How many computers can we run our license for LabVIEW at the same time?

We have LabVIEW 8.2 and we need it to operate on several machines at the same time. How can we do this? Can we check to see if our current license allow us to do this?

Are you talking about developing code on multiple machines or just running programs? If you build your applications into an executable you can deploy those to any machine without buying anything else. If you need the full development environment on each machine but will not be doing development on them look for something called a Debug License.
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  • How many computers can I run CS3 on - activation/deactivation?

    Hi All,
    We purchased the CS3 Design Premium for our office here - I use it the majority of the time and its installed on one other computer that is barely used but still needed (only when I'm not working on the same program)
    We now need to install it on one more computer, but looked at the price of one license (just for photoshop and indesign - the rest they wont need to use) and its over $800 each!
    So going back to the license agreement, it says the program can be active on two computers - with only one working on it at a time.
    My question is:
    1- Can we install the software on the new computer (just the indesign and photoshop which is needed) and deactivate the other one that is barely used so it free's up an activation for the new computer? If so, once the one that is barely used is needed, can we then deactivate the new computer one and reactivate the barely used one? And vice versa when needed.
    It just saves us from buying a new license when it really wont be used that much - on occasion.
    Thanks ahead of time for all your help!

    The EULA is very clear. You get two concurrent activation for the use of ONE person.
    That is typically a work machine and a laptop or a work machine and home machine. It's not for two machines in the same office and using both machines at the same time is clearly a violation of the EULA. By using the word "we" I assume you intend to allow more than one person to access the software. That would violate the license.
    You may also find this worth reading:

  • Can you run 7 and 6.5 at the same time?

    Since one of the key features I use is missing in version 7 (duration of a selection) I'm wondering if I can somehow run 6.5 along with V7 and, if so, how this would be done.

    I use both (6.5.2 and 7.0.3) on my Mac mini.
    You can only have one "install" of QT on the machine but you can use the QuickTime Player from both versions at the same time.
    Version 6.5.2 will run "on top" of the version 7 "framework". You'll have all of the "old" menus when you use it. But you'll also have access to the new H.264 video codec.
    Find a copy of QuickTime Player (maybe a back up or a different machine) and place it on your Desktop.

  • Can I run two copies of FrameMaker at the same time?

    I am trying to learn Structured FrameMaker. Is it possible/legal/safe to start two copies of FrameMaker on my PC at the same time?
    Specifically I want to have one copy open in Structured FM to experiment and the other copy in Unstructured to take notes on what I am learning. I am trying to see if I understand the concepts by writing up a tutorial but I do not want to be locked into structured mode when do not have a template which covers all of my needs ( I am still figuring them out) and I do not yet really understand what the structured templates do.
    Will the documents save by the rules of the window they are in? What other problems will/could I encounter?

    Marjorie,<p>If your machine has sufficient disk space and memory, yes, you can run multiple copies of FrameMaker at once. To run the different user interfaces at the same time, you'd have to start both copies. Then, change the user interface in one copy. Since the change doesn't take affect until you restart FrameMaker, shut down that copy and start a new one (leaving the first user interface in effect in the other original copy.<p>All that said, I suspect you can do the testing you want in one copy of FrameMaker, using the Structured FrameMaker user interface. The structured user interface simply means you can work with structured documents; you can also work with unstructured documents. Each document is independently structured or unstructured; in fact, each flow is independently structured or unstructured. You might therefore consider using the structured user interface and opening one structured and one unstructured document in a single copy of FrameMaker. Or create a single document with side-by-side flows and put structured content in one and unstructured content in the other.<p>Just remember that some of the dialog boxes are slightly different in the two user interfaces. For example, the marker, anchored frame, insert table, and cross-reference dialog boxes all let you select an element tag. Since there are no element tags in an unstructured flow, the element tag text boxes in these dialog boxes shows <Unstructured>. If you are willing to ignore these differences, I recommend you do your experimentation in a single copy of FrameMaker.<p>--Lynne

  • Can you run Edirol / Focusrite firewire interfaces at the same time?

