How do you stop top sites from loading in safari

I have tried for days to stop "Top Sites" from loading in Safari 7.0
In my ~Library I have locked the:
Safari db
metadata db
There is no way I can find to stop these crap top sites from loading!!!!!!!!!:(
Anyone found a way to fix this?

Never mind, I found out how to do it. However, you can't get rid of all the sites because in Safari 7.0, in the Preferences>General Tab, you can only change Top Sites to a minimum of six. So, you can't entirely get rid of them.

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    How do you stop mobile sites from loading in safari automatically on my iPad? I can't log into mobile me because of this.

    The website is not designed for or intended to be accessed by iOS devices. Apple provides support in iOS or seperate Apps for accessing all aspects of MobileMe except for the Accounts section.
    Use MobielMe as intended and you'll have no problems.
    Even if you use a different browser to get access to on iOS, you'll find most of it is unusable.
    Other websites that present you with the mobile version have been programmed to do so by their developers. They specifically look for users accessing from 'mobile' devices and switch to the mobile site. Many such sites provide a link to go back to the 'full' site, if not, there's not a lot you can do except use a browser that can pretend not to be a mobile browser.

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    Using Safari for Windows 4.0.2 on a PC, how can I stop the Top Sites window from opening? Any help would be appreciated.

    Set any new window or tab to open a "blank" page.
    Safari preferences / General tab.

  • How do you stop game center from loading, How do you stop game center from loading

    iPhone 4 _ iOS7
    I have never used Game Center. However, most times when I open a solitaire game that I purchased on iTunes having 0 to do with Game Center, Game Center (obnoxiously) loads and asks that I join or login or whatever. Altough I hit cancel, that is not sufficient. I have found no means in Tools to disable Game Center.
    Is there no way to stop Game Center from loading??? (behavior same in both OS 6 & 7)

    The website is not designed for or intended to be accessed by iOS devices. Apple provides support in iOS or seperate Apps for accessing all aspects of MobileMe except for the Accounts section.
    Use MobielMe as intended and you'll have no problems.
    Even if you use a different browser to get access to on iOS, you'll find most of it is unusable.
    Other websites that present you with the mobile version have been programmed to do so by their developers. They specifically look for users accessing from 'mobile' devices and switch to the mobile site. Many such sites provide a link to go back to the 'full' site, if not, there's not a lot you can do except use a browser that can pretend not to be a mobile browser.

  • How do you stop Audigy programs from loading at start

    I posted yesterday regarding my sound card (Audigy 2 ZS Platinum) taking up a large amount of CPU.
    I went into my BIOS and basically assigned every free IRQ to my PCI cards and yet again changed the slot that the card sits on. Everything is back to normal and I think I might know why, which is where my question comes in.
    Thankfully, XP allows me to use the card without rebooting. If I do reboot, I have a feeling 3 things will happen.
    . A pop up window will appear at the top of my screen that allows me to control certain aspects of the card.
    2. A program will appear in my task bar (white with blue headphones) which allows me to run Creative Programs.
    3. My CPU will jack up again.
    Because I didn't have to reboot when i re-installed the card, these two programs are not running.
    My question is, how do I stop those two programs from loading at start up? I've closed them down in the past after a reboot and it does not help, so obviously something is loading with them.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.
    AMD Athlon XP (.8), 52MD RAM, XP SP2, ATI Radeon 9700 Pro

    That is not part of Firefox, but appears to be an add-on. You appear to have this add-on installed -
    For details of how to uninstall the add-on see the [[uninstalling add-ons]] article.

  • How do you stop unauthorized cookies from appearing in Safari?

