How does the sync functionality work with large libraries on small devices?

How does the sync functionality work with large libraries?
Say I sync 100gb of photos with the new Photos app and turn on sync on a 16gb iphone. Will it fill the device up to 16gb? Can I tell it to limit to xgb so I leave room for music and apps? How does this work? Will it slow down my phone if its trying to sync 100gb across smaller devices?

"Will the Apple TV now read directly from the Time Capsule?" ATV does not 'read' from the TC. It connects to the Mac and itunes library associated with the Mac. Of course the itunes program can 'point' to a library on the TC. You'll still need to have itunes open and the Mac powered on and not sleeping with the TC mounted to the Desktop to use ATV properly. So bottom line the use of TC just adds one more step to view files on the ATV.

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  • How does the newest Iphone work with Ford Sync?

    How does the new Iphone work with Ford Sync? I was thinking of purchasing the 4s but may go elsewhere if there is a better phone for the equipment in my vehicle.

    That would be a NO.. I should have done my homework before I switched to IPhone because the Bluetooth just does not want to sync with my Ford Truck. Its such an inconvience. But I see from other posts that Ford isn't the only car experiencing problems. So Hopefully Apple fixes this problem QUICKLY!

  • Does the bluetooth function work with the scanner function on my Photosmart C5550?

    I have a new Dell computer and an HP Photosmart C5550.  I use bluetooth to connect to the print. The printer function works correctly but the computer does not recognize the scanner function. Does the scanner function work with bluetooth?
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    Sorry. I hit post before I could elaborate. Not sure what I was thinking. The Bluetooth connection will only support printing. To use the scan feature you will need to connect the printer using a USB or network connection. Hope that explains it a bit better.
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  • How does the Delta functionality works while updating Infocube from PA

    Hi Gurus
    How does the Delta functionality works when you send forecast to the Info cube from the Planning Area.
    As I have weekly based planning, every week we have to update the forecast into the Cube. If I update  every week into the Cube , then the values are going to append  in the Info cube.
    Shall I create ODS in between the Planning area  and the Info cube .
    Any other method ?
    Please Suggest.

    Hi Preetham,
    Data Extraction from planning area to infocube usually its supports for full update only, when u r going to load the data from planning area to cube ,it deletes the previous data and u vil get the fresh data, this is the best method performance wise,
    if u want to use the delta functionality u can go for planning area to Dso, Dso to cube, it vil supports the delta functionality, but it vil degrades the system performance,

  • How does the sync process work?

    Hello all,
    I want to know what will happen if both the local and network homes have been modified for a period of two weeks and then the user chooses to synch? Will the sync process ask which 'home' is the most recent or will it replace older files with newer files?
    How does the sync process manage the task of keeping both sides the same?
    -Andrew G

    If a file exists on both the local and the network directory it will pop up with a conflict and ask how to resolve it.
    If the file is only on the local machine and in a place you have not excluded from syncing it just syncs.
    If the file has been previously synced but there has been no change to the file since last sync I think it just rewrites the file to the server homedir... (Don't quote me on this one... it might not even bother with it, I'm not sure how smart the sync service is)
    You can set automatic conflict resolution within WGM but as far as I know you have to do it by clicking on preferences then switching to the details tab, then click on Home Click on the Always drop down and click the add new key button then change the new key to either Login or Logout Non-Preference sync conflict resolution and or Background sync conflict resolution and decide if MobileHome or NetworkHome Wins...or copy. In most cases I would think that you would want the MobileHome to Win.. of course there is always potential for someone to make a huge mistake on a file and pray its still fine on the server but... your call.

  • How does the login process works with a bind to AD?