    Hey Guys,
    I have an Edirol FA-101 but i'm just about to get a Focusrite Saffire (or maybe a Motu 8pre...haven't decided yet) and was wondering if I can run the 2 interfaces at the same time for more inputs...i know i can chain 2 of the edirol ones but i'm not sure if it works with different makes.

    so I actually did get myself a focusrite saffire pro 26 and it's pretty cool (apart from the focusrite computer side interface that seems to have a few bugs when you control by hardware...)
    I'm probably gonna get myself an octopre or a twintrack pro to make use of at least some of the extra digital inputs but for now I have the semi redundant Edirol FA-101 in my rack, if I can get the two working together then that's great!
    I have tried what you said and it did pair them together however it made a really awful noise when trying to record, just intense digital distortion and i'm not really sure why. I'm running it all from a macbook pro with only one FW port (that has the Saffire / Edirol / FW Hard drive / Liquid Mix running from it in that order) do you think this order is more the problem?

  • I can't run LR5 and EOS utility at the same time

    I'm running Mac OS 10.9.5, LR5.7 & Eos Utility 3.
    I can't run LR and Eos3 at the same time. Eos just crashes and have to force quit Eos.
    Any tips anyone?
    Do I have to downgrade to Eos2. Not a problem really I suppose.

    LR supports tethering using a Canon DLL and EOS Utility probably also supports tethering or at least uses something from a similar Canon DLL.  You probably cannot have two different versions of that DLL loaded at the same time, so it makes sense there are problems.

  • Can't run wiki and web services at the same time?

    I'm a newbie with Lion Server, but I've been running several web sites successfully for about 6 months.  I'm up to Server 10.7.4.
    I've been trying ever since the first installation of Server to get the wiki service running.  I had absolutely no luck until I turned OFF the web service (always got the "URL does not exist" error when I tried to create a group wiki from inside the Server app).  With the web service off, it all starts up fine and I created my first wiki (woohoo).  Turning web service back on kills access to the wiki.  I don't find reference to this in any of the dicussions, and especially not in Apple's documentation.
    Are the Wiki and Web services mutually exclusive?  Or is there a way around this?
    I'm using Dyndns to provide me with sub-domains to use, and I've dedicated one of them to the wiki service.  Traffic comes in on port 8080, where my web sites are on port 80.
    Thanks for any pointers...

    LR supports tethering using a Canon DLL and EOS Utility probably also supports tethering or at least uses something from a similar Canon DLL.  You probably cannot have two different versions of that DLL loaded at the same time, so it makes sense there are problems.

  • How many computers can I run this software on?

    The laptop I am currently using is dying. Can I install this on a new computer?         

    Thanks for your help, but the drop down window you posted is nothing like mine. I am running windows 7, 64 bit. I am calling Adobe support tomorrow. My desktop dies completely and I lost Adobe Pro 9 and CS4 before I could deactivate them. I've read that Adobe will deactivate them for me when this happens. I'll ask about the Elements 10 too when I talk to them.
    My laptop is experiencing the same problems as my desktop was, so I know it is only a matter of time before it's gone too. I have Acrobat pro 10 on it, which I can deactivate. If Adobe deactivates Pro 9 and CS4, they'll go on another desktop, which is my workstation, when I get one . BTW, I tried to take a screen shot of my menu, but Adobe will not allow me to, so I can't show you what I was seeing.
    Again, thanks for everything.

  • Can you run Boot Camp and Fusion at the same time?

    I had boot camp installed on my mac pro and loved it. I decided to get greedy and install Fusion using the boot camp partition. The Fusion install went ok but then Microsoft started to get fussy. Every time I would do something on Fusion it would ask me to "Re-activate Windows" when I logged into boot camp. Maybe if I saw Fusion fully working I wouldn't want to run boot camp any more but I think I want to have the option to run either. Right now I only have 1 gig real memory on my mac pro and Fusion seems a little slow compared to native boot camp. Can I run both boot camp and fusion without having to buy two native copies of Windows XP pro? I don't want a "sensible" answer, I want an answer that takes into account how Microsoft treats this re-activation situation.
    I guess Leopard might make this all obsolete, but until then .....
    ... Flash Gordon

    You need to make sure to install VMware Tools into your virtual machine (while booted into Windows via Fusion). Once you do this you shouldn't have to continually activate Windows when going back and forth from Boot Camp to Fusion. I've seen this discussed over on the VMware Fusion discussion boards, so you may want to look there for more details.
    Also, if Windows starts telling you it's been activated too many times, you can call Microsoft and they'll give you an alternate activation key. The phone number is listed on the Windows error screen. I had to do it and they were very accommodating. I just told them I was running Windows in a virtual machine, and there were almost no questions asked.
    You don't need to buy 2 copies of Windows to run both Boot Camp and VMFusion.

