How much do u need to pay for iCloud storage after 1year?

How much do u have to pay After purchasing an iCloud storage for 1 year ? Is it the same amount for every year ( £14, £28 or £70) or just for the first year , and then u pay like £5 a year as a continuation?

It's the same amount each year.

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  • How much do i need to pay for replacing a completely damaged iPhone 5s??

    i am using iphone 5s 32gb. and couples of days back i drop it while driving and damaged the phone completely.. phone is still working but the sreen, display, home button has completely shattered. so how much i will need to pay for replacing this iphone?? please help.. its a contract free piece.

    Hello Harshil Shah
    The answer is located in the Service FAQ linked below, check in the Warranty & Service Pricing to get the answer. You can also have a link to setup service as well.
    Service Answer Center – iPhone ne
    -Norm G.

  • Do I need to pay for iCloud storage for movies stored in Theater?

    I want to store my finished movies in Theater so I can access them on AppleTV. Does it count against my free Cloud storage, so I would have to pay for additional storage?

    Hey cyntlee,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Looks like you want to know about iCloud and iMovie. This article talls you about how iMovie and iCloud interact.
    iMovie (2013): Set up “iMovie” Theater and iCloud
    If you ever run out of space in iCloud, an alert icon appears in the top-right corner of your movie, indicating that you can’t upload new movies. For more information, click the icon. After you upgrade your iCloud storage or clear space, your movies automatically appear in iCloud again.
    Have a nice day,

  • How much will I need to pay for a complete CC?

    I don't wish to pay a monthly fee.

    The only way to get Creative Cloud from Adobe is to pay a monthly fee, whether you sign up for a month-by-month commitment or a full 12 months.
    You may possibly be able to purchase a 12 month prepaid membership from a 3rd party reseller but not from Adobe.

  • My iMac (late 2010 model) desktop's hard drive is fried (was about 200GB). How much am I expecting to pay for a new one and retrieve my information?

    My iMac (late 2010 model) desktop's hard drive is fried (was about 200GB). How much am I expecting to pay for a new one and retrieve my information?

    As you can see Erin, trying to recover information from a hosed drive can be very expensive. 
    I would suggest first the OWC site as well. You can get a new drive of choice in size there.
    I would also get the voyager
    Wth your lap top and these folllowing tools your are set to change out the drive, reload OS and then with
    the voyager pop in the old iMac drive and with the Prosoft software, try to mount and recover the files. Data Rescue is very good at this " if " the drive is not totally mechanically hosed. Drive Genius is very good at a number of things too. Nothing replaces the old adage of Back Up Back up Back up.
    The voyage I listed can become the new backup drive for you.. your choice of tools: Time Machine or by cloning via CarbonCopyCloner or by what I use SuperDuper! IF you want to be really kewl.. both. By that I mean cloning and Time Machine.
    It will take you an hour to swap out the drive and spring clean the iMac.. there is a hundred how too,s on you tube.
    Hope this helps. Remember if is always when a drive will fail..they all do. I tell the people I support that Harddrives are good for 15 min.. to when they don't work. They will all fail.
    Apple Geniuses are very limited to what they can and will do as far as file recovery.
    Your best bet is to try to do it your self first. There is lots of help out here and you are not the first.

  • Can I use Paypal to pay for Icloud storage?

    Can I use Paypal to pay for Icloud storage?  We are getting messages that we are exceeding the 5GB of free storage and need to pay for additional storage.  I can use Paypal on ITunes but don't see that option with Icloud storage?   What am I doing wrong?

    The payment associated with your account is for all iTunes and App store related purchases. If you already have a valid payment method in place, you shouldn't be asked for one when you purchased additional iCloud storage.

  • Is it possible to pay for iCloud storage plan with money from iTunes?

    Is it possible to pay for iCloud storage plan with money from iTunes?

    Thanks for the question. Yes, you can use iTunes Store credit to pay for an iCloud storage upgrade:
    Accepted payment methods for iCloud storage upgrades include credit cards, debit cards, and iTunes Store credit. If you don't have enough iTunes store credit to complete your upgrade, you'll be charged the remaining amount. Apple Store gift cards are not accepted as payment for upgrading iCloud storage.
    Learn how to upgrade or downgrade your storage and manage the amount of storage you're using.
    iCloud: Storage upgrade pricing
    Matt M.