    Hi ,
    I'm using Safari 5.1.10 and system 10.6.8.  I've gotten all the security downloads available, but I seem to having issues with unauthorized  cookies appearing. These seem to appear even though I've not visited their websites, and have Safari set to accept cookies from only sites I've visited.
    After going to Preferences:Privacy: remove all website data: then remove all cookies,
    If I just wait a few minutes, I get 72 website cookies restored to  my computer, without doing anything. These include cookies from google, alibaba,, facebook, microsoft, oracle and many more.  Some of these  declare they are using local storage, others the catch, while others just declare themselves as cookies.
    These appear in spite of the fact that I have the preferences set to block cookies from third party advertizers, set Extensions to OFF, but have Javascript enabled, and allow Java, but deny all other plug-ins.
    If I unclick the allow Java button in Preferences:security, then  11 of these cookies sneek back in, but the others seem to be blocked. Those that come back include Alibaba, apple, google-analytics, "local documents on my computer", machine-seeker, wikipedia, and a few others.
    If I disable JavaScript in Preferences:Security, now I get only cookies from sites I've visited, as I'm supposed to, according to the settings in my Safari preferences.
    So it seems that some unscrupulous information collectors are collecting data  even when the Safari settings should prohibit it. Unfortunately, some of the sites I visit ( Like Apple support communities)  require that Javascript be enabled, so I don't know how to stop this. 
    The problem is that I've found these unwarrented cookies appear to slow down my internet connection speeds  by  ~ 95% ( Try removing them and disabling Javascript to see what happens) in addition to it being an invasion of my privacy. In addition, it really bothers me that some of these sites are storing local documents on my computer without permission.
    As I've said, I've already installed ALL the pertinent security updates.  Does anybody have any idea how to stop this from happening? I presume this is also happening on my iphone and ipad as well, but haven't checked.
    I see that Safari was sued by Apple in 2012 for doing just this same thing, but they appear to be up to their old tricks, as well as many other companies.

