How does the Delta functionality works while updating Infocube from PA

Hi Gurus
How does the Delta functionality works when you send forecast to the Info cube from the Planning Area.
As I have weekly based planning, every week we have to update the forecast into the Cube. If I update  every week into the Cube , then the values are going to append  in the Info cube.
Shall I create ODS in between the Planning area  and the Info cube .
Any other method ?
Please Suggest.

Hi Preetham,
Data Extraction from planning area to infocube usually its supports for full update only, when u r going to load the data from planning area to cube ,it deletes the previous data and u vil get the fresh data, this is the best method performance wise,
if u want to use the delta functionality u can go for planning area to Dso, Dso to cube, it vil supports the delta functionality, but it vil degrades the system performance,

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    I borrowed the image below for an HDR workshop I ran at the 2010 PSNZ National Convention, to demonstrate a method of removing halos.  You'll remember that halos were a serious problem with early HDR, and while the halos in this image were caused by over sharpening, they are perfect for demonstrating this technique.
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    This question was solved.
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    Sorry. I hit post before I could elaborate. Not sure what I was thinking. The Bluetooth connection will only support printing. To use the scan feature you will need to connect the printer using a USB or network connection. Hope that explains it a bit better.
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    Edited by: user8731258 on Sep 27, 2010 2:54 AM

    user8731258 wrote:
    the global session table is going to hold data for one sessions where as the table flsp is going to hold data for the entire day.During a session there could be say 10 thousand records.Sounds like a bad idea.
    user8731258 wrote:
    ANd there are goign to aroung 100 such sessions.Continues to sound bad.
    user8731258 wrote:
    I have to update the flsp continually.Just got worse.
    user8731258 wrote:
    How do i make this fetch fast??This still makes no sense to me.
    Why are you moving all this data around and utilizing temporary tables instead of directly querying the underlying data on an 'as needed' basis?
    I think you have undertaken entirely the wrong technical approach to whatever business problem you are attempting to solve (though it's hard to say for sure as we still know little of what you've got going on).
    So back to step number one like i asked before.
    Can you explain (from the very beginning) WHY you are attempting this type of set up?

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    Welcome to Adobe Forum,
    You can opt for monthly payment in a yearly contract or pay at one go for an year.
    Please check the option at

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    At a guess, the accept call that Java makes, relies on the OS system call through JNI. accept would then block until a new connection is present if you are using blocking.

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