  • How much should I expect to pay for a new hard drive for my macro with 250

    How much should I expect to pay to replace damaged hard drive?

    Nowadays a 3.5" SATA drive with 1 TB of storage space is under $70.00 depending upon cache size and spindle speed. Enterprise level drives will cost more since they come with a longer warranty and have a heavier use capability. These are desktop drives.
    Your profile suggests you have a laptop model. Notebook sized drives are more expensive.
    Look at OWC to find suitable replacement drives and prices dependent upon what you need. It's hard to provide you the correct information because you did not tell us what type of drive needs replacing.

  • Need a refund for iCloud storage. Can't find where to process? Thanks

    Ned a refund for icloud storage. Where do I process? Thanks

    You'll need to contact Apple and ask:
    Normally you can only cancel within 15 days of ordering the upgrade.

  • How much do i have to pay for repai

    I am about to send in my micro but i dont know how much to include with the package. They said that i should include the amount from the previous conversation...but they never told me an amount...Generally how much does it cost?

    I would suggest calling them first thing Monday morning to confirm before shipping it. You can always call and arrange payment after shipping it, but since it probably won't leave until Monday anyway, you might as well wait and call just to be sure.

  • How could I pay for iCloud storage per year at once

    i want to pay for my Icloud storage per year but not per month.
    THat at way it's hassle free for me and less number of tiny transactions on my account.
    Thank u.

    That's not possible as far as I can find.

  • Do I need to pay for icloud?

    I had itunes match, but I cancelled the subscription so it will run out this month. There is a message on my account that says after that date my music will no longer be available to access from icloud.  I thought icloud was free.  Is there something else I need to do?

    iCloud is Free... iTunes Match is not.
    About iCloud  >
    iTunes Match  >

  • I used an AppleTV to display on a TV 30,000 digitized family photos stored on my iMac.  When I opted to use iCloud, I lost ability to show my photos.  All I could show are canned Apple photos.  I am willing to pay for iCloud storage.

    How do I display on AppleTV screen saver my library of 30000 digitized family photos?  I am glad to pay for extra iCloud storage.

    iCloud does not include a feature like the old MobileMe Gallery.
    Photo Stream does work on the AppleTV, but will only show the last 1000 photos taken and synced to iCloud. You can't create user-defined galleries.
    Until June 30th 2012 (when MobileMe closes down), you can still access your MobileMe Galleries, by logging in using your [email protected] MobileMe AppleID and password. That still works for now.
    Unfortunately, I don't think there is a long-term solution for your particular usage.

  • Paying for Icloud storage for a year in advance

    I just upgraded my iCloud to 20 GB.  This runs .99 per month. Is there any way to pay for 1 year in advance?

    Thats ridiculous. I love Apple, but this is not good. Especially with the newest update to iCloud Photos. I currently pay .99 a month, and I need to now upgrade, and pay $3.99 a month. Not a problem but I should be allowed to pay annually. Just buy an iTunes card and allow them to charge that each month

  • How much am I expecting to pay for a new 200-500GB hard drive?

    Is it possible for me to get it done under $500 (as in new hard drive and installation) as my other one is fried
    I have rang Apple and told me this was the problem
    Also if anyone knows how to retrieve all the photo's and documents as they haven't been backed-up please do so, it would save me a whole lot of trouble!

    500 GB is pretty small by current standards.  A raw drive will be well under $100.
    Installation on an iMac is a somewhat involved procedure.  It can be DIY, but it is very complicated and you need good instructions.  However, get some quotes from a computer repair shop.  I am guessing that the labor will also be under $100.  An Apple Store will want much more.
    You might also consider using an external FW800 drive if the internal drive is really toast.  You can use a USB 2 drive but it will be pretty slow.
    If the computer still boots and more or less runs, MAKE A CLONE NOW.  you can do this on a USB 2 drive of sufficient capacity.  I use CarbonCopyCloner.
    You can then reformat the internal drive and clone it back to see if that has helped anything.
    If the internal drive really is dead, then recovery of the data is possible but it will be expensive and it may not yield all, or any of, your data.

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