    I've investigated this phenomena  of UNauthorized Cookies a bit more  in the past few days and found their cause  and uses goes very deep down the internet rabbit hole.  While most browsers allow the user to delete cookies, or to block cookies from third parties, third parties may place cookies or "cookie equivalents" on your computer through a large variety of back doors. The most pernicious type  of such cookie is euphemistically  called a "Zombie Cookie"  or a "supercookie".
    These may reside in a number of places either in  your own computer or remotely on the web. Deleting zombie cookies or supercookies is generally ineffective, because they are reinstalled in your browser, or worse, just exchange information with your browser withouth leaving a trail of cookie crumbs, the next time you get online. Some of these zombie cookies are not browser specific, so they can be accessed through all browsers on your computer. 
    The reason that you may never have heard of supercookies, and the reason they are so hard to find and get rid of, is that their deployment is deliberately sneaky and designed to evade detection and deletion. This means that most people who think they have cleared their computers of tracking objects have likely not. The European Union has recently taken action to make illegal the emplacement of "non-essential" cookies  on your computer, but the United States, being less concerned about your personal privacy, and more concerned about  making it easy for companies (and the government) to eavesdrop, has not.
    The following is a list ( probably incomplete) where zombie cookies may be hiding on your computer:
    Standard HTTP cookies
    Storing cookies in and reading out web history
    Storing cookies in HTTP ETags
    Internet Explorer userData storage (starting IE9, userData is no longer supported)
    HTML5 Session Storage
    HTML5 Local Storage
    HTML5 Global Storage
    HTML5 Database Storage via SQLite
    Storing cookies in RGB values of auto-generated, force-cached PNGs using HTML5 Canvas tag to read pixels (cookies) back out
    Local Shared Objects
    Silverlight Isolated Storage
    Cookie syncing scripts that function as a cache cookie and respawn the MUID cookie[4]
    If a user is not able to remove the cookie from every one of these data stores then the cookie will be recreated to all of these stores on the next visit to the site that uses that particular cookie, or in some cases, just the next visit to the internet, even though you may have barred 3rd party cookies from being emplaced in your browser. Every company has their own implementation of zombie cookies and most are kept proprietary, although an open-source implementation of zombie cookies, called Evercookie,[5] is available and commonly used.
    One  such common type of supercookie is called Local shared objects (LSOs), or more commonly Flash cookies (due to their similarities with HTTP cookies), are pieces of data that websites which use Adobe Flash may store on a user's computer. Local shared objects are used by all versions of Adobe Flash Player and version 6 and above of Macromedia's now-obsolete Flash Player.[1]
    It is possible to see who is using Flash cookies on your computer, (and remove them) by going to the adobe website storage settings panel : ( ager07.html).  This takes you to a settings manager  figure. This  Settings Manager figure that you see on this page is not an image; it is the actual Settings Manager for your computer. Click the tabs to see different panels, and click the options in the panels to change your Adobe Flash Player settings.
    So far, I have not been able to find a method of removing or inhibiting zombie cookies that use HTML5 local or global storage locations. Some browsers may provide such power, but Apple Safari apparently does not.
    For more information on supercookies see:
    There are some ways to reduce your load of unwanted cookies and local storage  type cookies using  extensions such as AdBlock or Disconnect,  But I've tried some of these and it doesn't seem to  stop very many of them, even though the Disconnect extension is said to block over 2000 of these types of  cookies.
    For those who are trying to ride under the radar by using some of these extensions or software blockers, be aware that use of these may actually make you more visible because of browser fingerprinting.  Whenever you visit a website your browser sends data to the server hosting that site. This data includes basic information, including the browser name, operating system, and exact version number of the browser. This information is known as passive browser fingerprint because it happens automatically. However websites when blocked, can also easily install other types of scripts that ask for additional information, such as a list of all installed fonts and plugins, supported data types (so-called MIME types), screen resolution, system colors and much more. Because this information has to be solicited from your browser, it is known as active fingerprinting. Taken altogether, the various fingerprint attributes can be almost instantly (it takes just a few milliseconds to run algorithms that compare millions of fingerprints) combined to create a unique fingerprint that can be used to very accurately identify an individual user, no matter if cookies have been deleted or IP address changed between website visits.
    For an article on browser fingerprinting, See :
    The bottom line is that if you use the internet, your browser history is being tracked by a myriad of companies and government agents, and it is likely not possible to stop this.  For those who work in science, industry or government and are working on sensitive topics or novel product development  that  another company or government may find interesting, there appears to be many ways to recreate  what you are working on by studying your browser history, or installing worms to view exactly what you are writing or reading.  It came as somewhat of a shock to me to see just how pervasive internet spying has become, and it's not just malicious or destrustive agents who are doing so. Google didn't become a $350 billion company by simply bringing nice toys to us to play with. The real value of the internet comes from the trade and sale of secretly obtained personal information from you and I and everyone else, and its sale to all who will pay for it.

  • What is ChangeWatcher? How do you stop Change Watcher from listening to a propertyChangeEvent?

    What is ChangeWatcher? How do you stop Change Watcher from listening to a propertyChangeEvent?

    ChangeWatcher is a class used to handle the change of a specific property. To stop watching that property, simply call unwatch function as follow:
    var cw:ChangeWatcher = this, "propertyName", changeHandler );

  • How do you stop iOS 7 from auto enlarging your background picture?

    How do you stop iOS 7 from auto enlarging your background picture? And before it's mentioned, no, Turing off Reduce Motion has absolutely NO effect on the auto enlarge feature that apple stupidly thought would be a good idea. The Reduce Motion ONLY stops the background from subtly shifting as you turn or angle the iDevice.

    It should be my choice, not apples.
    And I agree. But neither of us is a programming engineer at Apple, and so don't get to make those decisions. The user tip I wrote was based on the fact I didn't like it either, and was trying to figure out why it was scaling an image up in the first place, and then how to fix it as best as possible.
    Since you've locked your iPad to one orientation, you should be able to copy your custom image off to your Mac (assuming you own one) and use an image editor, such as Photoshop Elements, to add pixel area to the narrow dimension to make it the same number of pixels as the larger dimension. Increase the canvas size so the extra space leaves the original narrower dimension centered, as in this example:
    Copy it back to your iPad and select the modified image. Since it's square, it shouldn't scale.