    Hi there,
    I am trying to bind our mac to our Active Directory. Before doing I'd like to understand well how the login process works. Is there any reference I could look up to?
    For what I've understood until now with an example user "testAccount" and no automount and no AD extension and the ADplugin set as:
    a) if mobile is set, then a /Users/testAccount is created and if UNC is set then a smbHome is mounted "on desktop". If UNC is not set, do nothing more
    b) if force is set, then a /Users/testAccount is created and if UNC is set then a smbHome is mounted "on desktop". If UNC is not set, do nothing more
    c) if force is NOT set:
    --c1) if UNC is not set and cannot map NFSHomedirectory at all, then login the user with such a temporary home
    --c2) if UNC is set mount SMBhome and use it as mounted home folder (NFSHomeDirectory-->SMBhome "/Network/Servers/")
    --c3) if UNC is not set then retrieve the homeDirectory-NIS's attribute in AD (NFSHomeDirectory--> "/homes/testAccount") and create /homes/testAccount
    my doubt now is point c2) after I login in with a "#mount" I get:
    trigger on /Network/Servers/ (autofs, automounted)
    //[email protected]/users on /Network/Servers/ (smbfs, nodev, nosuid, automounted, mounted by testaccount)
    but my SMBhome is not correctly mounted on remote server (but the Library folder and MCX files are created!) and I get home errors because the system is looking for "/homes/testAccount", which I don't know where it is coming out from given that a
    #dscl /Active\ Directory/ -read /Users/testaccount |grep homes gives only out dsAttrTypeNative:unixHomeDirectory: /homes/testAccount

    Is there any reference I could look up to?

  • How does the SignatureClear() function work?

    Hello everyone:
    I have read Javascript for Acrobat API Reference (8.0) and I'm still wondering how SignatureClear() works. Is it possible to clear a signature field with this? How? It is said that you can not work with it in Adobe Reader... but I have seen some other functions working despite of the Availability column: is it possible to use it in Reader?
    Code examples will be very appreciated.

    I have not reviewed thew API documentation, but I can comment...
    1)  To "clear" or remove a digital signature, you need to have access to the "private" key (digital credential\certificate) that was used to generate the signature.  This means that typically, only the signer can remove their own signature.
    2)  You cannot sign a PDF document with Reader, UNLESS the PDF has been "reader extended" with the "signing" permission that will enable the ability to sign a document with Reader.  A PDF can be extended with LiveCycle Reader Extensions (server product) or with Acrobat Professional.  I have nottried it myself, but I would assume that the "signing" permission would need to be enabled on the document to allow Reader to remove (clear) the signature, assuming agaion that Reader had access to the private key used to create the signature.
    Hope this helps.

  • Newbie: How does the security manager work with EJB?

    I am new to J2EE and do not seem to grasp how the security manager (or J2EESecurityManager) works with EJB.
    My bean does security-senisitive stuff (like getting the Policy object) and must not do so unless I give it permission in the policy file. So far so good. But the permission will only work if I grant it to ALL code, like:
    grant {
    permission "getPolicy";
    Beans do not seem to have a protection domain or code source/certificates attached to it. so I cannot say
    grant "/file/sw/ejb/myejb.jar" {
    permission "getPolicy";
    Why is that (probably because beans run remote)? But more importantly, how DO I set permissions based on which bean it is?

    If I add that directory as the codebase to
    a grant statement any class loaded from there will
    have the specified permission.I thought so, too, and that is why I went digging for the code source of my bean (i.e. where is it deployed, from where is it loaded) but that source is NULL:
    Some program output:
    ==Has security manager: com.sun.enterprise.J2EESecurityManager
    ==Code source is ProtectionDomain (null <no certificates>)
    The code seems to have no code source (null) and no signatures (in fact, I also signed my code with the keytool but that certificate did not show here either).
    I am running this against the j2ee server 1.3 -- just experimenting, but it does not go so well. :-)

  • How does the fault system work with AppleCare warranty extension?

    I'm an owner of an iPhone 4S on Telus Mobility in Canada and I have two year AppleCare warranty extension that is linked to my phone. I've had my iPhone for over a year now with no issues, so this question is meant for reference if and when I do need to make a claim.
    When I bought my AppleCare, the representative never explained to me how the fault system works, or if and what I pay in the event of a claim, or really anything else related to AppleCare. My friend told me if I pay a certain amount of money during a claim, I can get a new iPhone. Is this true? Are there limitations of the AppleCare?
    Could somebody please explain to me in a fairly decent amount of detail how AppleCare works, how the fault system works, and anything else I would need to know about AppleCare? Thanks.

