YouTube or sending to your friends this would be the right choice.

  • How do you get the extra effects on photo booth?

    I want all the extra effects that you can download but I dont know where to find them! Help

    Click here--><--
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    Mac OSX 10.7.3

  • How do you get the video out to TV to work on the iPhone 3GS

    I cannot get the video out to TV to work on my iPhone 3GS with iOS 5.1.1.
    I am using the $40.00 apple composite AV cables and nothing seems to work. With the cables connected to tv input nothing shows up in general settings for video out. Or anywhere else for that matter. I have tried many different TV's, sometimes I get audio but never never ever video . Does anyone else have this problem or better yet the answer?

    Thanks for responding to my question about not being able to get the video out to work on my iphone 3GS. In answer to your question i couldnt get any video to work at all. But, i do know what was wrong now. The whole problem was the brand new $40.00 set of apple composite AV cables i just bought was no good. This afternoon i took a trip to the nearest apple retail outlet (30 miles away) with phone and cables in hand. And after doing a little head scratching of their own they decided to try another set of cables, and low and behold the darn thing worked like a charm.I was very impressed by the service at the apple store even though i didnt buy either product from them. I wonder if there is a bad batch of cables floating around out there because it looks like other people out there are having the same problem, which is why i didnt really suspect the cables. Thanks again for responding.   Micdude001

  • How can you test the video card?

    I just got a cinema display and I am having trouble calibrating it.
    I just notice that when I open up bridge CS4 it takes awhile for it to refresh. When I go to film strip view and click on a picture it will not diplay it.
    Then I change views and there is a line down the middle of the display where it gets update but the left side does not.
    Any thoughts on what it could be?
    Video card of is it the monitor?
    How can I test it?

    The only ways I can think of to test the card are XBench and the Apple Hardware Tests (insert Install DVD and restart while holding down 'd')

  • How do you get the magic effect on Photo Booth? And other new features?

    I have searched everywhere for the download and I tried software update. My friend recently bought a Mac and she has all these cool effects (like the one with hearts around your head, birds around your head, makes you have big eyes) She claims the effects came with the Mac but I don't have them? is there anyway I can download them? Is this I knew feature I need to upgrade to? HELP PLEASE!

    Click here--><--
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    Mac OSX 10.7.3

  • How do you stop the video dimming?

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched and searched. On the X-Fi 32GB, is there a way to stop video from automatically dimming?

    &Hi Pekalama,
    The screen should not go dim when playing video. Is this happening with any video files? You might want to try upgrading the firmware to see if that hel
    Be sure to backup the contents in your player before you do this.

  • How do you preview a composition fit the intended viewport?

    Hi from 20 degrees C York UK :-)
    Ok I just finished a composition for an iphone, when watched on After effects it looks a good size but when I saw it on the intended iPhone it was too small. So my question is please...
    "How can you preview a movie clip / composition so it has the same scale as the intended output. Put another way, If my video clip is for YouTube how can I preview to see if my movie clip looks the right size before export."
    Thanks in advance,

    pimplebottom wrote:
    Ok I just finished a composition for an iphone, when watched on After effects it looks a good size but when I saw it on the intended iPhone it was too small.
    Of course it was smaller but what do you mean by "too small?" Do you mean, say, the text you created at full high def is illegible on the iPhone? There are minimum pixel dimensions and specifications for discernible detail, try googling "minimum visual content for iPhone" or something like that. Try searching the Apple site for developer specifications and suggestions for minimum pixel dimensions for accurately discerning detail.
    The iPhone 5s screen has only 1136 x 640 discreet pixels. My anecdotal experience suggests minimum legible text is about 20 pixels when viewed at arm's length, a meter or more. Text on websites can be much smaller because it scales as vectors. Video presents fixed pixels; they don't scale, they just get bigger and blockier.

Maybe you are looking for

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  • The project could not be prepared for publishing ... error (-49)

    Can somebody help? iMovie won't export movie in HD 720p. I am getting folowing message: "The project could not be prepared for publishing because an error occured. (-49)" After that I tryed to export "Large" movie (960 x 540) and everything was OK! M

  • Address Data in Multiple Language

    Hi Friends, How can i mentain Address Data for Vendor/Customer in multiple language while Uploading through BAPI or if any other method to achieve the same. Regards Sonal

  • Oracle BPA architect 11g Silent Installations on windows

    hello, how can I make a silent install of Oracle business process architect on Windows XP ? (I think it can be done using an XML file, if so, thank you for giving me the file silent.xml and the procedure to do the installation of Oracle business proc