How do you remove multiple email messages at one time

I have a iphone 4 and today it started piling up over 4000 undeliverable messages for no apparent reason. I somehow managed to stop the process but I am left with over 4000 messages that I need to delete. How do you remove multiple email messages at one time. I can "mark" all the messages at once but I cannot find the move or delete button to trash the messages. Can some one help me out.
Thanking you in advance.

Just figured it out - I can select multiple messages as you suggested when I am not in full screen mode.
So once I come out of full screen mode - then the multiple windows open.

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  • How do you delete multiple e mail at one time

    How do you delete multiple emails at one time?

    The link works OK for me on my iMac running Safari and Tiger 10.4.11. It also works on my iPad running Mercury and iCab.
    You may be right about the trick no longer working. I have only used it once or twice and that was just as an experiment. I will quit posting the link now if it no longer works.
    This no longer works?????
    From Destef_12
    You actually can:
    it took me weeks of research to figure out finally how to decode this yet another secretive secrets of apple. there is a perfect way of deleting ALL emails at once without jailbreaking your iphone or ipad...and here it is:
    Open Inbox>>EDIT >> check/select the top message, it will highlight the move button >>press and hold the move button and uncheck the message that you had checked earlier >> lift all your fingers off from the ipad screen and leave it alone. wait until all your messages pile up on the right hand portion of the screen (in ipad). iphone will give you the actual number of emails it has selected for the action. now they are just waiting for your command to be moved ALL at once. >> choose trash to delete all of them or any other folder where u want to move them, like one piece. remember this will replicate your action on the server so u will ACTUALLY move them or delete them on the server and not just the ipad.
    once you have moved all messages to trash you can either leave them there for the scheduled cleaning or empty it right away by doing this: go to trash folder and click edit. the delete all button shows up at the bottom of the screen. hit it! you r done!
    if you do not see effects of your actions on the server make sure you have enabled Your email accounts for such actions.
    1. please give enough time (could take upto several minutes depending the number of emails to be moved) for the emails to be selected for the move. your screen will become unresponsive while all emails are being packaged. once emails are ready, in ipad, you will see them zoomed out on the right hand side of the screen, and in iphone you will see the message showing you the actual number of messages that have been selected.
    2. avoid purging very large number of emails, the mail app might freeze or crash. if your inbox has thousands of emails change your sync settings in mail settings to fill lesser number of emails in you inbox
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  • How do you delete multiple email messages without checking off each one at a time?

    Looking for help to figure out how to delete emails previous to certain dates or in large quantity without clicking on each one.  Already held down control button and tagged multiple emails...yet want to delete previous emails in large quantity.
    Thanks in advance for help...

    Click on the first one you want gone then
    1) hold down the Shift and click on the last one you want gone when they are consecutive, then Right click and select Move to trash or Delete
    2) Hold down either the Option or Control or Command key (Sorry I forget which key is used on the Mac for this, It is Control on PC) then click on the individual mails you want gone then as above.

  • How do you open multiple email messages at the same time on Mail?

    are there any preferences to control how emails are opened from Mail client.
    Currently I can only open one emil at a time and can not toggle between messages or even toggle between the inbox view and a single message.  This is very frustrating especially if you want to toggle across multiple messages.
    Thanks for the help.

    Just figured it out - I can select multiple messages as you suggested when I am not in full screen mode.
    So once I come out of full screen mode - then the multiple windows open.

  • How can I delete multiple email messages on my mobile device

    HOw can I delete multiple email messages from my ipad and iPhone

    Hello conniefromtulsa,
    The process for deleting multiple messages is detailed in the iPhone User Guide:
    Delete, move, or mark multiple messages. While viewing a list of messages, tap Edit. Select some messages, then choose an action. If you make a mistake, shake iPhone immediately to undo.
    iPhone User Guide - Work with multiple messages

  • How do you manage multiple emails in ios8?

    How do you manage multiple emails from one sender in ios8? In iOS 7 you used to be able to search the sender and then edit, select and move.. I can't seem to find this feature anymore.

    After you have done the search, you can swipe downward slightly on the keyboard and it will disappear and you will see "EDIT" in the bottom right corner. You can tap on that, select whatever emails you want and then you are given the choice to "Mark, Move, Trash, Cancel". It will even verify the number of mails you have selected.