    Here's the link explaining it:
    This would work in the U.S. - I think (but am not sure) it will work in Canada as well.

  • How does the TS_SeqFileSequenceNameExists() function work?

    I am creating a TestStand Sequence file using CVI and would like to know the correct syntax for using the TS_SeqFileSequenceNameExists() function.
    Basically what I'm trying to do is add a sub sequence to my file and if the sequence name already exists, change the name. So the code looks something like this:
    //sub sequence doesn't exist... add it
    //subsequence name already taken, change the name
    Marek D.

    Hi Marek,
    you're logic is a little out - in your example code you are testing the error, not the bool "myTempVBool"
    so something more like
    (TS_SeqFileSequenceNameExists(seqFile,NULL,sub SequenceName,&myTempVBool));
    if(myTempVBool == VFALSE)
    //sub sequence doesn't exist... add it
    //subsequence name already taken, change the name
    NOTE :
    You need to rename the object BEFORE you try to insert it. Have a look at the help file on
    SequenceFile.InsertSequence where it says about the sequence must not already exist in the file. (Also don't forget to release the clone object when you've finished)
    Have a look at your other question on "How do I change the name of a sub sequence using CVI" , I've included an example there which shoul
    d help you out.
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  • HT1386 How does the sync process work on the latest version of iTunes?

    I used to be able to drag songs I wanted to sync to an iPod touch.  Now I can't figure out how to do it in the latest update.

    kdavis hi,
    From the main iTunes window, select 'music' from the drop down menu at the top left side. Then, simply drag and drop your music files onto the window. iTunes should then bring in the tunes which will be loaded onto you iPod when you next sync (as long as you have 'Entire music library' selected in the iTunes iPod tab.

  • HT4914 How does the payment method work for iTunes Match?

    How does the payment method work with iTunes Match. For example, if you have a gift card, does it take it out of that. Or is there tax? What if you cancel your subscription in the middle of the year, does it take the money for that year or not? If someone could answer those questions it would be greatly apreciated. And if anyone has their own questions, feel free to ask. Thank you.

    Hi HLFrank,
    Welcome to Adobe Forum,
    You can opt for monthly payment in a yearly contract or pay at one go for an year.
    Please check the option at

  • Does the Ipod nano work with microsoft XP?

    Does the ipod nano work with MS windows XP? itunes will recognize my Nano 7G, therefor I cannot sync,

    Have you try putting your ipod into disk mode if you need help putting it in disk mode here's a page from apple
    of how to put your ipod nano into disk mode:

  • Is it possible to have your whole family on one apple id or is it better to have each person have there own? If each has their own does each id have to buy their own music and apps? How does find my iphone work with one apple id or two?

    Is it possible to have your whole family on one apple id or is it better to have each person have there own? If each has their own does each id have to buy their own music and apps? How does find my iphone work with one apple id or two? also I am going to be going off to college soon should I make an itunes id for my self and how will I get all the music from the old id?

    Is it possible to have your whole family on one apple id or is it better to have each person have there own?
    Yes, it is possible. 1 apple ID can be associated with up to 10 devices.
    If each has their own does each id have to buy their own music and apps?
    Yes, all purchases are non-transferable.
    How does find my iphone work with one apple id or two?
    Every device associated with one apple ID through Find my iPhone is tied to that Apple ID; Find my iPhone will work in the same way with up to ten devices associated with one apple ID. You cannot enable Find my iPhone for one device across two apple IDs
    I am going to be going off to college soon should I make an itunes id for my self and how will I get all the music from the old id?
    If you have authorized a computer with the old apple ID, you can transfer old media purchased through the old to other devices via iTunes. This doesn't mean the media purchases through the old apple ID it transferred to the new account. If you plan to make future purchases and don't wish to share them with others, make your own apple ID.

  • Does the ipod video work with the original ihome?

    does the ipod video work with the original ihome?

    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    If you mean this one...
    Them yes. I am using one myself. You may want to purcahse these if it does not come with them (depending on how old it is)

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