How i can deal with DB schema in SQL developer ?

Thank you for reading my post , how i can make sql developer just to show one schema ?

What the Natalka wanted to say is so that the
hardwired user does not visualize none another user
when clicar in the option 'Other Users'.
For this, you must clicar with the right button of
mouse on the option 'Other Users', 'Apply Filter' and
to move for the panel of the left all the users who
you do not want that they are visualized.
It is not this what you want? If possible, detail
more its request.
Remembering that each user in the Oracle is
corresponding to one the way, how can I create tables in sql developer if I don't see the one I have already created thanks

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    For example, at 9:00am, you find that it is a mistake to drop a user(you dropped it at 8:30am. But the transactions are in progress. To make you clear, you can't drop the user while session connected to this schema.
    I dont think that you would loose any data.
    The other workaround for this issue would be,
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    Is this satisfy your question?

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    You cannot connect to TC using USB.
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    In any event, when importing from Illustrator, make sure to show the import options and check the transparent background box.

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    @Andreas – to choose buttons over text based hyperlinks would mean you can define the area that is responsive like you want (the size is the size of the button) and you could design different button states in different ways (color, images, what not…).
    For the scripter in you: Hyperlink objects have no geometric bounds, Button objects have…
    Just an idea:
    Imagine a script that is scanning all cells of a selected table and if there are hyperlinks detected uses position, width and height of that cell to generate a button just on top of the cell (it could be well on a different layer above) using the information the hyperlink provides. Every time the table is changed by the user and the script is fired again, the old buttons are removed and new buttons will be built…
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    When you add the anything to the timeline, they "adopt" the sequence settings.  The clips themselves won't change at all...but when added to the timeline, they "render" to the sequence settings. So the stills will remain with the dimensions they have, but when rendered, the portion you added to the timeline will adopt the timeline settings.
    No need to buy Photoshop. PREVIEW is free, part of the apps that come with your computer, and can resize any picture file.  No need to get GIMP. 
    Yes, resize all stills to under 4000 pixels BEFORE you import. FCP will have issues with anything over 4000 pixels. 
    >2)  How do you calculate the other Dimension to go with 3800?
    No idea what you mean.  Just use the TOOLS menu use ADJUST SIZE, and make sure that the SCALE PROPORTIONATLY is checked and when you adjust one number, the other will scale to maintain the same dimensions.

  • How should I deal with it in the BMM Layer

    Hi all,
    I need a suggestion in a problem.
    Here is the scenario,
    In the physical layer, There are some fact to fact joins.
    ProductFact ----< PolicyFact ----< PolicyCoverFact ----< ClaimFact ----< ClaimPaymentFact ----< CorrespondenceFact
    There are some conformed dimension tables given below
    Geography is joined to ProductFact, ClaimFact
    Organisation is joined to PolicyCoverFact, CorrespondenceFact
    Currency is joined to PolicyFact, ClaimPaymentFact
    Also there are non-conformed dimensions such as,
    ProductType is joined to ProductFact
    PolicyCoverType is joined to PolicyCoverFact
    and there are many more......What I know is when there are fact to fact joins, we should make a logical table in the BMM layer and add both fact tables to the same LTS, But in this case, almost all the fact tables are joined directly.
    How should I deal with these fact to fact joins in the BMM layer? Any suggestions?
    Edited by: LavaRider on Aug 25, 2010 2:47 AM

    LavaRider wrote:
    I have to create many LTS for the fact table......
    1 LTS for ProductFact
    1 LTS for ProductFact & PolicyFact (which contain ProductFact and PolicyFact as sources)
    1 LTS for ProductFact , PolicyFact & PolicyCoverFact ........
    and so on.....
    have I understood correctly? Is that what you mean?Yes, the reason why I said to "keep" the firsts fact table in each source is to make the dimension work.
    For example, if the "product dimension" is only linked to "product fact", but not "policy fact" then you won't be able to do a report based on "product dimension" and "policy fact". Right ? To be able to do this report, OBIEE must do a join with "product fact" (this fact table become an intersection table). That's why you will add product fact in the "policy fact" source. Same for others source.
    But the name of "ProductFact & PolicyFact" source can be "policy fact". Because each row of this source is a policy fact.
    For the 3rd table, each row is a "policy cover fact". But to be able to join with "product dimension" and "policy dimension", you need to integrate "policy fact" and "product fact" tables in the logical source.
    and so on.

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    How we can skip project level schema validation in BPEL................... Because i have a requirement to send email with attachment. to send attachment i have to skip schema validation from EM console. so it will skip schema validation for all deployed creates problem for other project so i want to do that thing at project level ....

    It can be done by going opening the composite.xml in jdeveloper and than opening the properties window of the composite.There you will see a property Validate schema.Set that to no to overwrite the property set at the sever level.
    The following property gets added in the composite.xml
    <property name="validateSchema" type="xs:boolean" many="false">false</property>
    Redeploy the composite and check.
    Hope this helps!!!

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    For reading, Essbase handles multiple requests concurrently. For metadata (outline) only one user at a time can make and save changes.For data, Essbase uses a block level locking mechanism, which implies that an update to a block can only be done by a single update request, but other blocks in the database are still updateable by other users.Hope that helps.Regards,Jade---------------------------------Jade ColeSenior Business Intelligence ConsultantClarity [email protected]

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    Don't download MacKeeper. Users complain about this app and it damages OS X. Also, Mac OS X knows how to take care of itself, so you don't need any other cleaning application that may damage OS X. See >

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    how do I deal with the "new itunes library" fiasco...?

    Recovering your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device: Apple Support Communities

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