  • How do you remove old email addresses from the invitee drop down menu in Calendar

    How do you remove old email addresses from the invitee drop down menu in Calendar

    Back up all data.
    Triple-click anywhere in the line below on this page to select it:
    ~/Library/Caches/ Recipients.plist
    Right-click or control-click the line and select 
    Services ▹ Reveal
    from the contextual menu.* A folder should open with an item selected. Quit the application if it's running. Move the selected item to the Desktop, leaving the window open. Relaunch the application and test. If there's no change, quit again and put the item you moved back where it was, overwriting the one that may have been created in its place. Otherwise, delete the item you moved.
    *If you don't see the contextual menu item, copy the selected text to the Clipboard (command-C). In the Finder, select
    Go ▹ Go to Folder...
    from the menu bar, paste into the box that opens (command-V). You won't see what you pasted because a line break is included. Press return.

  • How do I delete multiple emails at the same time rather than individually?

    How do I delete multiple emails at the same time rather than individually?

    My mistake
    I was looking at my KB, even tested my suggestion with the command key, and then wrote option

  • How do you merge multiple pdf's into one document?

    How do you merge multiple pdf's into one document?

    Hi pharmovative,
    You can use the Combine PDF feature of Adobe PDF pack to combine multiple PDF files into one document. (Or, if you have the full version of Acrobat, you an do it there as well by choosing Create > Combine Files into a Single PDF.)
    Please let us know if you need further assistance.

  • How do you remove the SIM card from one iPhone 5 and place it in another?

    how do you remove the SIM card from one iPhone 5 and place it in another?

    With a paper clip?  Refer to the User Guide.

  • How can I open multiple email messages with a single click?

    On the Mac mini I use at work, I can select several email messages at a time and open them all up by double-clicking the mouse pointer on any of the selected messages. My MacBook Pro at home seems to lack that functionality, even though both are running the same version of Yosemite. In order to open up multiple messages (each, in its own window) on my MacBook Pro, I need to double-click on each individual message, even though I have multiple messages selected on my MacBook Pro, using Yosemite's Mail app. I assume there is an optional setting that can enable multiple messages to be opened by double-clicking on a single selected message, but I have looked through the Mail app's preferences and I come up empty handed. Can someone please clue me in on how to get this functionality on my MacBook Pro?

    There is another similar icon named Bookmarks in the '''Customize''' window which provides the said functionality. You have to add that.

  • Old issue...How can you delete multiple emails?

    You would have thought that Apple would have given us an easy way to delete multiple emails by now.
    I'm trying to clean up my wife's 16GB iPad with thousands of old emails and tried every old trick. ( Holding down the move after selecting one etc. it crashes now in iOS 8 )
    I read that you can go to Messages preferences and select how long you want to keep messages, Never, (1 month etc...)
    but is that text Messages or Mail also? But how do you get rid of the old ones.  I've cleaned out the server, thinking that the Cloud would pick that move up, but that didn't work either.
    The old iOS version allowed in Preferences to select the Maximum amount of emails you want on your iPad ( ala 100 etc ) iO7 killed that move.
    Is this a simple but stupid oversight on Apples part OR is it intentional to get me to buy a Larger GB iPad for my wife next time!
    Common, lets rally around this one... it's way overdue!

    Instead of using the iOS Mail app to do this massive cleanup, you might go to Yahoo or GMail or other services, and do it on the web. For the clean up process for large amounts of mail, that might work better. Once it's under control though, then it's pretty easy to maintain from the iOS Mail app. It's just a matter of checking it once every few days or so and keeping your "housekeeping" done ... :-) ...

  • How do you delete multiple emails from your "inbox" w/o clicking on each one individually?

    How do you delete multiple inbox emails to trash w/o clicking on each one individually?

    Highlight one. Click edit. Click "mark all" at the bottom. Click trash.

  • How do I copy multiple email addresses from one email sent TO me into a new message?

    How do I copy multiple email addresses from an email sent to me into a new message?

    Are they in the body of the mail?
    Hold your finger down in that mail until the little blue bubble pops up. One of the options should be to select all. Choose that and all will be hilighted. then a pop up comes up to copy, choose that, open your destination and hold your finger down to get the paste dialogue.

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    This would be an excellent use of Automator. Here is a link to some instructions on how to do this using Automator.
    If you don't like that then Google "Renmame multiple files Automator" and you will find many tutorials available.

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