How many iOS devices can I use with my iTunes Store account?

Question about the number of devices i can add to an account
Family of four -
1 desk top
3 macbook pros
3 ipads
4 iphones
I am well over the number of devices i can add to my I Tunes account - how can i share movies and music with my family on all these devices? - only want to purchase music and movies once - probably an easy answer out there but i cannot find it.
Thanks for taking a look at my question.

Not sure what you mean.
What limit are you talking about?
You can sync as many iphones, ipods, ipads as you like to one computer/library.
Authorization applies only to computers.  Iphones/ipad/ipods are not authorized at all.

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    Any help needed thanks guys

    You can use as many as you own and want to use. If you have 10 iPads, 10 iPhones an on and on and on .....
    Are you having a problem with something?

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    Two. You can daisy-chain two ATD together. Doesn't matter what you're running.

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  • TS2972 how many IOS (iPads) can be used at the same time, and as a maximum, with home sharing?

    I would like to use multiple iPads at my residence and use home sharing for guests to watch content from my i-tunes, all on the the same network.
    what is the maximum number of IOS devices that can used at the same time, and be authorised on the "home sharing" at the same time?

    Thanks for a quick response!
    Under "Network adapters", here's what I found:
    - Broadcom 802.11g Network Adapter
    - 1394 Net Adapter
    - Marvell Yukon 88E8036 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controler
    Two other wireless USB adapters are the same:
    - BLANC Mini Wireless USB adapter

  • How many ATV2's can I use with home sharing at once?

    I am installing a fairly large home network. I have 10 ATV2's I would like to use on 1 network using home share, all will be connected via ethernet. Is there a limit to how many atv2's I can have connection one itunes account with home share or a limit using the remote app?

    It used to be a limit of about 5 AppleTVs per iTunes library with AppleTV 1 but that registered them as devices rather than using Home Sharing.
    I suspect but don't know for sure that Home Sharing has to be more liberal as Home Sharing now works to portable devices like iPads too, and if the household had a couple of AppleTV2's, iPhoness and iPads they could reach 5 very quickly.
    Having said that we just don't know.  There is a limit of sharing to 5 computers with Home Sharing, so it's possible the same applies to individual device types, we just don't seem to know from the support docs posted.
    Personally I'd be surprised if 5 was the limit as under the old system if you ran out of 'Devices' in itunes you could set up another computer for the next 5 and so forth.  Home Sharing on the other hand just shares to a particular account so you'd see all libraries shared from a particular account on all AppleTVs.

  • How many Apple devices can you use on one computer?

    I am using a single PC which I use to connect my IPod classic, my IPad, my IPhone and my very old Ipod (which my partner now uses) to Itunes, so that's 4 devices. In the past, on the same computer I had used another Ipod classic which only lasted for about a year.
    Now my partner is considering buying an Ipod nano and we are thinking about changing the Ipad to get the latest one. So that's 6 devices in all (7 counting the IPod classic I do not have anymore).
    Can I use the same ID for all of them? (I only have 4 devices really as the new IPad will replace the one we have now. Also my partner will use the same ITunes library to transfer whatever songs he wants into his new Ipod nano). But my partner is considering getting an Iphone as well!
    I am worried we'll have to create a new Apple ID and a new library for his devices and I suppose this will take a lot of memory (which won't be possible on this PC as it only has about 15MG left in drive C...).
    Please advise, thank you!!!

    There's no limit to the number of devices you can sync with one iTunes library. For automatic downloads from the iTunes Store and iTunes Match, the limit is 10 devices, including computers, per Apple ID.

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    You can add multiple USB monitors or USB video adapters, but realize that USB video is usually quite a bit slower than "normal" video cards.  So don't display Youtube or other moving video on the USB device.  Me personally, I have a Mimo 7" USB monitor and I have my calendar displayed on that.
    You can also get the Matrox DualHead2Go or TripleHead2Go to add more monitors to a single video port.  It has much better performance than a USB video adapter, but of course costs quite a bit more.

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    Im wondering whats the big differens is between these two besides the supported number of Accesspoints.
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    Some insight would be much appreciated.
    Regards Tommy Svensson

    Extract from the configuration guide
    Refer line in bold
    "The Cisco UWN solution can control up to 512 WLANs for lightweight access points. Each WLAN has a separate WLAN ID (1 through 512), a separate profile name, and a WLAN SSID. All controllers publish up to 16 WLANs to each connected access point, but you can create up to 512 WLANs and then selectively publish these WLANs (using access point groups) to different access points to better manage your wireless network.
    Note: Cisco 2106, 2112, and 2125 Controllers support only up to 16 WLANs."
    Why you'd be trying to push so many WLANs with a 2100 controller is beyond me, it's not exactly an enterprise device

  • Up to how many iOS device can i put my purchased apps?(purchased w/ one apple id only)

    i need hel;p on this one...please...
    thank you i advance

    You must personally own each device:
    "Choosing What to Sync from Your iTunes Library"

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    can I hook up more than 1 express to make a bigger coverage area on my property?

    can I hook up more than 1 express to make a bigger coverage area on my property?
    Yes, but you cannot connect the additional 802.11n base stations in series to extend the range as the 802.11n "extend" feature does not support relays like in a 802.11g WDS.

  • How many devices can I use with an AirPort Extreme Base Station?

    How many devices can I use with an Airport Extreme Base Station? Devices included a mac, iphone, ipad and pc laptops.

    The AirPort Extreme will support up to 50 wireless devices and 200 wired Ethernet devices. I would imagine that this would probably be adequate for most homes.

  • How many devices can you use for your itunes account?

    how many devices can you use for your itunes account?

    PT wrote:
    Macistotle wrote:
    Unless you have DRM still haunting your tunes ... Then you can only use those songs on 5 devices. Otherwise, connect as many as you like (as stated above).
    No, you can sync your DRM tracks to an unlimited number of iPods (but only authorized to play on 5 different computers/user accounts)
    So I can sync two iPods to my iTunes account and sync the same digital copy movies that come with some o' my DVDs to both ipods? Do movies make a difference really, DRM-Wise? Thanks in advance.

  • How many apple tvs can i use on one network from one apple account ?

    how many apple tvs can i use on one network from one apple account ?
    if i have 16 in each of my rooms connected to a network switch and a good fiber internet line
    will this work ok from my one account ? or would i neeed a mac book mini with raid storage set up ?
    any help would be very gratfully recived !

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Homesharing allows up to 5 computers to be authorised and a total of 10 computers and devices to be associated with a single Apple ID.

  • How many iPad devices can I sync at once to a mac

    I am trying to establish how many iPad devices can you simultaneously sync at once with a mac?
    If anyone could provide this information I would be really grateful.
    Many thanks

    Several users have also maderecent  reference to the iPad in education web's located here
    and has alot of great information.  They make reference to the following website, that contains detailed instructions on setting up and syncing multiple iOS devices. This information is very valuable. 

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