  • How do you restore "top sites" on imac OS X?

    How do you restore "top sites" on imac OS X?

    In Safari > Preferences > Bookmarks tab > Check "include top sites".

  • How do you stop the keyboard from covering what you are typing

    How do you stop the keyboard from covering up what you are typing- one of the worst features of the new iOS

    What kind of problems are you having with the iPad?
    If the keyboard is split and covering your text, Pull the two ends of the keyboard together - into the middle of the screen. You can also tap and hold down on the little keyboard icon in the lower right corner of the keyboard and select - Dock and Merge.
    If the keyboard is up on the middle of the screen, but not split, and you want to move it back to the bottom - tap and hold down on the little keyboard and icon and select - Dock
    You can turn the split keyboard off in Settings>General>Keyboard>Split Keyboard>Off.
    if none of those are the issue, reset your iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

  • How do you stop the ipod from backing up songs when syncing?

    how do you stop the ipod from backing up songs when syncing?

    The backup does not include songs at all or apps or movies.

  • How do you stop 1.4 from importing??

    I recently installed LR2.3 on a machine with LR1.4.  I thought it would install over but it appears to have installed a completely seperate copy.
    The problem:  when I put a card in my reader, the Windows dialog box pops up for 'what do you want to do with this?'.
    If I select the LR2.3 icon, it pulls up LR1.4 instead!!  The icon definitely says 2.3.
    How do I stop 1.4 from importing and letting 2.3 do it?
    Right now I have to:
    Insert card
    Wait for 1.4 to come up
    shut down 1.4
    Bring up 2.3

    I haven't had LR 1.4 installed over a year so I don't quite remember how it worked, but if it uses ADPProxy then you might find relief with the steps shown in this post:

  • How do you stop a book from downloading in iBooks.  It has been downloading for 2 days

    How do I stop a book from downloading in iBooks   It has been downloading for 2 days

    Perform a "hard reset" on the device by pressing down and holding the home button and the sleep/wake button for up to 30secs. until you see a black screen with the Apple logo, then release.
    Then test to see if it solved the problem.

  • How do you stop 'Transferring Data from...' in toolbar on first page of a website - eventually stops but takes a minute then loases some images on a site when complete - other browsers are fine.

    Only happens on index page of website - Firefox repeatedly says 'connecting to site/transfering data from site in the status bar for about a minute before finally 'done', then some images on the index page are missing. All other browsers are fine - how do you turn off this problem in Firefox - there is nothing to download on the index page, already displayed but can't continue unless you jump to another page in the site. Searched web and many references to this but no definate answer. Code is same on all pages of site, just the index page which hangs.

    You can check for recently installed suspicious or unknown extensions.
    Do a malware check with several malware scanning programs on the Windows computer.<br>
    Please scan with all programs because each program detects different malware.<br>
    All these programs have free versions.
    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.
    *Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:<br>
    *Microsoft Safety Scanner:<br>
    *Windows Defender: Home Page:<br>
    *Spybot Search & Destroy:<br>
    *Kasperky Free Security Scan:<br>
    You can also do a check for a rootkit infection with TDSSKiller.
    *Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller:<br>
    See also:
    *"Spyware on Windows":

  • How do you stop Mountain Lion from making endless copies and backups of everything?!

