How does the follwoing query work?

Want to know how does the follwoign query work??
For every row in flsp
the subquery is going to get executed or is it just one time execution of the subquery??
SET (DURATION, sdr, inr) =
(SELECT SUM (tot_charges), SUM (tot_charges_sdr),
SUM (tot_duration)
WHERE t.sender_pmn = flsp.sender_pmn
AND t.recipient_pmn = flsp.recipient_pmn
AND t.imsi_min = flsp.imsi
AND TRUNC (t.call_date) = TRUNC (flsp.call_date)
AND t.call_type = flsp.call_type
AND t.service_code = flsp.service_code
GROUP BY sender_pmn,
TRUNC (t.call_date),
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user8731258 wrote:
the global session table is going to hold data for one sessions where as the table flsp is going to hold data for the entire day.During a session there could be say 10 thousand records.Sounds like a bad idea.
user8731258 wrote:
ANd there are goign to aroung 100 such sessions.Continues to sound bad.
user8731258 wrote:
I have to update the flsp continually.Just got worse.
user8731258 wrote:
How do i make this fetch fast??This still makes no sense to me.
Why are you moving all this data around and utilizing temporary tables instead of directly querying the underlying data on an 'as needed' basis?
I think you have undertaken entirely the wrong technical approach to whatever business problem you are attempting to solve (though it's hard to say for sure as we still know little of what you've got going on).
So back to step number one like i asked before.
Can you explain (from the very beginning) WHY you are attempting this type of set up?

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