  • Can't run Xbox live and computer at the same time

    I purchased a E3000 router for Christmas so we can run our new laptop, desktop, son's ipod, and the xbox live. At first, the only problem we had was that if a video or large page was downloading on the internet, xbox live would glinch and run very slow. Now, if someone's on xbox live and someone else turns on a computer, it boots them off xbox live. I don't know what the problem is. Any suggestions? Thank you.

    Is the Xbox connected to the wireless network?
    Try changing some advanced wireless settings on the router.
    Open the setup page of the router and go to Wireless tab. Click on Advanced wireless settings sub tab. Change the Beacon Interval to 75, RTS and fragmentation threshold to 2304. Save the settings.
    Click on Setup tab and change the MTU size to 1365. Save the settings and power cycle the router.
    See if that helps you.

  • Can you run different processors in G5 at the same time

    Hey, I have a G5 dual processors, one 1.8 top and 2.0 bottom.
    Can I run them together in a G5?
    Both work properly.

    Well, I found out, in one way it works, but ultimately doesn't.
    With a 1.8 in the top and 2.0 in the bottom, the computer boot up to the startup hard drive but the fans amped up, I assume to avoid overheating.

  • HT5103 how many computers can I run my final cut pro x on?

    I have several iMac and one Mac Book Pro that I want to run final cut pro I have to have two copies?

    You can run it on all the computers you own, though this does not apply to pro studios using teams of editors.
    Simply copy the FCP X app to the other computers just as you would copy any other file.

  • How can i run two iphone 5 sims at the same time?

    I have 2 iphone 5 sim cards, one for business and one personal. Is there a way to run both on one phone? also be able to accept calls from either sim?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Magic-sim elite? It's a strip that fits inside any iphone case as far as I can see. £24.95 in the UK. R.html

  • How can I run both versions of Firefox at the same time?

    Alright, so I decided to install the Firefox 4 beta 3 as a test sort of thing. But now it's set as the default browser, and, no matter what I do, I can't switch back to the old one! I can't use any of my old add-ons now!

    If you are want to test pre-release versions of Fiefox it is best to use a different profile for each version, and then create shortcuts to launch Firefox using the correct profile for each version. Firefox store user data in profiles, pre-release versions of Firefox can make changes to the profile that cause it not to work in older versions of Firefox.
    Some articles that can help you from the MozillaZine knowledge base:
    * [ Creating a new Firefox profile on Windows]
    * [ Shortcut to a specific profile]
    * [ Starting your Mozilla application with a specified profile]
    Some further background reading:
    * [ Testing pre-release versions]
    * [ Using multiple profiles]

  • Can I run two instances of mail at the same time?

    To avoid accidentally sending an email from the wrong account, I want to use an email program (that can access an Exchange account) "dedicated" to just that account. To do this, I think have to use either Mail or Outlook. I don't have Outlook, and use Mail for my other accounts.
    So, can I duplicate the Mail program (on another of the internal drives if that would help) and use it exclusively for this one account or would it screw everything up?

    In that case the only other way I know you can do it is to set up an alternative user account on the mac, which will give you two separate instances of Mail (the one you already have and a new one in the new user account).
    To do that, go here
     > System Preferences... > Users & Groups
    and create a new user by first clicking the padlock at the bottom, entering your password, and then clicking the '+' button just above the padlock. Fill out the account details and enable 'fast switching' in the options so you can easily switch between the two mac user accounts.
    Log in to the new user's account and create the work email account in Mail.

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    Hey guys. My brother has a A300/E00. It connects to the internet (he can google, go on facebook etc) but it wont download patches or updates for games (wow,sc2) or software(adobe). Does this sound like a software or hardware problem? He hasn't change

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    Hi, We have created a custom field in IT0001, the issue is while querying the data using PQAH. If i query the infoset in SQ01 the output displays value, if i use PQAH it on displaying. Otherwise it is validating the input selection for the same custo

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    I currently have a 2008 R2 RDS server setup with around 100 people accessing, unfortunately we're starting to see 100% CPU spikes which are lasting for long periods of time making the whole RD experience painful for the end users.  I've pinpointed th

  • Safari will not open but showed activity on mac

    When I open Safari and it only showed safari bar on top and showed activity on dock and nothing on screen still can see wallpaper. I also restart and reinstall the safari and still same problem.