    I already have a similar topic on this when I needed to figure out how to stop Mountain Lion from making endless copies of my text edit files and I was going to try the disabling of it that someone in that thread suggested, but I can't find where the Versions backups are being stored.
    Anyway, tonight I cam across a new problem, when I went into "about this Mac" and looked at my Storage, I had almost 1gb of data in the "backups" section. I just happened to have Finder open when I went into the Time Machine in the status bar and when it entered Time Machine, I had dozens of copies of my desktop. Thing is, I don't have my Time Machine hard drive connected and I don't have a Time Capsule router/hard drive. And don't give me this garbage about how "It's not real backups, it's just a snapshot" or whatever, because the ONLY things that I have stored on my computer that I have altered since I got mountain lion is two Text Edit files and the Finder Desktop (and yes, I have checked almost all the programs I use, and of the things that Time Machine will open in, those are the only things that have backups listed that I can access) and almost 1gb is being taken up completely needlessly with the computer backing up things onto itself. Obviously these are more than just snapshots and are obviously the real files because after throwing EVERYTHING on my desktop into a file, that file is only 3.8mb in size, so that almost 1GB in backups is coming from SOMEWHERE.
    The solution I aluded to in my first sentence also depends on going into the Terminal to make each individual app stop auto saving Versions, however, since my desktop is being backed up, there's no program to stop Mountain Lion from doing that.
    Can anyone help me figure out how to make it stop backing up? Seriously, almost 1 gb is being totally wasted on a series of desktop items that are 3.8mb in size, one Text Edit file that is 250kb in size, and another text edit file that is 41kb in size. What person in Apple would possibly have thought this endless backing up of files onto the main hard drive would have been a good idea? So in a year if I did nothing but go on the internet, save one picture to one file on my desktop and did nothing else with my computer, would I have 200 gb of desktop backups that the computer saved onto itself? Are you kidding me? OR failing that, can anyone tell me how to find this damned backup file and delete it? I'm not an idiot, I know how to plug in a hard drive or flash drive and backup my information, I don't need my computer to be making hundreds of copies of every single file on my computer that I change slightly onto itself that not only needlessly eats up it's own space, but if the hard drive died, all those "backups" would be gone too because it wrote the backups to itself.
    I am so frustrated by this totally ridiculous and wasteful "feature" they put in, it does nothing but waste hard drive space with it's hundreds of copies of everything you alter slightly. And I am absolutely not starting any video editing projects until I figure out how to turn this off. If around 4mb of total text and desktop backups add up to almost 1gb in a few weeks, what the heck is a video editing project going to end up in with size? Am I the only one completely flustered by this ridiculousness? Is there any point in writing into Apple to complain or are they just going to say "No, we're brilliant, we think this is an amazing feature so you just have to deal iwth it and when your hardd drive fills up, too bad, jerk!"?? Help! Thanks!

    Well as I pointed out in my post, "Sadly, my Text Edit documents are still all there, every single time I opened them and made a small change, there is another copy stretching all the way back to the day I installed Mountain Lion." so if you can explain to me how July 26 - Aug 16 is a week, I will concede that it is a good idea. Short of that, no I have been capable of making my own backups since I was 16 years old (16 years ago) I don't need my computer to endlessly do it for me in a way I am completely unable to shut off. That's what I have external hard drives, flash drives, a DVD burner, Drop Box, E-mail (as in emailing copies to myself) and icloud for. If I am doing something and I don't have access to a single one of those options, I don't know why I brought my computer with me in the first place. And I don't see how you can say it's an illusory gain in disk space, hundreds of copies of text documents, garageband files, Final Cut files, Motion Files and basically any program that makes files onto my comptuer that I can myself make incremental changes to, those all need to be stored somehow. Again, if you can explain to me how July 26 - Aug 16 is a week, I will agree with you that that is a good thing because IF it only saved for a week, it wouldn't be an issue. Sadly, no matter how many links you post, I still have text edit backups stretching from today back to July 26. They're not going away and I have no reason to beleive any other file I edit is going to go away either since they haven't been. They're all there eating up HD space and this imaginary "week" limit is simply not coming into effect. I hate it and there needs to be a simple way to simply shut it off. I didn't spend hundreds of dollars on external drives just for my main hard drive to be filled up with hundreds un useless, undeletable backups of stuff I already have backed up.

Maybe you are looking for